How to Rank on the First Page of Google Through Videos


Don’t you wish there was a way to land on the first page of search results that didn’t involve the back-breaking work of traditional SEO?

Well, ever since Google started giving more and more attention to its blended results, you have had an incredible opportunity to jump to the first page of results by creating video content.

Studies have shown that videos were over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results as part of the blended results.

The bad news is that this pushes down web pages. The good news is if you take advantage of what videos give you in appearing on the first page, then you can get a distinct leg up on your competition.

But you have to do more than just create, edit and upload. There are some very specific steps involved.

Step #1: Upload videos directly to YouTube

While it won’t guarantee first-page results, you can be certain that Google will index your video if you upload it to YouTube.

The only problem is this won’t accomplish your SEO goal of driving clicks to your site since people clicking on the result featuring a YouTube video will get sent to YouTube and not your site.

Since this cannot be regarded as a successful SEO strategy, it’s not the only thing you should do.

Step #2: Embed the video onto your website

What you have to do is embed the video on your site like SEOmoz does:

video seomoz

Embedding videos onto your website will help get the videos more views.

This is important because Google algorithms want to know how many times a video on YouTube has been watched.

youtube views

The views on the video on your site will get included in that tally. Keep in mind that almost all of the videos that Google shows on its blended searches are from YouTube.

There are exceptions, however:

video search results

Step #3: Embed videos on pages with text

To help search engines like Google get a better understanding of what your content is all about, make sure you are putting copy on the page.

There are two simple ways of doing that.

One, write an introduction to the video that goes before the embedded video:

video transcript

The other strategy is to put the transcript on the page too:

seomoz video transcript

You can insert the transcript under the video.

You can get the transcript by using a service like SpeechPad. You will also need the transcript for YouTube, so save the transcript as a txt file.

Step #4: Create a video sitemap

You don’t need strict video content to get indexed. Google recognizes a lot of other formats as video like slide shows, screen capture and Power Point presentations that are animated.

The issue is, Google doesn’t see your video content, which means it searches for other ways to determine what your video is all about. That’s where video SEO comes in…

To figure out how to index it, Google reads a page of content for clues. But Google, though it is trying, can’t fully read Flash, so the content in the video remains invisible to its spiders. That means you need to submit your video to Google using a Video Sitemap found at its Webmaster Tools site.

Here is an example:
video sitemap

Step #5: Focus on long-tail keywords

The video title is important. It is what Google is most interested in when it comes to the term that is being used for a search. In other words, the title and search term need to match your video title.

video search title

In the above search, I typed in “how to buy an iPad.” The title, as well as the description tag, influences the search rankings, so make sure you fill in those as well.

And just like with normal SEO, it’s much easier to rank videos for long-tail keywords, so focus on them instead of going after generic keywords like “credit cards”.

Here are some examples of keywords I could go after with my Quick Sprout Traffic System video:

  • Traffic System
  • Quick Sprout Traffic System
  • SEO Training
  • Online marketing training

Once you figure out the keywords you want to rank for, make sure your video title and description match them as it will be very difficult to rank them if they don’t.

Step #6: Create a YouTube channel

If you don’t already have one, create a YouTube channel. Make sure you create a channel name that is related to your industry. You can even go as far as creating a channel name that has your keyword in it.

In the example above, you might say “SEO Training and Marketing.” Not many names will be available, so this will take some time. And don’t forget that there is a character limit to the channel name, which seems to be about 30.

The fastest way to get a keyword loaded copy is to upload the transcript to YouTube. The procedure is pretty straight forward: you just upload it like it was a caption:

video youtube transcript

The reason this is important is because all of your keywords are in that transcript, which then gets indexed by Google.

Enter the keyword in the title, description and keyword tag, and now start building links to it.

Step #7: Build backlinks to your video

If you want to build links to your video, I recommend that you follow these 10 advanced techniques of getting authority links and these link-building tactics. If you want to be lazy about your link building, you could use Fivver.

Fiverr is a site where people will do just about anything for $5, like dance in spandex and sing happy birthday messages.

But that’s not what you need!

What you need is to look for the Fiverr profile “social_bookmark”.

fiverr links

Once you give this person the keyword and URL and pay him $5, he’ll get backlinks to your YouTube video.

In about a week, he’ll be finished, even giving you a report with all of the links.

The amount of time that it takes for your video to actually rank, however, may take anywhere from a week to three weeks after the backlinks have been added.

So, after your efforts, you could be ranking in about a month, but you probably won’t rank as high as you would like to as the links that you’ll get from Fiverr won’t be as high in quality. That is why I recommend that you ideally try to build them manually.


One advantage you have with videos over conventional SEO is that it is easier to get a YouTube video to rank on page 1 than it is to get a website to rank.

What that means is you can compete for rankings with well-established sites if you have optimized your videos correctly, giving you an equal footing with the competition.

Google’s algorithm to find and index videos will only get better over time…and the competition for these results will obviously get more fierce, which means first-page ranking will get tougher. So, if you haven’t created a video yet, you’d better hurry up.

What other SEO tactics do you use to rank videos on the first page of search results?

P.S. If you want help with SEO click here.


  1. Great idea! I didn’t even know about the video sitemap until now! Advice I will be putting into action tonight! Thanks for the great tutorial.


  2. shapes for kids :

    Another amazing post! And just what i needed. I have realized that my above my website ranks better exactly youtube videos. I thought that the main factor for that was the number of views those videos had. It is amazing how hard it is to beat those videos that insist to stay on the number one position on google for the keywords that i want. I just needed a tutorial like this one to prepare my next actions! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the nice post. When i go to fiverr and try some gigs, people give 5000+ backlinks for $5. I am afraid google would ban our sites. I think building backlinks myself is a better way.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya :

      Well the moment you take this package, consider your site in google sand box :-p with 100% guarantee….

