The Advanced Guide to SEO

advanced guide to seo

Are you tired of reading basic information on SEO? I know I am. Every time people tell me about basic SEO tactics like optimizing your meta tags… it drives me crazy.

Why? Because there are already thousands of articles on meta descriptions, and there is no need to regurgitate the same old information.

Because of this, I wrote The Advance Guide to SEO. It took me a bit more than six months to complete it… but now it’s live.

Here’s what is covered in this 45,000-word guide:

  • Introduction – a break down of what you are going to learn.
  • Chapter 1: Indexation and Accessibility – in this section you’re going to learn some advanced techniques for evaluation and optimization of your website for indexation and accessibility.
  • Chapter 2: Site Speed and Performance – we’re going to crank it up a level and help make your site run faster and perform more efficiently. This is not only great for user experience, but it’s also great for search engines.
  • Chapter 3: New Search – now your site is crawlable, indexable and lightening fast. Time to ramp it up another notch with some new search elements. Search is moving towards a more semantic “real to life” environment.
  • Chapter 4: WordPress – because it is the most popular CMS in the world, we are going to take a deep dive into how you can make it search engine friendly.
  • Chapter 5: Advanced Data Research – after the first 4 sections, you should have a rock solid website. But there’s way more to SEO than speed, indexation and metadata. We’re going to begin our off-site SEO techniques with some ImportXML!
  • Chapter 6: Keyword Research – you’ve used the Google AdWords keyword tool before, right? We’re not going to cover that here though. We’re going to go beyond the common keyword research tools and explore some less talked about ways to find the best keywords to target for your site.
  • Chapter 7: Link Building With Content – I bet you’ve heard time and time again by now how important “quality content” is to attracting links, shares and, of course, traffic. This section spells out some step by step actions you can take to create your own amazing content and also how to incorporate the right techniques into that content so it performs even better.
  • Chapter 8: Link Building Techniques – the first section here may be a simple list of places to submit your site to (to get followed links). But don’t be fooled! This section is packed with step by step instructions on how to capitalize on 15 link building techniques. I definitely encourage you to follow them or come up with your own ideas!
  • Chapter 9: Search Verticals – If you operate in a search vertical, you’re in a unique place to capitalize on some great traffic. These areas are not as often talked about in SEO, but you can capture some high converting targeted traffic in these areas. We’re going to cover local, mobile, slideshows, youtube and more.

Click here to read The Advanced Guide to SEO.


My hopes are that you like The Advanced Guide to SEO. As time goes on and search engines change, I will try and keep it up to date. If you see anything that needs to be fixed, feel free to leave a comment below.

If you find the guide to be too advanced, check out The Beginner’s Guide to SEO as it will teach you all of the basics.

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  1. Talk about great quality content, huh?
    This is awesome, thanks Neil.

    • Great one Neil. Hope advanced guides such as this one will turn the spammers in to white hat SEOs and the real marketers that the web wants. Post Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates the SEO industry badly needed a guide on the revised SEO strategies which will not only educate on how to do the real stuff and to let them know what one really needs to do to rank on Google.

    • This is brilliant. Just what we all need. So many articles churned out today are all about SEO and marketing strategies we already know. Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all the articles out there because we already know so much!

    • Thanks Manu, appreciate it!

  2. Mark @ ThinkTraffic :

    Thanks for an amazing post as usual Neil.
    I was going to spend an hour or two reading my favourite blogs, but I may need to come back to this when I really have time.

    I’m sure I will learn a thing or two! As an SEO you never stop learning!

    • I am about to release a paper is SEO dead. It covers most of the core principles of what started our as SEO. It suggests at best the definition for an industry was ill thought out and at worst an industry has continued with a lie and deciet.

      I’ve always said yes I do SEO but thats to make it easy for the client! I have always told clients SEO doesn’t really exist and whilst they understood what I meant they still call it SEO!!!!

    • Yah, it is a pretty long guide. May need more than a couple of hours. 😉

  3. Nathan - MySkiResort :

    WOW this is awesome – thanks so much for taking the time to create this Neil!!! 😀

  4. This website is like a really hot chick that you see walk by…and then you just get really mad.

    Just amazing stuff on this blog all the time.

    Makes me frustrated.

    • Probably one of the funniest and most accurate comments I’ve seen in a while. True, true… reminds me of this one gal I work with. While she’s incredible gorgeous (and friggin’ smart), there’s this inexplicable frustration after the conversation’s done. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but it seems to be the same kind of frustration when I see an awesome post that’s blogged here so consistently.

