8 Simple SEO Tricks That’ll Help You Rank Above the Fold and Increase Your CTR

When it comes to on-page optimization and increasing your conversion rates, you have to place the important things above the fold.

But being above the fold is not just for on-page optimization. You also need to be above the fold when it comes to search engine results.

People don’t scroll, and they are used to clicking on the first result they see, which usually means the top three search results. The site at the number one position can get nearly 35% of all the clicks.

seo ctrs

As you can see, the second position gets just 12% while the third gets 9.5%, and it trickles down to 2.2% for the tenth position.

It’s important to rank high…but ranking high alone is not enough. You also have to make your link irresistible.

Here’s what you need to do.

Write click-worthy titles and descriptions

When it comes to writing titles for search engines, the first thing you have to know is this…you only have 65 characters to write your headline.

You could write the greatest headline, but if it’s over 65 characters, it will get cut off. This is what you will see:

seo titles ctrs

Fortunately, the most important part of the headline is saved, but the rest is cut off. So keep it short.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind when creating click-worthy titles:

  • Front-load your titles with keywords – You should front-load all of your keywords in your titles. People will typically only scan the first two words of a title.
  • Keep it predictable – Your title should click-through to a page that meets the expectations of the user.
  • Clear – The reader should know what your webpage is about in 65 characters or fewer.
  • Make it emotional – Dan Shure wrote a great guide to writing titles, and one of his most important lessons is to make your titles emotional. See his SEOmoz article Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click-Worthy and Viral?! for great examples.

Create clean, focused, and optimized URLS

While your title tag needs to be emotional, your URL doesn’t. Let me show you what I mean.

Here is an example that Dan Shure used:

seo emotions ctrs

Avinash’s title tag is optimized for SEO and click rates. It’s optimized for SEO because of the keywords “digital marketing,” and it is optimized for click rates because of the words “change or perish,” which are very emotional, wouldn’t you agree?

His URL, however, does not include “change or perish.”

seo urls ctrs

It doesn’t need to because it is only ranking for “digital marketing.”

How might you change this title tag to optimize it further? I’d rewrite it like this: “Digital Marketing: 2015 Rule Book. Change or Perish.”

That way you move the two keywords up front.

Write a great meta description

The meta description is the next element you must optimize.

seo description ctrs

If you view the source code, the tag looks like this:

<META NAME=“Description” CONTENT=“informative description here”>

If you use a WordPress plugin like All-in-One SEO Pack, you’ll get this form at the bottom of your blog editor:

all in one seo ctrs

Google has made this easy by giving you tips on how to create good descriptions. Here are the two most important:

  • Make them descriptive – Front-load keywords that are relevant to the article. If you like formulas, ask “Who? What? Why? When? Where? How?” That’s a formula journalists use to report. It works equally well when writing descriptions.
  • Make them unique – Each meta description should be different from other pages’ descriptions.
  • Make them short – Google limits meta descriptions to 160 characters or fewer.

While meta description is not as important your heading is when it comes to getting clicks because people don’t seem to pay nearly as much attention to the description, it is still important from an SEO ranking perspective. So don’t ignore it!

Use Google+

Another big factor that is attracting attention when it comes to ranking above the fold is Google’s new authorship markup and Google+ search strategy.

You can accomplish some pretty amazing things when it comes to search rankings if you have an optimized Google+ account.

For instance, you can appear in these vanity searches above the fold:

google social ctrs

And when you confirm you are the writer of your content across the web, you’ll improve click-throughs:

image seo ctrs

The combination of the picture and the hyperlinks “by Danny Sullivan” and “More by Danny Sullivan” will lead to more click-throughs over the content that doesn’t have those elements.

I’ve already written extensively on this topic, so if you want more information on it, read How to Create an Effective Google+ SEO Content Strategy.

Reducing the noise on the page

Good SEO involves good web design. That’s one of the latest trends in the SEO world, and you can’t ignore it if you want to rank above the fold on search engines.

Here are some basic tips on good SEO design to help you clean up your site:

  • Reduce the clutter in your sidebar – While this is really meant to raise your conversion rate, this will also reduce the bounce rate. Too much clutter in the sidebar can drive people away…and when Google starts to notice the bounces, it might give your site a thumbs down.
  • Reduce the ad space on your page – Too many ads can drive people away. Check your analytics to see which are your best performing ads, and only keep one or two of them.
  • Keep ads below the fold – Last month Google announced its “Page Layout Improvement Algorithm,” which penalizes pages/sites that shove a bunch of ads to the top of the page. Google suggests you use their Browser Size Tool to see how much of your content is visible to visitors at first glance.

