The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing

advanced guide to content marketing

You already know that content marketing is the new SEO, but how do you do it? There are a lot of guides on the Internet that talk about it, but no one breaks it down from A to Z.

That is why I decided to write The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing along with the help from our Crazy Egg blog editor, Kathryn Aragon.

Here’s what is covered in this 40,000-word guide:

Click here to read The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing.


My hope is that you like The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing. As time goes on, I’ll try to keep the guide updated with the latest and greatest tactics. If you see anything that needs to be fixed, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Sofia - VeggieFocus :

    WOW what a guide!!!! Thanks once again Neil – the content you share is incredible!

  2. Jerry Okorie :

    Thanks for this Neil. If you weren’t a millionaire I would have made a donation for sharing this awesome piece.

    Cheers dude!


  3. Chirag Dodiya :

    This is a priceless piece of information right here…

    Amazing Work Neil.. This will be very helpful to the blogging community and especially to the newbies..

    Thanks for Sharing.. Ace ..

  4. Salmaan Aslam :

    Neil you produce MUST READ Content which is hard to ignore for anyone who is serious about their business.

    Kudos for this effort, will give me feedback once I’ve consumed 40,000 words 🙂

    Thanks once again for helping the community the way you do.

  5. Wow! Another Advance guide from Neil. So this time its content marketing.. Awesome! I love the info-graphics which your team makes with thousands of words. Looking forward to learn a lot from this guide. Thanks Neil! 😀

  6. Love your work dude,I was waiting on this after the seo guide, which was also great.

  7. Kumar Gauraw :

    Thank you for sharing this guide. I have just downloaded a PDF version of it to read it and digest it. I know your content is always awesome. I am sure a lot of people are going to benefit from this guide (I include myself). Thank you!


  8. Thanks for this Neil.

    A few months back I left a comment saying that you should create a course about this topic and how I’s buy it. Now you’ve gone and done something like this… I don’t know what to say apart from a big thank you…And I haven’t even read it yet!

    May you continue to grow in every way that you choose 🙂

  9. Great guide, but surely making the downloadable PDF paginated so it can be printed and read offline should be one of the things any good content manager does (ahem). Some people like to follow the advice of not looking at LCD screens when they go to bed, and that’s where a lot of reading gets done…

  10. Thanks for Guide Neil!! I will surely pass it on and leave some feedback!

  11. Thanks a lot!!!
    Very useful guide!
    I will read it along as I am building my site.

  12. Thomas Oppong :

    Content marketing is king and this guide is a must-read. I just bookmarked it and have already started reading it. Just like the advanced guide to SEO, this is timely and very useful.
    Neil rocks.

  13. Vijay @Save Money :

    Now this is I called as Information overload! Super guide Neil! Each time I decide to concentrate on doing things I planned but when I see your post I get distracted 😉

    This is awesome post now. It will take at least a day to me to go over it.

  14. Hi Neil

    I’ve only just scratched the surface with this but you’ve really outdone yourself with this one. This is an outrageous level of quality and scope.

    I’ve duly Tweeted, Liked and Shared – what an amazing piece of content!


    Loz 🙂

  15. I haven’t even read this post yet but I KNOW it’s going to be GREAT! Excited to spend a couple hours really digging into it and putting it to work for my SEO clients! Thanks Neil for the AWESOME content. I will be sharing on my resource page and in a blog post coming up soon.

  16. Cyril Sebastian :

    Hey Neil!

    A link which takes me to another …. also keeps me busy in your blog. Nice write up with very interesting and useful content.

    Thanks ….. very helpful.

  17. Hey Neil,

    When I attempt to download the PDF version of your guide, I am requested to download a zipped folder. After I navigate to the PDF and open it, it appears as only 23 extremely long pages and kinda blurry.

    Am I doing something wrong? The Advanced Guide to SEO (amazing by the way), was a simple PDF download and was beautiful.



    • I am working on creating a better version of the PDF using

      It will take a few weeks, but it will get there.

  18. This is so awesome Neil. 40,000 words..most of the people would have created an ebook and sold it on amazon kindle.

    I have a small request. Could you please make any future guides like this in pure pdf format.

