7 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs

seo habits

Do you want to be a successful SEO? Who doesn’t, right?

After being in the SEO space for over 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting thousands of SEOs. And just like in any industry, only a small percentage of them are actually successful.

So, it hit me. Why are some of these SEOs good at what they do, while others aren’t? After thinking about it for a while, I realized that it came down to these 7 habits.

1. Effective SEOs practice it

It’s not hard to become an SEO. You can read about it online; you can buy a few books; and within weeks, you’ll have the lingo down. At that point, you can probably approach a few sites and tell them what they are doing wrong. But at the end of the day, does that mean you’re a good SEO?

If you want to get good at SEO, you have to practice it, and not just on client sites. Create your own sites, build your own links and track your rankings. As you learn what works for your website, you’ll get better at helping other people with their SEO.

The search world is constantly changing, and it’s impossible to stay up-to-date by just reading industry news. You have no choice but to practice it as that will give you a better understanding of how you need to adjust your approach to rank higher.

2. Effective SEOs take risks

You have to push the envelope! If you knew how many times I’ve got banned from or penalized by Google and Yahoo for pushing the envelope, you’d be shocked.

By no means am I saying that you should do anything unethical or break Google’s policies, but what I am saying is that you have to learn to be aggressive.

If you’re aggressive with your sites, you’ll quickly learn what helps boost rankings and what doesn’t. For example, you already know that white hat link building increases rankings. But did you know that if you build links at a slow and steady pace, you can outrank someone who builds the same type of links fast?

If I weren’t aggressive with my link building, I would have never learned that. So, don’t be afraid to push the envelope.

3. Effective SEOs build relationships

People knew me in the SEO space for leveraging social media sites to build links. I was the first SEO to really leverage sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious. I was so good at it that at one point I had a 75% success rate of getting on the Digg’s homepage. To top it off, I was a top 100 user.

How did I do this? Well, it wasn’t because I knew these social sites better than anyone else; instead, I just networked my way to the top.

By building relationships with other users on these sites, I was able to learn the ins and outs. That’s what helped me succeed.

Whether you are trying to get better at an on-page SEO or link building, you should never stop networking. The more relationships you build, the better off you are. For example, I built a relationship with a blogger two years ago, who now guest-writes on over forty popular blogs. Because of our relationship, he links to me from these blogs when appropriate, and I don’t even have to pay him a penny to do this. He just does it because we are friends now.

4. Effective SEOs are creative

SEO isn’t new. Everyone does it, and there isn’t much that’s a secret these days. But the people who do really well tend to be the ones who are creative as it gives them a huge advantage.

Do you remember Mingle 2? The dating site that got bought out by Just Say Hi?

The SEO guy behind it, Matt Inman, was able to get Mingle 2 to become a popular dating site because he leveraged quizzes. Users loved these quizzes so much that after taking them, they would embed their score onto the site’s blog.

Matt is also the guy behind The Oatmeal. That site has a ton of SEO juice because Matt is creative when it comes to link building. Whether it’s quizzes, comics or anything else he can think of, Matt prefers to do SEO using creativity.

If you are creative, leverage it. It gives you a head start, but you have to move fast as competitors will catch onto your creative tactics sooner or later.

5. Effective SEOs are analytical

Being able to rank keywords is one thing, but knowing what to rank for is quite another. If you don’t know what to rank for, you’re out of luck. The last thing you want to do is spend your efforts on getting rankings for a keyword that doesn’t increase your revenue.

From being good at keyword research to tracking conversions and even optimizing landing pages, good SEOs know it’s not all about traffic. It’s all about increasing revenue.

Don’t focus 100% of your time on just building traffic. Learn about web analytics and focus on maximizing revenue. And stop there: track everything you can possibly track. From your competitors’ rankings to what they are doing, the more data you have, the better you will be at making decisions.

6. Effective SEOs use multiple tactics

SEOs have a tendency to find one thing that helps boost rankings, and that’s all they leverage. Whether it’s an on-site SEO change that really helps or one link building method, don’t get caught up with one tactic even if it works.

