How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy That Won’t Put You to Sleep

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When I first started to blog, I used to write 300-400-word blog posts, and I was ecstatic when the post received a hundred plus visitors. Little did I know, my content sucked, and people didn’t want to read it.

Over the course of the last eight years, I’ve been able to slowly fine-tune the way I write content. I’ve learned the hard way how to create blog posts that people love. You want to write blogs that people love so much that they’ll comment on them, email you about them, and even share them on social sites.

I’ve blogged in the past about how I write blog posts, but I’ve never gone down into the specific details on how you can replicate my strategy for any industry… even the boring ones like credit cards or car insurance.

What I am going to do is share this information with you through a webinar. Don’t worry, the webinar is FREE, and I’m not looking for anything in return. I just love communicating and helping out my Quick Sprout readers. 🙂

So what are you going to learn during this free webinar?

  • How to effectively write content for any niche.
  • The 10 big lessons I learned from content marketing over the last 8 years.
  • How to make your content go viral, even if it is on a boring topic like car insurance.
  • The different forms of content that you can leverage and the results you can expect from them.
  • How to create a content marketing strategy for your business.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing.
  • Where content marketing landscape is moving to in the next year.

If you want to learn how to create a content marketing strategy that won’t put you to sleep, signup for the webinar here.

Webinar information

If you are interested in attending the webinar, here are the details:

  • Presenter – Neil Patel
  • Format – PowerPoint presentation with question and answers at the end
  • Date – Monday March 4th, 2013
  • Time – 9am to 10am PST

Click here to attend the webinar.

If you can’t attend the webinar, there will be an update at the bottom of this post that I will make by March 11th. The update will have the link to the webinar.

P.S. Come prepared to the webinar with questions and your website URL. I would love to give live tips and examples of what you should be doing with your business.

P.P.S. If you want me to cover anything else, leave a comment, and I will do my best to cover it.

Update: If you want to watch a recorded version of the webinar, click here.


  1. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    Really enjoyed the last webinar, looking forward to this one too. Always good learning from your experiences.


  2. Jessica - MySkiResort :

    Also loved the last webinar, will make sure to join you on this one as well! 🙂

  3. Diana Urban (@dianaurban) :

    I’m traveling to Europe next week on business, but I’ll definitely watch the recording afterwards!

  4. Hi Neil,

    I’m going to enjoy your webinar for the first time and want to make it an unforgettable experience.Off to sign up.

    Thanks for the share.


  5. Neil,
    I’m looking forward to your webinar. I desperately need help with my content. This should be a big help for me and my blog.

    Take Care ,

  6. Debbie Horovitch :

    Awesome Neil! Looking forward to it! Your last webinar on growth was great; I’ve quoted it & you lots of times since!

  7. Mike @ Marketing Before Funding :

    Signed up and can’t wait!

    P.S. Whoever was drawing your face on the webinar’s page, did a really bad job. What’s up with the upper lip?

  8. David @ Clevel Marketing & Sales :

    Excellent, I missed your last webinar but luckily you made it viewable after(good stuff by the way). Definitely not taking the chance of missing this one!

  9. KenKen The Champ :

    Nice… I want to totally start a new fresh (on a old dead blog)… I will be traveling back from Cali to dallas, but I hope to logon and be apart

  10. I’ll definitely look out for the recording. Will it be transcribed?

  11. Brilliant…am currently working on my blog content and this will be a big boost. Will watch the recording. Thanks

  12. Your content is always first-class. I look forward to hearing your training on the upcoming webinar. Keep the posts and other great info coming!

  13. Stefan Nilsson :

    I’m really looking forward to this.

    My major sticking point is to come up with something unique that I feel the readers will benefit from. I’m far from an expert but over and over again I see other blogs writing the most basic information and getting loads of thank you-comments. It’s information such as “what is a calorie”, “be everywhere”, “the long tail” and “the 80/20 rule”.

    I’ve got the perfect tools, environment and passion but I can’t come up with something unique to write about. The only time I think – oh, this is helpful – is when I read new information on other blogs but it would just be a rewrite to write about the same thing. Sure, I could add some of my experience or how I use it but it doesn’t really make it that unique.

    I guess the question is – how do you figure out what the readers want to read about if you haven’t enough readers to ask? I’ve looked at Yahoo Answers but it just feels like the same beginner questions asked over and over again – even though I know there are hundred of sources with the answers if they just Google it.

    • Stefan, the goal is to create a user and reader base so that you fan slowly learn to know what they are interested in. Trust me, this was a process that took me years. Best of luck!

    • Stefan, you are good at eating but not in expelling. Writing is expelling what you have ate.

      Expelling is an act of generosity. Of give away. Find the reason why you don’t want to give away and you will start writing like a pro.

