6 Advanced Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Google is the most popular website on the Internet. So, whether you have an offline or online business, it’s important that your company be found at the top of the search results. If it isn’t, you’ll be losing a lot of potential revenue.

If you don’t know how to rank your website at the top of search engines, I recommend that you read the Beginner’s Guide to SEO before reading this blog post. But if you are familiar with SEO, here are 7 advance strategies to increase your rankings.

Tactic #1: Don’t be afraid to slow down

quicksprout links

Over the past year, I have been noticing a trend: if you build links too quickly to your website, it won’t rank well. But if you only build a handful of rich anchor text links each month, your rankings will start shooting up.

So, my strategy with building links, even for the most competitive terms, is to only build five to ten rich anchor text links. And out of those links, two to four may contain the anchor text I am trying to rank for, while the others will contain variations of the term.

In addition to that, I usually slow down or stop building links for my major terms after five or six months as I noticed that my rankings start to go up naturally over time if I don’t continue to keep building rich anchor text links.

The key with link building is to be patient as it looks unnatural if your link count grows at a rapid pace. It doesn’t matter if your competitors have a hundred or a million links coming to their websites, you need to build slowly.

Tactic #2: Get social

social media buttons

There are two main aspects of social media. The first is your profiles on these social sites, and the second is how often you are able to get your website mentioned on the web.

Search engines like Google are starting to take into account votes from social sites. Currently, in Google’s Webmaster Tools you can see how many people voted +1 for your website and how it’s affecting your traffic.

So, if you want to do well on the social web you need to:

  1. Build up your profiles – create powerful profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. The three articles I linked to should be able to teach you how to build powerful social accounts.
  2. Promote your site – whether it’s blog content, a product you are selling or service you offer, add social media buttons to your website. Encourage your users to click on them as it will affect your search engine traffic in the long run.

Tactic #3: Diversify your links


There are a lot of different types of links you can get such as blog roll links, homepage links, links from blog posts, directory links, educational links, footer links, etc. SEOs have a tendency to build only one, instead of each, of these types of links.

If you want to rank high, you can’t just focus on one type of link building method such as directory links. Instead, you need to get links to your site from blogs, directories, and sometimes from the homepages of other sites. Just make sure whatever links you are building are also relevant as those links tend to have the biggest impact.

For example, with Quick Sprout, I have a variety of sites linking to me. Here is an example of a news site link, a sidebar link from a popular blog, a link within a blog post, and a link from an educational website, all linking to my site. The diversification of links coming into the site is what partly accounts for over 50% of my monthly traffic from Google.

Tactic #4: Content isn’t king, unless it’s good content

quicksprout answers

I’ve tried the approach of adding hundreds of pages of unique content in hopes that it would increase the number of pages on my blog. One of the ways I did this was through a questions and answers community.

The overall idea is good as it has worked for many companies like Yahoo. But the mistake I made was that I didn’t moderate the community very well, and I didn’t keep the content engaging.

Had I added great content through the questions and answers community, my traffic would have gone up. At first, I did see it go up, but once I started slacking on the content, it started going down. (The fault here doesn’t lay with the questions and answers community. It rests with me as I it was my responsibility to make it work.)

Adding more content to your website is a great idea if you want more search engine love. But you have to add good content, instead of just flooding your site with mediocre information, so that those pages get more natural links.

Tactic #5: Buy links ethically

mashable infographic

I know what you are going to say. Buying links is frowned upon, right? And, yes, you are right – you don’t want to hit up a website and ask it if it will sell you a link.

But what you can do is spend money on content and then give that content away for free. The best example of this are infographics as you can create good ones for $500 and email popular bloggers to see if they want exclusive rights to them as long as they link back.

Popular blogs like Guy Kawasaki and Mashable seem to be willing to post infographics created by other companies. If you happen to get a link from one of these sites, you’ll be getting a very authoritative link.

When using this strategy, you have to understand that you can’t just create crap content and expect others to pick it up. If you create good information and email popular bloggers, there is an extremely good chance that you can get a link from a blog with high PageRank for $500.

Tactic #6: Google can show you the way

google vegas links

My favorite way to build links is to leverage Google. For example, if I am looking to build links to my Las Vegas website, I would search for websites that talk about “Las Vegas” and have a links page.