Drive links to important pages

You can’t expect a page to rank above the fold if you don’t have links going to the page you want to rank. And when it comes to links pointing to that page, authority links rule.

Read my Quick and Dirty Guide to Modern-Day Link Baiting for ideas on how to get a bunch of regular links.

Then read 10 Hard-Hitting Link Building Tactics That’ll Boost Your Rankings for some general tips on attracting even more links.

Add social sharing

Most SEO experts agree that social signals on the page level will impact search results:

seo social media ctrs

So, if you want to take advantage of this growing impact of social media, then use these ten ways to get higher rankings through social sharing:

  • Make share the buttons are very visible – Position these buttons in strategic places: side and bottom of page and use a scrolling widget, too. Also, limit the number of buttons you use. Too many can confuse people!
  • Ask readers to share content – It’s been proven that your readers will do what you tell them to do.
  • Tap the influencers – Create relationships with big names and get them to share your content.
  • Use Triberr – This new social network amplifies your tweets immediately.
  • Use sponsored Tweets – If you have a budget, spend a few dollars using this advertiser’s tool.
  • Use Facebook’s Sponsored Stories – Sort of like Twitter’s sponsored tweets, but better.
  • Create a worthy brand – Nobody wants to share content from someone who can’t be trusted. Focus your energy on creating a presence that people see as a trustworthy authority.
  • Tap into your circles – Use your own personal network to share content.
  • Bribe your followers – From offering links to using Cloudflood, you can get your readers to share content by paying them in some way or another.
  • Produce great content – This is the number one rule!

And don’t forget to think out of the social sharing box and engage in sites like Pinterest, Digg and Reddit.

Write great content

Last but not least, you can do all those things above, but if you don’t have great content, your pages will simply be buried under a ton of other results.

Take the time to create great content. These posts will help you do that:


Ranking above the fold can mean the difference between a few thousand impressions to tens of thousands…if not hundreds of thousands…so it’s necessary that you create content that ranks high.

But you also have to create content that will actually convert impressions into clicks. Hopefully this guide has helped you do that.

What other tricks do you use to boost rankings above the fold and encourage click-throughs?

P.S. If you want more SEO tricks click here.


  1. Ranking on the top of Google is important but above eight points are also very important as users often read the stuff before they click.

    Also creating short and keyword rich URL’s are really important.

    • I think search engine optimization happen on it’s own. Wonder how Seth Godin ranks top on the internet. In fact, he doesn’t even use his own popular permission marketing strategy for promoting his blog.
      The search engine optimization is pretty simple. Come up with some amazing idea that people will want to link back to, showcase by using “real” physical books, products, ideas and let the web go viral for you.
      I wonder if I’m missing something here, but this is my idea of how one should take on search engine optimization. By being “Awesome!”

      • I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. You share some pretty good insight, keep it up. 🙂

      • my keywords are going down,, what should i do now ,, i have used all the techniques,, Blog posting , profile linking ,funneling,web profiles, i dont know why happening so ,, can you help me please
        my keywords are:- web development india, web development company india, best web design company india
        for the URL :- http://www.inizsolutions.com/services/web-design
        these all keywords were on 2nd and 3rd page now web development india is on 9th ,, web development company india is on 7th, and best web design company india is on 4th page 🙁

    • Yep Rana, you have got it. If you ever have a question feel free to ask.

  2. I have seen that meta tags helps in good SEO ranking. However I still have doubts on Google+ if it actually helps or not because Google plus is not that popular as of now.

    • When you consider that a higher number of ‘brands’ (fortune 500) use Google + (more than Facebook pages) Google + may be small by a user numbers comparison but you’re not taking into consideration Google +’s integration within Google properties themselves.

      • Google will do whatever it takes to make it work. They’ll spend billions of dollars on it if they have to…

    • With 5 billion +1 clicks per day, I’d say that’s a big enough sample size to factor in more than any meta descriptions, which don’t actually help rankings except from a behavioral metrics standpoint.

    • It helps a lot. As the Mad Hat pointed out, there is a ton of data on Plus 1s.

  3. @PeterboroughWeb :

    Good points. Many SEO people are entirely caught up in the search rankings and keywords and don’t know or care anything about marketing or psychology.