    This guide and your previous advance SEO guide are in image format (the pdf one is converted from image). Even after downloading, they aren’t easy to read on mobile devices. I wish you could have created these two guides are in pure pdf format. It would have made them more accessible.

    Thanks a lot Neil for such a great guide. I am going to devour this.

  19. Rebekka Deforce :

    Great stuff once again! Thanks a lot Neil.

  20. Great guide.

    Chapter 1, No. 2, Step 1, spelling error. It say’s “Community. Develop friends and fans who interact with youzr brand socially. ”

    youzr -> your.

  21. Great stuff. I haven’t read all the materials yet, but what I haven’t read, I’ve scanned and plan to finish reading today when my work day is over.

    Creating content is critical to my business. However, I feel torn between producing regular, long blog posts (akin to short essays) and short content curation (akin to tidbits) commentary. I don’t know if this “conflict” is unusual.

    Basically, it works like this. The more I research and curate content, I’m less inclined to write an in-depth blog post on one key issue. (Sure, even in my longer blog posts, like most writers, I curate, in the sense that l analyze and link to others on my main point.) Instead, I find it hard, mentally, to shift away from the smaller curation type of writing.

    The two styles conflict for me. When I curate shorter content pieces on platforms like Scoop.It, Twitter, and Facebook. I refuse to simply post an article. In my view, the real personal value added is based upon my interpretation. Yet, even these “smaller” curation efforts take a lot of time, concentration, and analysis.

    But when I’m trying to produce smaller content curation pieces, I get so many ideas that I cannot simply refocus and return to my regular, longer blog posts for several days. Thus, since I began curating smaller pieces, my regular blogging has suffered.

    For me, it’s not a matter of scheduling. It’s the mental shift between the two styles of writing.

    This conflict is bothering me. In your experience, is this an uncommon tendency?


    • It’s a tough balancing act. Just try different approaches out and test them to see which yields the greatest traffic and conversions.

  22. rodan+fields :

    Great post Neil thanks.

  23. Christina Bazenti :

    Hey Neil,

    Thank you for this guide. Quicksprout is the best blog I swear, many info you won’t find anywhere else.

  24. Mariam Turay :

    Awesome. Thanks Neil and Kathryn. I’ve got my note pad ready to begin diving in.

  25. Impossible.

    Neil you are unreal.

    I’m speechless…


  26. Neil, what is your SEO approach with your amazing infographics.

    We find them invaluable, but I’ve heard so many contradictory opinions about pages with only one photo…

    According to some marketers and webmasters a page with only a photo file could be seen as thin content by the G robots no matter its value.

    Or you don’t need to care about G any more and don’t even think about it?

  27. Neil,

    This might be your best yet. The way you present content marketing, combing existing and new content and infographics is really inspirational.

    The big takeaway here is that business owners need to put the “marketing” in content marketing; it’s not just about writing/publishing, but to view ourselves as “publishers” and push/syndicate content to an audience!

    I am sending this to my list right now. Bravo Neil… this article is kind of a big deal 🙂


  28. Another million dollar content.


  29. Thanks Neil..I thought I’d spend a few mins to skim your doc but it still took me over an hour because of the good content. I’m already setting up Feedly, Evernote, Google+ to catalog future content ideas. Next will be an excel file for organization. This is a keeper.

  30. Venchito Tampon :

    Awesome guide Neil!

    Another linkable magnet that everyone is looking for! 🙂 I’ll share this to my friends.

  31. Downloading my copy. thanks for making this available Neil

  32. Hi Neil,

    Thank you again for another great document. I have only spend a few minutes and read the first few pages, but it is jammed pack full of great information.

    Please keep this amazing information coming.


  33. Holy Shit,
    This is just brilliant. I have never seen anything so thorough written on content marketing. Thanks a lot Neil.

  34. The amount of content that this guide offers is amazing. Thank you very much for putting together this guide. Your ability to share your knowledge and experience is extremely rewarding.


  35. Neil, i love you for putting out this guide… i have been waiting for it since you said it was coming out…and it looks awesome! However a small piece of me hates you for 1) now having to take the next week to go through it and 2) making the rest of us internet marketers look like a bunch of pre-schoolers with our content lol. Great job my man!