When I first started, I got caught up with the tactic of reciprocal linking. My rankings skyrocketed, and after a year of me doing it, search engines caught onto it, and my rankings plummeted. After that, I focused my efforts on building all page links from high Google PageRank sites. This worked well. My PageRank went up to an 8, and my rankings went up, but search engines also caught onto this.

The point I am trying to make is that you can’t rely on one tactic to achieve high rankings. You have to diversify because SEO is a constant game of cat and mouse even if you are using ethical tactics.

7. Effective SEOs never rely on SEO

I know this may sound weird, but an effective SEO knows that you can’t just rely on SEO. For example, the Panda update hit some sites even though they had good content. A lot of these sites repaired Panda-inflicted damage, but it shows that you can’t rely just on SEO.

If you are trying to increase your traffic, you should consider trying banner advertising, email marketing, pay-per-click ads, and anything else you can think of. This will help you diversify the channels that are driving you income, so if something happens to your organic search traffic, you’ll still be able to survive.

SEO is great, but you need to learn other marketing skills. I myself started as an SEO, but these days I get most of my traffic through business development deals.


If you already follow the 7 habits I mentioned above, great: you’re an effective SEO.

But if not, don’t worry as it’s not too late to start. Just don’t focus on all of those habits at once as it will be tough to conquer them all. Instead, knock them out one by one until you get through the whole list.

Do you know of any other habits that make effective SEOs?

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  1. Eric - TangoSource :

    Given the increasing competition and complexity of SEO, nowadays it’s looking more like an art than a science. I definitely agree that trying everything possible and seeing what works empirically matters, even on a niche by niche basis. I’d say having good research habits would be one not mentioned explicitly. The keyword landscape changes, search engines change, and different tactics vary in effectiveness over time.

  2. Madhav Tripathi :

    When it comes to SEO, the question stuck in my mind is whether we should follow guidelines that are already proved or there is any space for own creativity that we can apply to get results. Your second point that tells effective SEO take risks makes me think about other option as well. Effective SEO never rely on SEO is something making me to think outside of SEO.

    • You want to follow the guidelines to a certain extent but following them strictly will only limit you. If you let variety and creativity in you will be more likely to have greater success.

      • Hello Neil,

        I’m planning to start my blog (tech). What would be your suggestion to part-time bloggers in building up their blog with all these SEO activities and more?


        • I would just use the SEO plugin by Joost. Also make sure you blog on a consistent basis… that’s what most part-time bloggers forget to do.

  3. Aliosha Kasin :

    Great, I’m trying to learn about SEO just now so this post is in good time.

  4. Its true that if we don’t try SEO it will remain unknown to us. But Niel, do you actually believe that these books help anyhow as every other SEO books have same stuff/technique. I believe, at last the only thing which matters is how you do same things differently instead of doing something different altogether.

    • There are many different places where you can learn SEO. You want to read as much as you can and from as many different sources as you can. Doing that will allow for you to not only be informed on the matter but also give you different variations. Which may inspire you to be creative and think of something different you can do.

  5. Aarti | Seo Services :

    Very informative post, I know SEO is not tough but you have to be creative and analytic so that you can always stay ahead with your competitors. SEO is keep changing as Google changing its algorithm quickly so it’s always important to stay up to date about changes in SEO industry.

  6. Thanks a Lot Neil for your valuable tips!!

  7. Riya | Promo Codes :

    Practice makes a man perfect so it’s necessary to focus on your SEO practice and I too feel that you not rely on one tactic only if it’s working, you should other tactics as well it’ll help you enhance your skills and let you know what’s the difference among these tactics and how soon you can get results from each tactic.

    • I agree, practice and hard work is what it takes to make it. You want to make sure you practice a variety of different ways as well until you find one that works for you, or even better a new creative way to make it your own!

      • TheWorldOrBust :

        I agree with both of you, having a little success through one medium is a great rush, but it’s like in real life, you gotta diversify in case something happens to that source. lots of fingers in lots of pots!

  8. I saw a rapid dip in my pagerank few days ago. but now it is back to the original. Is it normal to have this change frequently?

    • Yes, rankings fluctuate dramatically. Track month to month rather than day to day.

