Why Immigrants Are More Successful than You!

Laxmi Mittal - indian immigrant

Who would have ever thought that there would be so many successful immigrants? If you look at it from a surface level, it just doesn’t make sense, right?

Many immigrants are coming from third world countries. They have little to no money, and they barely speak English. How the heck do they become successful?

Well, if you dig a bit deeper, it makes a lot of sense

Love is overrated

Immigrants don’t come to this country to do what they love; they come here to make money. Happiness is the last thing on their minds because all they care about is making money.

With that money they can provide a better future for their families and, most importantly, provide their kids with the things that they never had.

The big difference between immigrants and you is that you were taught to do what you love. For example, if you want to be an astronaut, throughout your life your parents and teachers encouraged you to follow your dreams. Immigrants, however, are taught to do whatever makes money.

The 80-hour workweek

Do you love the 4-hour workweek? Well, immigrants don’t! If they don’t believe in the 40-hour workweek, there is no way they believe in the 4-hour workweek.

Instead of trying to figure out how they can work fewer hours each week, they try to figure out how they can work more hours. Sixty, seventy, and even eighty hours are the number of hours immigrants try to work each week.

For example, I know a few Indian immigrants who have two full time jobs, which means they are literally working eighty hours every week. And although working eighty hours a week doesn’t give you the best quality of life, it gives you the potential to make more money.

Investors love immigrants

I am a big believer in making money off other people. I always look forward to making money off immigrants. The hard part is finding a business that they are interested in running.

Plus, if you give them a small stake in the business, they’ll work a lot harder than if you paid them to work eighty hours per week.

Immigrants stick together

One thing that I never forgot is that when my parents immigrated here, other immigrants helped them out. From providing free temporary living accommodations to helping a fellow immigrant to find a job, or navigating eligibility for a U.S. visa, immigrants help each other succeed.

Even after being in the US for over twenty years, my parents still have some stuff, such as furniture, that was given to them by other immigrants.

There’s nothing wrong with being frugal

It’s easier to save money than it is to earn it. This is why immigrants are frugal. They understand that it is really hard to earn money, especially if you are working 80-hour weeks.

They are never afraid to ask for discounts because they know that if you never ask, you’ll never receive. From bargaining at stores and markets to only buying things that are on sale, immigrants always find ways to save money.

Education is everything

When times get tough, the one thing that increases your odds of success is having a good education. Whether you are a teenage immigrant or a middle-aged immigrant, it is never too late to go back to school.

If you have a bachelor’s degree, on average you’ll make $900,000 more over your lifetime than someone who just has a high school diploma. And if you have a master’s degree, you’ll make $1,200,000 more in your lifetime than a high school graduate.

There is no excuse for not going to college as there are online and nighttime classes.

You never take “no” for an answer

Just because someone tells you no doesn’t mean that you can’t change that no to a yes.

When my family first immigrated to the US, my mom could not find a job as a preschool teacher, which is her occupation. So, when she was told no by one particular school, she told the school administrators that she would work for free. Months later, they decided to hire her and, more importantly, pay her.

If someone tells you no, it just means not right now. That not right now can turn into a yes later on.

The grass is truly greener

Have you heard the saying that the grass is greener on the other side? For immigrants, it usually is greener.

Although they may not be living in a fancy home or a rich neighborhood when they first immigrate over, those living conditions are still better than the ones they came from.

This is why they rarely complain about life because there really is nothing to be sad about. In their eyes, life is truly good. They have a roof over their heads, and their kids are getting a great education.


Next time you encounter immigrants, don’t judge them because of the job they have, the way they talk, or the clothes they wear. Be careful as some of the richest immigrants I know still drive their old beat-up cars and buy their clothes from Wal-Mart and only when they are on sale.

Immigrants are successful because of their beliefs and the way they were brought up. So, take a page out of their book and learn a few things because it isn’t too late for you to pick up a few useful approaches to life and, more importantly, become successful.