Here is the search command I would use: intitle:”las vegas” inurl:”links”

I would then go through the listings above and send a custom email to each of the site owners to see if they would be interested in linking to my website.

I know this sounds like a tedious task, but I can get roughly 10-15% of the websites I email to link back to my website. Also, I can typically hire a college student for ten dollars an hour and have him or her send out at least one hundred emails in an eight-hour period.

That means I pay about $6.67 -$10.00 a link, which is a great deal.


SEO isn’t rocket science! You can rank your business for any term as long as you are willing to get creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. More importantly, be patient as it can take months, if not years, before you start ranking for competitive terms.

In addition, make sure you try to rank high up on page 1 as ranking on page 2 for popular terms won’t drive you much traffic. In other words, you’d better rank in the top three spots on page 1 or you need to start going after different terms.

If you have any other advance SEO strategies, feel free to share them by leaving a comment. Or if you have any questions, leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

P.S. If you’re not satisfied with your current rankings click here.


  1. Awesome tip on using Google search terms!

  2. Your title reads “6 Advanced Ways” but on the top paragraph you have “7 advance strategies to increase”‘….

    I assume typo 🙂

  3. Aditya Todawal :

    That’s really an interesting post especially for a person who is into this :). I liked tactic #6 its quite new for me and what you said is totally right you have to think out of the box. But you didn’t mention anything about on-page tactics. Some people say Meta descriptions are not considered by search engines but what do I think is they can help with increasing CTR’s.

  4. I think we should build backlink in radom period. That’s way it’s look more natural to google.

    Blog comments are also good way to build some backlinks.

  5. Very useful tips, Neil.
    I have already chosen 5 keywords for my new site & started to build backlinks. But my wonder: Should i focus on 2 out of 5 keywords than the rests or deliver equal numbers of backlinks for all 5 keywords ?
    Thank alot for caring !

    • It depends on your budget and the amount of time you have to build links. You have to balance quality with quantity, always.

  6. This really is awesome and I never even thought about it. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of other ways in which we can build links at my company. Naturally, guest blog posting and all of that has worked, but that can get old and relatively tiring, especially if you’re the one doing all the writing.

    I’ve always wanted to buy links, but you’re right, it can be seen as unethical. And, more importantly, Google looks down on that. However, the infographic idea is really great and I am already talking to my manager to see if we could, perhaps, spread into that and try to get an infographic going to get picked up one some other blogs.

    Thanks for this article!

  7. Number 6 is an awesome tip! I’m going utilize it tonight. I’ve been having a hard time with SEO because the most relevant key word is “Crohn’s Disease” however google always wants to show my site to people looking for dorm or college stuff. which is sort of relevant but if it’s not Crohn’s AND college the user won’t be interested.

    • Just hone in on your keyword analyzing tools 🙂

    • Tim,
      More people search for it without the apostrophe.

      try “chrohns disease” and you will find plenty of long tail

      Thanks for the post Neil … a slightly different slant on the hard slog of selling our own infographics. That works for me! 🙂

  8. Christina Sponias :

    Thank you for your guidance! I don’t think I can do everything you suggest, but I’ll try to.

    • Every lil effort counts in the grand scheme of ranking.

      • Yes Neil, You are right, Actually when I started learning SEO, I spent lot’s of time to read people’s blog about SEO. But I never found something that might work because all those persons who are writing about SEO they are actually not sure about it and they never spent some time on experimenting it.

        When I came to your site, I really liked it in first visit and then I kept on reading all the articles of your blog via google reader related to SEO. In those articles I really found something which told me how should I practice SEO. I have applied all the tips and tricks which you given to me and I really succeeded. I hearty thanks you. And I can tell everyone that, rather than searching here and there for SEO…. Just quickly sprout with Quick Sprout 🙂

        • Thank you Mihir,

          It is great to hear you have learned so much from these post. I appreciate you sharing with everyone how you benefited from reading Quick Sprout.

  9. Great tips, Neil!

    I had a question about Tactic #6. Instead of hiring a college student, what’s your opinion on outsourcing link-building work to people in places like India and the Philippines? For the real drudge work like contacting hundreds of website owners.