    As you point out, the title and descriptions that people see in search results are essentially little advertisements, and need to be designed to entice people to actually make the click!

    • Yep. And a bad advert (or title/description) will cause people not to click. You have to find a good balance.

  4. Solid advice. I’m working on the social sharing part right now. Didn’t quite think it has an impact on the search engines.

  5. Gregory Ciotti :

    Out of curiosity, are you using All-In-One or Yoast’s plugin on your site Neil?

  6. I appreciate your post ! I ll always take side with social sharing, none is more powerful than Social Media.

    Thanks for the crucial Information.

  7. Nima Heydarian :

    Great post Neil. How do you confirm you are the writer of your content across the web?

  8. What about the good old article marketing and spinning articles for article directories?

  9. Mohideen @ make money blog :

    People most offen dn’t scroll till end of the website yet to have the important stuff above the fold will increase CTR

  10. Fantastic post! I like the fact that you just crammed the whole article with useful info. It felt like I just ate a 5 course meal for my brain. Taking notes on all of it before my brain becomes to obese to get up off the couch!

    Thanks Neil!

    • HAHA, get up and take a walk. Then start implementing some of these tips. Good luck, let me know how it goes 🙂

  11. Great article. I’ve always wondered what the CTR was on the top rankings. Thanks!

  12. Great post, can’t emphasis to keep important content above the fold enough! Thanks for the tips!

  13. Hi,
    Wrong Statement!
    “…but if it’s over 65 characters, it will get cut off. This is what you will see:….”
    I stop reading further and …
    I just picked 1 line from your info mentioned above and it is wrong if you are talking about Google SERP. Google accepts upto 70 Characters including space and Google shows … if it is more than 70.
    Please correct it.
    I have tested it many times and can show you.
    and will continue reading this article next from this statement…

    • I think 65 is the general rule Neil uses. Google will crawl and index titles well over 65 or even 70 chacs long which can be useful for search optimization as well (if useful/tasteful).

      I’ve actually seen a variety of occurances with title length including shortening titles to less than 60 charcs and even displaying snippets that occur past the initial 70 charcs if they are more relevant to the search. From a CTR optimization standpoint, rather than risking having an important element of your title cut off, I think Neil is recommending keeping it shorter just to be safe.

      • Blake,
        Thanks for the clarification. I definitely suggest that amount to be on the safe side of things.

    • Thanks for the note. I’ll have to double check, but you are probably right in it being 70 characters.

  14. Neil,

    I totally agree with all the best practice stuff you mentioned. One thing I was curious about was your CTR data. I read this article a while back about CTR (http://www.seoinphiladelphia.com/2011/09/seo-grail-philadelphia-september-meetup/ – no association with me at all, for the record) which compared the data AOL had in 2006 vs. some data he put together in 2011. It covers the CTR for both organic and paid search. Obviously, there are a ton of factors like meta descriptions, ad copy etc, but I think Ian did a good job taking a cross sectional sample.

    I also saw another study on seomoz about CTR in local search where results with pictures and star ratings had a much higher CTR. Rand also frequently mentions how his videositemap has caused a page that is in rank 3 w/a thumbnail regularly gets significantly higher CTR than ranks 1 and 2. You touched on that a little with G+, but I didn’t notice anything about rich snippets outside of the rel=author. I would love to hear your options on using rich snippets to improve CTR.

    Like Greg, I’m also curious about your preferred SEO plugin 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Ugh! I just checked out the CTR articles that you linked to. The data from that image was from 2010. The second study from that link was in the spring of 2011 which more closely matched the data I referenced.

      Ironically, I think the difference is connected with “universal” or enhanced listings. In 2011, Google more aggressively started published universal listings which seems to have leveled the CTR playing field on the first page to some extent.


      • Definitely, I think some of the changes really made it harder to get phenomenal CTRs. I think there are still many methods and tactics one can emply to get the most out of content and convert.

  15. Ritesh Sarvaiya :

    SEO ..SEO….SEO 🙂 companies across the world claims they can get you on TOP page :-P, Wondering how many can really get you on TOP as there are on 10 results ..lol

    Awesome TIPS Neil 🙂

  16. Great tip. Especially the point for making a emotional title, I think that is super important, because it greatly increases CTR.

  17. Yes these tips are really helpful to increase the CTR. Now days Google + is gaining momentum to improve the CTR in Search Results. The author who are verified from Google + having more chances of Clicks for their site. Basic SEO like Keywords placement is Title, URL , Meta Description is always helpful to rank your web page in search engine and sharing on Social platforms for more awarness because as Neil already told above that SOCIAL SIGNALS are also one of the most important factors & we can’t ignore this.