  36. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed. Just about to make my website self-funded and now want to focus on content creation and marketing. Perfect timing!!

  37. Darnell Jackson :

    Nailed it man great job yeah you exceeded my expectations and they were pretty freaking high with that title.

    You’re setting the bar pretty high with this kind of stuff thanks for sharing.

  38. Shirish Dhungel :

    Thanks for the content guide. As content is known as the best means of generating web traffic towards blog/website, this guide will help me a lot. Thanks Again!

  39. Thanks Neil,

    for helping people like me, that are just starting !!


  40. Great stuff as always Neil , half way through already and loving it. Gold, pure gold !

  41. Shalu Sharma :

    Thank you Motabhai for this guide. I will be going through each and every single chapter here. You are a genius.

  42. Mike @getyourarticles :

    Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to go through each chapter. I am new to this and constantly search for new material that will help me learn and this is definitely work bookmarking.

  43. Olatunji Femi :

    Hello Neil Patel,

    First and foremost let me start by saying HBD in arrears WULLNP
    AND thanks for this loads of highly insightful post. it’s highly informative and educative as well. please would you kindly package it for us in a PDF format. it will be pretty much appreciated that way.
    thanks so much.

  44. Thanks Neil, very helpful an very classy as usual.

  45. Looks ridiculously awesome well done guys.

  46. Jason Diller :


    What is your address? I would like to send you some cash for creating such an epic guide. #serious

  47. Neil,
    While others charge a mint for guides like this, you give it away for free. You’re a saint! Looking forward to reading the guide and applying the tactics to my content strategy. Thanks again!

  48. Neil, this is the best guide that I have seen on how to create and publish great content. It’s incredibly detailed and it lays out everything out from A to Z. Great work!

  49. Nothing to say its a great and huge article about content marketing.Thank you.

  50. What a guide. Thanks Neal

  51. Chris McCale :

    Thanks Neil – Love a generous guy who is happy to spread the knowledge (and that you’re from Seattle is pretty cool too.) 😉 Tweeted and shared.

  52. Is this really for free? Hmmm let me try it on my boring blog. Thanks in advance.

  53. Neil, this looks really impressive.

    Looking forward to diving into this and seeing what advanced guide you bring out next 😉

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    Thanks for making this available. It is awesome!

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    This is a truly remarkable guide. Thanks so much !!

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    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

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    Finally a complete guide! Thank you for the sharing! I like the online design, it reminds me of another guide on seomoz.

  58. Ashley Faulkes :

    Great stuff as always Neil. I don’t know where you get the time to do this stuff, but it’s fantastic. I think we all really appreciate what you put out there, and “thanks” is perhaps not enough. Keep it up.

  59. great sir…i read somewhere you have not taken a single leave in 10 years…is it true?

  60. I only rely on some writers, and Sir Neil is one of them. I was looking for a guide to boost up my career speed. That’s what I got, just now I have to go faster. Thank you very much

  61. WOW! amazing guide, very indepth indeed. A great help as always to the SEO world!

  62. I’m dumbfounded by your generosity, Neil! This guide is like a full-on marketing degree course.

    Thank you so much…I can’t wait to read it and learn from the best.

  63. Neal, spectacular content as always thank you.

    If I may make one request: a higher res version please. It appears you and your design team did a fantastic job, it’s a shame to have the design so fuzzy. If it were higher resolution, one could run OCR on the PDF as well, which would make it even more useful.

    Thanks again.

    • Alex, thanks for the suggestion. We are just glad we got this information out as quick as possible 🙂

  64. Make Money Online :

    Simply Great Article @Neil

  65. Thanks for such great stuff. It’s a beautiful guide for me and also for many. Simply one word for this article “Pretty Awesome”.

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    After the awesome Advanced Guide to SEO, Another precious gift from you. Thanks a million Neil. Your rock!

  67. Looks like it may need some proofreading still.

    In No. 1 Step 6 you say rows 37-41 when it should be 27-31 (although the image may be different yet).

    In No. 2 Step 5 you refer to the Competitive Analysis table, but never went through the steps of creating that table like you did the others.

    Great resource though, along with the Guide to SEO. I love that you’re breaking out of the blog post format for this longer, more evergreen content.

