7 Simple Ways to Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

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Increasing your web traffic is already a time consuming and expensive task, so why not make sure you’re converting each and every visitor?

What if I could tell you that I have 7 tactics that you can follow to help convert your visitors into customers? It doesn’t matter if you have an e-commerce, software as a service or even lead generation site… these 7 tactics will work for you.

Here’s how to convert your visitors into customers:

Case studies

As you’ve probably already seen, I have case studies on Quick Sprout. From TechCrunch to Gawker Media and even Timothy Sykes… I break down what I’ve done for other people and how you can replicate those results.

Can you guess what percentage of the visitors who read those case studies convert into leads? It’s currently at 13.8%.

The reason they convert so well is because the case studies don’t just talk about the traffic or revenue increases, but they also break down exactly what I did to help my customers achieve those results.

To top it off, I integrated testimonials within the case studies to back up the claims I’ve made.

What I’ve seen in the past is that most case studies don’t convert visitors into customers. It’s because they are too vague, which causes people to not believe what they are reading.


It sounds easy to create and use testimonials, but most people don’t know how to use them.


Because they use simple testimonials like this one:

bad testimonial

Although that testimonial contains a full name and image, the testimonial itself isn’t too convincing compared to the one below:

good testimonial

Sure this testimonial is a bit long, but it’s authentic. It tells a story to hook you in, and it also talks about the results achieved.

Can you guess what the difference in conversion rate between the short testimonial and the long one is? The longer one resulted in 11.3% more sales than the shorter version.

When using testimonials, make sure you sprinkle them across your whole site. From sales pages to checkout pages, use them on any page that can impact a sale.

Herd mentality

Have you noticed that people move in herds? If they see other people jumping on the bandwagon, they’ll typically do the same.

Timothy Sykes does this by showing you who recently applied to his Millionaire Challenge.

tim sykes herd

If a lot of people are doing something, they must know something you don’t, right? Showing how other people are using your product or service can boost your signup rate.

Basecamp also does something similar by telling you how many customers signed up in the last week.


If over 5,000 companies signed up for Basecamp in the last 7 days, it must be worth trying. That’s at least the message they are trying to get across.

If you want to increase your signups, show how many people have recently signed up or are currently using your product or service.

Logo porn

Don’t worry, logo porn isn’t something that is disgusting or perverted. You’ve seen it before too.


I use them on NeilPatel.com, and I even use them throughout Quick Sprout. Whether it is companies I have worked for, mentions within press pieces or awards I’ve received, I try to showcase them all.

It helps increase my conversion rates. When I removed the logos from NeilPatel.com, my conversion rate went down by 9.9%. Although that isn’t a huge number, every little bit adds up.

If you have worked with some well-known companies or you have received some great press, showcase it. You may not see a conversion increase like I did, but it’s worth testing.

Customize your pitch

Lets face it, we all like things that are tailored for us. Who wants to buy or sign up to something generic when you can sign up for something that is just for you?

One way to do this is to create a unique product or service for each of your customers. If you can do that, great… but chances are you won’t be able to do so.

Another thing you can try is to customize your sale pitch by putting in unique information targeted towards each of your visitors.

You can use software like Maxmind to insert your visitors’ city and state within your pitch.

For example, if you are selling anti-aging cream, you can use Maxmind to create a custom headline that will insert the visitor’s city into your headline. It would look like this:

Learn How You Can Have The Most Beautiful Skin in Atlanta, Georgia

Or you can do something a bit more generic like:

seattle wa

Some people have seen an increase in conversion rate by up to 33% using this tactic, but it only works well with audiences who aren’t too sophisticated.

Limited access

One of my favorite sites on the web is Quora, not because one can learn almost anything on it, but because I love how they get you to register and signup.

After you read a few threads on Quora, they block you from reading the rest by showing you something like this:


They know that you’re already hooked because you’ve read a few threads, and now they can force you to register.

If you have a great product, you can consider giving everyone limited access to it and block off certain parts for only registered or paid users.

I am trying something similar on Quick Sprout by getting you to put in your email address to read the rest of the post.

content blocker

I know it can be irritating for you, but it has tripled the number of emails I’ve collected. Plus, my overall traffic still continues to increase.


Although speed is something that we tend to forget about, it has a huge impact on conversion rates. This is the main reason companies like Amazon and eBay do everything possible to make sure their websites load super fast.

For every second delay in page response, there is a 7% decrease in conversion rate.

conversion rate speed

Focus on improving your overall site speed as it can boost your conversion rate and increase your overall search engine traffic.

