The Science of Instagram: How to Get More Followers and Likes


I never really used Instagram, but once I learned that it has over 100 million users, I had no choice but to start using it.

“Why?” you may ask.

Well, not only can you leverage it to promote your personal brand, but you can use it to promote your business as well.

When I first started using it, within the first few days my account climbed to one hundred followers, but then it slowly stopped growing. I was still gaining a few followers a day, but it wasn’t significant enough to gain any traction as my one hundred followers resulted in no more than thirteen likes on any one of my images.

So, over the weekend I started learning everything about Instagram: what causes users to like images, what causes them to follow others, and how you can get more people to find your images.

I then applied what I learned to my account. Now, I am consistently gaining over two hundred followers a day, and my images can easily get well over a hundred likes. Best of all, I am able to achieve these results by only following 5 people (I know, I need to start following more people).

Download this 6 step worksheetto get more followers and likes on Instagram.

If you want to get more followers and likes on your Instagram photos, here’s what you need to do:

Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts

This is probably the most obvious way to grow your Instagram account… 20% of all users of the service are also on Facebook.

When you connect your two accounts to each other, your Facebook friends will notice it and start following you on Instagram as well. Based on the data from my own account, 3% of your Facebook friends will start following you on Instagram. If you happen to post a status update on Facebook asking people to follow you on Instagram, that number can increase to just under 5%.

Use popular tags

Just like with Twitter and other social sites, Instagram users prefer certain tags over others. If you use these tags within your photos, they are more likely to be discovered by other users. Here are the top 20 tags on Instagram:

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #me
  4. #tbt
  5. #cute
  6. #photooftheday
  7. #instamood
  8. #iphonesia
  9. #picoftheday
  10. #igers
  11. #girl
  12. #tweegram
  13. #beautiful
  14. #instadaily
  15. #summer
  16. #instagramhub
  17. #follow
  18. #iphoneonly
  19. #igdaily
  20. #bestoftheday

Use popular filters

Similarly to using popular tags, users prefer photos with certain filters over others. Here are the 10 most popular filters you can use:

  1. Normal
  2. Earlybird
  3. X-Proll
  4. Hefe
  5. Rise
  6. Valencia
  7. Amaro
  8. Brannan
  9. Lomo-fi
  10. Hudson

Instagram users prefer commenting over liking

If you want your images to get more likes or comments, you need to start engaging with other users. Before you do, you need to understand that people do more liking than commenting. Every second people create 575 new likes versus 81 comments.

So, if you take the time to comment on someone else’s profile, that person is more likely to come back to yours. People will not only comment on your photo if you comment on theirs, but they are 401% more likely to follow you in this case.

Liking other people’s photos generates more followers and likes for you

For every one hundred likes I did on random photos of other users (whom I didn’t follow), I generated 21.7 likes on my photos and 6.1 more followers. I did not have to follow people back for this to work.

By analyzing my account data on, I learned that by liking hundreds of photos of individuals that weren’t my followers, not only did I increase the number of my followers, but I also had people from outside of my friends’ network liking my photos.

Because I was liking hundreds of photos a day from random accounts that I didn’t follow, 43.26% of all my likes and 31% of all comments on my photos came from people who weren’t my followers.

Timing is everything

From analyzing 46 users and over 1,000 photos on, I’ve determined that Monday at 5 PM, PST, is the best time to post a photo. That is when you are most likely to get the greatest number of comments and likes on your photos.

The second most popular time to post a photo is either on Wednesday or Thursday at 3 PM, PST.

Also, a photo is the most active during the first three hours. 46.15% of all comments happen within the first hour, and 69.23% of all comments happen within the first three hours. So, if you can’t get traction within the first three hours of posting a photo, it is probably not going to gain traction down the road.

Are you showing off and being personal?

By analyzing the likes of over 1,000 photos, I’ve found that images that are about lifestyle (fancy cars, homes, living a luxurious life, etc.) or that are personal tend to get the most engagement. Photos that don’t contain either of those two elements tend to get 11.4% fewer likes.

Combine your images


Images like the one above are multiple images combined into one. You can create them through apps like Diptic. My business partner Hiten Shah posted the image above and quickly got 75 likes and 5 comments. Images like those tend to get 19.41% more likes and 22.4% more comments than images that aren’t collage-like images.

If you want to get the most traction with your photos, take the extra time to take multiple shots and then combine them into one image.