    • I agree, I would be very careful using fiverr gigs for backlinks to your site. However with that being said I use them regularly to point back to the actual video on youtube

      This has a significant effect on the ranking of your video ..obviulsy mixed in with everything else Neil has explained in this article

      A side pointer aswell, make sure you track all your backlinks as suprisingly most do not get indexed, so be sure to get the linking report of the vendor and ping them over 4-5 days consistently until most are indexed 🙂

      • Thanks for reply. I get reports every time and do pinging with pingfarm. However what I afraid is that google would suspect a sudden increase in backlinks.

      • Yep, there are definitely ways to use fiverr and benefit. You just have to be safe and smart about it.

      • Metal Recycling :

        If you use fiverr gigs to point back to your vid should you not link your domain from that particular youtube channel?

        Just wondering because I just started this search engine optimization deal and it seems pretty scary! lol

        Considering I can’t decipher or have the tools to really understand it all.(yet)

    • Yes, it is safer to just build backlinks manually.

  4. Harleena Singh :

    Wonderful information Neil!

    Making videos is one part I still haven’t covered, though know that it’s truly a great way to reach many people. I loved the way you shared so much about it in this post! I never really knew about the importance of building backlinks to the video as well.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you Harleena,

      Know that you know, I hope you try and implement these tips. Let me know how it works out for you if you do.

  5. I’ve always thought this too and it is a great opportunity to get first page results since there are fewer videos than webpages. Thanks for the detailed instruction. We know the video title is crucial but how important are the video tags on YouTube?

  6. A. Kasin @ Melting Posts :

    I dont post videos but this is still good to know and advice others. At first I thought this post was about the new YouTube algorithms that apparently will be showing related youtube videos based on social shares.

    • Sorry this wasn’t what you were looking for. Hopefully you were still able to find useful information here.

  7. Andrew Follett :

    Great post Neil! I noticed in the screenshot on Step #2 that SEOmoz is using Wistia to host their video. Wistia has some great tools for video analytics and adding a video sitemap, but there are some obvious SEO benefits to using YouTube.

    Any suggestions on how to manage a video marketing strategy using both a free and paid hosting service simultaneously (e.g. YouTube and Wistia)? Is it best just to focus all efforts on YouTube optimization, or are there benefits to utilizing both?

    • There are definitely benefits to using both. You just have to figure out what works best for you. Try out a few different methods and see what gives you the best results.

  8. I like it how you show 70+ million views for a video!! Won’t that be somethin’, right? 🙂

    Neil, I had a problem with backlinking once, where I backlinked to a page that was on page 2, and after backlinking it was pushed down to page 5 (it took about a month for it to be pushed down!!).

    Now I fear that backlinking ‘at once’ is a mistake and never do that.

    I say that because outsourcing one’s backlinking like you suggest, can have a negative effect, don’t you think? In your experience, has that been a ‘trustworthy’ undertaking? 🙂

    • Your backlinking profile will affect your rankings, especially with the latest changes in the algorithm. If you built a massive amount of low quality links to a new page, it will look like a low quality, spammy page to Google. Getting link quantity is helpful, but you don’t want it to be the only aspect of your linking profile. As Neil outlined, create something awesome, promote it naturally through your contacts in social media, email lists, and related content comments, and the links should build themselves, with a high quality profile.

    • You have to build slow and steady and you have to rotate up the anchor text.

      • Internet Marketing :

        Clearly those of us who always believed otherwise can’t continue to refuse the fact that black-hat backlinkers can now hurt the competition with massive crappy backlinks. Not a fun time for SEO at all.

  9. Fantastic information, Neil.

    Videos are something that can drive huge results, if done properly. It takes a lot of efforts and quality content to create a video that does well in search engine.

    Thanks for sharing this useful information, Neil. Hope you had a great weekend ;).


  10. Donny Gamble :

    I think that creating videos is an often over looked strategy for generating traffic that is quite effective. There is a lot of videos that you can create for certain keywords that would rank quickly if you optimize the title of the video correctly.

  11. Youtube is one of my best traffic sources for reasons you mentioned.

    What’s crazy about Youtube traffic is that the avg time on site and avg number of pages is by far the highest of any traffic source that comes to my sites.

    Do you know why that is Neil?

  12. You posted some very good info. I have used these methods to rack up millions of views and tons of customers and new viewers. Why are you showing listing youtube video on site. THEN SHOWING a wistia posted video that seomoz posted. I use all of the services, Wistia,and seomoz.and youtube. I love them all, but if you talking about listing youtube video on site, stick to youtube hosted videos vs wistia.

  13. Ritesh Sarvaiya :

    Awesome one Neil :)) I will right away start implementing to site which I have recently launched.

  14. Ricardo Bueno :

    Great step-by-step instructions. I’ve done a lot of video’s in the last year using Camtasia. Mostly product tutorials and other related screencasts.

    You don’t always have to be on camera to record a good video, a screencast will do just fine 🙂

  15. Nice post. I knew about adding the video transcript, but not the sitemap. Do you intend to use more video here on Quicksprout?

  16. Neil,
    Thanks for this article, we have been trying to work video marketing into every clients SEO portfolio, I will be emailing links to all of them today so they can read this article. The video sitemap is something we havent done much of … “Yet” … so thank you for that. I will work that into the video marketing program as we do know how important the xml sitemap is to the site SEO in general. Have a great day and please keep feeding us this great information. ….. ques … Is it important to use all the video sites or should we just concentrate on youtube?

  17. Great article Niel,

    Whether it ranks first on google or not. This strategy overall would help the site grow in popularity and get new audience, entertain the regular audience.