      It’s definitely not a case of the “one who got away” (way out of my league) and probably more along the lines of “damn, I’m never going to get a date” feeling.

    • ROFL, your comment just made my day!

  5. James Kieffer :

    Wow. This looks impressive Neil. I just started browsing and can’t wait to jump in. It also looks great. Whoever did your graphics / coding did an awesome job. Thanks for all the great content.

    • Kudos to you Neil. You are spot on James, the graphics are awesome and very informative. I myself have been doing SEO for years now and I am very much sick with the fact that I get the basics, then left hanging asking what’s next. It is really frustrating sometimes because I cannot get the help that I needed when I started in SEO. I am always looped in circles. So good job Neil for providing us a complete pyramid of all the things SEO comprises of. I checked it out and I read some very promising information. I definitely like the chapter 8 which is about the Link building techniques. Admit it or not doing white hat SEO through links is quite tough nowadays. Thanks for the valuable post again.

    • Thank you, I will be sure to pass along the compliment!

  6. Wow Neil! I can’t wait to get time to really sit down and read through everything. I’m pretty excited for this!

  7. Hey Neil, great resource from what I saw by checking it out quickly. Before I get into that I wanted to ask you…

    Where or how did you get that “sharing bar” on the left sie with the Twitter, Facebook, and G+? I really like the looks of it and want to use it on my sites.


  8. Great post Neil. I completely understand your frustrations around the basic “same-old-same-old” info but you would be surprised at the number of clients I get who have worked extensively on advanced SEO techniques but have never taken care of basic techniques like meta tags and URL slugs.

    • I normally provide basic or beginner tips for SEO in my post. That is why I decided to create something more advance for my readers that already know the basics.

  9. Hi,

    This is great. But there is a problem: When i go on that page and i try to read the guide, i have to scroll from left to right to see the all thing…This is in FF. In all others it seems to be ok.

    BTW: I like it! This is a cool guide

  10. It’s so kind of you to offer these valuable resources for free. Thank you so much!

  11. Thanks for your thesis on SEO. I just finished skimming through all of it and must say it’s worth way more than most paid manuals I’ve read.

  12. Neil,

    About getting driven crazy by repeating and hearing the same thing over and over again, I actually did a poll a while back. I found that many people are just simply scared of being different and doing something “wrong”. Because of that, this is one of very few blogs I bless with my egotistical time 😉

    One thing I have to mention, when I clicked on the “Read the advanced” link on my mobile (out consulting) it only gave me the option to leave a comment, clicking to the full view made it unscrolable, can you through the book or payment area to my email that’s required yet unpublished? I’d appreciate it!

  13. Theodore Nwangene :

    Hey Neil,
    Its as if you wrote this report for me and I’m going to read it from start to finish right away.

    But please, is it downloadable?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • It is, but dumb dropbox pulled the links. I am going to switch it over to my server and make it downloadable from there.

      • Wow… Millon Thanks Neil. Almost the entire guide is full of illustrated examples. Thank you very for sharing your experience and knowledge with everyone.

        Yes. We need PDF book to keep this in our computer shelf. May be you can put “Tweet to Download” option.
        Wow… Almost the entire guide

  14. Lilach Bullock :

    Neil this is an awesome guide. So many around but this is simply exceptional quality. I love the design as well. Have bookmarked and shared:)

  15. Wow, looks very comprehensive. Can’t wait to start reading it.


  16. I cannot Thank You Enough! Neil…you’re awesome.

    Having a Resource like this at one place is Awesome…

    Though this is an Advanced guide, with all the graphics and steps, it looks less complicated and fun to read…

    I’m sure you’re going to build a list of Lifelong followers with this freebie…

    A Huge Thanks….

  17. Quick things that jumped out (other than the amazing content/value):

    The intro is getting overlapped in Firefox. Works in Chrome though.

    Also “user low fast and responsive sites.”

    “In this section you’re going to learn some advanced
    techniques for evaluation and optimization your website for
    indexation and accessibility.”

    “That’s why this section
    covers best practices for both engines and users – with this
    like installing Google translate to making AJAX crawlable.”

    “After applying to techniques in this section to your website
    where most applicable, you should have an exceptionally
    crawlable and accessible website.”

    Ok, I’m stopping editing now. Definitely read through the content again though for errors like these. Then again if I read my normal way – skimming and speed reading – I wouldn’t catch these.

  18. BloggingAster :

    Awesome Tips and thanks for creating a brief and precise guide for SEO. This guide helped me a lot to learn the way of Good SEO.