If you want to grow your account by a few hundred followers a day, the best way to accomplish it is to randomly like thousands of images a day. This is a tedious task, but as you can see from the growth of my account, it works really well. The biggest flaw with this model is that 16.6% of your followers will be fake: they will either not participate or they will be bots.

Based on the data above, you should ideally be:

  • Taking multiple lifestyle and personal images
  • Combining those images into one with Diptic
  • Using no filters on the image
  • Using the tag #love
  • Posting at 5 PM, PST, on Monday

If you follow the suggestions above, you’ll maximize your Instagram likes and grow your follower count faster than if you just shared your shots randomly.

So, what other ways can you boost your likes and followers?

If you want to follow me on Instagram, my user name is neilkpatel. ;)

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  1. Great post Neil Patel, as usual.

    I’ve got to agree with “timing”. That is probably the most important thing here when dealing with Instagram.

    • Timing is really important. I’ve learned the hard way that posting at night isn’t too smart…

      • Ah, but your “night/day” will be my “day/night” (GMT+8), which is perfect timing for me!

        Love this post, Neil, as with all your other wonderful tips. Thank you.

        • In that case, it can work well for you. :)

          • Anna, it is best take photos that just capture a natural image. However, the whole appeal of instagram is that it provides nice filters that really give the images a nice pop. Thanks for reading the post!

            • This is a great article! I totally agree! I think if you are interested in any hobby and u do it..its the best to find a community. I am a photographer and I started to use hashtags for photographers and people started to like and comment pictures…and i did the same for them, so i think it works. Moreover, I am talking to many of them and we are going to collaborate soon.
              If you are interested in my Photo gallery – Welcome – @annamonnika

              • That’s great Annamonnika! Nice job on figuring out a way to get more engagement with your photos. Creating and marketing hashtags is a great way of attracted people to you.

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      • Keith Whitman :

        Also having a lot of followers already is probably the best way to get even more as ironic as that sounds. I would recommend getting followers from to help increase your exposure first. Then I would stick to the rules in this post to maintain the followers I have and get even more.

      • Hi Neil. I am a musician/entrepreneur…. I have a multi part question. First, is their a system that obeys instagram TOS where someone can do the manual “liking a billion pictures a day” for me ? Second, I just recently got my instagram account permanently suspended.. I’m assuming I liked too many pictures. Is their a limit ? And third, do you have any recommendation on getting YouTube traffic/views that obeys all you tubes TOS?

        • I don’t know, I would have to check it out as the TOS have changed on both of these sites over time and I have not kept up to date with them. :(

          • did you know that if you leave too many comment in the same times into many accounts, IG will suspend you? and how the odd to make your post visible in search feed?

      • I call bs (don’t feel bad cause your 1 of hundreds of inaccurate opinions, not facts on Instagram) I won’t even go into it but will call you out on you personal acc. You have two. One has 240 followers and the other has 500. You clearly stated your account was receiving over 200 new followers a day? So your account must have only been active for three days? So you lied, something so many critics and fake wanna be bloggers like yourself do cause u want to be popular, that’s why you did the stats for Instagram. Ok I must say this as well, connecting your page to Facebook is a complete waiste of time. Only followers you will get are your friends from highschool and family so watch your language cause your grandma is on Facebook. Beside the fact that you can just upload you contacts if you want them without using Facebook. And last, but certainly not least is tags and filters. DO NOT TAKE THIS GUYS ADVICE. Top tags are specific to situations, yes u can add the love tag to almost anything but you onlyntag specifics. And the point of tags is to reach a larger audience for the subject your posting. Not just to get more popular because no matter how good you tag I’m not gonna care at all about your fitness or crafts page. And NO ONE knows which filter you use so there not liking the dang filter. Smf

      • Not your friend :

        The single most uneducated guess on the use of Instagram I’ve seen, and your a lier buddy your page has 500 followers lol omg you said u were getting 200 a day new followers. Loser

    • @Leith Your are absolutely timing is most important to get more followers and liks.

      But we have to share quality photo also.

      Another one connect with FB is one of the best way to get followers and likes.

      @Neil Once again Neil Great Article.

    • Timing Alone is not the right factor, What I have found is that 90% of the people around have only one type of picture to post most of the time that would be about nature. Instagram is flooded with that, I agree that people love to see it but will they like it and comment it all day with the same type of feed? In my view you will have to get more creative with what you post. People should feel like liking and commenting. I know that its not an everyone’s cup of tea but Its worth trying. Do you agree with me Neil?