      • TheWorldOrBust :

        Yea I was having the same issues as Anvesh, but like you said, checking monthly will give you a more of an accurate picture…and keep you sane!

    • Yes, I find that Google rankings, and to a lesser degree PagrRank, fluctuate apparently randomly! Sometime Google can decide to rate all your pages highly, then suddenly pull the plug, before reinstating them a week later. It can be quite frustrating!

      Don’t worry about your pagerank too much, though, as that’s not as important as it once was.

      • Definitely, where you want to focus your attention on is making your content as good as possible and networking a lot. That is what you need to worry about.

  9. I noticed you linked web analytics to kissmetrics.com – how is that different/better than Google Analytics? On that note – I recently learned about Google Analytics in Real Time, though I don’t see how it would be helpful to know that data anyways. What are all of your thoughts on it?

    • Google Analytics is a great tool, but KISSmetrics focuses on tracking data points like life-time-value of a customer, churn rate, revenue, marketing attribution, conversion rate over time…

      So in other words, they provide 2 different things and if you want to use KISSmetrics, you should also use Google Analytics at the same time.

  10. Jacques van Heerden :

    Some great points here Neil. Creativity is key if you want to stand out. You shouldn’t limit yourself because you think you can’t outshine your competition. That should be your motivation and your drive to do it.

  11. Great post once again. Since you used Matt as an example, I suggest everyone search for interviews of his where he talks in depth about how he link builds. He also goes into some viral marketing tips.

  12. One way for sure to be an effective SEO is to put what you learn into practice and see what works and what doesn’t. Having hands on experience is vital.

  13. marriage registration ghaziabad :

    i thoroughly agree with you Niel, one has to use multiple seo tactics to rank well and get good traffic. If you get hooked to just one technique results may not last very long.

  14. online examination system :

    I have only direct visits to my sites when I analyze in google analytics, what to do Neil?

    • You want to start linking building and reaching out to other webmasters and bloggers. This way you will be able to get links to your site.

  15. PS Discounts UK :

    Great ideas Neil. Though there are thousands of SEO tips on the net, only few are really effective. Hope your ideas can help as well. I specially like your final touch that advices readers to follow your ideas one-by-one and not put everything into the mind. Great !!

  16. Web Design Resource :

    “Quality content optimization and making of quality back links by ethical way” i would like to include this one into your list.

  17. Neil, I will really appreciate if you could give us some tips on link building.

    I have been struggle to do link building.

  18. Shilpi Singha Roy :

    Hi Neil, Great post and I should first thank you for sharing these tips with us. With these tips one can easily do a great SEO.

  19. Hi,

    I think now adays SEO work has been so important for build backlinks and get traffic on site. But it will be prove effective only in that kind of conditions when you will have choose perfect keyword for your site. We all know very well almost all SEO work do on the behalf of keywords.

  20. Hello Neil, thank for the ideas, the leveraging of quizzes is certainly new to me and I will check this one out asap. Your post about networking your way to the top seems a must read too, I wonder if it easy to duplicate though.

  21. David | The Growth Company :

    Thanks Neil,

    This has been filed under ‘points to keep considering in the future’ haha.

    Great post

    • Hahaha I hope that future is sooner rather than later. 🙂

    • sell textbooks :

      That’s funny — I sometimes find myself doing that. In fact, I have a bookmarks file labeled “important, must read” because some days I only have time to “collect” good stuff to read. Then what happens (sometimes) is about 6 months later, I’ll look and see some really cool, important stuff that I should have read 6 months earlier 🙂

      • Yea, you want to be careful about leaving things for “later,” because later usually becomes almost never.

        • sell textbooks :

          Yes, I agree. For me, sometimes not just ‘almost’ never, but really really never. Those bookmarks I was talking about in that previous comment, well, I actually deleted them. It was stressing me out they were just sitting there, unread for over 6 months 🙂

          • Seeing a ton of items piled up can become distressing. It may become overwhelming but don’t give up all together. Try going back and finding something new to read and process once a day. If you stick to one everyday soon you will be done and have learned a bunch of new things.