If you are wondering how to increase your site speed, check out Google PageSpeed. It is a free program by Google that can help you decrease your load time.


There are many ways you can convert your visitors into customers; you just have to get creative. From focusing on conversion optimization to hacking your way to growth, the possibilities are endless.

The above methods are just some of the ones that worked for me and a few other companies out there. What else have you seen to work well when it comes to converting visitors into customers?


  1. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    These are great and I think a lot boils down to credibility, image, which all is what a strong brand is. Testimonials and “logo porn” are one of the easiest and best ways to establish trust and a good brand image.


  2. Man I love these CRO posts, thumbs up Neil.

    I have just recently found a name and testimonial isn’t enough to convince the user it’s a real ‘Testimonial’, the more data on the user and the more indepth the testimonial the better.

    I would love to see a post on pushing users through checkouts if you find the time.

    Thanks for delivering such a great blog.

    • Ross, thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it. I’ll look into writing a post about that 🙂

    • Sam Johnson at Feedback Loop :

      Hey Ross, how did you find out that just name and a testimonial ins’t good enough? Have you done any tests on testimonials with more data about the user?

      I’m the founder of a Startup that makes software that helps businesses solve this problem by linking the testimonials to social profiles and would be keen to know more.

  3. Limited access can work great, but it’s not for everyone. Testing has to be essential to make sure it works in your industry, rather than just assuming it’s going have a positive effect.

  4. Sylvain Gauchet :

    As usual, thanks for sharing a great post Neil. The long testimonials part is interesting, we don’t see them that much.

  5. Hi Neil,

    Great post as always, but quick question. In regards to ‘logo porn’ – I do not have any major blue-chip clients (yet!), but I do have a number of smaller companies I’m working with.

    Do you think it will increase conversations if I include all the logos of these smaller brands or will that turn people off?


    • Josh, It can definitely help. If you want to be precise though you should a/b test and heat map it.

  6. Hi Niel,

    I always come here to read various tips from you Neil, however your guidelines are a inspirational point for my business.


  7. Hi Neil,

    Great post as usual. And I totally agree that there is a huge benefit of “limited access” tactics such as popup email boxes. However, I wonder whether there is a way to filter their use based on IP (or something like that) so that if you’re already a subscriber you don’t get inundated with them? For example, I’m already a subscriber on Quick Sprout, yet I still see these popups and wish I didn’t :). I have no idea how this would work technically, but it’d be awesome to be able to limit them to only non-subscribers.

  8. Hi Neil,

    Quick one mate, what plugin are you using for the optin box that says ‘sign up and read the rest of this blog post….’?

    Great post again!



  9. Filipe Portes :

    Hey Neil, once again you were fantastic. Now I have a question … I noticed that the links of your blog always open in the same page, even if a link to another site …

    This helps you in something like bounce rate? What is the reason for you to link to another site without opening a new tab?

    • No clue really, I just do that because that is how it is setup by default. I can make them open up in a new window, but that requires me to create my links not through the WYSIWYG editor.

  10. This came at the perfect time. I like the limited access idea. How would you market a course to visitors? Any differently?

  11. Chirag Dodiya :

    That are some great ways to convert visitors…

    I would like to share what worked for me, If your blog or website has a specific page which is of very high quality then the rest. Start by doing some Social Media marketing. Social proof has always worked for visitors to build trust and it has increased the conversion rate from 3% to 12% on that single post.

    Thanks Neil for amazing article…

  12. Shahe Imran Imon :

    The Mighty Neil With another strong and bold bunch of techniques. Really love to improve my experience by following your tricks.

    Thanks Man.

    -Shahe Imran Imon

  13. Once again, great suggestions, Neil!

    I have also found that it’s important to break up your target market into multiple segments – and then develop different offers / marketing messages for each segment.

    More targeted offers = better conversions


  14. One of the issues some of our clients are bringing to us (residential roofing companies primarily) is that their customers don’t want their full name/address used in testimonials due to privacy/safety concerns. In some ways this would seem to undermine the legitimacy of the testimonial. Thoughts on how to best create those testimonials?

    • Mary, you may want to reach out to customers that have sent you emails that have sent you positive feedback via email or telephone. Sometimes they will be very happy to give you a testimonial.

  15. Nathan Gotch :

    These are some simple fixes, but can definitely be highly effective for converting more customers. I find myself focusing on the direct conversion tactics like sales copy and CTAs, but I sometimes neglect the indirect conversion tactics like these!

