How to Build Links through Guest Blogging

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Google wants less spam and more quality content on the web. And you need more links for your website. Guest blogging is the perfect solution to both Google’s wants and your needs. It is the marriage of content development and link building.

Here’s how you can get the most out of guest blogging and link building to drive more traffic to your website:

Step #1: Building your content portfolio

Whenever you are contacting blog owners or editors for guest posting opportunities, you will need to provide some of your content for them to review. If you are just starting out, then make your own blog your quality content portfolio.

If you own additional websites where you write or have the opportunity to contribute to other blogs, make sure you do. When presenting yourself as a potential guest blogger, provide as many quality content samples as you can. The more quality samples you can provide, the higher your chances of getting your guest post accepted will be.

So, what kind of quality should you be aiming for when it comes to your content? That depends on the sites you want to get a guest posting spot on. For example, if the main sites you want to guestpost on have posts in excess of 1,000 words, then your content samples need to be the same length. This is especially important for sites like Social Media Examiner, who want you to submit your top three content pieces before considering a post from you.

Step #2: Finding the best guest blogging gigs

There are many ways you can find great guest posting opportunities. For example:

  • Google Search – Try variations of your niche keyword plus guest post, guest post by, guest blogging, guest bloggers, and write for us. Also, if you know someone in your niche that does a lot of guest blogging, search for that name with guest post or guest post by added to that name.
  • Twitter Search – Use the same keywords suggested above but search them on Twitter search instead.
  • Check Backlinks – Do you know of a website in your niche that gets a lot of links through guest blogging? Run the website through Open Site Explorer and look at its backlinks to find some blogs that are accepting guest posts.

Remember that all guest blogging opportunities are not created equal, especially if you are looking to get some good links. As a link builder, you probably know what to look for in terms of PageRank and domain authority. Once you get past that, there are some sites that will give you more link juice than others. Here are some things to look for beyond the main blog stats:

  • Blogs that place the Author Bio (and link) before the content – The higher up on the page your link is, the more link value it will have. While an author box at the end of the post is still better than being in the comments, a link at the top of the post would be ideal.
  • Blogs that offer an Author Bio (and link) on the post itself versus a link on the Author Page – When it comes to getting clicks from readers to your website, a blog that offers a bio on the post itself will get a lot more CTR compared to blogs where the visitor has to click on your name to get to your Author Bio page.
  • Blogs that offer more than one link in the Author Bio – If you’re building links to more than one site or you want to include homepage and internal page links, finding blogs that allow you more than one link would be the best. This way you can include a link for SEO purposes and a link to entice clicks, e.g., a link to your free report or top post.
  • Blogs that offer links to your social profiles in addition to your website link – If you can’t get people to click through to your website, getting them to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ is the next best thing.
  • Blogs that mark Author Bio links as nofollow – The last thing you want to do is spend time crafting a great guest post, submit it, and then find out that the link back to your website has been nofollowed and will not count towards your back link profile.

Step #3: Organizing your guest blogging opportunities

As you find new opportunities, you want to record them along with your guest posting efforts. Why? Because you might need to use them for additional projects down the road. Maybe someone says that he is not looking now but will be in a few months. Maybe someone else says she would want you to write more posts for her in the future. Keeping track of these responses will give you a database of opportunities to refer back to. You’ll also want to keep track of every guest post you publish!

What I would suggest is having a spreadsheet with two tabs. The first tab is for opportunities. Record the following information there:

  • Blog Domain – Just the base URL to keep track of.
  • PageRank – Google’s authority ranking of a domain. To find out a domain’s PageRank, use toolbars like SEO Site Tools for Chrome or SEOquake for Firefox, Safari and Opera. You can also use PR Checker.
  • Domain Authority – The strength of a domain as measured by SEOmoz Toolbar for Firefox or Chrome.
  • Subscribers – Subscribers are people who follow the site. Keep a column for Twitter followers, Facebook fans and RSS subscribers. If a site doesn’t display its RSS subscribers but uses Feedburner, you might be able to find out the subscriber count by taking its RSS URL and adding ~fc to the link, like this:
  • Traffic – There are several ways you can judge the traffic of a blog. You could record the blog’s Alexa rank by going to Blogs with a lower number have the most traffic. Or you can estimate visitor numbers by looking up the domain on Google Ad Planner.
  • Guidelines – Paste a link to the blog’s guest posting guidelines.
  • Contact – Paste a link to the blog’s contact form or blog owner’s/editor’s email address.
  • Name – Record the name of the person you need to contact about guest blogging opportunities.
  • Response – Once you get a response, be sure to record it in this column for future reference.