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  2. Grea post Neil. I am inspired to jump onto Instagram now and surely, I am going to follow you there! Thanks for the great insights.

  3. The timing Info was really good I am sure it will work great .. Thanks nail ..

  4. Great post Neil, it almost made me want to use Instragram for business. My big resistance to joining Instagram is the fact that there seems to be an endless amount of new/trendy social media tools. I think I’m going through social media overload. One minute it’s Facebook, then it’s Pinterest and now it’s Instagram. What next?

    • Yea, that can easily happen. You just have to pick the social channels that are most related to you and your potential audience. For me it is Facebook and Twitter.

      Pinterest doesn’t work to well for my audience. I will soon find out about Instagram too.

  5. Neil, Do you use any bots to automate the picture liking? Also, would this high activity annoy your followers? I’m fairly new to Instagram and have seen similar problems with highly active Facebook users.

  6. If you have the time to do this then great (liking and commenting on others photos) but even with that kind of approach it’s hardly targeted marketing…. still I enjoyed reading the stats so thanks for that! :)

  7. Good post.

    1. It’s about being YOU.
    2. It’s about your niche (visual niches work best)
    3. Commenting back to your community
    4. Reaching out other people in your space (making friends)
    5. Contests, contests, contests

    Instagram is a tool for driving traffic, but I see are really only GREAT for niches that are highly visual like Weddings, Shoes, Fashion, Celebrity, to name a few.

    If your business isn’t visual, no worries, it’s just not the source for you and your business.

    • I never thought too much about contests on Instagram, but from what I read up on it, people have been having great luck with contests.

      I’ll have to give that a try.

  8. Neil,

    That’s some really interesting data you’ve found – Any thoughts on Instagram’s benefit to B2B companies?

  9. Great advice! I just liked 100 pictures. This is so much fun. Not really work. Thanks.


  10. Nice post Neil but what has it got to do with monitizing, it takes half a week to do fb and twitter and I think going down this road is going to blow up in our faces for no benefit except to fb etc… lots of work but its time to get real and dispense with this social media crap brfore we are taken from the wheel dead.

  11. Maybe I’m missing something but enough is enough how much manipulation can we take before we rake the walls down. Facebook is a joke Twitter is probly the best but Google is forcing us into something we rebelled against years ago, its time for a rethink… find us on facebook is the greatist load of b******t it should read find us at our .com or are am I mad. Think people before they catch

  12. Neil – What software are you using to like/comment photos? I doubt you’re doing this manually…

  13. Hey Niel,

    In the beginning of the article you mention that you can use this to promote your personal brand / business.

    I took a look at your account and noticed you just had a few pictures that were relatively benign / personal in nature. With the focus on getting more likes and follows–are these just vanity metrics for fun, or is there a more defined strategy that you’re going for / measurable goal? Maybe just for personal brand awareness?


    • Right now I am just using it to promote my personal brand. Later on I will shift focus to promote my business.

      I don’t have key measurable metrics, but may later on in the future.

  14. Great tips Neil…thanks for putting in the research and sharing it with us! Going to try some of these tips for a client. Starting now, since it’s 5pm on a Monday!

  15. So far, I’ve only been using Instagram for personal photo sharing. This is a great idea. I’d like to maximize Instagram’s influence for my business. I know this one tip that will give you lots of likes and comments for the #love tag – post pictures with quotes. They’re very popular among the loveful and lovelorn and younger users. They also work on other social networks, especially Tumblr and Facebook, and maybe Pinterest too.

    • Yep, it is the same concepts that work on most social sites that also work on Instagram. There are a lot of similarities between Instagram and Facebook.

      • Sohail Sarfraz :

        Hey Neil,

        First of all great post!

        Secondly did you measure the % of likes on your own photos that convert into followers and % of comments that turn into followers on your page?

