48 Unusually Brilliant Business Card Designs

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about creative business cards. You loved those business cards so much that I thought I would share 48 more awesome business card designs.

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A creative way to show what you do.

Multipurpose use.

bent tree
A great way to portray an image.

bottle opener
Must-have for alcoholics.

card board
Environmentally friendly.

Protect your business card.

Sadly, you can’t sit on it.

A card that is interchangeable.

Tasty yet informative.

Only if it was tasty.

Something that you can plug in.

I wonder what it tastes like?

Be careful what you do.

credit card
I wonder if there is money on it?

A card that can easily be saved.

Appealing to emotions.

Pay off your loans or else you’ll get hurt.

How good are your eyes?

Informative, yet fun to play with.

An artsy card for an artist.

I wonder if Google would approve?

Have fun: plant a tree.

Greeks definitely know how to have fun.

Does this remind you of a Bentley?

A cool metal card.

Now, that looks tasty.

Don’t burn your place down.

A useful tool.

If only it were real.

A fun card.

In case of an emergency.

A creative play on post cards.

A uniquely shaped card.

If only it were a remote.

A good tool to have.

An easy thing to do with old cards.

I wonder what it looks like when you open it up?

Sadly, you can’t write on this card.

Can’t put on your shoe?

It would be hard to put this in your pocket.

If only you could eat it.

A cool card for a dentist.

It looks cool, but I am not sure how practical it is.

Pretty creative if you are in the fashion industry.

I wonder what you do after you use all the toothpicks?

Again, I don’t think this would fit nicely in someone’s pocket.

Informative and useful.

I wonder how flexible this card is.

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  1. Chase Cashwell :

    I like the bottle opener business card and the match one also

  2. Your business card is CRAP! an interesting point of view about business cards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YBxeDN4tbk&NR=1

  3. Sweet! Nice collection of business cards that can be used to get creative inspiration.

    (By the way, type on picture #26. “Not” should be “Now”)

  4. I’ve seen a lot of these throughout the web but the printing company is never listed. Does anyone know who prints some of the more unique cards?


  5. A super flat universal remote control with USB storage. THAT would be the BEST business card.

  6. Seriously Amazing…. Some truly unusual stuffs in here

    PS: I did come across the bottle opener and the pen drive 🙂

  7. Really creative cards. I love the Bentley one.

  8. Cool cards, makes me think about creating one of my own.

    I like the ones that serve a function as they are likely to be kept around.

    Thanks Joe.

  9. These cards are really well done. I like the ones which are useful, like the bottle opener because when used frequently, reminds of the company. That stays in mind.

  10. Pro Seo Blueprint :

    I like all of them that you are recommended. it is another useful method to promote the business too.

  11. Highly creative cards.I like the bottle opener card.

  12. For everyone else, something as easy as full-colour, matte laminated business cards can really make a professional impression.

    I liked only if it was tasty business cars. Current time most of tech product company are using.

  13. Wow awesome card designs

    I also want my Business card something creative. Here I attach a link of my Business card, what you think about this.


    Thanks for this collection

  14. Fantastic collection, Some are creative and some are creatively useful with an interesting user interface, like the one with the ruler as you can see the company name every time you use it….
    Great Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Love these! Now, like everyone, I am thinking of ways to make my business card more creative. Hmmmm… I help restaurants create websites… maybe a business card that is also a meat thermometer? What do you think Neil? Or how about a business card that is also a knife sharpener? That might be better.

  16. Some nice ones – but as creative as some are, if you can’t fit it in your pocket – who will keep it?

    What do some of these cost? Doesn’t seem like money well spent in most cases. Great work though on the second hand cards!

  17. Very interesting ideas, people are getting more and more creative.

  18. Wow… nice design. For alcoholics – it’s cool.

  19. Thanks. Where can I get this tree-growing card?

  20. Some awesome designs but very not practical. You cant spend so much on a business card, can u?

  21. Dude, who uses Business cards these days ?!

    Are you kidding me ? You of all people should know this.

    Our generation uses iPhone BUMP and online resources to exchange business info, not old school paper cards !

