How Content Curation Can Improve Your Search Rankings

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We all want it: that top spot on the search rankings. The sites that are getting those top spots are the sites that publish fresh, relevant content frequently.

That may sound like a fairly easy thing to do – just hire a bunch of writers and start publishing. That was the content marketing strategy that and American Express used to drive traffic to their sites.

As you can imagine, the competition is tough. Plus, creating all of that content is time consuming and can get very expensive. You need a simpler solution.

This is where content curation comes in. With the right strategy and the right tools, you can deliver the right kind of content that your audience wants and search engines love…in half the time.

Let’s first look at what content curation is and at some its benefits.

Content curation explained

When you hear the words “content curator”, you probably think of someone who works at a museum. Their job is to collect items and arrange them in a meaningful way and then put them on display for people to look at.

That’s kind of the same thing when it comes to online content curation. You are collecting and then arranging items in a meaningful way.

The most basic and popular content curator is the person who publishes a post with the day’s or week’s best articles on a particular topic. This is called aggregation. Think of news aggregators like Feedly, Fark or Pulse.

But there are other ways of looking at the content curator:

  • Distill – This content curator is looking for a way to clear the fog on a certain topic to give readers the essence of the story. Take the recent Penguin update, for example. There was a lot of noise and rumors before, during and after the update. Somebody needed to come in and publish a clear case of what was going on, quoting credible sources and delivering the best content on the update. There were a range of posts like that after the update. Pierre Zarokian’s Insights from the Recent Penguin Update & Panda Updates is a good example of such a post.
  • Mashup – This content curator blends several different and original pieces of content to create something original. While most people think of music videos when they hear mashups, there are endless variations you can create:
    • Business mashups are applications that are created out of a combination of data, applications and outside web services, usually into a visually rich web app that allows users to see and access actionable information.
    • Consumer mashups take data from multiple sources and combine them into a single source. For example, when developers combined Google Map with a Wikipedia API, they created Wikipediavision, which shows you when and where edits to Wikipedia are made.
    • In a sense, infographics are a mashup, compiling data from multiple sources and then turning that data into a visual like the Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.
    • A mashup could be as simple as a compilation of interviews. Jason Acidre did it with his 30 SEO Experts Share the Most Compelling Content that Influenced Their Works article.
  • Chronology – This type of a mashup pulls together information to give you a historical timeline of an event or a product. The Center for Rights created a timeline of SOPA and PIPA, explaining how these laws went from being inevitable to being mass-protested by Internet organizations, web companies and consumers.
  • Elevate – This content curator will curate a post from the dailies and on-going research of a particular subject, giving you a new insight. In other words, it will elevate your understanding. This is easily the most original of content curation. An author might pull together tons of resources and links to prove his point like Aaron Wall does on his post Google Bowling, Negative SEO and Outing. Also, Whiteboard Fridays at SEOmoz are usually created by curation and synthesis of all the recent information surrounding a topic to reach a new insight, which helps elevate your understanding of that topic.

Now that we’ve looked at different types of content curation, let’s look at the benefits.

Benefits of content curation

There are a number of good reasons to curate content. Here are 6:

  1. Discover great content – Just the simple act of looking for content will expose you to a tremendous amount of great ideas that can lead to really cool posts. I can’t tell you how many times I was just researching a particular topic and found dozens of great posts, videos and photos to use for a current project…as well as to save for future projects. In a lot of ways discovery is replacing search.
  2. Increase inbound links to your site – Naturally, when you are publishing curated content, you will link out to the source of each curated piece of information. That link will notify the author and draw his or her attention to your post. He or she may then link back to you, sharing your content with his or her audience via a blog, Twitter, Facebook or all of the above. This is a great way to get high-authority links back to your site. Plus, when you create valuable content by curation – whether it’s a mashup, distillation or elevation – your readers will also link to your post on their own blogs because of its value.
  3. Generating social signals – You probably know by now how important social sharing is to the promotion of your content in the search engines. While it’s been a theory for quite some time that shares on Twitter impacted search, nobody knew how much until this recent study by Branded3 proved that tweets do affect rankings. That means if you can create content that goes viral, you will get a rush of social signals pointing to that content and pushing you up in the search rankings.
  4. Optimize for short-tail keywords When you start pulling in content on a particular topic, you will start to pick up the most popular search terms in that area. For example, as I curated stuff for The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest, I was using high quality short-tail keywords like “marketing” and “Pinterest.” That has allowed me to sit at the number two position for those keywords.
  5. Optimize for long-tail keywords Putting together a good aggregation or elevation piece will naturally target long-tail keywords to help draw traffic for that narrow range of searchers. You can see this when you are focusing on a particular topic like the Penguin update. Valuable long-tail keywords on that topic could be “recovering from Penguin update” or “ways to recover from Penguin.” Curated content will give you plenty of opportunities to use those terms.
  6. Update more frequently Content curation allows you to create a post quickly, without having to pour all of your mental energy into original content. This means you can actually produce content for a Saturday or/and Sunday without the extra work, or you could use a curated piece to fill in during an emergency. Some sites take it a step further and publish more than once a day, publishing original content in the morning and curated content in the afternoon. The wildly popular blog Brain Pickings publishes about 3 times a day, but it’s basically all curated content.

Now let’s take a look at a few tools that can help you curate content.

Content curation tools

When you sit down to do your search for content, use these tools to capture the best ideas.

  • Jing – One of the best tools out there for grabbing screenshots is Jing. It’s a free tool that works on both Macs and PCs. It’s a simple download that allows you to capture and crop whatever is on your screen. You can also add arrows, boxes or texts and then save it as a .png file.
  • Gimp – Sometimes you’ll need to blur out sensitive information on your screenshots or do other modifications. This is where a free photo-editing tool like Gimp comes in handy.
  • Qrait – This is a free web-based app that allows you to organize content you find online into a single, clean layout. Qrait will also let you embed this content on your blog.
  • Curate.Us -This is another free tool that allows you to build a dedicated page of your curated content. In addition, it has built-in attribution, backlinks and tracking on the content that you curate, which is very important when it comes to link building. also lets you easily embed your page on your blog to share with your audience.
  • Evernote – This is probably a no-brainer for a lot of people, but it is so awesome and such an essential tool for any blogger, I have to mention it. Evernote is a must-have for anybody who is keeping a pulse on what is trending and wants to archive it for future use. You can save an entire page, just the article, a portion of the article or just the URL. Create notebooks to organize all of your content around specific topics. And it’s free.
  • Storify – Storify is a content platform that allows you to pull in the best content from the web around a particular topic from the sources like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, SoundCloud and Disqus. It then makes it really easy to embed on WordPress, Tumblr of Posterous. In addition, if you are using MailChimp, then you can email your subscribers directly.
  • Bundlr – The idea behind Bundlr is that it allows you to clip interesting content from the web like you would clip stuff from a newspaper. Then you can visualize all of that content on your Bundlr page devoted to that topic. As Gianluca Fiorelli pointed out it’s sort of like Pinterest, but it allows you to do more than just photos and images. You can include tweets, documents and photos from Instagram. Any page can be embedded on your blog.
  • Scoop it – You can create the best-looking layout of your curated content when you use In fact, it’s almost like your content is rendered in a glossy and engaging magazine format. This content is then easily shared on social networks, and like many of the other tools I’ve mentioned above, allows you to embed this content on your blog so that you can promote it.


Reaching that top spot in search engine rankings is becoming ever more difficult as more people compete for those positions and as Google continues to refine its search algorithms. You need every advantage you can get, and content curation can give you that advantage.