The second tab is for published guest posts. Record the following information here:

  • Title – The title of your blog post.
  • URL – The direct link to your blog post.
  • Link – The link you included in your Author Bio.
  • Anchor Text – The anchor text for the link you included in your Author Bio.
  • Link 2 – The second link you included in your Author Bio.
  • Anchor Text 2 – The second anchor text for the link you included in your Author Bio.
  • Tweets – The number of tweets your post received in a specific timeframe. You can make the cut off point for this metric at about one to two weeks after the post goes live.
  • Likes – The number of Facebook likes your post received in a specific timeframe.
  • +1’s – The number of Google +1’s your post received in a specific timeframe.
  • Comments – The number of comments your post received in a specific timeframe.

Keeping track of the analytics related to your guest blog post will help you determine which topics work best for a blog’s audience. This will especially be helpful if you are going to become a regular contributor to a blog.

Step #4: Getting to know the blog owner or editor

Once you’ve lined up some potential guest blogging opportunities, your next job will be getting to know the blog owner or editor. This doesn’t have to be time consuming. Just start by following and interacting with that person on social media sites. Twitter is usually the easiest. Show interest in his blog by commenting and tweeting on posts. Be sure to tweet the posts with the blog’s main Twitter handle in the tweet so they notice too!

You can also try to get an introduction through a previous guest poster. If you know someone who has written for the blog before, ask her if she could introduce you to her contact. This could make a huge difference between your name being just another solicitor in the inbox vs. someone the blog owner or editor will be on the lookout for.

Another great way to get guest blogging gigs is through networking events. When you meet someone, get his business card and find out what his blog is. Then, after you get back to your home or office, check out his blog to see if it is a good fit. If you decide to contact your new contact, tactfully remind him where you met and of your conversation. The fact that your prospect will recognize you personally, and not see you as a complete stranger, will help you in getting your post accepted.

Step #5: Learning the ropes

Before you make contact about a guest post, be sure to fully review the guest blogging guidelines for that site. Every site has its own requirements. In particular, pay attention to…

  • What to Submit – The requests will vary from writing samples to one or more topic ideas to full posts.
  • Submission Format – Check the guidelines on how to submit a guest post. Some blogs will want you to send it via email in a specific format (Word, Text file or Google Doc). Others will want you to attach it to a comment form on the blog. And still others will want you to create an account on their blog and submit it through the dashboard, fully formatted.
  • Topics – Just because you want to write about something doesn’t mean your hosts will want you to write about it. Be sure to stick to the topics that the blog specifies. If they don’t specify, take a look through their archives to note topics and level of posts (beginner, intermediate or advanced information).
  • Length – You don’t want to submit a 600-word post to a blog that typically publishes 1,000-word (or longer) articles or vice versa.
  • Links – Some blogs allow you to include one or two self-serving links within your blog post, while others want you to steer clear of anything with your name on it outside of the author box. Also, watch out for blogs that might not allow you to have links to your site at all, even in your author box.

Also be on the lookout for sites that allow you to submit content on a personal blog which has the potential to be moved up to the main blog. SEOmoz is a great example of this. You submit your blog post to YouMoz, and if the post gets good reception (comments, likes and social shares), it will get moved to the main SEOmoz blog.

With sites like these, you will want to publish great content and promote it so that it makes it to the main audience!