  22. Nah, like David | The Growth Company above, “.. to keep considerin in the future”. I will learn about this SEO, everywhere people talk about this, even when I install a blog template it have this SEO things as important feature… Even you have several postings here about this SEO; seems really this should not be an alien to me any longer, very very soon. I like your posts, Neil, it genuinely offering help and insight for inexperienced blogger like me. You rock!

    • It is certainly something you want to try to read and learn as quickly as you can. For it will greatly benefit you in the future. Thank you, hopefully you have a better understanding and will continue on learning.

  23. Neil, to me #1 is the most important. I get marketers who are just entering the SEO space ask me all the time, “how do I learn SEO”, and the first thing I tell them is to set up a website and start testing all the crazy tactics you see in forums for getting rankings.

    That is the way I started, I set up about 5 test sites, most still running now, and just started pushing the limits, and learned what I could get away with (was short lived) and what was valuable (long term strategy).

    “In the book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, he states that to become and expert at anything it takes a person an average of 10,000 hours of doing that which they want to become and expert at before they can truly understand the details and knowledge needed to accomplish that thing.”


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I would have to agree that testing and practicing are the best ways to learn what will work and what will not.

  24. As an ineffective SEO I’m glad to know it’s not too late to start. As always, thanks for the tips Neil! Time to begin!

  25. 8. Effective SEOs Never Stop Moving

    Whether it’s continually learning about new industry news, generating content, building relationships, or coming up with new link building ideas… SEO never stops. It’s like anything else – once you stop moving, you give your competitors a leg up and they’ll do everything in their power to move past you. SEO is part of your marketing initiative and isn’t a one-and-done deal.

    There’s always room for improvement.

    • Yep, you have certainly got it. You want to make sure you keep moving and keep improving or else others will pass you by and take the opportunities and make the improvements you didn’t.

  26. Bahadir Cambel :

    The best SEO strategy is creating engaging customers/users/readers. So that you don’t depend on SEO anymore. The down side is it requires a lot of work, patience and time. The ROI is great though.

    • It is time consuming for sure, but in the end the time spent will produce results. The harder and longer you work the better you will do.

  27. Reiki Bedfordshire :

    I´m with you on aggressive linkbuilding. Okay, being aggressive can do you a bit of harm in some fields, but linkbuilding – go for it as hard as possible.

    • Glad to hear it. Being aggressive is beneficial almost all the time. It just depends on how you manage that aggression.

  28. Vishal Vivek @ SEO Corporation :

    I totally agree that without experimentation you can not learn real SEO. When I started my company SEO Corporation I didn’t know any better SEO but with aggressive link building and experimentation I got top rank on highly competitive keywords. Which gave an idea of the ranking mechanism. I used to share my experiences with prospective clients and tell them what we intend to do for their sites which made them real interested in our services.
    To see results of action were thrilling and taught a lot of SEO.
    Always remember the best soldiers are baked in the heat of war perhaps that is how teenagers used to turn into war veterans when they returned from trenches in WWI , WWII or any other war in history.

  29. Another outstanding post Neil! I have read a lot of tips and advice during my SEO career and this ranks as the best of them. For me, I believe that creativity is the key element in SEO. Without you are just never going to rank highly with competitive keywords.

    • Thank you, appreciate it. It certainly is, you need to try many different approaches to create an edge that will get you ahead.

  30. Dilanka Wettewa :

    I was always afraid of getting banned from Google. Since Neil says it’s OK, my goal is to get banned within the next 2 months =)

    Seriously. I get it. Cool Beans Neil.


  31. Learning SEO is very important in the beginning. But as your website grows and becomes more popular. Your content will be the key to making your visitors return.

    • Definitely, you want to make sure you have the best content you can possible have. You will build continuous readers that way and increase traffic over the long run.

  32. Seo is a time consuming process and takes days and months to get it right.

  33. Yasir Khan - SEO consultant :

    Great post once again.

    SEO is definitely about going out of your way to test how aggressive you can be.

    If I were just building totally whitehat links, my clients’ sites would not be receiving the amount of traffic they are getting daily.

    Also, you are never really caught by Google unless you go way out of your way to tick them off.