Of course, it will take some practice to curate the right content and then organize it in such a way that people link to it and share it so it can dominate on the SERPs for targeted keywords. I encourage you to sign up for one of the curation platforms right now, follow some of the most-popular curators and then create a post or two.

Do you have any content curation tips you can share?


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  2. Hi Neil, as a busy profesional, I am a big fan of the SEOmoz top 10 seo newsletter. I wonder if there is a tool out there that would allow for anyone to actually create a curator for their respective niche and monetize it. The tools you included are great but lack some social elements.

  3. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    Nice set of tools you put there. I really like….I’m used to cropping and resizing in Paint lol very resourceful set of tools.


  4. Francis Ablola :

    Another great and timely article Neil. We’ve been looking to do more curation on our sites. If an article is curated the right way it really ads value to the reader.

    • Thanks Francis, I hope these tips will help you with that. Let me know if you have any questions as you go.

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    A very nice Article, this is a nice tip, i think for me itself, i manage a Multi-Language Website, and i finded great domains to buy content, we use Blog on every each Language, first Article we can write in our language, and the next we can give it to another writers and update all every 48Hour.

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    • Hey Binny,

      Normally my day varies but usually I work on a post anywhere from 4-6hours and then get going on whatever else is in my schedule for the day. I love writing and have learned a lot over the years so I find it enjoyable to create these post.

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    I appreciate the suggested content curation tools, superb list and some I will be using and sharing.

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    Hi Neil,
    I attended a two-hour webinar recently about content curation. They didn’t share even half the information you have in this great post. And they wanted $2000 for “further training”. I paid $27 for a piece of software to assist with content curation, but it only draws from Google alerts. Thanks for the tips and tool sources.

  11. Monica McPherrin :

    Loved this post Neil! Thanks for the great, clear delineation of the different types of content curation and how to do it better. While I already use some of the tools you mentioned I really appreciate the new one I was aware of. I’ll check them out.

  12. Erno Hannink :

    Hi Neil, I use ‘Read it later’ to capture posts during the and combine to curated post on Saturday.

  13. Thank you on your insight, Neil. I have started using content curation two months ago when I came upon PageOneCurator. Now I just love content curation. It works wonders to my traffic. I must recommend this great piece of software. Here’s a pdf report about it:

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    Lots of tools I had not heard of.

    Again, it seems some niches are better for this than others; reading the post makes me feel overwhelmed. Being in the tech area, I spend soooo much of my time just trying to keep up with the changes, testing and distilling the info into usable information for my readers.

    I really just need Google to do what they say they are going to do and just reward good, honest content!


    • Yep, it can be a lot to take in and keep up with. If you can handle it though it can be very beneficial to you.

  19. Jeff K. Ward :

    Very cool you’re featuring curation as a tool to improve search rankings. It’s something our customers are seeing using Intigi. Fresh, keyword-rich content on your site is so important and curation helps so much with this. We also wrote a blog post on why startups should curate content which has features benefits of curation in addition to the search ranking tips you’ve mentioned here. Check it out at

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    as content is like is king, so without that domain knowledge unable to write post and articles, but i was closely working with Content Curation tools and learn the various resources for having an idea to write informative post.

    Your single post have saved my 7-8 hours job. thanks for sharing.

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    Really very nice articles, with these tools i will also have some idea for my hindi blog.

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    Hmm this sounds really great, i actually sometimes do that maybe don’t know if its too professional but after the linkedin passwords hack i made a post about it with the addition of eharmony being hacked and linkedin apologizing to its users so that is kind of mashup of content from sources..!

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    • Thank you Suyash,

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  30. PageOne Curator pulls the subject matter and also curates it. Content, illustrations or photos, videos, you name it, the software grabs it. Virtually all you just have to do is insert your own keyword(s). Additionally, PageOne Curator helps you format the subject material you’ve seized, so it’s well organized and professionally presented. Then, it posts it to one or more of your web logs. I’ve employed it myself. It’s very simple and a true timesaver. Highly recommended.