  14. Hi Neil,
    I managed to attent your last webinar by sacrificing my sleep because I’m far away from your country. And eagerly waiting to attent this webinar too. Learning your 8 years of experience in a short time is better than sleeping.


  15. Kamil @ Rich Blogger :

    Hi Neil,

    Can’t wait your webinar. I’m curious what you can say about my blog. Topic of content creation is very important and for sure we will learn a lot.
    BDW. Nice trick with Registration form 🙂

    Best Regards

  16. I’m signed up and I’m interested on how to improve a site with the owner who is a perfectionist, and wants to do it his way ONLY!

    The owner’s site is on the first page of SE for 6 different keywords and it’s taken me two years to get it there…anything else I can do on the marketing front for an owner who won’t use keywords or LSI words. Plus, the owner won’t let me change or add to any words, pages or articles.

    Also, changes don’t go with the owner and it takes at least two weeks to get an ok for adding a little social icon…just to let you know how picky the owner is…any help would be great.

    We want to increase readership and purchasing power.


  17. Its great to receive from you mails .they are smart in teaching me techniques of blogging.I am a begginer in blogging and find deep intrest in r provided material. please sendme a copy of Explosive SEO secrets.

  18. Mr. Srijon Kumar Sarker :

    Really Nice to Hear that,, Eagerly waiting for it….Thanks a Lot Neil,for this valuable information.

  19. Hi! Neil,

    Exactly what I need. I am looking forward to attending.

  20. Kenneth C Young :

    Well if a person cannot come up with a constant supply of content without been bored to death or fall asleep then they are doomed in the eyes of Google “Just the way it is”


  21. I’d love to attend the webinar, but can’t that day. I look forward to seeing the video afterwards. I’ve been blogging for about 11 years but it’s easy to get in a rut during that time.

    Always good to learn something new.

  22. Looks like this webinar will cover some great topics. Looking forward to advice on how to liven up our blog! A helpful tip for all you bloggers is using to proofread your blog once it’s ready to go. It was a lifesaver for us when mistakes kept getting lost in the shuffle of things.

  23. neil, you rock!

  24. Definitely looking forward to this Neil! Maybe get a bit deeper into content length vs. payoff. IE at what point does length hit diminishing returns from seo perspective. Or at what length would you split a article into two smaller articles.

  25. Love your blogs.

    I am from Australia and will be asleep when your webinar is on but I will definitely watch it later.

    Regards Geof

  26. Good stuff Neil not the best time for Australia (3am) so I’ll hold on for the recording but I’m really keen to hear what you have to say on this. I’m doing a podcast today on how to tell if your content is crap because like you I probably wrote 50-100 blog posts that went nowhere because they were crap and I didn’t know it.

  27. I like how the way you think of a great thing to inspire me. It takes that you have a great experiences and passion to do with this stuff.
    Neil, I’m waiting for the webinar 🙂

    You rock!

  28. Love your Blog! I am looking forward to attending webinar .

  29. Content is one of my top priorities and constantly trying to find out what my viewers want and need. Totally looking forward to your webinar Neil. – already signed up.

  30. Living in India and I guess it wont be possible now to come and attend your webinar. But yes I have a good habit of reading your blogs. So I hope at last I will watch it through video.
    You are going great Neil. And it helps EVeryone.

  31. Hi Neil,

    Glad to know that “you are conducting a webinar”. I always love your posts. Each of your post will give great insights to all SEO’s. Earlier i used to write 200 to 300 word blog posts on my blog Now i have improved to 600 to 800 words with your inspiration. I am sure that “I am going to write 2000 words articles soon”. I look forward for your webinar.


  32. Sounds good. No doubts i will join it . I think this will help me to know and learn about new things . Nice idea .Am looking forward to Webinar

  33. Neil excited about this as this is my first neil patel webinar…
    looking forward..for amazing content
    i have just started internet marketing consulting for small and local businesses here in Pune, India…
    and your seo information has immensely helped me..
    thanks neil


  34. Hi Neil,

    It will be a pleasure to be a part of your webinar but unfortunately I am travelling on the specified date and my bad luck I will not be able to attend it.

  35. Felipe Kurpiel :

    Hey Neil, I am following a lot of strategies you are sharing in your blog and I got good resuts for my newsite so far.
    With that being said, I hope get a lot of value from your webinar! Thanks Neil

    See you there!

  36. Hey Neil, is there will be reply as the date matching the webinar for me is busy day… 🙁

  37. Another amazing webinar, can’t wait for this.

  38. Great initiative this Neil, a free webinar from you is always welcome. Helping the SEOs or mainly the content writers in changing their content strategy to create high quality content and in turn helping people to eradicate thin content or spam on the web is always appreciable.