Step #6: Submitting the perfect guest post

How do you submit the perfect guest post? Once you fully understand the guidelines, be sure to include extra touches that really customize the post to the blog. Some things to include are:

  • Links to related posts – Not one of yours, of course, but theirs. The easiest way to do this is to subscribe to their blog via RSS, then scan through the list of post titles until you find one that matches a keyword or phrase in your post.
  • Familiar formatting elements – If you get the chance to format your guest post, be sure to do it to fit the blog’s style. This means using the same headers, quotes, calls to action at the end of the post, images, and so on. If you make the post feel like the blog owner wrote it himself, he is much more likely to accept it.
  • Current resources – If the blog seems open to link love, include current resources that support your guest post. There’s nothing worse than when someone links to a post that is out of date.

Step #7: Writing the perfect Author Bio for conversions & link building

Now it’s time to get to the important part for you…the Author Bio. Once you’ve crafted the ultimate guest post, you will want to craft the ultimate Author Bio to go along with it. The best way to do it is to look at a few guest posts by others on the blog and see what their Author Bios look like. Try to make yours match in word count and, of course, in number of links.

You will want your Author Bio to really click with the blog’s readers. If you are an online marketing guru and you are posting on a blog dedicated to Facebook, then you will want your Author Bio to focus on your Facebook services vs. your general online marketing services.

For example, let’s say you want to link to your blog about pets in a guest post on a blog all about cats.

You could go with your standard Author Bio of “Jane Smith is the author of Pets Anonymous, a blog dedicated to pet lovers everywhere.” Or you could go with “Jane Smith is the author of Pets Anonymous, a blog featuring the cutest cats you’ve ever seen!” Guess which one will appeal to the blog audience you are writing for and therefore get more clicks?

When it comes to your links themselves, you might be tempted to always go with keyword anchor text. But with Google going after over-optimization, you might want to consider mixing it up with non-keyword-based anchor text. Link to your website, blog or business name, or link to your own name. Another thing to consider is not always linking to your homepage. Think about the audience you are writing for in your guest post, choose an internal page on your site (preferably a piece of content) and link to that instead.

Also, try different approaches to guest posting. Instead of just doing it for links, do it for conversions. Link to a page on your website offering a free report or an eBook in exchange for subscribing to your mailing list. This way, you can get your guest post readers directly into your sales funnel!


Now you are ready to start guest blogging and building up your link profile. To get you started, here are some links to the guest post guidelines on popular blogs in the online marketing industry that you might want to start writing for:

  • KISSmetrics – Topics include web analytics, conversion optimization, A/B testing, social media, online marketing and case studies involving KISSmetrics products.
  • Smashing Magazine – It has mostly design-related topics but does include posts on CMS, e-commerce, usability, copywriting and content strategy.
  • Copyblogger – Topics include copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, landing pages, Internet marketing and SEO.
  • ProBlogger – Topics include anything that benefits bloggers including blogging tips, social media strategies and SEO.
  • Social Media Examiner – If you are an established authority on anything social media related, submit writing samples here.
  • YouMoz – Become a member of the SEOmoz community and submit posts to YouMoz. If your post gets enough positive response, it could get boosted to the main site.

So, what results have you seen with guest blogging for links?

P.S. If you don’t have time to guest post, you should check out this guest blogging service.


  1. Guest blogging is the best way to get into your niche and get high quality links. This is truly the way to get quality links with the only cost to yourself is time, not money… if you are one of those people.

    • Yep, guest blogging is great for everyone. Especially bloggers who don’t want to spend money.

    • Mike @ :

      The perfect part about guest posting is that it’s a legitimate link building tactic. Google cares about quality content that provides value to the web, and that’s what everybody should be providing. I’m happy to see guest posting taking off so that SEO can finally go in the right direction. Good call, Google, for cracking down on the stupid article networks.

  2. Ankesh Kothari :

    Thanks Neil for another insightful post.

    I recently interviewed Leo Widrich of BufferApp on his process with guest posting. His trick? He submits guest posts that review top 5 or top 10 social media tools. And one of of them happens to be Buffer.

    I think that is by far the best strategy with guest posting – instead of getting link backs from the bio, get them from the content itself.

  3. Donny Gamble :

    I think guest posting will become more valuable and harder to land since the destruction of private blog network. Bloggers are starting to realize the importance of having high quality content and why they should maintain a strict posting guideline.