  31. Content curators job is not so easy, again its a very interesting but tedious process to bring in the ranks.

    • Yep, it can be tedious indeed but almost anything worth doing is going to take time.

    • Web Design Resource :

      Content curation is not that much hard task if you will do it in the right way because without quality and fresh content, it is hard to improve the rank of the webpage/website in the search engines.

  32. Great post.. Neil.. as always..
    and Awesome list of tools.. really helpful.
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    I am asking this, because that’s exactly what happened while I was reading through one of the post of Nick Tart on ID and Nick had linked your article to his post, I came on quicksprout to look what it is and ended up signing up for this blog. and now I hardly go to ID or Nicks own blog.
    thanks again for very detailed post.

    • Hey Samay,

      I am thrilled you found QuickSprout and decided to continue reading. I don’t mind linking to other post similar to my own because as long as I continue to do my best to provide valuable information I will always have readers.

  33. Scott Herder :

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    • Thanks Scott, hopefully you will come back to finish it. Let me know how these tools work out for you when you do try them.

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    I keep leaarning more here, thanks again for all the infomation. I am on my way to better SEO!

  35. Hi Neil – Thanks for another fantastic, information rich post. I have two questions that I hope you can shed some light on:
    1) Do you know what the copyright guidelines are in terms of content curation?
    2) Do you think content curation could be viewed as duplicate content by Google?

    • I am not sure about the copyright guidelines. And as for duplicate content, it usually isn’t considered duplicate.

  36. Ujjwal Kumar :

    Really nice post. You’ve mentioned almost all the important tools. I really like and

  37. Thanks Neil,
    I appreciate the suggested content curation tools, superb list and some I will be using and sharing.

  38. Hope its okay I share my exp on this, what you said makes, sense, I was doing some of the above, with out thinking.

    This complete post that your have written has made me think in a different mindset, thank Neil & it’s a great example of content curration…

    Everyday I learn something new from your tips.. thanks

    The point that really stands out me is where you mention the benefits of concontent curation.. which is discover great content.

    It’s like the saying goes, you are looking for something, but you end up finding something else.

    The point that I am trying to make is that, it happens to me a lot online..

    The following site for example, , if you spend 10 mins here, and just look at what users are discussing, you will end up walking away with great ideas.

    If you look at the following site also:, by observing this headlines you will find some nuggets to add to your content.

    The other tips which I recommend, which took me a while to understand:

    1. Stop following every blog out their.. period, you only have so much time on your hands..

    2. Read or follow blogs that will help in your business or personal life. I am not saying that you should not read you favorite movie blogs; just make time for it…

    3. There are many blogs and websites, with the same content, but if you study evens Neil’s blog here, and you read it and read it over again, take a break, let the content sick in…make notes on how his doing it, and then ask your self.

    How can use this is my business?

    How can I make this easy for my customers or users to use or understand or read?

    4. I was guilty of this to, always looking for special software. Mind maps are over looked nowadays, you can do so much with it. From planning to full content written under a few mins. Go check outat mindjet. It has 30 day trial , so you ca even save it…

    5. What I find a lot on most blogs, they might have a post of 1 year ago, the links it outdated and the content, it’s the most over looked at content.. research and re update

    Content is here to stay, so if you don’t keep it fresh, people will go some where else…

    Content is here to stay for ever, so if you don’t keep the big G happy , you rank will drop.

    But if your content is good, has meaning, helpful, people will share it. Your content and your brand will be ranked in their minds, & they will come back…

    • Wow what an extensive list! You have great thoughts to share and I appreciate you doing so. I always enjoy having my readers share their personal experiences as well and tips.

  39. Caimin @ Genius Startup :

    This is post is an excellent example of content curation itself and also illustrates a key concept – you’ve got to add something to the conversation.

    Without that it’s just a list of links.

    • You have got it Caimin, you have to get creative and find a way to not only provide valuable information but make it unique as well.