    Posting videos on YouTube is another effective tactic. Many people forget that it’s the world’s second largest search engine after Google. Make a viral video that’s funny, entertaining, and/or informative and it can be even more powerful linkbait than an infographic. The recent “Plot Device” short film produced by Red Giant Software is a good example.

    Looking forward to reading more great stuff on your blog!

    • I am a strong proponent of outsourcing labor when necessary. However, I feel personally that college kids will do a better job link building. It’s just been my experience.

      • Thanks for sharing your opinion. I can see how college students would be better for certain tasks, especially for local search and marketing to businesses in your area.

      • Neil:

        What’s the most efficient method to find college kids who can do this sort of work? How do you measure their success?


      • oscar cifuentes :

        You’d be surprised. I have extensive call center experience. Made $350 to $450 in Guatemala a month. Industrial engineer, a lot of us in order to pay for college will work there. And I can tell you on one job.I learned hands on what most college students would learn in a year due to extensive training in a couple of months. A new trend is differentiated outsourcing,if you are willing to pay $1,000 + you can get professionals with MBA’s and Master’s in Ops research also. The pay will determine that.

      • Yes Neil, College student are actually good when it comes to repetitive work. I was running my movie site in which I needed to post movies. I hired 2 engineering student who were doing posting on behalf of me on my site only for 70$ a month each.

        I also out sourced daily 10 backlinks creation task in which I used to provide dofollow blogs and the other 3 students were bulding backlink for my sites. in that case i was giving 30$ a month each.

    • Outsourcing is a good way to hire cheaper (not always) and it is a good way to help people from other countries but at the other hand it hurts some people in your country that are looking for work. Bur after all, we all are doing what is best for ourselves, no?

      • Yep, outsourcing can be beneficial to many. What is most important to focus on is if it will be beneficial to your business.

  10. ” Do’t afraid of slow down” Do you mean create your links slowly and steady. if i am not wrong manual link creation is the process to create your backlinks slowly, Software used to create backlinks generate links quickly, thus suggested by all the SEO experts to avoid. Please correct me if i am wrong.

  11. Hey Neil thanks for such an insightful post! Your first Tactic is so true. It is indeed important to slow down in the process of SEO, I have seen results go down with excessive directory submission.
    And the paragraph describing about getting Social is indeed good. But however, spreading word on Social media is not as easier as it seems.
    People tend to ask more about getting likes may or may not be from relevant traffic and later they argue about having low interactions and negative insights on Facebook pages.
    Can you please suggest alternative quick methods where we can get more likes that can be relevant also or may be suggest something better in response to my query.

  12. Shilpi Singha Roy :

    These tips are extremely beneficial. These are things that anyone can easily do to improve a blog. It seems self-evident to write what you love, to direct your content toward your community, etc. but these simple goals can often be pushed to the side in pursuit of sheer number of readers.

  13. Hey Neil all points were cool as you 😉 but i have question mark in your last point, link exchange or link sharing is not working anymore for SERP, is that true?

  14. ReTargeter brought me back! I saw an ad of you on thesun.co.uk and I was like, “I remember you!”

    You guys and your marketing…getting very sneaky! Hopefully you didn’t have to pay much because I clicked on that ad. Very clever!

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    Thanks for the tips Neil can you bit explain me more about profile links

  16. Thanks for the tips Neil, I came across this blog post via Digg (a great strategy) while researching questions women in business are asking about SEO. I have all my blogs on the 1st page of search results for a large number of top competitive keywords. I didn’t use all the strategies above for all those sites but still managed to get placement. Guest blogging is supposed to be a great strategy, as is setting up an affiliate account (working on that one now). I have some more tips on my blog sites for your interested readers. Thanks again for the great content.

    • That is great, good for you. Definitely give guest blogging a try it will indeed be beneficial to you.

      Best of luck.

  17. Duncan Macdonald :

    Could not agree more – especially with being ethical, there are no shortcuts it is down to hard work

  18. Hi Neil,
    These tips are simply great. I am still not very clear how social media can help boost website ranking. Can you explain?

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    One more thing same as Aditya #6 is new one for me also. I will surly try this idea.

    Thanks Niel for updating our knowledge base I read your blog first time and I am happy to be here….Hope to see more from you.