  18. Wasim Ismail :

    Thanks Neil for the tips, just started doing videos for my business.
    Would be great to see a post on what type of videos (content) to do and some tips on video recording.

    • Andrew Follett :

      It depends on the goals, budget and timeline for the videos you’re creating, but I recently had a guest post on KISSmetrics that might be useful – How to Create a Promo Video for Under $100 ( Good luck!

    • Good idea, I will think about it. 🙂

  19. rakesh kumar :

    If i am not wrong you have suggested in this article upload some great quality video on you tube, publish the same video on your blog along with its transcript and try to create some backlinks to your post or video. Am i right.

  20. Neil, So your previous post’s advice seems working!

    23 comments in just an hour is really a good interaction BTW.

    However, I guess a simple but unique video idea works when you are thinking about to start video marketing. As an example, Plies Bruh Bruh [] video shows a unique way of displaying songs lyrics with awesome graphics. These types of videos go viral on social networks and can generate aweful lot of traffic to your youtube channel.

    One more thing important for video marketing is the first image which is shown publicly with the play button wrapped around. The display image should be catchy so that people like to click the play button.

    Since a week, I have seen in my Google reader that 75% of new blogposts from major blogs are containing video content more than the text content. Is the trend of making blog posts with text going away? Is the buzz word ‘vlog’ able to take place of ‘blog’?


    • Awesome, glad to hear it!

      I don’t think using text will ever go aways completely, but using videos and images has become increasingly popular and are definitely beneficial.

  21. I think Youtube is one of the best ways to get traffic to a website, mainly because 90% of bloggers are too scared to do videos (hey, it’s true).

    Also, youtube is a lot less competitive since most people on there don’t even try to optimize their videos and whatnot.

  22. rohit kothari@techotalk :

    woww what a coincidence i today created uploaded my first video for this kind of try and at night saw your article on facebook. even i am giving it try to see what effect it can make hoping for the best 🙂

  23. Thanks Neil. Good techniques for video marketing.

  24. Very informative post! VSEO is such an underutilized marketing tool, but like the post mentions, the time to act is NOW! As video adoption increases, the first mover’s advantage to using online video will slow begin to dissipate and it will be just as tough to rank for a business video as it is to rank for a business website currently. The most important step in my opinion is Step #5 – targeting long-tail keywords with your video offerings. Awesome article!

  25. Neil I was thinking the exact same thing of putting out a video of each topic I have. Do you think video quality is important?

  26. Awesome. I believe you have to go after every angle. You will never know till you put it out there. You might found a gem.

  27. Juicy tips like usual. I agree at all video is a must for any business and if you really know how to optimize it chances to get in the first page of Google but a lot of SEO companies already doing this specially for local businesses.
    Thanks for sharing

  28. Great post Neil!

    I figured out a while ago that videos are easier to rank than articles. Even on some really competitive niches I’ve been able to get the top spot with a video as some keywords put a video before the first text article.

    Some of these videos bring in 40,000 views per year so add up well.


  29. Sounds cool, but making a video is just not enough, you need to make a good one. It consumes lot of time too. And finally, if you mess with your video, then you are totally screwed up.

    • Yep, it indeed it takes time and skill to create a beneficial video. If you manage to do so though it is quite valuable.

  30. Mitch Mitchell :

    I was with you until that last idea Neil. People paying folks on Fiverr are promoting spam comments and the like, and getting these people to promote stuff makes the entire process seem fake. If one’s content isn’t good enough to stand on its own then it’s just not worth bothering with; that’s how I see it.

  31. Transcriptionist :

    I’ve been thinking about getting a promotional video done for my business on Fiverr, but harboring some doubts… so thanks for recommending Fiverr. Am going to take the plunge now.

    Google page one In 60 Seconds Review
    Love your idea’s and agree but i get page one in under a hour

  33. Naveen Kulkarni :

    Absolutely mind blowing stuff Neil,

    Video and podcasting are going to be smart ways and of course interesting ways to bring in good traffic and expanding the brand.

    I am looking forward to your next post if you could cover the topic of creating a video (including the minimum setup required and the tools and improving camera facing skills etc).

    I am sure, many of others also want to read about this 🙂

    What you say folks?

  34. Robert Antwi :

    Damn it Neil, you really have to give away all these tips? 🙂

    Another great tip for getting a relevant backlink to your new video:

    1) Visit Google, search for the most common phrase that you know your video bares a solution to. Put your phrase in Google like so: “My phrase”

    2) Look on the Google menu (to the left) on the Google search results page.

    3) Click more and then click discussions – all of the results have obviously been indexed by Google 😉

    4) You will want the most recent, relevant, recommended, results so play with the time; start from year and then work your way up to 24 hours.

    The most recent the better 🙂

    You see someone may be in desperate need for your solution and the aim is to get them to watch the full length of your new video.

    The purpose, is because they are going to be emotionally connected to there problem and you want them to watch your video for its full duration – therefore highly igniting a interaction

    Like/dislike (dislike is still and interaction)

    5) Then post a link on that recently, relevant, recommended, thread result.

    How to get past getting a live link on that forum if your new to it and you do not have the ability to post a live like.

    Plus to scared to message someone to post the link for you 😉

    6) Register and then head to the introduction, make your introduction and then say hi to each and everyone until you have made enough posts to make your link live.

    This is not counted as spamming and you are in fact doing the forum mods a favour as new people that have registered on the forum will be receiving mail that

    ‘someone just posted on your thread bla bla bla’

    If you can’t be bothered to do that – outsource it or just post the link for them to visit your video directly or if you want to be really cunning – purposely attempt to embed your video in the thread you want your link and make out that its hard and you have never done this before.