    • Good points, you certainly want to do all you can to push the boundaries of SEO. That way you can see what will get you the best results. As for google, I agree. You have to do a lot to really get in trouble.

  34. Jacqueline at ShopTranslated Plus Sizes :

    when you wrote, “you can read about it, get the lingo down, but does it mean you are really good at SEO?” was a reality check for me. As a small business owner / DIY’r, I find myself spending daaaays trying to figure the analytics to all of it and less time on designing. We’ve been burned too many times with so many so-called experts, so we’ve taken on the beast ourselves. But with the other responsibilities on our plate, it’s true, we’ll never really be an really good at it.

    • Never say never. It is something that must be practiced to be learned. It may take time to do but is not impossible.

  35. Alex @ Easy ways to make money :

    This is true, SEO needs multiple tactics. Especially in the current page ranking mechanics we have today, if you only use 1 technique then you won’t be that effective.

    • Yep, using multiple tactics will certainly give you a variety of different results and in the long run will benefit you much more.

  36. hi Niel, I’m sorry if I don’t get the meaning of “push the envelope.” Anyone can reply me. Thanks

    • I came back here for the answers… I have none. I’ll try to guest that “push the envelope” means don’t worry about the rules and take the risk and you will get the result good or bad and in the end you have to learn something.

    • It basically means that you want to try to extend (“push”) the current limits of performance. To be creative, or go beyond the usual boundaries.

  37. Joseph | SEO India :

    Great points given in this post. You have to practice what you read and see what works in practice. You have also to use multiple tactics to obtain results. Over dependence on any one tactic may cause your rankings to crash some day. I know this by personal experience as I have managed to increase the rankings for my clients e-commerce site in a very competitive niche when large number of sites crashed during the Panda updates.

    • sell textbooks :

      Interestingly, I know of some website owners that *only* do one technique, and they rank near the top of page one. But then I also know others that have tried the same technique without the same success. So I almost wonder if it’s site-dependant? (e.g. if two different sites use exactly 100% identical linking strategies, I just wonder if they wouldn’t rank somewhat differently? Would be an interesting experiment).

      • It definitely also depends on the sites content. You can you all the tricks in the world to increase your rankings and traffic but if your content is not good then it won’t matter.

    • That is right, you can’t know if something works unless you try it out.

  38. Hi Neil

    Agreed with all your points. Also effective SEO do things regularly and work on schedules. Rather not working as they wish. We may not rely on content all the times and SEO either. It’s a thin line where the difference is. An effective SEO stands there.

  39. neil, based on the judgements in this post, I can say that I am an effective SEO. Lovely post highlighting the various aspects of an effective SEO.

  40. sell textbooks :

    I think that when a site becomes as popular as your’s (many people, including myself really enjoy reading it and telling others about it), you may receive a lot of natural linking which you don’t even have to “try” to get. People simply like sharing it (e.g. “Hey, check out Neil’s blog, click here…”).

    • Building a popular blog isn’t easy but once you do there are many benefits to it. Especially if you encourage your readers to share and ask questions. It is about communicating and connecting.

  41. The article is quite generic in nature – the real stuff is missing…and it isn’t up to the reputation of NEIL writing on concrete fundamentals.

    • Hey Ritesh, sorry for the generic post. I’ll try to do better next time. 🙂

      Thanks for reading Quick Sprout and giving me honest feedback. It really helps me improving.

  42. I started my blog only before a couple of weeks and was learning SEO online. I am glad I found this blog post.

  43. Thanks for sharing your ideas related to effective SEOs.
    I am expecting something more from you on this topic..

  44. Very nice post there sir, and i personally like “habit” #2 and #6. It’s true that there are many SEOs nowadays that stick just to one tactic and are either too scared/too complacent to go around and try out different things. Definitely gonna have my fellow workmates and friends read this to at least help them become effective in their work.

    • Please do, share it with as many people as you like. It is great to show variety because not just one way works for everyone. When you diversify you increase your chance of success.

  45. Vic @ Business Tips :

    I really learned a lot from this post. It is like you have shared your years of SEO experience for us to learn that in just one read of your post. But I really agree on the #1, we need to practice what we learned. I know a lot of SEO techniques, but I always found myself lacking time, or the zeal to do them all.