  4. Bharat Chowdary :

    This is an ultimate guide for passionate guest bloggers. Many helpful tools and tips are listed here. Thanks for this high quality stuff, Neil.

  5. Mark Rhodus :

    I wouldn’t expect anything less Neil…great post.

    I’ve been experimenting with guest posting for a couple of months now. Do you think that Google will ever devalue guest post links? Is guest posting much different than what Google Chrome was doing?

  6. Superb post. Besides these serious benefits, what I enjoy about guest-blogging is the sheer fun of meeting so many new people and the great connections. Thank you so much – a great read. And bookmarked for reference.

    • Thanks Vidya,

      Constantly making new connections is indeed one of the best benefits of guest blogging. 🙂

  7. My 2 cents on Guest Blogging….

    1) If every single post has a link to another site…then the Blog host is just a content farm. You want to find blogs where the owner regularly posts.

    2) Look at the IP where the blog is hosted. Foreign sites may not be as valuable as those located in the same country as yours.

    • Kingsley | :

      I don’t necessarily agree with your first point. Most bloggers, Neil included, when they write also ALWAYS link to several other sites. Does that make them content farms? 🙂

      • Yep, as long as the links are relative and not spammy it is a good idea to have links within your posts to different sites.

    • I do agree that you want to find a blog that post frequently. However linking to other sites in each post does not always mean the site is a content farm, it is actually normal.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

      • Hi Neil,

        Of course, each website must be manually reviewed before posting, but I don’t agree 100% with your opinion, a website that has outbound links just to websites that offer services will most likely be a non relevant for a blog posting campaign. As we both know the more difficult is to reach on a website the most valuable that link will be.


        P.S. Indeed if the website has sources links in each post that would be valuable.

  8. Gregory Ciotti :

    Love the tidbit of information to see the Feedburner count.

    Does that count incorporate AWeber subscribers if they have that feature enabled?

  9. As usual great content Neil, love the way you write, thanks for sharing!

  10. victor Dairo :

    great post again Neil. It’s becoming the norm for you to pour so much into your post. You’re awesome.
    One question I have though is:
    is it proper to reuse your contents as a guest post? What I mean is change the headline, the words but the points left intact. Is it allowed and appropriate?

    • It’s not appropriate because you will run into an issue of duping your content. However, rephrasing and adding points to a post it encouraged 🙂

  11. DVD Price Comparison :

    I’d actually just joined a guest blogging community, though that was only a few days ago and I’ve yet to find my way around it. But I’m also wondering if it’s a ‘safe’ thing to do (in terms of via a community, like MyBlogGuest) as Google is cracking down on article networks, and submitting guest blog posts for backlinks (a big reason for doing it) is similar.

    • We are not a network. We are vibrant community of bloggers, so you are 100% safe to go 🙂

      If you use the platform right (no made-for-links posts), you’ll achieve great results!

      • DVD Price Comparison :

        Hi Ann – sorry about the terminology! I didn’t expect you to read it!

        I agree that there is a huge difference between networks like BuildMyRank and guest blogging, I just wondered if in essence there are similarities in that the motives for many/most guest bloggers are to get links back to their site and so manipulate Google’s rankings. There’s a big difference in the quality of the articles and the sites that participate in guest blogging compared to the blog networks, but I expect Google would still discount them if it could.

        I’m actually following you on Twitter and will take in as much as I can before jumping in so I, hopefully, do it right!

  12. Aliosha Kasin :

    Sometimes other blogs don’t accept guest posts so I also like to submit some content to Article directories such as Ezine.

  13. Wade@Bloggers Make Money :

    Guest posting on blogs is a great way to gain extra traffic and establish some re-visitors. Finding a blog or site to guest post on that is established enough is the hard part I think.

    • Finding a blog or site is hard part but after finding it also we may not know that they may accept guest blogging or not

      • Wade@Bloggers Make Money :

        If I had a quarter for all of the guest post submissions that didn’t go through! Oh well, you can’t please all of them, but the one’s that DO let you in, you’re pretty much in for life. They feel like they have already approved you once, so the next time you submit, it will be easier.