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    • It may not have been up back when you commented but if you check now you should see it on the left hand side with the other social media buttons. It should scroll down with the page.

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  23. Shucks! $500 for an infographic? Companies like ours should look at this as a business opportunity! 😉


  24. Always loved your SEO tips they are simple to implement & easy to understand

  25. Great article, but I am so interested in seeing how kissmetrics helps in all of this and you never write about it. Is it because its too much self-promotion?

  26. Ian Belanger | Network Marketing Success :

    Hey Neil,

    This is a great list for effective link building. The info-graphic idea is especially attractive to me, as I am a graphic designer and internet marketer.

    Also, building natural looking links is very important to google. They will always reward quality, natural looking links and they will definitely not reward someone who builds 1000 links in a couple days.

    This is why I never use any software for link building. In my experience, I have not found any software that will build natural looking links, with anchor text.

    Has anyone ever found good link building software? I would definitely be interested in checking it out.

    Thanks for this list Neil and have a good one!

  27. Crystal The Kitchen MBA :

    These are great *advanced* tips. Too often I just read the same old, same old about how to advance your site. Buying links, especially – good to be careful and not try to have your site plastered everyone on bad links (Google does not like that!)

  28. Marco Gallen :

    What about sites that have user generated content? For example a product review site where the users review CDs, how can I get to rank better for related terms?

    Thanks, great ideas #6 was really new to me.

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  34. I have been reading up on seo now for 6 months. Its the link side of things need to start building now. We’re on page 2 google uk for cleaner chester so i think im doing aright so far only actually been working on the seo for 3mths roughly and we have quite a lot of competition so not bad for first time. Its a great learning curb.

  35. Great advice, I especially like tip 6 since it was the one I didn’t know about! Learn something new every day;)

  36. Hey Neil,

    I wondered why your name was all over my stats this morning. Now I see why. Thanks for mentioning us as “a link within a blog post.” Let me know when your in town. I found a new place for us to eat.


  37. oscar cifuentes :

    Loved it. Most tactics are difficult to apply in Guatemala due to the low population using internet. But what most companies do is put a facebook promo. Click like and the winner wins a free trip or free toys. It appeals to younger population but overall just takes the social circles from each to get traffic. And annoys people like me getting invites.But its changing due to the increase of Smartphones.

  38. Hi Neil,
    I like your tactic #6 very much. Thanks for sharing.
    Will try it soon.

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  41. interesting that you only aim for page one – if you cant get to position 1 or 2 maybe 3 is it really worth the effort?Lots of time and money may be spent for little return if you settle for position 5 or 6 – of course each industry is different but as far as I am concerned if you are position 5 its like being on page 2.

    • oh sorry you do actually make this point in the final paragraph

      • :). I agree, but sometimes the terms are so competitive with such high traffic volume you just want to get on that first page before you make any other moves

  42. Neil, could you tell me how building a profile on fb or other social networking sites help long term? Ive never understhood how building a community or fan page..helps a blog? could you explain plz..

  43. Dmitry @ Easy ways to make money online :

    In my experience it is much easier to get links if you produce something that is worth linking – look at free tools, software, applications, research, videos, if they’re good people have a tendency to pass them around and link to them. As you mentioned shifting your focus from mediocre mass production to producing valuable content will definitely yield more links in a long run.

  44. Great post!
    One question/suggestion – can you make your links to be opened in a new window? It would make it easier for us to go back to your blog after visiting those outside pages.

  45. Also a fan of #6. In a similar sense, I also hunt out competitors links using Yahoo Site Explorer, Open Site Explorer and even Blekko.

  46. Hey there Neil,

    Nice ideas and good tips. Thumbs up for you and the post is just so damn awesome. I had been reading all your post regularly and this one is just so good. Keep up the good job buddy.



  47. aeroporika eisitiria :

    “So my strategy with building links, even for the most competitive terms, is to only build 5 to 10 rich anchor text links. And out of those links 2 to 4 may contain the anchor text I am trying to rank for while the others will contain variations of the term.”

    This is an excellent strategy. I was always going for mass links but it seems that quality is better. I am going to have this in mind from now on.

  48. Thanks for the great post. Nice to see some “outside of the box” thinking for aletrnative SEO methods. Some food for thought to share with my clients!

