How to Use Guest Post Dating Sites

One of the most difficult parts of guest posting is finding sites that want to accept your content. Thanks to guest post dating sites like My Blog Guest, Blogger Link Up and Post Runner, the process has become a whole lot easier. This video will go over some of the most popular guest post dating sites online and show you how to get the most out of them.

Video Transcript

Hey, What’s up everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout. And in this video I’m going to show you how to use some of the most popular guest post dating sites on the web that bring together bloggers hungry for free content and people looking to publish guest posts on other sites. So the first one I’ll talk about is myblogguest, which is by far the most popular guest post dating site. So head over to and create a free account. And when you log in. this is what you’ll see. And as you can see, it’s basically a forum, but unlike most forums where people discuss different topics the only thing people discuss here is guest posting.

So what you want to do is scroll down and look for the “looking for a  guest author” section and click on that link. And what this does is it shows you all the people that have made a thread that is specifically looking for guest authors. As you can see the titles are set up were the topic is the beginning and then people talk a little about their sites. Sometimes they list the page rank or the domain authority and sometimes they just say they need useful content for their interior design blog. And you can just scroll down and look through here. But if you are sure and want to make this little more efficient, click on a link that fits with your niche the best.

Okay, so they have a lot of links up here. And what that does it filters the threads by niche. So if you are in the SEO niche, you’d want to click on this one and that will limit your results, so you’re looking at a bunch of offers for home improvements, or sports, or other niches that aren’t related to yours.

So let’s look at this one right here, we have page rank four a site looking for tips on web host hosting guides. Now, when you look at the thread, typically what they do is they talk a little bit about their site and may be some of the authority metrics or the traffic and then they give some guidelines to follow.

So for example, here, you’re allowed to have one natural anchor text link in the author bio section. So, that’s a very reasonable request, and that’s something you see. But before you contact this person, you definitely want to actually look at site. Because a lot of times, you find sites here that have fake page rank or are just shady and you don’t want to post on them.

So to do that, at the top, it always says topic blog, and gives a link to the site. So click on that, and then you want to check out the site to make sure it’s legit looking. And in this case it looks pretty legit. And if you really want to dig deeper, you can look at the link profile and other things to make sure that page rank is what they say it is, because like I said, there’s a lot of shady sites on here that have fake page rank. So it’s something you want to keep an eye out for.

So basically with myblogguest, your approach is to keep doing this, and to look for those gems that are in here, because most sites on myblogguest that are accepting guest post aren’t very good, but there are few gems. So if you keep looking everyday you will find some amazing opportunities on myblogguest.

Now there’s another way to use it, which is where you can take content that you have already written and put it out there and get requests from different bloggers. Head back to the main myblogguest area and instead of clicking on “looking for guest author,” we’re going to click on “looking for a blog.”

So what this is, is basically where you can say “I have an article about whatever and I’m looking for blogs to publish it on.”

So in this case, “Why visit Snowdonia summer holiday?”

So this person has this blog post and they want people to basically pitch them so they can have it published on that site. Okay, so what you do is scroll up to the top, click on new topic, and then you just write little bit about what your guest post is about, the word count, and what kind of guidelines you have. So in this case, this is a post about Ten Keys to Balancing Life Work and Studies and she says that it needs to be page ranked one or above.

Okay, so that’s very reasonable and this is something that you’d want to put, and then people will respond on the bottom, or they’ll just private message you. So that’s basically how to use myblogguest. There’s one more paid feature that you may want to consider called the article’s gallery. So what I’ve shown you so far is a 100 percent free, but there’s something called the articles gallery, which is very cool, but it costs $30 a month. So, depending on your budget or how much scaling you want to do with guest posting, you may or may not use this feature. But I did want to show you what it is, because it’s very cool.

What you want to do is click on “articles gallery,” and what this is, it’s basically the area of myblogguest I just showed you, but much more robust. Instead of just posting, “I have an article about whatever,” what this does is, it actually shows the title and some information about the post itself. And you can even preview it by clicking the preview button. You can even see a little chunk of the article to get an idea of the writing style.

Now, obviously, if you want content for your blog, this is great place to go, but I’m assuming you that you want to publish elsewhere. So, you would want to create an account in “Articles Gallery,” and then click on, “My Articles,” and then what you do is click on “Submit Article.” And then you can just add content here, just like you would kind of like a WordPress post with your links and your images and all that.

And then you click “Publish Article,” it gets reviewed and then it’ll go into the Articles Gallery, and people will literally bid. Not with money, but they’ll just request to publish the content on their site. So you can review and see, okay, this one’s a page rank one, this one’s a page two, whatever. Whichever site looks best, you can accept it. And all within myblogguest, it will get published automatically on their site, which is pretty cool.

So, the other one the I’ll show you that’s also excellent is called blogger linkup. So, head over to and sign up using your e-mail, first name, and last name. And three days a week, you will get this, which is basically people that want guest posts. So, what you want to do is open your e-mail where it says Blogger Linkup here, and look at the categories.

So they have Business and Finance, and Travel, and these are all guest post wanted; Lifestyle and House, Internet and Technology. So, whatever your niche is, you want to look down the list and see if any fit with you. So, let’s say you’re in the Lifestyle and Health niche, and here we go, Baby Care Help blog post. So, what you do is Ctrl+F, search for “baby care,” and here we go.

So, you can the site, how to get into contact with them, and some of the guidelines. It has to be 550 words, and has to be unique and grammatically error-free, which is very reasonable. And then you just want to look at the site to see if it looks legit, and some metrics depending on how picky you are about guest posting, and then you just e-mail Simon using his e-mail address. So, it’s very easy, and you get this three days a week. And I’ve found some great opportunities using Blogger Linkup.

Now, there’s another way to use it, which is where you can actually, similar to myblogguest, it’s kind of like an e-mail based articles gallery. So, head over to Blogger Linkup, and then click on “Offer Guest Post to Blogger.”

So, if you have a guest post that’s ready to go, you can actually offer it to all the people that are on the Blogger Linkup list, which is very big. And you just put your headline, so, “10 Ways to Lose Weight,” the appropriate category, Lifestyle and Health, your name, all this stuff. And then, when Blogger Linkup, the e-mail goes out, underneath the Guest Posts Needed section, there’s a Guest Posts Available section. And yours will appear here, and then people can reach out and contact you and say, “Hey, I have a site about Lifestyle and Health, it’s a page rank two, would you like to publish?” And you can just wait a day, and you get all your requests, and you can pick the best one for your site.

Now, finally, I want to show you one that’s newer and a little bit different than the others called Post Runner. So, Post Runner costs at least $10 a month, so this is paid. So, if you don’t want to pay for any guest posting, this is not a good option for you. But, I like it, because it has some robust filtering features, and some of the sites in here are very good.

So, when you sign up and log in, this is what you’ll see. And what you want to do is submit a guest post. So, click on “Submit Your First Guest Post,” and then you basically want to go through their database of blogs that accept guest posts, and then pitch them. Okay?

So, let’s say, again, you’re in the Health niche, you click on “Fitness and Weight Loss,” and it would filter the results, only sites that are in that niche. And you can even sort by page rank, or whatever you want. Right here we have this one, page rank five site, requires 600 words, allows one link. So, you’d select this site, and you can actually take a look at it, click “Select,” and send them a guest post, and you can get a link that way. So, this another great option if you want to find as many guest post targets as you can.

So, that’s it for guest post dating sites. As you can see, this is a great alternative to typing in like, “keyword plus right for us” into Google, because you’re finding people that are actually so desperate for guest posts that they’re begging for content, so you conversion rate will be very high. So, thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you in the next one.