    Thanks for reminding me Neil 😛

  16. Now that’s one fine article every internet seller must read. I love your email popup method, it made me subscribed to your blog immediately. 😉

    A humble request Neil. I had read all of your Advanced guides but, there’s no guide on how to make deep-links to your site. It’s really hard to create such links to the inner pages of a site. Please create such a guide, so that everyone will get benefited.


  17. Hey Neil, wanted to let you know that I have been learning everything from you, I have two clients I am doing seo for that is paying my bills.

    I want to work for you. Add me to your team, I’d love to develop my skills with your team. Your the man and I read all your posts!

  18. Mary Lou Green :

    Thanks for your post, Neil. I learned a new term, “logo porn,” and I will add the logos of the big box stores we worked with to our site. Do I need to get their permission? Thanks!

  19. Craig Ronaldson :

    This is a great article Neil!

    I am am an advid reader and love your content.

    You are always posting great and very helpful information.

    Keep up the fantastic work my friend!

  20. Pritam Patil :

    Thanks for the article Neil Sir 🙂 I’ll definitely work on the tips given by you..Hope I would become some what like you someday..You are simply the best for all such stuff.. Keep it up !!

  21. Getting testimonials is currently a challenge for me. A very little percentage of my customers respond to the emails asking for testimonials and only handful out of them share their feedback / testimonial.

    • I agree. We get that as well – especially in a career marketing industry.

      Most people don’t want employers to be able to noticed their faces attached to a testimony on a site that helped them land the job.

    • Kashif, you just have to keep on asking and badgering them 🙂

  22. Hi Neil,

    Great post. Can I pay for your system by Paypal?


  23. As always Neil, awesome post.

    I have a quick question. What do you use to measure conversion rates. Is it just goals in Google analytics or is it something in Kissmetrics?



  24. Great post Neil… I think we all can use the tips mentioned and implement them in our marketing strategy. Instead of spending more advertising dollars on traffic and promotions: we can optimize our current sales funnel to increase conversions.

  25. I’ve started opening your articles outside of Feedly and making myself a cup of tea before I get to them, because I know I’ll want to take my time and take copious notes. So good.

    How did you work out the logic for making the barrier sign-up box appear? Do you have every visitor input their email address even if they’re already subscribed, or do you rely on cookies?

    • It rely’s on cookies. Once it shows it, it shouldn’t show up again based on cookies.

      • Hi Neil,

        Great post ! I love this blog since 2 years ago and every post help me become a good blogger.

        Sorry to ask, but what is the plugin used to diplay a subscription form ?

        I have been told that the search engines will be blocked too, is it right?


  26. Amit Kothiyal :

    Hi Neil.

    It is really awesome post and I am a big fan of your innovative marketing ideas. You all suggestions are really good and make sense. What about graphics? I believe now if you have eye catching graphics and big banner on the background, you may reduce your bounce rate and improve conversion. I notice it in ASANA, project management software. They use to change their banners and each banner has uniqueness and a lot of attractions. Please suggest.

    Thank You.

  27. I am convinced, Neil. Especially with tips regarding herd mentality and limited access. It really does sound “simple”, but I doubt if it really is that simple. I mean, understanding the concept is, incorporating it is not.

    I’m pretty sure though that it is possible. Thanks for this!

  28. Hi Neil,

    Rankings are great, but you must know if your site will pull in leads. Too many biz owners think if their site is at the top they will sell more stuff. Not true. Your site also need to convert! Test Test test. These seven simple ways leads to convert visitors into customers.

  29. Purva Iyengar :

    As always the post is packed with practical applicable info.

    I don’t know how others may feel but anything generated via software (name of the city… congrats … video watch.. etc) is so obvious; and makes things sound hard to believe ..considering people still view everything on the net a little skeptically….

    May be I feel the contempt kind of a thing because I work online and someone looking for a product or service may feel privileged… dunno… but just thought I should let you know…

    I value your views and suggestions and apply them in my business all the time so thought I must share my view with you.

    On marketing Supermarkets with Shopping Carts niche – ek pillar post ho jaye dost!

    • Purva, great points. It definitely is tough to work through some automated software. However, whatever you can do to make it easier for you to reach out to customers and vice versa typically speeds things up.

  30. Good advice.

    Do think you’ve gone a little crazy with your testing at the moment though! Popups galore!!

  31. Hi Neil,

    You are testing statistics kind of guy. Do you have any idea on % of visitors that get annoyed by popup forms etc?


    • My guess is around 1%. Should be cookie based so people shouldn’t keep seeing them over and over again.