        Just asking as Instagram ads seem a great way to build a following but don’t have the option to set followers as an objective but merely video views…


  16. Just this past weekend I was trying to start using Instagram but quickly lost patience. There is some blog that is mostly images that I like to read. The blogger was posting less and less and is now saying that she is mostly on Instagram (I gess it’s just much easier). So I thought that I’d sign up for Instagram. Man, what a pain. I went to it through my computer, the Instagram’s website is next to completely useless in terms of getting people started. I had no interest at this point to check it on my iPhone. All I wanted to do is to view on my computer some bloggers’ images that they post on Instagram. Turns out for that you have to pay $4.99 to get it on your computer. And even this basic information was not readily available on Instagram itself, I had to google for such information. So I just said, “Forget it. It is ridiculous.”

    What I don’t get is this. I can see if someone sets up a regular website (such as this one) and then uses FB, Twitter, Instagram etc to promote it. But some people just set up or operate something in just one of those social media and seem to forget that lots of people are not on that social media.

    Really enjoyed this post though, Neil! Did you get many people then go from Instagram to your site? Also how do you deal with the fact that you have several sites (, etc)? Can you link to different ones from your Instagram images?

  17. Your post interests me to try Instagram and get some good followers and likes. Your list of popular tags is wonderful. Why don’t you tell us the secret of finding the popular tags?

  18. Good One Neil, felt happy while reading it. I too agree with the point that combining the images will get you more likes and comments. I will definitely try out the tips you have mentioned.
    Thanks for sharing this useful tips.

  19. great article.
    I love that you put effort in determine the right time to post.
    I do think it will affect impression and reach.
    thanks for sharing!

  20. As always you have done it again. I like to keep coming back to your post because I know I will get to learn something new and fun. Using instagram to promote your business, I for one had not given it a thought. Your post is definitely a guide to do it right in promoting your personal brand or business with he maximum effect. Thanks!

  21. Hi Neil Patel ! Thank you for sharing new ideas to reach large number of audience with minmum cost. It will really helpful to establish a brand. I have been blogging sice a 2005, but did no know this kind of idea. I will try according to your guidence. I appreciate your contribution.

  22. What also matter is quality of pics, how often and which field/industry.

  23. Neil, I wonder, does what you use for running this blog allow one to easily incorporate as part of the post a survey question(s)? I mean, it could be interesting, for ex., to post in the post itself a question whether readers use Instagram and if so whether they use it for pleasure or business or both and also how often and for how long.

    I read a couple blogs that are in (what an odd place for people to have their popular blogs there, but is nonetheless huge and very popular among some). They have an easy option there for the blogger to easily add a survey question so that readers can answer. It’s actually fun and very informative.

    THANKS for all your effort!

  24. Great post Neil, I was curious to see as to what works and doesn’t when dealing with Instagram, i especially enjoyed the bit about commenting vs. liking. Thank you

  25. Leslie Drechsler (@ppcbuyers) :

    Great post Neil. I assume web.stagram top tags list is most used tags vs most searched tags? I’d like to see list of most searched tags, know if that exists?

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    You note some of the weekdays to post, but I have seen alot on posting on weekends at certain hours, as it is about traffic online vs competing post or ads online at that hour too.

  28. Instagramm is great no doubt. However I still find it difficult to convince small businesses from investing time and resources towards building their presence on Instagram. For Twitter and Facebook, the benefits seem more obvious.

  29. Thank you Neil for sharing the tactics you implemented for growing your network in instagram. Timing plays a important role in almost most of the social networks.

  30. Combining images is literally a key point to remember when trying to go high with instagram. I always had this idea in my mind. Those kind of collages were already a part of my facebook profile from a long time. Its quite true that we need patience at everything. Social media has helped businesses to promote themselves in a pretty different manner.

  31. Really cool idea of combining pics.. will check out all your suggestions on growing readership base for my instagram

  32. Neil, this is amazing! One thing concerns me a bit. I see about 5-6 images in your instagram that were big hits prior to Nov 19 when I assume this post was published. Did you base your “5 PM PST on Monday” assumption based on the results from 5 individual incidents? Not questioning your authority, just want to understand where the trick is:).

  33. Hey Neil, I just started using Instagram as well. I have found a way to drive traffic by using images that attract interest, that interest gets them to look at my profile where I have an offer. They click a link and it takes them to my page. Free traffic! Awesome post!

  34. Hello Sir, Gr8 post. Could you also please tell me How to make our app a sensational hit. Any Tricks or Tips?? It may sound ridiculous as if there would be something like this, every Appreneur gonna use it. I just want to know to make it a successful app. I am working on my very first project, it’s an android application. Thanks!