    In all my cases when I have done this, a mod has visited the thread and posted it – remember a mod is an admin and mods have authority and when they interact robots come running to the site to crawl:

    My 2 pennies

    • Wow, with all these great tips you could written your own post. 😉

      Thanks for sharing your suggestions with everyone.

    • Robert-

      Great stuff man. This is similar to advice I give the bloggers at our agency when looking for topics to blog on. There is so much valuable info out there available on public forums and social sites!

      We check places like LinkedIn groups, FB pages, to see what people are currently asking about – no matter what the industry.

      Neil- I AM publishing a blog post expanding on this technique tomorrow 😉

  35. Web Design Resource :

    Put embed video on the site is the very good idea to increase the viewers of the video most people simply are being uploaded video to You Tube, that’s it.

  36. Health Wrong :

    Sorry, I think you spelled the word Fiverr wrongly in this article. It should, and not

    Anyway, with Fiverr, you can find people who are able to give you lots of thumbs up for your youtube video as well as lots of subscription to your channel too.

  37. Excellent Post !!! Hi Neil i have a question some blogger is saying that after some only video and pdf(article) promotion will work in SEO and all other SEO strategy will dead or worthless. My question what is your opinion about this topic and in future which strategy will work ? means Blog, Forum, Articles…….etc. Explain it plz.

    Pavan Rai

    • Thanks Pavan,

      I believe most SEO strategies will be useful in the further. It is hard to really say what will and won’t work. It will mostly depend on how google evolves and their future updates.

  38. How To Optimize SEO :

    Thanks for teaching me about the Google video sitemap tool, I didn’t know about that. I will definitely use it now for faster indexing. Indexing is my biggest struggle, thanks for your help I will be back for more of your posts!


    • No problem,

      It is good to hear that the information you found here has helped. Please let me know if you have any questions!

  39. Thanks for these useful tips! Just created a video on a tutorial on how to use market samurai and this was a perfect post for that!

  40. DVD Price Comparison :

    Thanks for those tips – I’ve just created my first YouTube video, which I had created for me and while a promotional video (rather than content packed) I think it still looks pretty decent so I’m happy with it:

    So I did that, uploaded it to a channel on YouTube, embedded it on my site’s home page (for the moment, anyway) and am now looking to see what else I can do with it and if there’s any noticeable benefit from it.

    If there is then I may create more, with more content rather than just the promotional video.

  41. Jasmine Henry :

    Isn’t the totally (and only a bit cheaty) way to listed is to post your link on Google plus?

    Surely if it ‘s a blended post AND it’s on Google’s very own search engine, they’ll rank it a lot more favorably than a blended post that has a single link on Twitter?

  42. Yet another great post, Neil. You always manage to explain everything so clearly, and once again you’ve covered something that didn’t even occur to me – the video sitemap. Thanks again for this, I’ll be sure to implement it in the future.

  43. Youtube is definitely the number one video site in the world and being google owned will always help in your ranking

  44. Internet Marketing :

    Very well written, Neil. It’s amazing how much one can learn from a free blog, 🙂

    You won’t believe it but many people buy such tips from courses without knowing they can read about them for free on blogs such as yours. That’s why reading great blogs like yours is highly recommended.

    I am still not very heavy on videos, but it’s something that I have to go into in the coming days. When that time comes, your tips will definitely come handy. Thanks for sharing them, 🙂

    • Thank you,

      I hope in the further when you begin to get into it, that these tips are able to help.

      Best of luck!

  45. Five times out of seven, when searching for something, I go straight to the video! Who has the time to sit and read when you can get the jist of the whole thing with pictures and sound? Not me!

    • Health & Fitness Blog :

      As they say – different strokes for different folks. I know people who hate sitting through a video, especially those without a fast-forward button, :). They prefer to read, as they feel more in control – than being controlled when watching videos.

    • Everyone has a preference in how they take in information. I am glad you have learned what works best for you.

  46. The Young Bigmouth :

    More than anything else, I have been using Fiverr for video creation. Sure they are under one minute and can’t have too much of my content. But for bloggers like me, video creation was the toughest part. Now, all I have to do it think of something short and ask the guys on Fiverr to implement. Do you know of any other such platforms?

  47. Watch TV Shows Free Online :

    Excellent Advice. I personally upload every video myself and make a detailed description with advanced SEO keyword phrases built in, but the site map is news to me, will try it soon

  48. Mario@Push Button SEO Bonus :

    A video sitemap is good but it’s not necessary if you are embedding you tube videos now if you are self hosting a video say from amazon s3 then yes a video simap is well worth the effort.

    Also the first 109 characters in your description is crucial in your rankings because this is what shows up in the regular search just thought I point that out.

    Transcripts are always good idea and I have started implementing this tactic works great in many ways.
    Great article 🙂

  49. Brain Training :

    This is as usual a very detailed and helpful explanation Neil, thanks much and hope to start including the points here that I can hopefully still add in action.

  50. Wow, had no idea about this; brilliant! To anyone not that technically savvy (like me), try and not get too caught up in the techystuff; and, instead, focus on the possible outcome of this (super-easily being ranked).

    • Thanks Simon, I agree. It is important to not get heavily involved in the “tech-stuff” if you are not tech savvy.

  51. Neil,

    In “Step #7: Build backlinks to your video”, do I build links to the page on my website where I have embedded the video or do I build links directly to Youtube URL?

  52. Hey do you think that flash is good or bad? I red that it is bad, but all my web is flash! Please some advice.

  53. submitting video sitemap is also another way to get the URL indexed by search engines. Thanks for your valuable information.