    • I try and share my personal experiences, especially failures. I feel if I can show what did or didn’t work for me then others will be able to learn and grow from that without having to experience it themselves. Practice makes perfect as they saying goes.

  46. Kathleen@Legitimate Work From Home Jobs :

    I find it amusing that so many people think SEO is simple to do. Well, I suppose for some it does come naturally, but I recall several years ago everyone wanted to get into the SEO ‘boat’. Perusing the various SEO related forums that I did at that time, every day someone was wanting to start in the SEO business. So, as you stated, practice what you preach. If your own sites aren’t doing well in the search engines, then what can you bring to the table for your clients ?

    • Anything is simple with time and practice. Those who are good at it, have study it and worked at it. It is extremely important to first look to your own work and practices before criticizing others.

  47. Debbie Hemley :

    Thanks for the great post.

    In your 9/21/10, post, The SEO’s Handbook you list a good number of SEO tools. Are there others you’d now add and recommend?

  48. Thanks for this article. It is a nice profile of SEOs.

  49. Thanks for the article, great as always. One thing I learned the hard way was flash sucks for seo.

  50. TheWorldOrBust :

    Can you give more information about whitehat link building in the next posts 🙂

  51. Best by far: Effective SEOs practice it!

    So many times I’m sick of hearing people that claim they know SEO, but in reality they do little SEO themselves. The #1 way to siphon through numbers & numbers of bloggers to find the ones that are the best is to look for ones that are authentic. You can tell if someone practices what they preach.

    Thanks Neil! I’ve come across your blog numerous times but never took time to read anything hear, which was a complete mistake after reading this post 🙂

    • I agree, you have to practice in order to learn and become good. I am glad you finally gave it a chance and enjoyed it. I hope you were able to gather useful information from it.

  52. I don’t understand what you mean by “Be Aggressive” at #2. Aggressive people who are penalized would be the people who build links too quickly – so why are you saying that you learned to build links slow and steady by being an aggressive SEO? (Wouldn’t a non-aggressive SEO do that?)

    • Aggressive doesn’t necessarily have to mean fast.. Being aggressive more so refers to taking risk and being creative. It is about thinking outside the box and going for it.

      • TheWorldOrBust :

        Yea I had a little confusion with that too as I’m always scared to be flagged as doing black hat stuff, but all my friends involved in SEO says, sometimes you have to cross the boundaries to see where they are…

        • Yep, sometimes it takes a little risk to see what you can do. In the end you may get burned a bit but at least you have learned something new.

  53. Duncan - Vetter :

    Does anyone else find SEO and all its options a bit overwhelming at times?

    • It can be, you just have to take it in bit by bit and adjust to the information and take the time to practice it and process it. Take your time and you will be fine.

  54. Louie@Internet Marketing Australia :

    I must say that an effective SEO is a give and take relationship. You are right, Social networking is one of the best ways to promote one’s website.
    Thanks for sharing this very insightful SEO strategy and this wil definitely go to my bookmark.

    • Very true, it is a delicate relationship as well as a smart way to promote your site. No problem, I hope it has helped.

  55. San Jose Jumpers :

    Hello, this post I would have to say very helpful! What really open my eyes about this is when you said “build links at a slow and steady pace you can out rank someone who builds the same type of links too fast?” This really motivated me to take my time into creativity and learn how to create activities for customers. I know that SEO is not an easy process to learn, but putting the extra hours into the day to research and execute will help. I am currently learning about SEO and hoping to learn more. I hope there will be more articles like this! good stuff….

  56. These are some great tips.
    I feel if you can afford, you shouldnt depend solely on SEO, we should look into other marketing method like social media marketing and PPC etc

    • I agree, SEO is great to learn and use but you shouldn’t solely rely on it. You should expand to other ways to market like you said.

  57. Duncan - Vetter :

    I’m suprised you didn’t have one ‘SEOs are paitent’ Neil. You’ve recommended to build links in a ‘slow and steady’ fashion before right?

    • Good point, patients is definitely necessary. However sometimes people use patient as an excuse to hold back or delay. You want to make sure you not only take your time but also stay focused and persistent.