  35. I have not yet used instagram but even celebs are using it there might be some catch to it which can help in increasing traffic as well, but its more of a social presence than the actual traffic

  36. I think leaving a few days between your uploaded images help. If you upload them in one go you aren’t going to get as many likes as if they had time apart.

  37. Great article Neil, been waiting for some analysis on Instagram. I’m curios though, is Instagram a worthwhile investment for gaining website traffic? With my experience, I haven’t seen much referral traffic from Instagram though interaction on the app itself is good.

  38. THanks sooo much!! it worked!! as i was reading what tags to put, i went back to myold photo and tagged it with that and instantly withing 3 minutes i got 5 more likes :) from people who arent even following me!

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  40. I did as instructed and I’ve been getting many likes, but I can’t seem to get many followers. Any suggestions? My Instagram is @lucky_finds

  41. ^^^ Ok i will add this ;
    tagging more common words with a # such as #igdaily #instagram #contest #winner #look #me
    Also by having interesting pictures and communicating with your followers through comments.
    OR some people buy their followers thats why others have crazy numbers of followers. Here’s one. This one is legit coz i bought some from them. They got reviews too. Read more:

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  67. Only use hashtags that are related. For example, #iphonesia is used for Instagrammers from Asian countries, so why would an American use it? Also, there’s nothing more annoying that seeing several lines of hashtags on a picture. Frankly, it looks desperate, and obvious.

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    First question is, why do I notice that some people have many many followers (thousands) but tend to have only about 10 to 15 pictures posted on their instagram? Do they delete a majority of their pictures over time? And if so, why is this practiced?

    Third question is, why do I tend to attract so many “ghost” followers? And is their a way to prevent from this happening other than making my account private? I want to be able to attract real people to my photography but if I go private the potential to gain new followers is obsolete.

    I truly agree that timing is everything but I also noticed that at times outside of the 5pm pst window I tend to get more likes for some reason. For example, I posted a very basic picture at about 9pm pst on a Monday and instantly received over 200 likes. It happened instantaneously… I was very shocked and havent been able to achieve this ever since. I used basic tags like “vodka” “cocktailshaker” and a few others. Do you know what may have triggered this? And if there is a way to actually do this again more often?

    Now in my findings I have come to realize that if I dont gain momentum on a particular shot (which at the most I have received were 26 likes from my follwers) I will put it to rest for a couple of days. Than I will return to the pic and begin to add hashtags (30 at a time which is the most allowed on a pic) I will begin to regain momentum. And this could be up to 2 weeks from when I posted the pic. Which is the longest Ive gone without tagging one, but strongly believe that there is no time limit. BUT once you have used those particular tags you cant reuse them to gain more views. I tend to delete the tags after about an hour and post up a newer set of tags to gain more views. It works great but every time I delete the tag it also removes it from the tag pool, which sorta makes sense.

    Any suggestions or newer findings will be greatly appreciated, even suggestions on my findings about later tags would be helpful.

    Thanks again for you helpful Instagram research!! It was highly informational!! :) I will be sure to try the commenting on others pictures.


    • Julyz, great questions. Here are my responses:

      1. They may just not have the time to post pics, but have spent an enormous time building out their following

      2. Ghost followers will be there no matter what you do. They are hoping for a follow back in most cases

      3. I think it just depends on your picture. Sounds like someone may have helped you out there (someone who has a lot of followers) and other people saw the pic on their following feed.

      4. I think overall just provide content and follow people back, while liking their pics.

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    Do you have any advice ?
    P.s the accounts are not set to private and also haven’t been tagged
    This is my ig; miss_eliane

    • Elliane, that has never happened to me. That is very interesting. I think you may need to contact the instagram team or someone at tech support. I do know, however, that sometimes if the hashtag is against the terms set forth by instagram they will not allow it. I think that is the best I can offer at this time. Let me know if this gets resolved. I am curious too.

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  266. great post Neil! One thing it really helped me a lot is to always put a “location” in the picture that you upload :)

  267. Remarkable! Its really awesome article, I have got much clear idea on the topic of from this article.

  268. I don’t use instagram so far. Some researches say it good for girl oriented-blog. Thanks, anyway.

  269. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for first-time blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    • Welcome to the blogging world. Learn and write everyday, as much as you can. That doesnt mean publish everything, start with 1 blog post per week. Just be consistent with whatever you do. It will take time, but you can hustle and make it happen

  270. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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