  68. Wow, this info is helpful, not to mention, this whole article is great! Thank you.

  69. Thanks for the heads up, this guide is worth reading atleast thrice.

  70. Jeremy Estes :

    So many companies are beating their heads against the wall trying to define what you’ve got here. After a couple of chapters, i clicked back over to Twitter and retweeted. When I was done, I went back and direct tweeted everyone I could think of.

    If this is the benchmark for best of 2013, the rest of us have a lot of work to do.

  71. I’ve been so excited about this. And now it’s here! It’s everything I hoped it’d be…. and not more… because I know you always way over deliver. So good. So so good.

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    Hi Neil

    i’m a new reader of your blog & recently joined your newsletter too. Up till now i’ve read only few posts on your blog & i must say all of them are worth reading. Many thanks for bringing such an informative blog online.

  73. Wow! I just found the guide I needed, but can’t read all of it at once. Bookmarked.

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    Thank you for creating this guide. It is really something that I needed to have and was looking for. Excellent insight and advices.

  75. How much money did you spend to make this? It looks very nice!

  76. Great guide Neil! I look forward to applying these tactics for my own site. Content marketing is not easy to do successfully but it really is the best and the most long lasting online marketing strategy so I really hope this guide to help me master it.

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    Wow! This is amazing. Thanks for your hard work 🙂 Very slick, looking forward to reading it all.

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  79. Ryan Bailey :

    I have about 20 content articles to write in the next couple of days – I’ll be using your templates from Chapter 6 to help me. Many thanks for this fantastic free resource – you could easily have charged for this!



  80. Daniel Monterrosa :

    WOW! I’ve been using your Quicksprout system Neil, and am planning on using this guide for my own website.

    I can say from personal experience you provide amazing resources. I wasn’t able to read through it all, just catch a glimpse, but I’m looking forward to dig into this some more and apply what I learn.

    Thanks Neil!

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    Nicely written and as always, extremely informative Neil. Thank you for continually delivering actionable ideas and content!

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  86. great post.. gave me much deeper knowledge about content marketing and your posts really directly related with any type of users.

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    Thanks for posting, Neil! Great guide and it’s very visual — so glad you decided to share this.


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    As usual you’ve outdone yourself. This much free valuable content should be illegal but thank goodness it isn’t so. Keep on keeping on Neil!

  90. Thanks Neil, It is one of the most simplified post I have read regarding content marketing. However its very tough to follow than to just read 🙂

  91. Just heard your interview with Patt Flynn and found this, Thanks Neil!

  92. great techniques! gonna improve my SEO service for my local clients

  93. Great post! Thanks for sharing these specific techniques that will help advance my SEO abilities.

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  98. Thank you very much Neil! You have a lot of great ideas on the post. Your guide is easy to follow, and i’m very inspired with chapter 5 🙂

  99. congrts for your going up carrior and really u have mention your ideas how to get traffice and many more thing to get sucess .

  100. Dear Neil,
    thank you for this amazing guideline! I am currently going through it step by step to launch a new service through a new website. Currently busy with the third chapter.

    Do you have any advice on how to ‘find’ reliable sources of information for an interview, if I do not have a client base for this particular service yet?

    I have launched a survey a couple of weeks ago and send it to people who could be potential clients, but, as usual the return rate is low and I do not want to bother the same people for longer interviews, maybe I should. I would love to make the idea even more ‘bullet proof’.

    Would greatly appreciate your help!

    Thank you,

    • Good question. I don’t know of any sources about this. 🙁

      If you find any, please share them with me.

  101. Alam@TodayCut :

    Hi Neil

    Recently i set up a blog. I read your posts about writing content & SEO. I’ve one question, does blog commenting really help in SEO or i should only focus on guest posting.


  102. Hi Neil! You have done a great effort by providing a great resource of information. Secondly, the way you have presented the posts are really awesome. Loved very much. The content is really useful. I have bookmarked your site and read your site on daily basis. Well done, keep it up.

    • Pele, I like to outline the posts in an easy to digest. way. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

  103. Thanks Neil! This is a fantastic resource for every SEO and content marketer to use in their audit/strategy process. Bookmarked and shared.

  104. Extremely useful guide!
    I will read it along as I am building my site. Thx you 🙂

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