  49. Fighters Marketing :


    You are a genius.

    I wish you could mentor me and my business to success.

    Thank you for the wonderful information.


    • Rob,
      Thanks for reading. I really appreciate the kind words, but I am not a genius…I just worked really hard at learning the trade. Email me if you need any help.

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  51. OK Neil, great Post 😉
    but, what do you think of the anchor text?

  52. I definitely agree with the first one, maybe out of laziness or maybe because link building is so boring and tedious that I put it off and do as little as possible. But I have noticed a positive change when I link less frequently AND now I don’t even ping the comments….I just wait for Google to find the link naturally.

  53. Well written post and a wonderful way to spend some time learning more about SEO. In particular I thought your comment on taking time to build links was spot on. Instead of building “cheeseburger” links it might be better to focus instead on links that are most likely to attract qualified prospects and customers.

  54. Salman @ Tech Blog :

    Great share Neil … Agree with tactic #3, to gain fruitful rankings, one cannot depend on one type of links

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  60. Jason @ Camo Netting USA :

    I especially loved the last gem on google search for links. Will definitely being using that one.

  61. Neil
    Thank you for the tips.
    The create good content tip is by far the one tip that can get you the most mileage, reason there is so much garbage out there, some of the content floating around is no more than words on paper no thought or research what so ever.Content that has value to a great number of people will bring you links and connect you with more of the right people.I am now starting to get it,writing good quality content will connect you or better yet bring the world to your door!
    You just did it with this article I am here and writing a comment so I just proved it works.

    Thank you for the great tips

    Pete Kici

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    My big problem is getting backlinks that show up on google,mine all show up as yahoo backlinks and bing backlinks. Any Idea how to remedy that?

  63. Awesome post Neil,
    I agree with your points. Get social will definitely help one increase search engine ranking. One should just try and stay positive and don’t try to spam 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing.

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  67. One More thing that worked for me is…
    If you are creating dofollow backlinks for your single post for your targeted keywords. Then create 70-80% backlinks to your internal pages and remaining 20-30% backlinks to your homepage with the same keyword. This will help you alot to rank your internal post for targated keywords. And don’t for get to put that internal post link on homepage without fail.

  68. Ive seen those infographics on other websites and thought they were sweet! Never thought of that strategy for actually building links to a site from high authority sites like mashable.

    Is there a company that can make an infographic for us if we can’t do it ourselves?

    Love this ‘thinking outside the box idea’

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  78. Keith E. McGahey, DC. C.ART, CKTP :

    Good stuff Neil. I appreciate the links for building social media profiles as this is an area that I’ve created and just sort of forgot about. The inurl and intitle commands are great too, but I’ve been getting frustrated in this area. I have been contacting websites, blogs and online magazine asking for guest writing priveledges but have yet to receive an email back.

    I have a healthcare background, but have also done a lot of writing in the past and have been published. I would like to use this to my advantage but can’t seem to break through. Any advice about contacting others regarding writing opportunities?

    Thanks again!!

    • Find out who the key opinion leaders are in your niche, then reach out to them. It’s a great way to linkbuild.

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    I like the “slow” part. I mean it takes me about an hour just to get settled in on my computer, check my email, and find something good to read. For example, your blog is fun to read, and I don’t always feel the need to comment, I just read it because it has some good tips. But when I do want to comment, it takes me quite a while to write a decent comment that lets me articulate what I want to say, and then (if you’ve seen any of my other posts), I make sure my grammar is perfect! The point is, there’s just no way I can make more than 2 or 3 respectable comments per evening! How is it that some people seem to be making hundreds of comments a day? I can’t even type that fast!

  81. sell textbooks :

    Oops, here I just finished typing how I do things carefully, check grammar, and now I realized I hit “submit” before making my point! Ha ha. Serves me right 🙂 Anyway, my point was going to be that it made me FEEL good that it’s a good thing to do things slowly, like your blog post says. In other words, you’re not saying to rush rush rush, rather, slow is natural. And I concur! So thank you for your very good article!

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  84. Joseph | Web Design Goa :

    Regarding links by Blog comments. The blog comments posted have to be relevant and contain useful information. Not something like “Hi! Good post”. It is better to post useful comments on relevant or related websites. As regards social profiles it is not enough to create a profile and forget about it you must also have content on it. For example just having a twitter account will do no good unless you post regularly.