  54. Sean @ Bravo Video :

    This is awesome information, Neil. We just came up with an easy way for people to get authentic videos from real users, right over the web. Couple these videos with your detailed instructions from the post above, and you’d be hitting it out of the park! Great write-up my friend.

  55. Ang @ Wooden Toys :

    I’ve come across this idea before and I gave it a go, I just found making the video quite a challenge and didn’t end up publishing it. Does anyone know any good software to use for armature movie makers?

    • I am sorry I don’t. :/

    • Ang-

      Before I had fancy editing tools at my disposal, I used whatever came with my laptop. Windows Movie, iMovie for at least 100 videos.

      They will get you the basic editing features, like splicing, adding music, bumpers and captions.

      Andy Jenkins has a great free course on how to make quality videos and the cheap equipment he uses.

      Hope that helps!

  56. Wedding videos London :

    Thanks for update. My position is jumping from 1st page to second. Not sure why….

  57. Great Article Neil. An important reading I feel worth mentioning here :- I Have a uploaded certain machine videos on YOUtube. Done no promotion, no SEO , but still because of the content , It is ranking high on Google also. But now with your suggestions , I shall try to extract more from those.

    • Awesome, the most important part of getting highly ranked in having valuable content. Combined that with these additional tips and you should be hitting it out of the park!

  58. Wade@Bloggers Make Money :

    My blog doesn’t have videos and therefore, I feel like I am on the “back of the bus” when it comes to ranking with videos. This is a great post, I will start my video marketing! You have convinced me that this is efficient marketing!

  59. Naser @ Tech Blog :

    Videos can help to rank Neil, but it is really a time consuming process and video size will be more to be uploaded.

  60. scott @ ifitnesstreadmill :

    I have upload video at youtube but never know that it is so important. And i like video sitemap.

  61. Eleazar Acampado :

    Using Fiverr gig to outsource link building might be useful if it is linking to our announcement networks, web 2.o pages or YouTube channels and not directly to our primary money sites.

  62. C.Mohan@ CCNA final Exam :

    Fiverr always worth for backlinks … I am going try with 5$ atleast monthly once ….


  63. Scott Kindred | SafeHouse Web :

    Great article. It’s also a very timely way to help me address the video needs of a small business client who is considering the pros and cons of investing in a few short promo clips.

    I recently read a reference about SERP performance for video that stated: “Research shows having properly optimized online videos makes a website 50 times more likely to be listed on the first page of Google search results.” I would love to know if you have the same opinion about the strength of video.

    Thanks for listing out these straightforward steps for taking action on our video efforts, Neil.

    • Hey Scott,

      I am definitely a fan of using videos to increase rankings. They are definitely worth the time and effort you put into them.

  64. Neil, so glad I stumbles on your post!
    I have a funny situation. My wife is a documentary film maker who shares her name with a well known journalist. Evry time we’d google the name, the journalist’s site and blog would take up the first two pages. The only difference of domain name is my wife’s is dot fr, and the journalist is dot com.
    We finally got it so my wife’s dot fr was ranked 2nd on the first page, but that was it.
    I uploaded some of her clips to YouTube yesterday, with relevant keyword, and now her site is nowhere to be found in google searches! 🙁
    google blacklisted her overnight, just by me adding YouTube videos of movies she made!

  65. How to Pickup girls :

    I’ve been doing exactly the same stuff and my videos are getting pretty good rankings for now….hoping Google doesn’t launches anther update targeting videos that hav got loads of links to em.

  66. Ethan Poltrack :

    Yeah I love video and especially by linking to and from a youtube video really helps. Thanks again for the great content.

  67. | Andrew Youderian :

    We’ve create a lot of videos for our eCommerce sites and it amazes me how well they rank in Google, even without any inbound links or promotion from our end!

    Like you mention, we take time to write a title that’s both compelling and keyword rich and we’ve had great results. The only thing better than ranking #1 for a keyword is ranking #1 for it AND having your video at #2!

  68. René De Beaumarchais :

    Why is it so much easier to first page a video?

    Why doesn’t every marketer do it then?

    • They mix results with videos, images, news, local listings…

      A lot of marketers are lazy…. which is why they don’t all create them.

  69. Annabelle Simms :

    Great tip on fiverr. I use them to create my fan book page profile picture.

  70. Hi, Neil thats great, after reading the content, i implemented the startegy and i can categorically say that the results were great here is the video: I cant imagine i got 234,354 within 9 days.

    Question Neil? if i use Press Release particularly PRWEB.COM to promote the viedeo, can it rank high better? Coz i have seen the top 5 websites on this keyword ”Drive Traffic to Your Site” have less backlinks. Currently iam using Guest Post to build backlink for the Video.

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  73. This is a great article. In fact, we just partnered with a video production company to produce videos for businesses. However, like you said though it pushes down text rankings.

  74. Thank you for sharing “Fiverr” I have never heard of this, i can only come up with Social monkee, which builds 25 bookmarks a day.

  75. Country Flora :

    Big G still has a long way to go to understand the logic/purpose of a query. Blended results are the first step in this complexity and they seem to be doing a fine job at that. Most of the videos which crop up are relevant. I wish they can do the same to images too.

  76. I’ve been using your technique for a while and must say it is working very good.For the first when i started was little problem to change this transcript and building backlinks but when i started to feel results i was doing the same over and over again.Thanks 🙂

  77. My videos seem to rank highly on but not so well on (which is what i want) any idea why?

  78. Do not use Fiverr unless it’s for a site you personally own. Don’t gamble with your client’s site.

  79. This is a great article. I have been focusing on Video SEO within the past year for Attorneys and Artist. I use a proprietary system to help get them on the first page! Its the future of SEO as I see it. I cant tell you all my methods but they are prettysystem effective.