    Infact this is the first post I am seeing of Neil blog’s 20 comments and no REPLY from Neil. 🙁

    Neil is kind of blogger who always take care of his blog readers 🙂

    • Sorry about that, I have been a little behind. Catching up now. I am glad you enjoyed the post on CTR, it’s important that we are mindful of all of the items you mentioned above, as they will ultimately improve sales and build traffic.

  18. Chris Fernandez :

    Hey Neil,

    In the post you stated (regarding the META Description):

    “While this is not as important when it comes to getting clicks because people don’t seem to pay nearly as much attention to the description, it is still important from an SEO ranking perspective. So don’t ignore it!”

    ==> This is the exact opposite of what is true.

    Most search engines do not use the META Description tag as a ranking factor at all.

    However, what it is used for is click-throughs to your site.

    A great description tag gets people to want to click through to your website when you include a call to action such as “Click here to read 8 Simple SEO Tricks that will help you rank above the fold.”

    The search engines (they’ve stated as much already) do not use the tag at all as a ranking factor.

    Therefore, you need to craft it for the visitor, and yes, include the keywords that were in your title, but more so because it will entice them to click, not because Google will rank you higher.

    I just wanted to clear that up, and say otherwise, great post.


    • Chris,
      Thanks for reiterating some points. It must have got mucked up in the wording/understanding but everything you said is exactly what I meant.

  19. Neil,

    As usual, an excellent article. However, I have a question regarding back links – on page SEO is important but what’s also important are high quality back links. How can I generate high quality backlinks to my websites? Is the “create good content” approach the only way?

  20. wondering even Seomoz don’t know how to write a title in 65 characters, as the title is cutting off in the image you are showing

  21. David | Opportunities Frontiers :

    Thanks Neil,

    I need to lie down now cause I feel my brain is full with all the information including from all the links.

    Great stuff.

  22. Thanks Neil, you advice on SEO is always priceless. Keep them coming and providing awesome value.

  23. Juicing With Rika Susan :

    Solid tips, Neil! By the way, with regards to writing click-worthy titles, do you ever use the Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer as a tool? I find that it really helps (for e-mails as well).

    • I don’t. I tend to just create titles on my own. I find that to be most useful. However, some people may find that information useful.

  24. Joseph Flanders :

    Good solid advice. Some of it has been said before, but it helps to read it again to remember these things. I also like the information on Google +. I think that is going to be an area of bigger importance.

  25. I can’t stress enough how important including links to more of your posts is.
    I decreased by bounce rate by 10% in one week by doing that – it gives readers somewhere to go, something more to read, thereby making you seem more knowledgeable about your niche.
    If I don’t get given any links to follow in a post, I feel cheated.

    And obviously Google likes it because if you connect all of your great content, it’ll consider you as a person who ‘knows they’re stuff’, which, with the Panda update, they’ll love you for.

    • Definitely, people will be amazed how much they will accomplish if they follow all of the basic rules that apply to link building and link sharing.

  26. great stuff, very helpful post!

    getting to the 65+ character limit that everyone is correcting and or criticizing it seems logical that the limit will actually be set in the pixel width of the column… so if you use title case (e.d. Capitals For The First Character Of Every Word In The Sentence ) the same amount of characters will be wider, also some characters vary in size anyway good stuff thanks for posting

  27. And isn’t the allotted amount of characters in Google 71, not 65? Or am I completely wrong?

  28. Loved the guide Neil!

    It was an eye opener going through the content of the post, and though I have been following some of the things you mentioned, there is a lot that still needs to be done!

    Thanks once again for sharing this informative post 🙂

  29. I’ve author rel implemented on various (not all) sites since June of 2011, and they verify with Google’s Rich Snippet tester.

    But I have never one time had as a search result show my authorship.

    I read somewhere that Google is limiting authorship display feature to “authoritative sites.” But I don’t know if that’s true. I do know it’s intensely frustrating.

    • Yeah, it definitely is. I guess we will just have to wait it out and see how Google approaches the situation.

  30. Bobby @ Sightness Photgraphy :


    G+method for getting better stand for exposure is a sure success combined with attractive titiles. That’s all the technique i use for better exposure in Google for my small niche affiliate sites also.

    And instead of All-In-One-Seo plugin i use the WordPress SEO plugin by Joost De Valk.


