How to Overcome “Blogger’s Block”

Bloggers block — where you simply cannot come up with a new blog post topic — happens to every blogger. What separates elite bloggers like Seth Godin and Neil Patel from the rest is that they use proven techniques for finding hot topics when Bloggers Block hits. In this video you’ll see a number of practical strategies you can tap into to overcome Bloggers Block and make your next post a hit with your followers.

Video Transcript

Hey. What’s up, everybody? It’s Brian Dean, from Quick Sprout. In this video, I’m going to show you how to get over bloggers block. How many times this happened to you? You’re about to sit down and write a post and you have no idea what to write about. It happens to everybody, and here are some practical strategies that you can do to overcome bloggers block.

The first is to setup Google Alerts for keywords in your industry. Just Google ‘Google Alerts’ and choose the first result. Under Search Query, you want to enter a keyword that’s in your niche. If you are a real estate blogger, you’d do something like ‘real estate’. Every day, once a day, or however often you want, you can have these alerts sent to you and you can see content in your niche. This actually a great way to prevent bloggers block, because when you take a little look through your inbox, which is this is what it’ll look like when they email the alerts to you, you’ll see some content that’s maybe interesting and it’ll give you an idea for a blog post. Then you can go back, add a new post, and then you can put that as an idea to write later. If you saw ‘real estate scams’ or something like that, you could say, “I want to write about real estate scams,” and then you could save it as a draft. That would be saved as a draft so then you would prevent bloggers block because you would have a little queue of topics that you could write about.

If you haven’t set that up, because that takes some time to kick in, you might want to head over to LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are just goldmines of hot topics that really are based on what you want to write about, because these people are obviously interested in it if they’re discussing it in the LinkedIn group. To find a LinkedIn group in your niche, just head over to the LinkedIn homepage, click on this little sidebar area and click on Groups, and then put in a keyword, like ‘real estate’. Click the little search button. You’ll want to search for groups that have active discussions. Some groups just don’t have anyone discussing anything and then they’re basically dead. We want to keep an eye out for is this very active and it says how many discussions they’ve had this month. In this case, the Real Estate Networking group has had 3000 discussions this month. They’ve had 129, 1500, 1500, 713, so these are a lot of discussions. These are very active groups and these are the type of groups that you want to at least join just to spy on them and see what they’re talking about, and maybe even participate. To do that, just click on Join, and you will apply to that group if it’s locked. It’ll take a day or two for them to approve you, otherwise, you can get in right away. Sometimes you can even view the content without being approved, so you can just view the stuff, which is what you want to do anyway.

Another way to find blog topics that if you’re stuck is to head over to blogs in your niche and take a look at the sidebar area. I’m at right now, and a lot of sidebars on blogs have a Best Of, a Greatest Hits, or something like that. In fact, Neil has that here, where he has his Current Hits. These are blog posts that are popular within the last 30 or 60 days, and these are some topics that you could mind because you know these are popular topics that people like at least recently. If they have a Best Of or an All-Time list like this, this is another great place to find ideas. You obviously don’t want to copy these ideas and do 105 motivational business quotes, but it might give you an idea of maybe the 10 motivational business quotes that impacted your life the most and impacted your blogging career, your business, and then you could write a post about each one and how it personally impacted you.

Another great place to find content ideas that not many people use is to look at infographics. Again, if you’re in the real estate niche, you could just Google ‘real estate infographics’, and usually Pinterest will be the first result. You want to click on Pinterest, because this is basically a curated list of really high-quality infographics. You can see some right here: 4 common pricing mistakes that people make when pricing their house; that’s a great topic. To rent or buy, another great topic. The best part about infographics is that even if the topics themselves don’t really appeal to you or maybe you’ve covered them before, if you actually look at the infographic itself, a lot of times, one data point will stand out and that will be enough. For example, buyers’ first impressions increase the perceived value of a nicely landscaped home by 12%. If you landscape your house, that increases the first impression value of the house by 12%; that’s a post right there. Imagine if you looked at 10 info graphics how many great ideas you could get.

Another great way to overcome bloggers block is to head over to industry forums. In the case of internet marketing, you’d want to head over to the Quick Sprout Traffic & Conversion forum because this is a very active forum that has a lot of people that are talking about internet marketing. What you’ll want to do is look at the sub-forum that is most in line with what you do. If you’re in real estate, they would have sub-forums for commercial real estate, residential, renting, and things like that, and you’d want to find the sub-thread. Let’s say that you’re in the SEO niche. You’d want to choose a search engine optimization sub-forum, and then you just want to look at the threads and see any of that stand out and look like good blog topics. You may have to go to the second or third page, but usually just on the first page, you can one or two really, really great blog post ideas. Because someone posted a thread usually looking for an answer to a question, you know that it’s something your target audience is interested in.

Finally, you want to ask your target audience a question. You can do that on social media, you can do it with your email list, but social tends to work well. It’s just a great way to engage your audience and also get some really good intelligence about what your target audience is interested in. You can put like, ‘Hi guys. What do you guys struggle with?’ something like that. Then people will answer you, and those are going to be great blog topic ideas because you can give them solutions to their problems with your blog post content.

That’s all there is to overcoming bloggers block which is very, very common. Basically, you want to just brainstorm. You want to get away from here, which is your blog post editor, and go to other sites like industry blogs, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and in forums like the Traffic & Conversion forum and see what your target audience is actually asking about. You can usually get some fantastic blog post ideas from that. Thanks for watching this video. I’ll see you in the next one.