      • True, you have to just keep at it.

    • It can be difficult at first, but if you keep putting your self out there and searching you will find sites to post for.

  14. Hey Niel

    What if you don’t want to brand yourself specifically because you’d like to stay anonymous? Could you put down the company’s brand as the guest poster instead?

  15. Tommy Walker :

    This is quite the comprehensive list! I’ve never even considered keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet, which honestly, feels a little silly, because it’s so important to track.

    I’d like to add too, that when looking for posting opportunities, look for related, but not specifically your own, niche. Too many bloggers go to blogging blogs to talk about blogging when all that really does is well… not much really.

    But were a blogger to go to a business blog, you’ve got a better chance of opening up their readers eyes to seeing things in a new way.

    Something I learned from Jon Morrow was to draw a venn diagram and list 5 or so related subjects to your field, then link those topics to what you write about.

    The example he used was someone who writes about real estate. Instead of talking to other “real estate” blogs he could go to a personal finance blog and talk about the impact finances have on your ability to purchase real estate. Or a landscaping blog to talk about the landscaping elements that can increase a property value…

    The point is, don’t box yourself into a “niche” when you have so many opportunities to expand your reach to people who can actually benefit from your work.

    And once you have that diagram written up, go to to find blogs that you can potentially guest post on.

    • Susan Jones :

      That’s a great point about finding complementary industry blogs you can guest post for, Tommy. You’ve got me thinking about who would be relevant for me.

      • Tommy Walker :

        It’s been really beneficial for me, and it really does help other readers too.

        When you can draw parallels between your topic, and theirs, you can really blow their minds.

        With your site being focused on startups, you can really look at a number of different targets like Technology blogs, Web Design blogs, Marketing blogs (obviously) and VC blogs too( if such a thing exists)

        This doesn’t just have to be for guest posting either, finding the communities means you can be an active participant in their comments sections, and you can apply the same techniques to other forms of media like youtube and podcasting. 🙂

        Hope that helps!

        • Susan Jones :

          Yes, that does help. You have come up with some great ideas there, Tommy. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

          (I’ve found a few of your videos to check out too. Looks like you have some great stuff on your site.)

    • Thanks Tommy,

      I appreciate when my readers share their ideas and think outside the box. These tips are definitely worth giving a try.

  16. Can you suggest any sports blog or website accepting guest posting ?

    • Los Angeles homes for sale :

      I found one for you

      • Kingsley | :

        It’s not difficult to find such blogs in your niche. Like Neil advised in this piece, you should start with a simple Google search “Try variations of your niche keyword plus guest post, guest post by, guest blogging, guest bloggers, and write for us.”

        In your case, try variations of your “sports” keyword + guest post, guest post by, guest blogging, guest bloggers, and write for us. 🙂

      • Thank you 🙂 will try it and see

        • Kingsley | :

          You are welcome. Sure, go ahead and am sure this time you will find lots of blogs in your “sports” niche to guest blog for. Best of luck!

      • Thanks for your help.

    • Sorry I am not sure where to look in that niche.

    • We accept extreme sports related blog posts. You can read our guest blogging guidelines here:

  17. Alex @ :

    I find guest posting the best way to build backlinks at this very moment. Building links is a lot more time consuming now than before (when we used to submit our sites to directories and that’s it), but the link are also of a much higher quality.

    Thanks for the post!


  18. Tim Anderson :

    Another definitive guide for online business owner to promote their website via guest blogging. I really love the information that you provided at the end of the post.

    I will start looking for any guest posting opportunities there. Thank you Neil. 🙂

  19. Nice! Tons of good info.

    Another pro tip: search Google Reader to search for blogs in your niche. You can view the subscriber count for all of these blogs to determine which blogs are high-value and will provide more valuable traffic.

  20. Guest posting is the best way of getting back links. I always aim for the A list blogs in my niche.

  21. Los Angeles homes for sale :

    Hey Niel, I tried to do the google search with keyword + guest blog or write for us. Rarely do I find blogs that are worthwhile to guest post on. Is this because of the niche that I am in? Real estate?