  32. Hi Neil,

    You mentioned some good tips above, but i still confused on using the testimonials across the site.

    I think, the using the too lengthy text testimonials in multiple pages will lead to internal duplication issue.

    What you think about video testimonials?

  33. Great post as always. This is how a Blog post should look and got me working hard to create a great Blog post as well.

    I do agree with the testimonials on every page, because even I look tor validation from other people to help me make a decision.

    I can make a decision without testimonials, but it do helps, and the better the testimonials the easier it is.

    Last thing an Email Address or Website makes it that much better.

    • Eric, it definitely is easier to work with testimonials. They allow you to have some state of reference and peace of mind.

  34. Was waiting for the 7th way to hit. I plan to do it for my blog, and certainly heard super great stories about it.


  35. Hey, I really like the use of testimonials.

  36. rakesh kumar :

    You are always awesome NEIL. What else i can say – Thank YOU so much.

  37. Hi Neil, what plugins are you using for Social Sharing?

  38. Nothing beats the good old luring them by the way of quality content and asking them questions they simply can’t stop from answering.

  39. I loved the suggestions, especially the Logo one. It’s something compelling about seeing a bunch of logos that shows your websites credentials.

  40. Colorado SEO Pros :

    Thank you for the tips! I feel like the 2 tips I can take back to my website are Speed and Logo Pron. Both are very true concepts.

  41. Bryant Jaquez :

    I’ve had a lot of success using a newsletters to increase conversion-to-sales. Obviously, not everyone is going to be ready to buy from you the moment they first hear about you.

    Even in the case of someone famous like Neil. I was one of the first to buy the quicksprout traffic system but that was only because Neil offered a free consultation with my purchase and I already knew enough about him to know that the consultation was far more valuable than the actual purchase (by the way the consultation was definitely worth it).

    In light of the fact that most people like to get to know a company before buying from them; I like to use Newsletters for CRO. If you can get a visitor to convert to to a subscriber you’ll have a pretty good chance of turning them into a customer in the future.

    • Bryant, great points. I think newsletters really do convert best because they offer a sound strategy for your users and followers moving forward. E-books work in the same way .

  42. Thank you, Neil!!! Will soon implement your strategies.

  43. Glasgow SEO :


    Very good post Neil, as Usual.

    1 quick question though, I read in another article, that long tail testimonials could bore the potential customer. Idea was to make them short and punchy so the potential customer could read a few on a single visit.

    What do you think?

    Thanks Navid

  44. I really loved the logo porn point… It’s always do the showcase of your stuffs that you have did to make sure that your customers can trust you easily… Somehow it’s build your brands too…

    Really amazing posts as always… Thanks neil

  45. “Have you noticed that people move in herds? If they see other people jumping on the bandwagon, they’ll typically do the same.”

    Crowds attract crowds. This has become one of my favourite sayings lately. My company has been trying to launch a fashion blog, and one of the challenges is just getting people to comment and share. I told my team, no one wants to be the first to make a comment, we need to ask people (other fashion bloggers) to comment on our blog, because of the whole bandwagon approach.

    My approach has been, create useful sharable content, then ask people to make a comment. Over time, as more comments are posted, then herd mentality will happen. Anyways, thanks for sharing that nugget of wisdom.

    If you have any more tips, that would be awesome.

    • Douglas, the internet is very viral. You have a great point, when people see a value proposition in something they will flock to see what it is all about.

  46. yes i do agree with you that website’s speed is very important to attract visitors. it’s also a big concern in terms with search engine rankings.

  47. Alex Morris :

    I don’t have any problem with “logo porn”, it helps you identify a brand quickly. What I do hate are pop-up ads. That’s one way to send your customers fleeing in outrage.

    Competitions always well. We’ve used a few recently (creative stuff, like with a 3D printer which was up for grabs) and they’ve gone down very well.

  48. Navid Moazzez :

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing this Neil! I learned a lot form this post and I think I have to look into speeding up my own site a bit, even though it’s not crazy slow. Also the use of powerful testimonials like the one you gave as an example here is really great, and something I will look into when I create my first offer.

    Keep up the good work, I always learn a lot from you!

  49. Brian Tomlinson :

    Great post Neil. I’m curious if you use a plugin for your “Limited Access” pop up. I know there are alot of plugins that ask you to unlock for a like but don’t believe I know of any that will do it for an email.
    Either way…love all of the little tidbits and will certainly try to implement.