  80. This is a great article Neil! Im a CSR for, a place where people can increase Google ranking through +1s and I just wanted to say you have your info spot on! I just wanted to know what is your opnion on over saturated competitive websites? Our site still struggles with this slightly and was wondering if you had any ideas?

    Thought id add our sister site was much much easier to rank to the top of google lol

    • Even if something is saturated and competitive doen’t mean you can’t do well. For example I own automotive insurance site and I do really well even though I was late in the game.

  81. Great Google information for video’s – I have been using YouTube for a while now but, with your information I think I will have better success.

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    I have employed 2 girls with exceptional voice and look to record videos full time…It will pay off big time.

    YouTube is a must these days, and doing it professionally is a big advantage to your business!

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    Thank you so much for this great post. I’m implementing this right now. I had a question though. My video is hosted on YouTube and i have embedded it on a web page on my site. I’m currently created the sitemap. For the loc tag which url should i use, the YouTube URL of the video or the URL of my webpage on which the video is embedded?

    Which URL should i also use when building backlinks, YouTube URL of the video or my webpage on which the video is embedded?

    I’m using this tool to generate the sitemap : Ever used this before?


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    Nice article, Neil. You didn’t mention things like using your keywords in your tags on YouTube. That also helps I find.

  89. I have just started using video, although not my own my own vidoes I use other peoples YouTube videos to make my websites stand out in the search results. Those I am ranking 3rd to 10th I add a video using Yoast’s video SEO plugin. I embed the video update my sitemap and after a few days the video is now in my search result giving me much more attention in the SERPS.

    They get more views for the video but I get a higher CTR. I’ll eventually make my own videos but for now it’s a quick solution to increase my traffic.

  90. Great tutorial on video SEO Neil. I am currently testing and implementing my YouTube strategy. One thing to avoid on Fiverr is obtaining thousands of views for your videos. These are simply created by bots, won’t help drive relevant traffic back to your site and can get your account suspended.

    Remember YouTube is owned by Google and they frown against any form of manipulation and can sniff it out a mile away. Also user engagement is an important metric so you want to make sure you’re getting real views from people who are actually interested in your videos.

  91. Matthew Insardi :

    Long tail is clutch… I still have videos that rank on google that I never even built any backlinks for.

  92. Great post Neil…thanks for the value!

    When backlinking YouTube videos, do you use short link, long link or both?

  93. Does a video sitemap for a video surrounded by relevant content guarantee a video thumbnail alongside your result in the SERPs ?

  94. Hi Neil,
    Very thanks for your tips,but can I create a video map if I only upload my video to Yutube but not my site? If I can,can you tell me how to create,you know I am a newbie.My site is created by other people,so it needn’t my own video,but I want try to promote another product only through Yutube,Thank you again.

  95. Hi Neil,

    We launched our website using informative product review videos. We always give an honest review and make the content very valuable to the viewer. Just know, it takes a lot of time to do this right. Our results have been great though. We give our customers information in a way they can’t get anywhere else and they really appreciate it. We embedded the video to our website ( ) as you suggested and it works great. Thanks for the great site!

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    Great article though.It would be great if you do a case study of uploading a single video step by step on youtube.

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  104. Great article, but I have some questions:
    1) if you upload your transcript in youtube and put it under the embedded video in your blog. Isn t this double content?
    2) the title of the video and the blog article must be the same. Should this also be the same in the video sitemap? Also, same description?
    3) what about the idea of making the youtube video ” hidden” and embed it in your blog. This way it can not be found in youtube , but only on your blog.

    • Arnout, shoot me an email. I’d love to discuss this in more detail with you 🙂

      • Carlos Marcelin :

        Hi Neil. I had read this article last year and always wondered about the duplicate content issue that Arnout brings up, the issue of uploading the video transcript as captions to YouTube, but also including it on a blog post on your site. What is your take on this?

        • I would also like to hear your take on this duplicate content concern. I’ve even wondered it when I was adding the transcript to the captions on YouTube and then as text beneath the video on my blog. It is a concern.

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  108. Great post, Neil. I can’t recommend the sitemap enough. Do you have a post about how to best select the right keywords?

  109. Dhruv Patel :

    Hi Neil,
    Great article. I just want to know whether associating your youtube channel with your web site will improve any ranking in videos or web site? I have already associated my channel with the web site but just curious what will be the effect on videos ranking?

  110. Corey Petree :


    We do professional video production, and are pleased as punch with the advantages video has that you discuss here. We’re always encouraging our clients to do more to promote their videos once they are produced, so we’re beginning to guide them through the sorts of steps you outline here. A couple of other major advantages to producing video contant are stickiness on a site and emotional impact. It’s also an easy way for many people to get into the content of a site quickly and easily. Just discovered you blog – love it and will be back!


    • Corey, thanks for reaching out. I am glad the blog reached the right demographic. You bring up some great points. Please let me know if you have any other resources or need any help with anything.

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  116. Is there any way to convince you that three pop-ups in a row is probably not going to increase your popularity in spite of the fact that you have great content?

    • I need to reduce them… I do agree. Just trying to figure out a happy medium as they convert really well.

  117. Mashruf Kabir :

    Well, is paying people to submit to link-directories, a good idea in 2013? Thanks Neil! You rock! 😀

  118. Great tips, but lets not forget about Google Authorship for Google+. This seems to be of a great importance if you are blogging. Furthermore, using targeted keywords brings a greater value than using random keywords.
    Also, I mostly prefer to buy high quality SEO services.

    • Mark, I agree! I think using authorship in conjunction with these other activities will provide a multi-channel marketing strategy that can achieve great results! Thanks for suggesting these sites as I know they will be useful for readers 🙂

  119. Really great article! Thanks for all the info and for your time! 🙂

  120. Hi,

    Step 2 is a still fuzzy to me because seomoz embeds the video through ‘Wistia’ and not using ‘Youtube.