  19. Morteza Shahriari Nia :

    Now that’s something to read. Grow and let grow is the way to success.

  20. Neil

    Nice Article. I still feel people do not know how to use meta descriptions. SEO sites actually do not share the actual knowledge. Most of the sites give fundas which a normal person wont understand.

    I have not seen a single site which is sharing knowledge from start to end in steps. People seems to be afraid sharing their knowledge.

  21. Steven Hughes :

    Well a ton of people don’t practice the basics, so they need to be reminded. This is great stuff, but most people are just interested in the basics of SEO. They aren’t looking for an advanced course or want to take the time to learn it. As half a geek I love it…Thanks for effort and solid content.

    • That is why a lot of my post are on basic SEO tactics. This is for those readers that have learned all the basics here and want to do more. 🙂

  22. Neil your work is genius and you’re a true master of the world of search marketing

    Andy Web

  23. Hey neil,

    I just looked over the guide globally and it looks great. Guess I’ve got something to read for the night :)!

  24. This is extremely useful and I plan to implement it literally ALL ! (of course step-by-step manner). Thank you very much for the wonderful content.

  25. This is flat out bad assery. Let me buy you a beer! Waiting to download this as well.

    Thanks Neil!

  26. Parmveer Singh :

    Amazing work Niel,

    It would have taken a lot of time (days) to prepare such an excellent post, really no words.

    I need to invest min of 9 hrs. to read it.


  27. Mindblowing Stuffs..going to book mark it and read it slowly.

    Thanks Neil

  28. Your articles and other resources are always fantastic, and I always read every one you post. Thanks!!!

    FYI – the 3rd paragraph on this page has a small typo you might want to fix. It says “The Advance Guide to SEO”. I think you want it to be “Advanced”. Just thought I would give back a tiny bit.

  29. Shelly-Ann Roper :

    If this isn’t one of the most comprehensive post on the internet today, then every other content ever published on these subjects is completely useless.

    I began implementing some of the tactics even before I finished reading the chapter and was blown away by its effectiveness.

    Thanks a million guys

  30. This is amazing Neil. I am currently writing my own mini-guide too but I might just give up now after witnessing the immense time and quality you have spent on yours.

    I will definitely be reading through it over the next course of days, so once again, nice one!


  31. Hi! Neil,

    This guide is so beautifully attractive, it prettier than me. I just browse through chapter 1 and is looking forward to reading the whole guide. Thank you.

  32. Neil, I just signed up for the free course… I am excited to see how what I thought worked aligns with what does work. Been studying SEO for a few years, but not always having the sucess that I ‘d like to have.

    Thanks and Take Care!

  33. never read post like this one
    definitely worth to share
    thank Patel for letting us know this mind-blowing yet free post..

  34. It’s like you are in my head Neil. You seem to write posts exactly when I need them. Thanks!

  35. My god! Amazing post. Thanks Neil. There is definitely going to be a checklist with this guide in our books!

  36. Muhammad Usman :

    I just want to say its totally awesome and too much helpful. Its step by step guide for SEO’s.

    Thanks for such great post… It not helps me now… but will help me also in daily task.

  37. I’m at the beginning stages of my website, Big Baby Small Space. There are so many times when I get frustrated, knowing there are better, more advanced SEO techniques that the gurus are just not revealing that would help me so much in becoming successful.

    Now having read the entire guide, I’m going to go back and do each step as described. Thank you so much for saving months and months of learning by relating all the expertise that you know in such a simple step by step process.

  38. Thank you Sir for your informative and self explanatory article. It is very helpful for me to move around the web. Regards,

  39. Things have changed in SEO.. I’ve been studying it for last year so we can be on the cutting edge when the company launches. Before I found your site, most of my knowledge came from common sense, rather then the fluffy SEO sites out there.

    You hit the hammer on the head with this one Neil.. This is how u build clout.. Good job! Will tweet right now, everyone else do the same! Writing something like this is not easy..

  40. Seriously! This advance guide is amazingly better that SEOmoz free guide! I have read so many books in SEO field so far. But out of them all, this is superb! Very clear and transparent. Thank you so much neil and sujan! 🙂

  41. Incredible collection! I like it very much. As a new user, I’m sure it’ll help me a lot an other users like me. These will take me to my place of interest. Thanks again very much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

  42. Phillip Alexeev :

    Very good read as always Neil! I would recommend this to anybody who’s bored of reading “SEO 101” or “Beginners SEO” articles. Neil Patel always brings something new to the table, and for that he deserves much respect and mad props!