    • SO many people still use business cards…. it’s not obsolete, and it probably won’t be. It’s easier to give out a card then it is to exchange info over phones

  22. Thanks Neil, this is a cool collection.
    I liked many, # 1, #43, #44, #34 and even the impractical ones like #46, and #10 that are still very creative. The idea behind #38 is cool but it would look sloppy to some people.
    You’re right about it not being cost-effective though. …sigh.

  23. Great post Neil. Perfect timing on this as I am creating some new business cards and have been stuck with only lame ideas. These cards really have me thinking. Your blog rocks man. I have learned a lot from reading it. Cheers on your success.

  24. All are very nice but the best for me is the one with the chair in relief because it’s simple and clean, ingenious!

  25. Timely post. I am in the process of having my own business card right now..

  26. I like the useful tool $100 bill and if you own a bentley it show’s everything that you are in real business deal 🙂

  27. I like the USB – very creative indeed! Good for a tech company.

  28. Toothpick business card FTW

  29. What a splendid selection!

    The one with a handy ruler stuck with me. This gave me a brilliant idea…

    …How about a business card that is also a handy calculator?

  30. Wow.. some really awesome designs there.. I guess we are fast moving away from the traditional definition of business cards which was “contact info on a hard paper which can lie permanently in your wallet”.

  31. Great post makes me rethink my business cards…..great Ideas….

  32. I just forwarded this to my designer. Talk about creative. I love the bottle opener card.

  33. I dont know if you ever watched Rob & Big on MTV. They had an episode of them getting professional business cards. The thing was those business cards were so cool that when you give them to people they do not want to throw them away. So your business is remembered. Regular old business cards get stuck in a wallet till the next cleaning!

    I think it was like a open up business card and then a skateboarder in it. It was really cool I would feel bad to throw something like that away!

  34. ok,

    I’m more on the Stanley Card Metal trip, awesome, the wood one is also a runner for me.
    Nice Collection there, but I haven’t seen your name on any of those, !… any screenshot, I’ve missed? nice Design.

  35. You got to say that its an excellent collection of business cards, I liked that USB plug one type as it can be handy besides being extra-ordinary!

  36. Just found your site… its Great!

    love the ‘outside the box’ ideas in this article

    just thought of a unique business card of my own!

  37. brandon alan scofield :

    inspiring ! i never saw such id cards all my life .. I think I should create business id card like that … I like the design so creative .. But maybe I should make it by my self

  38. Wow, these business cards are pretty good. I was waiting for business cards from much time before. Finally i see here. Especially helicopter design is really nice.

    Thanks for the great Share.

  39. I have to agree that having a unique and creative business card can attract the audience you want. But as technology improves, the usage for a business card doesn’t really make a difference… sad, but true.

  40. I’m always looking for new ways to stick in peoples minds. This has given me some great ideas!


  41. The Google one is a cool idea. Have one made for each of your niches.

  42. These are great! Now my card (which I think looks pretty good) seems boring. One of my clients does “scratch and sniff” printing. I think this would be kind of a fun way to stand out.

  43. I saw a business card that folded into a penny-shooter once. And not a lightweight penny-shooter, mind you. this thing had some kick to it. (pointless, but cool nonetheless)

  44. Jeevan from Real Estate Buying Tips :

    Box of chocolate is my favorite & the can opener. People would always use that and would love it.

  45. really cool cards, I think it can some times be a difficult process to design something that stands that far out from the rest, thanks for these 🙂

  46. like the ones which are useful, like the bottle opener because when used frequently, reminds of the company. That stays in mind.

  47. To be competitive in business, you’ve got to stand out – and there’s no better representation of your visual identity than your business card. While most are tucked into a wallet or desk drawer and quickly forgotten, others make people look twice, with designs that are funny, shocking or just incredibly unique. A brilliant business card that speaks to your profession, serves some unusual function or that transforms into something else can be a great way to grab attention and inspire those you meet.

  48. Neil,

    I love these business card posts you make. In fact, I recently created my own unique business cards and decided to share them with the world a few days ago. They’re based off of old school Nintendo (NES) controllers. I’d love to know what you think!!