  50. These are some great ideas. Going to implement a few on my website as soon as I can.


  51. As usual, fantastic post Neil!

    With my clients, I like to take this one step further and not only convert visitors into customers but put together and execute strategies that work to grow customer life time value after they’ve converted.

    There’s no reason your work has to stop after the first conversion!

  52. Thank you for sharing such tips. We always want our visitors to turn into customer for our advantage…

  53. Nithin Upendran :

    Neil i always liked your way of writing and way of giving advice to others.Converting visitors into customers is a great idea for a medium type bloggers like me ! I was quite stunned after reading the sub title logo porn! after reading it i was quite amused 🙂 Thanks for sharing these tips to us!

  54. Great opt-in form idea! Wish it were available as a WordPress plugin.

  55. Mike Wanner :

    Neil – more content and sharing on real-time customer examples is helpful. Thank you . What’s the best approach from a plugin/tool/app that you would recommend to measure the effectiveness of your content via eCommerce site?

    And I am using an antiquated platform (aka Yahoo eCommerce) and it’s really the worst thing since sliced bread).

    Before we switch to Big Commerce or Shopify, what is the best way to dig into analytics for eCommerce? We track basic stuff nothing custom.

    Looking to test ecommerce pages but it’s hard to build out the site right now. If we were testiing elements such as color, content, headings, etc. can KissMetrics help?

    I really wish there was a pure play platform for building, measuring and tweaking for eCommerce only. I see a few open source that gives recommendations based on type of traffic, pages, and the outcome like a lead gen, sales or something else.

    Thanks Neil.

    • Before tracking the effectiveness of content you need to focus on tracking the basics such as LTV, ARPU, conversion per channel… etc.

      Then you can get into content tracking, but most of that stuff won’t produce a direct ROI. Content marketing produces an indirect ROI.

      Yes, KISSmetrics can help.

  56. Neil. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule and writing this blog! I like the idea of putting total sign ups last week for basecamp. For my company we do in store sampling events. Can you recommend a widget or WordPress plugin which would show total number of events completed from day 1 which would automatically add X amount of events each day? Hope this makes sense.

    Again great work!

  57. What a great post.Thanks for sharing.

  58. thanks for sharing. these points are really helpful.

  59. Thank you very much for sharing such handy points, will follow them thanks again

  60. I have a E-Commerce website. The post really helped me with the promoting ideas. Thanks.

  61. i have just launched an online shopping site for a an international australian celebrity, we are getting around 1000 hits for each tweet she does but no sales.

    product offerring is varied, good quality and reasonably priced.

    what i feel is that some mainstream media mentioning specific items is required to really generate sales

    what are your thoughts

  62. Love the post Neil! Too often SEO companies are focused on the technical details of “ranking” a website and driving traffic…which is absolutely part of the equation. The other part of the equation that is often missed, is setting up the client website to convert that traffic. In the end, clients really only care about one thing…are you making my phone ring. Conversion friendly websites ROCK!

    • Kenny, great insights. I think if you focus on content and people are coming to your site and converting that is all that matters!

  63. obviously like your website but you need to take
    a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and
    I find it very bothersome to inform the truth then again I will definitely
    come again again.

  64. Freddie Parda :

    I just checked out your personal blog and also the health website. Very insightful information!

  65. Neil! You have nailed it..

    It will be really helpful to me an i find these points really interesting.. Thanks Neil

  66. Hi Neil!

    I just noticed that the first three links from your article, the ones to the case studies, are broken 🙁

    I hope I’m the only one who sees that llama in the 404 page.

    Good luck!

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    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to
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    Too cool!

  69. seo firepower, devin schumacher :

    Even the short and to-the-point posts from you are on point Neil!

    Thank you!

    Founder, SEO Firepower

  70. Great article. Our website has struggled. I’m thinking some of it may have to be with the fact that some of the images aren’t optimized which has caused the loading speed to suffer. What do you think? https://enchantedbeard.com

  71. I recently came to know about you, Neil. I have attended a webinar too. You really are making great points and I am amazed to know them. Thanks for sharing the content! Regards,

  72. I have recently engaged with this website (http://www.urjautsav.com). Its been almost a year but not a single sale has been made out of it. Can you please suggest something to start with?

  73. Thanks a lots Neil, I will start using this tactics from now, thumb up to you and am linking this to my lost straight away.

    Secondly they is something I will want to talk to you about I wish you’d have time for me on facebook.

  74. Quora is clever for making you sign up for an account after you are hooked on reading a thread. Genius. I’m going to use some of these conversion tactics on my sites.

    Thanks Neil.

    -Kodi Fletcher

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