    But you implied that when people watch the video on semoz’s website, the no. of views on youtube will increase.
    This cannot be correct.

    A follow-up question : Suppose one uses a service like ‘Wistia’ for videos, after reading the article, it is implied that uploading the same video on Youtube is also a must.

    Is this interpretation correct?

    • I should have picked a better image. I was using the SEOmoz screenshot to just show an video player embed on a site. I should have used a YouTube embed versus a Wistia one.

      Yes, if you use Wisita, you should upload the same video to YouTube as well.

  121. what gigs from fiverr or seoclerk do you recommend to promote a video? a combination of views, likes, and social bookmarks?

    • Pat, it really depends. I would suggest looking through and filtering out the junk gigs to see what works best for you.

  122. Hey Neil,

    Would you recommend using “social_bookmark” to build backlinks for Youtube videos targeted at Polish customers?


    • Chris, I definitely think that is a good strategy. You want to expose your videos and content to as large of an audience as possible. You may even try building content specifically catered to the individual videos.

  123. Hi Neil,

    I am relatively new, can you explain a little more about submitting the sitemap? I found a website that created a video sitemap, but was unsure how to submit this to webmaster tools? Thanks!

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    • Sounds like you did all the right things. Unfortunately, rankings fluctuate so quickly that you can’t always stay on top. My suggestion would be to make more videos and see how they perform. Best of luck!

  125. Thanks great advice never thought of putting the video transcript on the web page with the video this should also help the page SEO …thanks

  126. This is phenomenal advice!

    I never realized how important a transcript and keywords were in terms of the overall equation of how well a video ranks. I’m certainly going to key into this more from now on.

  127. Great information Neil. I have started some video marketing just recently, and now I have a better understanding of the things I need to do to be successful. Thanks for all the helpful information.

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    Thanks for this, I’ll be doing the video sitemap soon after reading this post. I have a quick question. (I’m quite new to this video lark.)

    I’ve got a YouTube Channel with a few videos on there. They are embedded into various posts on my site and seem to work fine.

    I would like to create a page on my blog which features all the videos in one place, with a little description. I would like to do this as I feel that as the existing posts get older the video content will be somewhat ‘lost’.

    My question is if this counts as duplicate content? If so then I should not do it but it seems a good way of extending a visitors time on the site if they can see a ‘Videos’ page and have a browse there…

    Thanks in advance. Your site is very helpful in many ways.

  130. Thanks for this article Neil Sir. I will try to rank the video with this techniques..

  131. Stephen Brian :

    I didn’t tried video site much yet but I will definitely try this method with quality content. Your advises would surely help me in this. Thanks a lot.

  132. How to crewate video sitemap ? Any tools.. please suggest.

  133. How to create video sitemap ? Any tools.. please suggest.

    • I typically do it manually or have my developer do it. 🙁

      • so there is no tool for this?????.. Like for website many seo experts use sitemapgenerator. websites. It can automatically create the sitemap for whole website.

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  135. An old post, but I good one. I’m putting some of these ideas into practice on my new website. Thanks for the good advice.

  136. Mathilde Joly :

    Hi, great post !
    But I have one question: if you upload the video on Youtube AND create a blog post on your website (or a proper landing page), wouldn’t those two sources cannibalise each other ?
    I guess you should decide for one option: but which one?

  137. Sudha Balaji :

    I have a blog and YouTube channel that occupy the same niche. I embed my YouTube videos on my blog . Is there any restriction on the number of videos I can embed in one post.

  138. Iyan Prasetyo :

    It is said the video length or video duration also become another factor that will make the video rank well on the search engine?

  139. Divyesh Dayani :

    How to create video sitemap, Give me information.

  140. I’ve been doing video marketing for the last 2 years but learned something valuable today- i.e- video sitemap..- but the page on Google about video sitemaps seems to be missing… thanks for the cool article..

  141. I know videos play an important role in ranking and bringing traffic to your site but is this the only option for bloggers with ext articles because my posts only contain text and images, I will have to start making videos for this reason.

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  143. Parmveer Singh :

    Article is wonderful and optimizing YouTube video for securing a place in SERPs is a good Idea.

    But ….. Should we still rely on ‘bookmarking sites’ for backlinks? ….

    Do these links still work (for ranking purpose not traffic)?

  144. Jack Turchin :

    My band has about three pages or more of videos on youtube…We need to find out how we can get our most current video to show up on top of the first page when people punch in our band name?
    Please let me know. Thanks!

  145. Hi, Great post! thanks for the info.

  146. Neil,

    I’m competing in a local niche where the top ranking competitors have almost no backlinks beyond the standard directory submissions like Yelp or Yellowpages.

    In my situation, is the Fiverr “social_bookmark” suggestion still a worthwhile linking building method?

    If not, is there an effective alternative?


    – Alan

  147. Bhanu Chander :

    Hello Neil,

    That was a great post and helpful indeed.

    I recently started making YouTube videos of my blog posts and getting good results too.

    Videos (especially that uploaded to YouTube) will definitely make way to top search results !

  148. Thank you Neil for this, I am currently trying to test the value of Transcripts for my youtube videos. Do you know if it still stands in 2014 that uploading transcripts will help to improve search engine rankings? I guess either way they definitely couldn’t hurt. I’ll have to give this a try and let you know how it goes!

  149. I found out another good strategy to rank well in google – copying competitor backlink strategy and getting backlinks from resources that they have. It is working well, but of course I`m trying to get some backlinks from different resources to be better than them.

    Have you ever tried something like this?