    • I am not sure, it may be that you just have to keep searching. Perhaps try going to events to network and find creditable blogs.

  22. Brandon Dudley :

    It can be hard to find blogs with Keyword + Guest blog at times. I think another way to think about it is to look at blogs in your industry that you read or enjoy. This is the best way to find guest blog opportunities. Additionally, think about key words that might be related but not in your industry. For instance real estate, might look to personal finance or home design sites as places for posts.

  23. “Remember that all guest blogging opportunities are created equal, especially if you are looking to get some good links.”

    This is a little confusing – do you mean NOT created equal?

  24. Susan Jones :

    Thanks for this post Neil. I especially like your idea of organising all this information systematically in a spreadsheet. (You seem to be really organised that way. 🙂 ) It makes sense to collate the data like this so I can make best use of it.

    I have a question for you. I am in the process of finding some experts to guest post on my site. Apart from providing extra and hopefully valuable content for the site, does it work also for the site owner? In other words, what other benefits will having guest posters bring to my site?

  25. Rosendo Rivas :

    Neil I have to admit I scan a lot of articles through my RSS feed but when I see “Neil Patel” I stop and actually read. Another great detailed article.
    I’m new to blogging and I needed an inside post on how to approach guest blogging. My goal this month is to submit my first guest post.
    I’ll be sure to follow these steps. Thanks.

    • Thanks Rosendo,

      I appreciate the support. I hope these tips are able to help you with your post.

      Good luck. 🙂

  26. Kingsley | :

    Very well written, as usual. I agree that this is the way to go with building links that not just get you search engine love, but also traffic. I am currently working a high PR site that will attract lots of guest writers submitting high quality articles. If done well, one can really use guest writers to continually write lots of high quality articles for their site… for free, 🙂

    • Thank you,

      That is great, glad to hear you are working towards your goals. I hope you keep at it and all goes well.

      Best of luck!

  27. shapes for kids :

    Another outstanding post! :-) usual..
    Guest blogging must be one of the best way to create high quality backlinks. I have done it once with an amazing result. I was thinking about allowing in some on my blogs that possibility of guest blogging ..any idea on how to spread the word about it other than publishing that on the blogs?

    • I wold suggest reaching out to mutual friends and see if they know anyone who would be interested. Also using social media sites like Twitter and FB.

  28. Web Design Resource :

    Guest blogging is the best medium to get quality back links from the good high pr blogs but for gaining this benefit, we must have to consider above tips.

  29. Hello Neil,

    I know that if I want to be successful I need to do guest posting. I have this feeling that it will take time until I will learn it. And what if it will not work for my niche? And there are other questions that stop me from doing this. It is so easy to do what you already master to do. It is hard to get out of the this comfort zone, but I have to do it.

    Your post today pushed me a step towards doing guest posting.


    • Once you start and give it time you will soon enough be a master at it. Take the tips from this post and see what works for you. If you have any questions along the way just let me know.

  30. Warner Carter :

    Here is a site that lists a variety of blogs wanting guest posts on a variety of topics: 500+ Places to Syndicate Your Content

  31. Harsh Agrawal :

    Thanks for the great post Neil and adding my 2 cents to your post:
    One of the common mistake which NewBie blogger does it by start guest posting on any blog. Initial days target should be getting more exposure in term of branding and subscribers. Later on targeting many other blog for link building is a good idea. Reason: When you get your blog out in market via guest posting on popular blogs in your niche, you have already done the hard part of branding. Now it’s your quality of content which will let you get natural link, later on you can add guest posting in periodic time for better exposure and more links.
    I’m dropping a link which might be relevant for newbie to craft the campaign and work on it :
    Another thing which people often don’t realize is guest posting is like dropping an impression on other audience, so to convert them into subscriber bring your best article forward and as you mentioned, it should be relevant to audience of that site.
    Bonus: Understand what voice is very familiar with target blog, for example some people use humor and some uses serious writing. Giving audience something they are accustomed with, help you to reach more people.
    Bonus tip: K.I.S.S —> Keep it simple silly!! 🙂

    • Thanks Harsh,

      I appreciate your additional input as well as for you sharing a helpful link.