  85. Whole Body Vibration :

    Whats more important these days than link building, is just user interaction, and having a viable presence on your website, you may be able to get 4k visitors a month but if your website doesn’t sell, then its a waste.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of SEO, but I think there are so many crappy, and crappy is the nice way of saying it, SEO “Experts” out there trying to do to much, SEO takes time….

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  87. Rather than hire a college student at $10 an hour, I would get a professional SEO expert from $6.50 an hour. Someone that is really dedicated to your company and is part of the team. Try TeamLauncher.com

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  95. Ken iBuyBlogs Guy :

    Only 5-10 links eh? Interesting. Such a different take on “the norm” when it comes to link building. But over 6 months time I guess you would have built up 30-60 powerful links with your anchor text varied… that’s perfect. Do you mix in “low quality” article or comment type links at all… or just let those come in naturally?

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    • Hmm Kathleen it hasn’t held true in my experience. However, I’d love to hear about your experience 🙂

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    • You should definitely consult friends and others you may know who can create great websites. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would be willing to help you.

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    • Definitely, you want to make sure it is more about quality the quantity. In the end that is what will get you ahead.

  115. Hey Neil, thanks for sharing 6 advanced ways to improve the search engine rankings. Well, quality links are the back bone for the website. It is highly essential to look for quality back links instead of looking for quantity of back links. It is always essential to create the trust in the eyes of Google and this is only possible with the help of quality back links.

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    • Interesting point of view. If that is what works best for you, then stick to it. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I hope my advice will be useful to you.

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  118. Hey Neil, thanks for this great post all the work you put in. A quick question on point 2. I have a younger site with a smaller audience that I’m obviously trying to build up. In the past I’ve seen people recommending to not use the social buttons on pages unless you get a minimum level of likes or tweets (say 10 for instance) because it can make you look even worse with 1 or 0 likes. Do you think that’s a dated idea going forward and that even if your having a hard time getting some social love you should keep the buttons on the posts? Thanks!

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  134. These are great *advanced* tips. Too often I just read the same old, same old about how to advance your site. Buying links, especially – good to be careful and not try to have your site plastered everyone on bad links (Google does not like that!)Thank you for sharing!

  135. Nikhil Gabda :

    As G is making various changes is it still good to have backlinks from forum,bookmarking and directory sites? If yes what factors you will check before getting links from above 3 methods?

    • Yes, it is still a valuable method. You should check a number of factors ( There was a blog post I wrote on this )

  136. Syntages Mageirikis :

    Neil, this is all great and true! But Google, being in a mission to hunt what they consider to be spammy links and changing significantly their ranking algorithm, how can anyone be sure of their link building strategy these days?

    I got afraid when Google blocked all links from certain directory sites, and there isn’t a way to know 100% which link Google considers a bad one!

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    • Slow and steady still wins the race. Try not to grow at a pace faster than 5% and focus on quality.

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    • Yes, you can add your URL in the URL box. Just make sure you use your real name in the name box. These links are nofollowed, but they can help boost your referral traffic. You shouldn’t see an increase in search traffic from this tactic.

  140. Diksha Sharma :

    Hi Neil Patel,
    Your conclusion was perfect, SEO can be complex at times. The basic really aren’t all that complex though. It’s the details that get complicated. The good news is most of us don’t really need to spend too much time in the details. Generally if you cover the basics you’ll be in pretty good shape overall.

    • Diksha, great points. It’s all about having all the little things right. If you start off with a great strategy the sky is the limit.

  141. Thanks for the content. All this is new to me and mind boggling as well as eye opening. I guess as the saying goes – the more you know, the more you realize howmuch you don’t know!

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    • Nope, those article submission sites are dead. Those links used to work a lot better 3 or so years ago, but not much anymore.

      I would stop using them as they probably hurt your rankings.

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  166. I’m impressed! Even though this article is four years old most of the tactics still hold true.

    But isn’t putting a backlink in a comment (i.e. visit arcreactions.com as we’re awesome!) now frowned upon by the ‘bot’s that be’?

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    • You’re welcome Tina, I’m so glad I can help. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask

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