  31. Reducing noise on the page enhances the readability of the content, because there is more white space. It in turn can sustain the interest of the visitor to read the page content. All of your other tips are also excellent. Thank you for the useful post.

    • Reducing noise is something that is definitely essential. I think it goes a long way in getting people to focus their gaze on certain spots, as opposed to others.

  32. Great tips Captain Patel! I’ll add another – use a hyper-specific meta description. Think of it almost as the body copy of a PPC ad. Ex. “Download our Plumber’s Guide to SEO by March 31, 2012 and get a FREE website analysis!” We’ve done this for clients and for whatever reasons, they seem to really improve the CTR of the page (for any given rank).

  33. Anshul @Nichesense Niche Marketing :

    Interesting Point about front loading your title with keywords Neil. I think it generally also has a positive effect on not just the CTR but also the overall SEO.

    I have found that including the target keyword once and then also including a partial match version of the same keyword in both title and description also works quite well with overall SEO (without sounding spammy of course).

  34. Great information! I love the chart showing the CTR based on Google positioning. It is very obvious that those above the fold are getting the clicks. I never realized how big of a drop off it was from #1 to #2 though.

  35. Bookmarked! This is such a good reference article, Neil. I didn’t know about front-loading my titles with keywords before, so this article is really helpful. As a data-oriented person, I love the CTR table.

  36. I agree with “writing click-worthy titles and descriptions.” It’s important to write headlines that will get clicked. Writers can peruse ‘tabloid’ magazines or newspapers to get an idea on how to write a good headline.

  37. Automatic Seed :


    What a great article!

    The only reason I comment here is to let you know that with IE 8 the share button for Facebook isn’t properly displayed and might confuse some readers.

    Thanks again for the tips!

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  40. Thank you for the great tips. I only have a few sites at the moment, but after reading your SEO article, I think I have a little room for improvement on my titles and descriptions.

    • Thanks Jim,

      There is definitely always room for improvements. I constantly and altering and updating my site.

  41. shapes for kids :

    Really amazing information! Do you think it is still worth it to add meta tag keywords to your posts along with the description?

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    You see, I run one of Malaysia’s fastest growing SEO agencies, and I truly want to stand out in a sea of scammers. Reading up on you, Fishkin and Sullivan really helps me sharpen my online marketing skills in a way no overpriced make-money-online product can.

    This is a gem of a blog post.

    P.S. Are you Gujarati? 10 years ago, I was placed in Gujarat as a exchange student. Every other person was called Patel there lol, hence my question. 😉

  43. Bruce Hunter :

    Very helpful. There is a great article online that specifically focuses on writing click-worthy titles called “A Scientific Approach to Writing Page Titles”.

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    I thinks it poor form!

    Aren’t blog posts supposed to be based on your own personal experience?

    Not based on creating content from recycled ideas you gather from researching other peoples sites.

    Anyways, my tip on Seo relates to social media. I’ve found sharing new posts to different social media groups who have a common interest works well for Seo if you change the anchor text (title) of each link using longtail keywords which have the same meaning.

    What do you think?

  46. Health & Fitness Blog :

    Neil, you raised very important points in this piece. Very well written – as all your posts are, 🙂

    Like you rightly pointed out – without great content, all the other points won’t make too much of a difference. I also strongly believe in great content and have experienced massive results just from posting great content. I have a blog with over 1,000 great quality 100% unique articles. This blog gets tons of visitors even without too much worry on SEO and optimization. So, yes, content is still critically important!

    Thanks again for a great piece!

    • Thanks,

      That is great, content is definitely king. So glad to hear you are driving so much traffic from it.

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    Creating catchy titles and descriptions can also help to increase your adsense clicks too.

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    • Here is a link to a html tutorial. It shouldn’t affect your SEO.

      Content Ratio may only affect SEO by slowing down the speed of you page load. Other than that it really isn’t a huge factor. Here is a link to one of my other post that shows you how you can increase your sites page load time.

      How to Make Your Site Insanely Fast

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    • Hey Bhadresh,

      The most important thing you need is unique and valuable content. Then you need to incorporate a heavy social media presence. If you want a blog to be successful there are many things you have to do besides what I have just mentioned. I highly sugget you go through and read my current and older post. Here are a couple to start you off. Remember you won’t see success overnight blogs take time, dedication and hard work.

      The Massive Guide to Getting Massive Traffic

      The Marketer’s Guide to Blogging

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