      I try and to keep it simple all the time. 😉

  32. Harleena Singh :

    Wonderful tips indeed!

    Guest blogging is one niche that I still need to cover, which I still haven’t been able to because I am busy doing up my writing blog now after this one. Guess I better get started really soon now.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  33. Jobs online :

    Finding the best blog for guest blogging is a tough task and knowing the onwer of the blog is tougher task. Guest blogging is a good way of building backlinks and some traffic. Thanks for your nice tips Neil.

  34. Guest blogging is the in thing nowadays as people can relate better to you.

  35. Andi Minion :

    Hi Neil, I love guest blogging, sounds really daft but I get great pleasure from when an article is accepted lol… however, I prefer it to popping articles into directories that are sat waiting to be found and used. This way they are placed in front a responsive audience and you can get traffic instantly… so this leads me to one question… Can I do a guest blog post for you here? Cheeky I know but had to be done. 😉
    Andi the Minion

  36. Dean Saliba :

    What a very good post for someone looking to get into guest posting. I’ve been trying to pluck up the courage t odo it for a while and when I do finally take the plunge I think this post will help a lot.

  37. This couldn’t be more timely Neil thanks for sharing.

    I have been kind of ducking guest posting for a while, but now is the time to start. I have had a couple of guest posts which have been successful, but I think it’s time to ramp it up.

    Cheers Neil.


  38. solicitors Manchester :

    I’m looking for something simple to use & help me build my blog through these connections. I’m new to blogging and i’m having a tough time meeting new bloggers & finding other blogs to guest post on.

    • There isn’t really anything I know of that is simple to use. You are just going to have to put yourself out there and try to make connections. People will say no, but eventually if you keep asking and searching you will find some who says yes.

  39. Guest blogging is on of the best way to get quality back links from the good high pr blogs but for gaining this benefit, we must have to consider above tips. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information.

  40. Great post about guest blogging and how to make it an ultimate strategy of gaining some links and exposure for your blog.

    I would say this post “A Complete Guide To Guest Blogging Success”

    Thanks For sharing it… 🙂

  41. We’ve been toying with the idea of guest blogging. Our challenge is there aren’t many opportunities for us in the bridal/bachelorette market. I’ve done the basic google search and seem to still come up short. Do you think it’s more important to feature a guest blogger or for us to guest blog on a relevant site? Is there a recommended time span between guest blogs or is it not something that can be saturated?

    • It is important to have guest posts as well as be guest posting, both will drive traffic and bring value to your site.

      It depends on how often you normally post, from what I have tested mixing in a guest post once every week or two works best.

  42. Chris Savage :

    Great tips Neil!

    Another important one to add is…when you do finally get your guest post opportunity approved, make sure after you submit it that you follow up with any of the comments that the blog receives on your post. This is another great way to engage the readers and show off your expertise about the subject.

    • I agree, when I have guest post my readers always appreciate it when the author follows up by responding to their comments/questions.

  43. “Guest blogging is the perfect solution to both Google’s wants and your needs. It is the marriage of content development and link building. ” <—good thinking; even if it WOULD be a bit slower, to do things the right way, it's better for your soul, and ten times more exciting, when you start to see money coming in the right way. Really; how cool can it be to basically steal from people (which I see manipulative behaviour as being).

    "If you are just starting out, then make your own blog your quality content portfolio. "<—good idea! also, if contacting for guest blogging, to make things very fluid – and also very relevant – you could just give your opinion on some of that person's latest blogpost or something; which shows you can relate to his stuff; a good reason why you would write on their blog.

    also, for me as a tech-retard, the notice about no-follow links is IMPORTANT. great.

    • Thanks Simon,

      I appreciate your feedback and additional input. I am happy you were able to gather some useful tips from here.

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    One question I have though is:
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    • Thanks. It is not a good practice to duplicate and switch up your content. Fresh content is always preferred.

  52. Guest blogging is such an effective method in creating links. The only trouble I face each time is finding a relevant niche blog that is willing to feature my blog post.

