How to Increase your Engagement on Google+

Are you not getting any +’s or comments on your Google+ posts. Fear not: this video will show you how you can get more people actively engaging on Google+. You’ll learn how to make your posts stand out and how to find groups that are interested in what you’re posting on Google+.

Video Transcript

Hey. What’s up, everybody? It’s Brian Dean, from Quick Sprout. In this video, I’m going to show you how to get more engagement on Google+. As you know, Google+ is just a massively popular social media site, but unless you have a big following, it can be difficult for your post to stand out among all the others that are on Google+. In this video, I’m going to show you some practical strategies that you can use to make your post stand out and get more engagement in general on Google+.

The first strategy is to make sure that you format your posts in such a way that they stand out from the rest. Let me show you an example. Let’s say that you wanted to share this Quick Sprout post, ‘How I increase my search engine traffic by 13%.’ Normally, you would just copy the URL, head over to Google+, click on Share, and then paste it. There’s nothing wrong with sharing content like this, but it doesn’t really stand out by itself. You definitely want to add some insights or a little description about the post. ‘This is a fantastic read for anyone looking for more search engine traffic.’ You want to add maybe 1, 2, or even 4 or 5 sentences. On Google+, unlike Facebook or Twitter, it’s more common to treat it as almost like a mini blog platform. When you see something … when someone sees it in their feed and they see that you’ve added a lot of insights, it makes them curious like, ‘What’s going on?’ because they can only see a little bit, so they have to click Read More to see it. It’s just a great way to increase engagement, because when they see that there’s actually more information, they’ll read more. If you just shared it as it was, obviously, it won’t stand out quite as much as if you just put one sentence or no description at all.

You can also make the text stand out, and this is something that not a lot of people take advantage of. Let’s say that you wanted yours to stand out a little more; you can put little asterisks here. What that does is it makes this word bold. You can also make it italics by adding little underline marks. This is just another way to make your post stand out. As you can see, when people put a + for somebody, it’s bold, and it really, really does stand out. You can do that without having to mention anyone in your post. You can put, ‘It’s a fantastic read.’ When you click Share and then go to your profile to look at the post, you can see that this is italicized. You can also use bold, you can bold entire sentences. It’s just a great way that when people are looking at their huge feed like this, yours really does stand out.

The next strategy is to include pictures that really stand out and images that really stand out. The default pictures that Google+ gives you, like this, obviously, this doesn’t really stand out. It’s blurry, it looks good in a blog post, but on Google+, it doesn’t really look as good. What you want to do is head over to your Google Profile settings. To do that, just scroll up to where it shows you a little picture when you’re logged into your Google account, and click on Account. Then, click on Google+, then scroll down to where it says Photos. What you want to do is choose Upload my Photos at Full Size. Now you can actually upload photos instead of just choosing from the thumbnails that they suggest based on the post content.

When you want to share something, let’s say I want to share this blog post from Backlinko and I want to share this particular image; what I would do is right-click, save it to my hard drive. When I share this post, head over to Google+, click on Share, and I would post the link just like this, and then, upload from the computer. Click Open, and now I have this massive picture here. I’d post the link, a little description, just like usual, ‘New post at Backlinko.’ I might even use asterisk like this to make this bold. See how much more this stands out than just a tiny, little picture? When people are going through their feed, all of the sudden, there’s this massive picture alongside all these other tinier pictures. This is a great way to get more exposure for your post.

I do want to say one thing, that this actually counts against your Google Drive account. You only get, by default, 15 gigabytes on Google Drive. If you’re going to upload tons of pictures, this might actually eat up all your storage. Depending on how much you’ll be posting and your Google Drive account, this may be something to keep in mind. For most posting, if you post a few times a day, it’s going to take a really long time to hit 15 gigabytes, but it’s just something to keep in mind as you start to post full-size photos to Google+.

Another great way to increase engagement on Google+ is to join Google+ communities and participate on them. When you do that, you’re getting more of a one-on-one experience with other people on Google+, as opposed to just sharing content which will increase engagement. To find communities that fit with your interests or your industry, just head over to where it says Profile; hover over that, and choose Communities from the list, and choose Recommended for You. Based on your interests, the people that are in your circles, it’ll give you pretty good suggestions I’ve found that are almost 100% spot-on. When you see one that looks like a good fit, like content marketing, click on it, and then click on Join Community. Once you’re in, you want to start participating on a very personal level in the community. You can just share content, either your content or other people’s content, but that’s not very personal. The best way to increase engagement is to participate in the community. What you want to do is look for comments like this. When Justin Cook left a comment, you’d want to + his comment, and then leave a comment complimenting him and giving some of your insights, as well. When people see this, including Justin, he’ll visit your profile, maybe add him to your circles, maybe + some of the content that you’ve shared on your profile. It’s just a great easy way to increase engagement with people who are maybe influencers on Google+.

Finally, you want to ask questions to your community. If you just look at Google+ as a one-way conduit of information, it’s not going to work as well. What you want to do is click on Share, and X out anything you may have posted here. Just say something, a question. Maybe you want to know what’s in their heads, maybe you want an idea for the next blog post. ‘What do you guys want to hear about next?’ You could put something like, ‘Social media, email marketing.’ You give them a multiple choice, and that’ll increase the likelihood that people respond. If you just say, “What do you guys want to hear about next?” it’s not that likely that they’re going to come up with something. If you give people a few options, a lot of times, they’ll participate. When you participate in a discussion with someone on Google+, they’re going to be more likely to remember you and that’s going to increase actual engagement, as opposed to just drive-by seeing the stuff that you share, and then moving on to the next post.

That’s all there is to increasing your engagement on Google+. As you can see, the most important thing is really to make your posts stand out so that people see them, participate in communities, and then participate with the people that are in your circles by asking questions and starting discussions. Thanks for watching this video. I’ll see you in the next one.