  43. Your're Awesome! :

    Hi Neil!

    Thank you so much.
    I thought I was going to have to purchase it when reading the intro. I was shocked when I saw you have it available or free.
    I rarely say OMG! but this one is awesome. It is really what separates you from other bloggers and you have raised the bar so high!

  44. Hi Neal,

    Thanks for creating this piece. You give away too much 🙂

    I can’t wait to read it, but when I open the link I get to a blank page with just comments below. I’m using my iPhone to read it btw.

  45. Now, seriously I have no words to say,once again a awesome post,Have started reading it and will be completing it by tommorw.

    Once again you rocked 🙂 : 🙂

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  46. Scott Ferguson :

    Unreadable in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

    Only Opera renders the page so you don’t have to scroll left and right to read the centre element – and even then the text has weird gaps and wanders around the page.

    Did you test this on anything other than Internet Explorer for Windows?

    42 HTML errors, 142 CSS errors!

    Not up to your usual standards – or any standards.

  47. This is really some awesome stuff, it’s fantastic information. It has depth, new stuff(not just the normal boring repeat of wellknown best practices). I love it. Thanks.

  48. Mmmm tasty!

    Honestly, you’re emails are the only ones I get to not “auto-archive” and thankful of it


  49. Super Smart 🙂 Normally most of the SEO tips I read elsewhere I have read some where one way or another.

    These tips I am blown!

  50. You’ve got to be the greatest fuckin’ web philanthropist of our times. Now I get a sense of 7 figure worthy research analysis. This is serious and unique stuff. Gold.

    • Also, why don’t you consider writing a book in your free time perhaps? The odds of you ending up being a best seller on Amazon are too many. 🙂

  51. Agree on both count.

  52. Mark @ ThinkTraffic :

    Just finished reading it Neil.

    I have to say, I am impressed. I have a long list of new ideas and a handful of tricks that will certainly make my life easier.

    I would be surprised if most SEOs can’t at least learn something from this.

  53. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information!

  54. You’ve beat them all !

    i have a small tip however, you should not offer a download, this kind of marvels get bookmarked,shared,discussed and you can benefit from that in many levels. if you have another purpose behind it, you know your staff

  55. Hi Neil, great job on this effort – I appreciate the sharing aspect of this hard work. I’ve skimmed through a number of the sections and would suggest that you consider adding easier navigation (to each section, back to top etc) rather than requiring us to have to scroll and click.

    There’s a number of approaches that I feel could be updated and expanded on (handling AJAX content – HTML5 vs Hashbangs, using tools like Zoompf for identifying image compression opportunities etc) but I might save that for another comment or post of my own.

    I know you’ll get remarkable traction with this huge effort, so kudos to you!

  56. My big problem is the number of posts that are just promotion. They do not ask for any discussion. The net result appears to be big drop off in the number of genuine and interesting discussions. Is this just a feature of the groups i am a member of or is it widespread?

  57. Massive. Awesome. My brain hurts reading it bcause it stretches my knowledge of SEO and traffic gen. But just landed a new SEO client because of it, Neil. I’m serious. Thanks for putting out such quality free (and paid btw) content. For any serious SEO, this is a must. Excellent work, man

  58. This is impressive. I think I’m above average on seo. These subjects intrige me.

  59. Thank you Dan Norris for showing me the way here.
    Great resource Neil

  60. Brandon Turner :

    Neil – this is great! Thank you for sharing this!

  61. Thank you so much for a lot of information! I really enjoy your blog and practice your SEO tips.

  62. @PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman :

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait to dig in. Don’t forget Pinterest! I have a SEO board. I’ll pin you baby! 🙂

  63. Another great post Neil. Can’t wait!

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    PS: Congrats on the hello bar purchase

  65. Thanks for your guide on SEO Neil. I am new to this blogging world and this guide would be very useful for me..
    Thanks again 🙂

  66. Website Buddha > David :

    I enjoy this “chapter” style content. I’ve seen it elsewhere online, but it was always linking to off site content. You did the amazing feat of actually writing everything for free. So thanks for your hard work. I have numerous websites getting anywhere between 500-1000 visitors a day. All these website are old. I started them between 2007-2009. But Website Buddha is going on 3 month old now and gets ZERO search visitors despite having over 70 pages of 2,000 word+ content. It gets all its traffic from social. It’s so strange to me. I’m hoping your guide will help show me something I’m not doing right as all my other website grew naturally and slowly. WB is indexed, it just gets no love from search engines and I have no idea why.