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  160. Hopefully there is a 2014 update to this very valuable information on SEO with video? I remember doing this for one of my sites a little while back and in worked! People don’t want to read anything anymore, so a video is the first thing they click on to see. I’ve noticed that the google search engine doesn’t even promote the videos with the products/items and or site much anymore if not at all. I wonder what the heck are they doing now to “hurt our brain” on how they are doing things now.

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  166. Thanks Neil but seem you were wrong

    I didn’t use techniques about but my video
    is in first page of google when searching keyword internet marketing forum.

    I only use title and description for the video and wait.

    I think video need to suit with our audience and their search purpose.

    • Tommy, there are always exceptions to the rule and many other variables. I am just providing guidelines on what traditionally has worked for me and others.

  167. One more great article.

  168. Does this post still work/apply to 2015?

    • Herschel, things are always changing — I would suggest you also check out my most recent articles.

  169. Great article Neil – i will be using these tips.

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  172. Hi Neil,

    Thanks a lot for detailed YouTube promo guide. But I think most of fresh Vbloggers fail at the step #1 – Upload to YouTube. They select either poor quality or make a huge video that looks awful in a small YouTube video.

    Recently, while troubleshooting my YouTube video error, I came across this post “YouTube Upload 101: Account, Specs, Limits, Formats” which describes all process step by step. I think it’s really important to know for all newbies.

    I recommend adding a tip from Freemake to your step #1.


  173. Hey thanks for the tips. I’m new to blogging and am trying to gather as much info as possible. I found this very helpful!

  174. Thanks for the tips! One issue I am running into is that we have screencasts available to post on our site but not the full video yet. Should we upload the screencasts first then later swap them with the full videos or publish the videos somewhere else? Just want to make sure we are not hurting our SEO traffic.

  175. Aamir Khursheed :

    What if I use a person from fiverr for backlinking purpose other than social bookmarking and he builds spammy links to the videos or my website?

  176. How about a follow up post on monetizing the video traffic? From experience have found YouTube traffic in B2B niches hard to monetize on, also keywords usually don’t have the same kind of volume as in B2C.

    What is the strategy for using video in B2B context? Building a community?

    • Konstatin, exactly — building a community is vital if you want sustained traffic. Once you get a community to buy into what your topic the rest will follow.

  177. Great article! Love your blog.

  178. Richard Kraneis :

    I have learned from experience that my youtube videos are so good that they rank above my website blogs that have the same YouTube video embedded into them. Some of my youtube videos are ranked number 1 and number 2 in Google search while my website blog posts with the same video are ranked perhaps 7 8 or 9.

    My question is this: if I create an unpublished YouTube video and embed it into one of my website blog posts, will Google interpret it favorably, and place it high on SERP 1?

    I want to use YouTube videos to push traffic to my website, not to YouTube itself. I am hoping that embedding unpublished YouTube videos into blog posts with transcripts will get a high ranking in Google and push traffic to my website.

    If anyone has thoughts on this theory of mine I would love to see them in comments. And Neil, if you have a chance, I’d love an email from you. Thanks everyone.

    • I doubt they will rank the post of the video is unpublished Richard

      • Richard Kraneis :

        Well, if you are correct, and most likely you are, this is what your answer means to me.

        It means that if I build a YouTube video and publish it and then later build a blog post and embed my own YouTube video, it means that I will never place higher on search with my blog post than the YouTube video that I published.

        Does that seem correct to you?

        Either way, I think I need to test my theory with a SERP that has no video results. Then write a blog post with an unpublished YouTube video in my channel for those targeted keywords.

        Wish me luck.

        • Richard Kraneis :

          Let me rephrase my question.

          Have you ever seen a blog post with an embedded video rank higher in Google SERP than the original YouTube video itself?

          I guess that’s really the question.

          • From what I’ve noticed, the video located on the youtube domain ranks higher

            • Richard C. Kraneis :


              If I choose a key word phrase that has no videos on the first page of Google, and I build a blog post with an embedded Wistia video, will that have a good chance of finding it’s way to page 1 of Google SERP because it’s a video?

              I don’t want to push traffic to YouTube, I want to push traffic to my website with non-YouTube embedded videos.

              Does that sound workable? Thanks.

              • You would have a better shot with YouTube. It is possible without using it.. you just have to give it time, and build links to that page.

  179. I have uploaded video on youtube but as I placed embed youtube on my website, it increase my website traffic as you mentioned in this article. I really appreciate such content. Please guide me how can I increase more traffic on my blog.

    Lester V.Chen

  180. great content. Thanks for your help Neil. I have created website with wordpress and also embeded my youtube video on website. if embed it in google sites, Does it help us to show on google search. Can you suggest me please.

    • A bit.. but if the video gets tons of videos and the page has a lot of links going to it, then it can really help.

  181. Andrew Wise :

    I’m thinking of applying video marketing to promote my blog too. Before I thought to just create, post and embed. I’m missing the SEO. Thank you for these insights. Learning how to properly setup videos would truly help.


  182. Selvin Antonio :

    Well thank you for your article. I am new to this and will try my best to follow your recommendations. I show people how to do their own pest control and wish to spread the good news.

  183. Daniyaal Khaleeq :

    Hello Neil,
    I have a question can I use other’s videos in my articles for example you have upload a video on your own youtube channel can i directly embed that video on my blog posts. will it affect my ranking or any seo

  184. Nice Information

  185. Great post. I am going to put youtube video on my site today because of this!

    My question is why you would pay for just 90 social bookmarks for $5, when there are sites like this offering 600 or more for less than $10?? Is there a quality difference??

  186. Wonderful information Neil! I always follow your guideline !! it was helpful for alltime.

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    Neel, You Are the Reason I have started Blogging.

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