  40. Cool, thanks for sharing with everyone.

  41. Nathan@guarantor loans :

    Another good post Neil but I think that this advice works best on non commercial blogs. How do you make (and continue to make) interesting posts on insurance for example? You are bound by certain rules and let’s face it, insurance is one of the most boring subjects on earth and whilst I accept you may be able to write one decent post, doing time after time is very, very difficult.

    • Hey Nathan,

      I wish I could give you some tips, but I am not an expert in your field. The best advice I can give you is talk to others who are in your line of work, talk to customers and above all readers. If this is an area you are truly passionate about you can find a way to get creative.

      • Neil is right, asking customers you will out find out what their problems are….

        If you have a email list, send out a email just asking what their problems are with insurance and say you doing a research for you next ebook , then once you have that sell of give the ebook away on the blog to get more leads…

        Go to adwords took , do keywords search…. enter your main keyword…

        Some ideas to start help with a post

        1. Are you paying to much for …………. ?

        2. Is the ……….. you on ripping you off?

        3. What to look out before signing your ……… contract?

        4. Will I be covered in the event …….?

        5. Does your ………. payments pay you back when cancel?

        6. How much ………… cover should you take over the age of ……. !

        7. Does medical ………. cover the my ……….. operation?

        8. Is better to take out ……… with different company?

        Hope this helps…. brain storm with topics, and go to forums for what people are discussing…

        What is also great … click over to google news, and search for news in your industry … write a review and opinion of of what you think of it…

        • Thanks Zaid,

          I try to respond as best I can to each comment but due to the amount of time it takes to get through them all I don’t usually have time to give in-depth responses. I appreciate when my readers help each other out.

    • Nathan, you might check out MyCurator from It reads through hundreds of articles per day, bringing back just the few you’ve trained it to like. You can then have it post these on your blog, saving you hours in reading through blogs, alerts and news feeds while promoting customer retention and engagement. Here’s an example from one of our clients which provides specialized news for asset managers: As always a great post Neil.

  42. Great set of tools mentioned here. Gimp looks amazing, and to think i was doing all my graphic work with paint (and by graphic i mean cropping).

  43. Wow I’m going to start doing content curation. I didn’t know about this as well. It will save me so much time. I have a new site and I also have a family that needs me. This will help me get so much done each day so my site starts getting traffic sooner!

  44. hey neil
    I would like to ask a question that, after Google has introduced penguin and panda updates which keywords would you prefer to target “long tail keyword” or short keyword?

    • I always prefer long tail…even before the updates. There is just much more volume with long tail keywords and they tend to convert better in my experience.

  45. I confess that it took me some time to understand the concept of content curation, specially because i have never used any of the tools you have mentioned. One thing that i haven’t understand, you still need to write the content yourself…right? Sorry for this silly question but i am so new in all this new media things.

    • It is ideal if you write the content yourself, but isn’t necessary. The most important thing is to have quality content.

      If you ever have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

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    • I appreciate the offer, however I am not accepting guest post for the time being due to the backup of post I already have.

  47. Curationsoft is a great tool as is Zemanta!

  48. I think an additional good way of using this is make a secondary site that is curation-based, and have links to your main money blog/site in its sidebar somewhere.

    Great way to give extra authority to your main site while establishing further virtual real estate and authority.

  49. David - Boundless Opportunities :

    Hi Neil,

    This a really good article on Curation. Possibly one of the best I have read so far. Thanks for sharing also about the tools that we can use.

    I do agree that discovery is replacing search and curation definitely gives you authority for people discovering.
    Thanks for sharing.

  50. Content curation is a great way to show visitors that you are an expert. Being an expert involves understanding the industry and current events as well as being able to pull insights from those events. In content curation bloggers can show that not only they see what’s happening but they know how these events effect “you” the reader.

    Great examples of the many ways to curate content. Thanks Neil.