  49. The design on all these cards are just brilliant. Can you tell me where can i get the cool metal card done? I know it won’t come cheap but to be able to give people one like this is just class act!

    • It won’t be cheap at all… 🙁 I don’t know where, but you can copy the picture and ask some business cards shops. Or call the company on the card and see if they’ll tell you.

  50. The Biggest mistake i see people make over and over is they always have boring old business cards. Seriously if your card is so thing, plain white, and boring what is going to make me give you my business?

    Good ideas guys takes notes!!

    • Well I agree that these cards are interesting, but financially it’s not a good move on your part. Keep your cards simple and clear and you’ll find yourself in a much better position.

  51. amazing.. , now one can imagine this….

    your business should reflect in your card designing 🙂

    i like this idea very much …

    Thank You Niel Patel

  52. Good Creativity and Nice Visting Cards:) Will be selecting any one for me from this only:)

  53. I like the ones which are useful, like the bottle opener because when used frequently, reminds of the company. That stays in mind.

  54. Really cool ideas. I like the environmentally friendly one the best of course 🙂

  55. My personal favorite – The bottle opener card! Lol

  56. that’s amazing, creativity does not have an end. People are designing such wonderful cards.

  57. Bottle opener card reminds that I am an alcoholic 🙂

  58. Wow! I like the Flash drive type of business card. It’s so useful nowadays.

  59. senior homes :

    You sure spend time in collecting all those photos. They are all great and unusual. 🙂

  60. Nice! The humble business card needs to stand out, otherwise it will just get lost along with all the others that get dished out so frequently. I specially like the plug in card that can have digital information stored on it. Here’s my card (and presentation…) I like!

  61. As you note about the toothpick card, Neil, what happens when it is the toothpicks are used up. But, also, what really happens with the more unique designs that don’t fit in a conventional card storage device (rolodex, wallet, etc.)? Without a good fit in terms of business, I tend to doubt that the uniqueness of a design provides security against the rubbish bin more than traditional designs.

  62. I love business card posts. I always wonder where you can actually get these, though.

  63. I have to say some of these were pretty creative i mean if your going to spend money on a business card you might as well spend the money the right way.

  64. Baby England Kit :

    A well designed and printed business card can impress and make people take notice and remember you . A badly designed or printed card can leave a bad impression or even worse be simply.

  65. I saw a business card a few years ago that was a huge peice of paper that said

    “Now You Wont Forget!”

    The guy was a genius got huge business and made alot of money.

  66. A well designed and printed business card can impress and make people take notice and remember you . A badly designed or printed card can leave a bad impression or even worse be simply.

  67. All designs are great but I liked that USB one and Google one with some very unique feature. What all say?

  68. sell textbooks :

    Nice I totally missed this post. I like looking at the new ways people have come up with to make their card stand out. You asked…I wonder what you do after you use all the toothpicks? It looks like it would be a gun after the toothpicks are gone lets just hope they keep it as a vanity mirror.

  69. You’ve just got my creative juices flowing on creating myself some new business cards. way to think outside the box!

  70. These are really brilliantly business cards. They’re all great (although the greek one seems a bit impractical) but innovatively designed anyway. If you’re thinking of making another post like this, feel free to snag one of the cards on my blog to include in your post 🙂

  71. Hands down, my favorite is the bottle opener. Pretty creative stuff, although the debt collector one is just scary. I thought it was for a radiologist until I looked closer!

  72. those are all really neat. My fav is the one with the pop up person, that is pretty memorable.

  73. They are pretty nice, just a tad bit pricey.

  74. weight loss :

    I hired an professional business card designing guy his works is so good but he his too pricey

  75. Love your article and blogs. Allways new and inspiring. Keep them coming. 🙂

  76. I like pen drive card, Its really amazing card among all.

  77. These cards are really well done. I like the ones which are useful, like the bottle opener because when used frequently, reminds of the company. That stays in mind.

  78. It would be interesting to know who is able to design such business cards, although I think that anyone with some skills could do that.

  79. I like the ones which are useful, like the bottle opener because when used frequently, reminds of the company. That stays in mind.

  80. very impressive cards some of them are work of art

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