  67. This is really advanced & we should follow but @Nail I am having solid problem while having website on rank & still not getting visitors, in spite of having great position on search engine ranking with high competitive keyword.

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    Hi Neil,
    You always bring so much value to the life of your readers,
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    Stay blesses and keep sharing.
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    Neil has been a great SEO/Marketing guy whom i’m following closely from his early blogging days 🙂

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    Tried everything, PDF, image, downloaded,uploaded via dropbox, used up my broadband limit, a couple of hours, and ended up with unreadable graphics.

    Would be great to have this info in a simple PDF format.

    And yes I know, I shouldn’t be complaining, its awesome, and its free.

    Just frustrated trying to get a copy of it before my plane departs.


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  85. Yasir Bokhari :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m going through the SEO guide. It looks great both in textual as well as visual context. I was expecting that it will ask me to submit my email address to download it like most of the marketing or SEO blogs do but it didn’t. Is it a better way from SEO perspective or would it be the same if you had shared this SEO guide through ebook? The inforamtion sharing style seems something not practised before if I’m not wrong.

    Keep posting and sharing. Comprehensive reading!


  86. This guide just made me even more of a Neil Patel fanboy. You’re awesome!

    Question – How do you create those free floating text boxes with background images if this is a wordpress built blog? It’s so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. I’m still stuck in the boring WYSIWYG post editor on WordPress where you’re stuck to basic columns, table formats.

    What program/editor are you using to create these awesome posts with graphics?

  87. you’ve once again established yourself as the go-to-man for SEO know-how. I’m looking forward to the read

  88. Small Business Loans :

    Great information. My one problem is not the amount of repetitive informaiton out there – but the time ti takes. And, not just the time it takes to do all the things in your guide but the time it takes for all those things to take effect. I can count how many times I have spent a full day just trying to get backlinks and not seeing the results of all that efforts for weeks. It can get discouraging. All I can say is work on it day in and day out and the results will come.

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    You mentioned that posting comment using disqus, the name would become the hyperlink. I did the same thing but my name or keyword does not become my website link.

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    Great stuff Neil! Being an SEO Specialist, it’s resources like this that make my job much easier. There is a plethora of knowledge in this book and this article.

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    This guide gave me some great new tools to use to save time on processes that used to take me much longer than they should have. This was really well thought out, informative and very detailed!

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    It looks like most page don’t show properly on the iPad (mini) in Safari. A lot of whitespace between the first title and the following content. If you need a screenshot… Mail me.

    Great content by the way! Love your blog and products.

  103. And hey Neil, I hope you notice this small glitch. When I visit your homepage I am greeted by a pop up asking me to subscribe to your site by email right.

    That’s not happening. I mean the pop up is showing up but its not scrolling up to the enter name/email field. I tried messing around with the scroll bar but it just wouldn’t let me go down to the fields. Take a look @ the screenshot I took:

    Just wanted to inform you. I am using firefox as you can see.

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    3) The customize content for Googlebot tip is nice. Perhaps this should have been paired with the turn off JavaScript tip?

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    Just three more… Hold on 🙂

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    6) Thought B: This is a GREAT ebook, how about a PDF option? For example, as seen on Avinash Kaushik’s site ( Or even sell it for a reasonable price. Sure the free web-based version is great but the eBook Culture would probably eat something like this up.

    7) Thought C: How about a chapter “Architecting an Intelligent SEO Friendly Website”. That is, instead of being reactive (e.g., look for long meta title) doing a quick and simple guide for designers, developers and perhaps even clients so they can do these things at the start. As I’m sure you would agree SEO is best when it’s part of the planning phase and not approached as an add-on/after-market lipstick that you try to slap on a pig.

    • 1. You are welcome.
      2. It depends on how those pages are setup. Sometimes they create duplicate content issues, other times they don’t.
      3. Good idea.
      4. They can’t be clickable as it is one big infographic.
      5. I will be adding a navigation to each chapter.
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    Also, you should not put a noindex on a page with a rel = canonical. The page should be crawlable in order to pick up the redirect.

    As far as I can tell, the sum of these two sentences (erroneously) implies that a meta robots tag with a content attribute value of noindex will prevent Google from crawling the page.

    However, if Google has discovered a (noindex) meta robots tag on a given page, then by definition, that page is in fact crawlable, no?

    To put it another way, a page that contains  <meta name="robots" content="noindex" />  will still be crawled by Google. (Otherwise, how would Google see this meta tag?)

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    • Vladimir, I will have to look into this. Send me a direct email and maybe I’ll have an answer soon. Thanks for reading!

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