  51. Andrew Youderian | :

    I traditionally primarily considered news and article round-up curation for my blog, but obviously there are a lot more options to consider.

    One other good method that can get a lot of in-bound links is lists of top resources in an area. Whether it’s tools or bloggers, these will often be popular from a social standpoint, as well as generate links from those who you highlight and want to let others know they made the list.

  52. Clint Lenard :

    As usual, great post, Neil. I’ve had Evernote on my MBP for like 8 months, but I forgot about it until I read this post haha

  53. Excellent guide Neil. Thank you.

  54. Content curation is a term I have heard bandied about the web, but not something I have every looked into or understood deeply- I had signed up to Scoopit but never got around to making good use of it. However, after reading this I am more inclined to start content curating, and have bookmarked some of the websites you have suggested. Thanks Neil.

  55. emobile_developer :

    Hello Neil….Excellent information on content curation. Actually i have read about content curation at many online places but their way of writing was bit complicated and i did not understand what exactly this content curation. But now i came to know about content curation. This is really powerful strategy and you nicely explained this. Over the post few months, i have focused on creating viral content and would like to apply this strategy as part of it. Great tools….Thanks.

  56. Hi Neil,
    This post is great useful for me. After Google Panda & penguin Update. Google want more fresh, unique & relevant content for top ranking.

  57. Hi Neil,
    Great post and very useful. There’s another content curation tool called Postano ( that’s exceptionally easy to set up. Postano curates from a variety social media platforms, google alerts, etc. and I have found to be really helpful when curating content.

    Also, if you embed a Postano into your website (, it’s continuously updating content onto your webpage- therefore boosting your SEO efforts and the way your site is indexed.

    Might be worth checking out!

  58. thanks neil, this is a very good article over content curation, first i thought generating backlinks and making fresh articles are enought but this article gave me another important aspect of blogging

  59. Thanks Neil! Great list of tools.

    I find that a good content curation tool should help users save time. Information overload is a big problem for those of us working in the content marketing and social media marketing space. Another good tool is ContentDJ (

    It identifies quality content and ranks based on social signal (retweet count, Facebook likes, Google pluses) and freshness. It also has a social media editorial calendar feature to help publish content to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.

  60. oh wow great article. i really found content curation beneficial for me. tools are excellent.

    Thank you.


  61. You can take you mashup comments step further by mashing-up the mach ups (that sounds bizarre).

    Examples: (RSS aggregation – the source) and (curated email newsletters – the output) (content curation – the source) and RSS plug-in (auto create a blog post from curated content – the output)

    and so on…

  62. Content curation was really helpful to be successful on what you are aiming to achieve.

  63. How much context is enough when curating content from across the internet?

    Should we create our own headlines when curating other peoples content?


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    Happy curating everybody!

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    Thank You

  68. Hi Neil,

    I discovered your blog recently and I am kind of stuck to it. I failed badly in one niche. I had no clue as to what I was doing. But there is a treasure trove of information and comprehensive guides which I know will definitely put me in a different league altogether.

    And its a great gesture from your side to post these guides for free.

    Having said this, let me come to curating content. How do we give credits to others’ content and will Google index it. Wont it be copying from others.And over that we are embedding from other sites.

    Thanks again!

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  70. Jonathan (Writer Dude) :

    I have a few questions about content curation:

    When curating content do you copy their exact words and simply link back to the original content? Or do you simply cite the source you found during research and rewrite it in your own words?

    Is it ethical to copy there exact words or would this be considered infringing on copyright?

    In your Pinterest article you mentioned in this post I see you mentioned an article from Cris at Search Engine Land but when you summarized what he said it appears you did so in your own words.

    After reading your article I see the potential of content curation but I don’t quite understand how exactly its done.

    • Jonathan,
      Great question. Whenever you take content from another source always be sure to reference the source to be safe. Here is a good article for you to check out:

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