  58. Website Design :

    Hey Neil these 7 habits are simply awesome. In today’s time it is necessary to be a creative in order to do proper and effective marketing for the website. So it is always necessary to search different methods for marketing, in order to get tons of visitors to the website.

    • Definitely, make sure you are constantly changing it up as well as taking creative risks. It is important to see what does and doesn’t work so you can improve and grow.

  59. Thanks a lot dude for the blog.
    Does google offer any course on SEO certification like it does for SEM? I have a website www.niftyvix.com and would like to do SEO for that but don’t have much of a clue from where to begin.

    • If you want to learn SEO, check out this link: https://www.quicksprout.com/2010/09/21/the-seos-handbook-53-resources-for-first-time-seos/

      Google does have an AdWords certification course. That will help you gain knowledge about SEM.

  60. Michael D Walker :

    Hi Neil,
    You make some great points in your article and even more impressively, you didn’t put me into a coma reading about SEO.

    Likening SEO to a constantly changing game and pointing us to The Oatmeal site made it a lot more fun and opened my mind up to ways I might tap into my creativity to make SEO more entertaining instead of feeling like a crappy homework assignment.



    • Thanks, glad you liked them. Definitely get creative and see what you can come up with. The best way to be successful is to make yourself stand out.

  61. Iklan Baris Gratis Tanpa Daftar :

    A habit is something that is done continuously. I hope that I can develop the seven habits above. Thank you for sharing.

  62. Yasir Khan Quantum SEO :

    You have hit the nail right on the head! There is no substitute to quality content and trying to better than what you are already doing. If you can rank better just by coming up with what the world is looking for, even Google Panda will rank you higher than before. As far as not depending on SEO alone for marketing, I think SEO is not a marketing tool, its an online visibility tool.

  63. One more habit I’d add: to be creative and don’t be afraid and don’t stop to try something new in SEO.

    • I agree, great addition. Creativity and risk taking will get you so much further in life then playing it safe all the time.

  64. website company noida :

    i completely agree one has to use multiple tactics to get the required seo results. Article submission, blog commenting, link sharing , social media everything matters.

  65. Yasir Khan Quantum SEO :

    Hi Neil, great post as usual. The very first SEO advise you gave: ‘practicing SEO’ is what touched me the most. There are so many SEO tips and tricks out there that it is quite impossible to try everything all at once, but what’s important is actually trying or practicing each and every tip so as to find which tips really work for you and which do not. I really love your posts and you can expect me to visit from time to time.

    • Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. I agree practice makes perfect if you want to become good at anything your need to take the time to try doing new things and seeing how each method works out.

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    • If you can separate the effects of each method while using several at the same time then you should be fine. I find however that it is easier to try one at a time that way you clearly see what the results are and know it is due to that certain method.

  69. You forgot the most important SEO tactic ,the one Google looks for to give you a better ranking and that’s “Create authority,become an expert and solve real problems for your audience.Google now knows when you create artificial links.
    When your links are natural from people that really find your blog useful you start to rank higher. Good content means really solving problems for your audience. The best advice for the best SEO is on Google webmaster tools page.

    • Good point, you will always benefit greatly from providing valuable content. By doing so you will create that authority like you said and will gain followers that trust and use your information.

  70. Rather than habits, I would call this a creed or a lifestyle. Granted you can practice all of these things… but in the end, most of them seem like personality traits or characteristics .

  71. Fantastic some realy goos points especialy the stuff about building links to fast ect

  72. The above mentioned points are really good. After staying on the first page for some of my keywords, all of a sudden I could not find my website even on 2-3 pages. Now i understood google must have penalized. But as per your suggestion, I must agree, we must be really aggressive in our SEO practices.

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    I believe, at last the only thing which matters is how you do same things differently instead of doing something different altogether.

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    Superb Blog!

    • Anvesh, glad you like it — simplicity is key.

      It definitely can be a challenge to strike that balance but once you get it down the sky is the limit in regards to conversions and positive feedback.

  85. Neil, your aspect about the effective SEO has a mix of courage and self motivation.

    l will use your article as a source in my greek digital marketing blog.

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