  39. Hallo Neil,
    Thanks for this great opportunity. Unfortunately, I can’t take part at the webinar due to the time difference. But maybe you can answer a question that I ask myself for a long time. In addition, I have asked many people and, unfortunately, I didn’t get any satisfactory answer until now. So: is it better to use your own name as the domain for your blog or is it better to take a ‘custom’ name? Hint, most people told me ‘It depends’. 😉
    Thank you

    • Sorry to say, but it really does depend. Are you marketing yourself or are you marketing a product..

      • Thanks for your reply. I want to start with marketing myself, but maybe it will become more. What was your idea behind the fact, that you are not blogging on your neilpatel domain and instead writing on your custom domain ‘quicksprout’?

  40. creating a blog :

    Thank you for another informative site. Where else could I am getting that type of info written in
    such an ideal way? I have a challenge that I’m simply now running on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such information.

  41. Hi Neil,
    living In Italy at the being time but don’t care about sleep deprivation for attending your webinar. Hope the shared information throughout this webinar will bring value even for my local market.

  42. Googma Sansar :

    Hi Neil ! You have great contents. I always read yiur content and get profession ideas. What you have gained in your 8 yrs. Blogging experienced and replicate in your real life.

    I Have been reading your every content and learning your way. Thanks for your great contribution to sharing tutorials.

  43. Reparatii Spalat :

    I can advise you to get some coffee as well 😀 that helps in the process! haha

  44. Cash for car :

    Excellent. I will try to attend this webinar as well 🙂

  45. operante opinie :

    I’m looking forward to the webinar. Content marketing is playing an increasingly important role, I hope, a very substantive webinar.

  46. Stefan Nilsson :

    This question is somewhat related to my previous one but how do you overcome the feeling that your content isn’t good enough? I get mail saying what a big impact the post made on their life but whenever I sit down and outline a new post; I think – is this really amazing information? Will this be life changing?

    99.99% of the times I won’t be but I need to create more than one post a year and I know there’s a lot of readers who will appreciate the post even though I’m not 100% satisfied with it.

    So – how do you get over this feeling?

  47. Looking forward to this one Neil.

    Shame the time difference always gets us here down under. But nevertheless, appreciate your work mate.

  48. Hello Neil,
    I couldn’t attend to the webinar. Can you offer a recorded file ?

  49. I think it’s really important to also keep it fresh and not repeat the same thing over and over.

  50. I wonder when is the next webinar so I can sign up for the early bird’s list. Really need to improve my content marketing strategy.
    Ps: Just stumble your blog today and find many helpful related content to what I’m searching. Thanks Neil.

  51. I love to attend your presentation.

  52. Abhdesh Kumar :

    its very nice thought i like to read this type of content. definitely i would like to continue the reading contents.

  53. Really enjoyed the last webinar, looking forward to this one too. Always good learning from your experiences.

  54. Neil I am putting together a content marketing strategy for our startup business and was wondering how I access this content webinar as signed up and unsure of how to access it all as the event took place a few weeks ago… Is there a recording?

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  56. Hello Neil !
    This webinar sounds nice. I wanted to attend it live but its too late.
    Thanks for sharing the recorded version of webinar.

  57. Akshay Bhanot :

    Hi Neil,

    Have been following your blog for sometime now and I find it really intriguing. I missed this webinar and would really appreciate if you could share a recorded version.


  58. Wonderful post but I was wanting to know if you could write
    a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Kudos!

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    am browsing this site dailly and take good data from here daily.

  62. I really want to appreciate your efforts. Neil we expect more and more from you. To be honest I always take your posts as my education material… 🙂 .. Expect More…

    • Manu, thanks for the kind words. I suggest you check out my most recent post 🙂

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  64. Would love to see it but the link to the webinar is not working anymore 🙁

  65. Hi Neil,

    I just wanted to have a look at this webinar, but it seems that it’s a broken link in the P.S. section of this recording 🙂

    Would love to see the webinar.

    Best Regards,

  66. Silas Bilka :

    This is incredibly helpful. I am going to change some of my pages to images of happy customers and see if it works better. Thank Neil

  67. Aw, this was an extremely nice post. Finding the time and actual
    effort to produce a great article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never manage to get anything done.

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    • This is incredibly helpful. I am going to change some of my pages to images of happy customers and see if it works better. Thank Neil

  69. Hi Neil,

    I am very interested in watching the webinar, however the link is not working in the Update section of your post. Is there another link I can use?

    Thank you!


    • Caroline, Let me see what’s going on. Can you check back with me in a bit to see if the problem still persists?

      • Thank you for your response! When I click on the link, it says the URL is not found on this server. Could that be a problem with the computer I am using? If so, then I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you!

        Thank you.

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