    • That is the most difficult part, most people are hesitant to ask because they free to be rejected. However the truth is most of the time you will be rejected, I have been reject many times. You have to accept not everyone will say yes and keep going. Eventually you will find someone that says yes and it will be worth the effort.

  53. Peggy Fitzpatrick :

    Brilliant advice Neil!

    I have written some guest posts but will work on more. I also run 12 Most and process guest posts all day. I will add don’t waste the blogs time by not following their guidelines or what they request for information. If you want to be taken seriously and have your posts accepted, don’t send the same poorly written piece to all the blogs.
    Nice resource Neil!

    • Thanks Peggy,

      I agree if you want to gain respect and success you have to be willing to take the time to send out unique and valuable content.

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    So if you’re interested in a basic way to boost trust, “real-ness” and credibility – be sure to stamp your photo to your blog post.
    Make it good. After that, it just takes a bit of practice and education to know how to be consistent in communications, and learning what to say and what not to say and when(since all your communication on the internet will be public).

    On an unrelated note:The comments on Quicksprout are as valuable to me as the posts, Neil. Thanks, I will be modeling my sites after yours.

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    I was thinking if I found 10 blogs that accept guest blogging, I would submit one article to each of those ten blogs for 1-2 months and track the result. And repeat it again or move to find another 10. Do you think it’s a good idea?

    • Sounds good to me, you want to put your name out there as much as you can. As long as you are able to provide quality content.

  57. And, when guest blogging, don’t use links in your author bio which are totally unrelated to the content you’ve written. That will usually alienate the blog owner.

  58. Great article about guest blogging, Neil!

    This is kind of a ridiculous question but where did you get the post image? (The little guy in the suit. )

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    I’d identified a major blog in my space I wanted to guest post for, and had been slowly building a rapport by leaving comments and tweeting his stuff. But the breakthrough came when I named him as one of the top 5 bloggers to follow when I was profiled on another site. Shortly after, he contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in writing a guest post!

    This obviously only works for blogs you follow and admire, but is a great way to build up a relationship and parlay that into a posting opportunity.

    • I agree Andrew, that is a useful way to get a bloggers attention.

      Thanks for sharing what has worked for you.

  61. Many people are now cautious about link building with the release of Google Penguin. Backlinks still matter. Just try to make your links appear more organic.

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    • Contribute regularly. The more you contribute the better off you are as you are getting links from highly relevant sites that drive traffic and hopefully sales.

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    With the Panda and Penguin updates in Google just hit the SEO industry hard. I think that black hatters are going to turn to manufacturing guest posts and guest blogs next. I agree with all of your recommendations in insight in this post, it’s truly the white hat way to do things.

    it will be interesting to see how Google adapts to target spam guest posts in the future.

    Sad to say it, but this image really shows the true face of most of the SEO industry.

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  65. I really want to try guest posting because everybody says that Guest Posting has a lot of benefits in your businness even before the latest Google update. But, I’m still confused if Google will not penalized this kind of technique, since seo’s will opt Guest Posting because they know this is the key to avoid Penguin update and might abuse by many..

    • The main reason Guest posting has always and will always be a legitimate form of link building is due to its nature. Bloggers who have similar interests will always want to write about each others’ content. A decent SEO’s goal should simply be to emulate and expand that idea. Guest blogging was done less often by many SEO’s due to the amount of effort required. Kudos to those whose gut instincts proved correct. Good content will always last.

      It would be very difficult for Google to penalize a guest posting strategy simply because, in my opinion, it is the 2nd most natural link-building method [1st being the creation of genuinely interesting “evergreen content”]
      (my 2c: @burchems)

    • I doubt Google will penalize guest posting as long as it is a relavent and useful post.

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    • Don’t do guest posting for only links, do it for branding as well. It doesn’t matter if Google likes it or not, guest posting is a great way to get new business.

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    • Guest posting is great, but using exact match is a really bad idea. Less than 10% if not 5% of your links should be exact match towards a keyword. For example you could use wedding related phrases within your links, but not that exact phrase.

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