How to Get More Pinterest Followers

As one of the top 5 social media sites online, Pinterest is a potential traffic powerhouse. But unlike other social media sites, which tend to be text based, Pinterest’s image-focused framework makes it a bit unique…which means it requires a unique approach. In this video I’ll show you how to get more followers by pinning, re-pinning and commenting like a social media ninja.

Video Transcript

Hey what’s up everybody. It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout and in this video I’m going to show you how you can get more followers on the massive social network Pinterest. Your first step is to get a Follow Me button on your blog because otherwise it’s very difficult for people to know that you’re on Pinterest. As you can see here at [sounds like], she has a link to her Pinterest profile along with her other social media profiles so people know she’s on Pinterest.

How can you get this same button on your blog? Your first step is to head over to  Head over to and create an account and when you log in hover over Get the Code and click on follow buttons. This area of Add This gives you a code that you can easily copy and paste into your site that will display buttons that link to your social media profiles. If you have a website that’s custom coded or not WordPress in Joomla you want to keep it here where it says, “O Website”  because this is code you can actually either put into the site yourself or send to your developer and it will add the buttons to your blog.

Now by default it doesn’t show Pinterest so in order to add Pinterest you have to scroll down, find the Pinterest URL and then add in your username and it will automatically add this to the code. Now when you’re ready you just copy this code, paste it into your site and this is what you’ll see. It’ll have links to whatever social media profiles that you filled out including as you can see Pinterest. Now if you use WordPress you want to install the Add This on Follower plugin in order to get these buttons for WordPress without having to do any manual coding.

To do that, head over to your WordPress dashboard, hover over plugins and click on Add New and then type in Add This Follow and click on Search Plugins. You want to install the first one that comes up that’s called follow buttons by Add This. Once this is installed and activated, hover over settings and click on Add This Follow. Just like we saw before it has links to different social media profiles so you might want to fill in your Facebook profile name, your Twitter handle and then scroll down to Pinterest and you want to add your username here and then click Save.

Now in order to get the button to display on your site you need to add it as a widget so hover over appearance and click on Widgets and you’ll notice a new widget called Add This Follow. What you want to do is click on this and drag it over to your sidebar. Choose a style that works best for your site and then choose a header that makes sense. If you’re only going to include a link to your Pinterest profile you’d want to put something like Follow Me on Pinterest but if you’re going to include several social media profiles, something like Follow Me probably works best.

Then as you can see it automatically added the Pinterest profile that you gave it in the settings area of the Add This plugin and once everything looks good click on Save. Now when you go to your site and refresh you can see that the link to your Pinterest profile is now on your sidebar so once you have that set up your next step is to add a different widget. This one will actually show your activity on Pinterest which will entice your blog readers to look at your Pinterest profile and then follow you.

To set that up just Google Pinterest Widget Builder. This is actually the easiest way to find the widget builder within Pinterest and click on the first result. When you do you want to click on Profile Widget because that’s what we’re going to add to our blog and then you want to change the URL to the URL of your profile and then click on  Build It. It’ll give you a little preview of what you’re going to show on your sidebar and it gives you code that you can add to your site so if you don’t run WordPress you can copy and paste this code or this code on your site and it’ll do the same thing. Or if you use WordPress you can go into the code and add this but the easiest way to add it within WordPress is to use a plugin.

Head over to your WordPress dashboard hover over plugins and click on “Add New.” Then type in “Pinterest Badge” and click on “Search Plugins.” You want to install the first result called Pinterest Badge so once that’s set up, head back to the widget area of WordPress by hovering over Appearance, clicking on Widgets and you’ll notice another new widget added to your widget area called Pinterest Badge. What you want to do is click on that and drag it to wherever you want it to appear on your sidebar either above or below the link to your Pinterest profile. Then you want to add your Pinterest ID. So that’ll just be anything after the Pinterest slash. In this case back [??] but if you ran Quick Sprout it would be Quick Sprout. Then you want to choose how many pins you want to show, how big you want the pins to be and then the title.

So if you want to put like “My recent Pinterest pins,” you can add something like that. Then you want to unclick Show Developer Credit and click on Save and now when you go to your blog and refresh you can see that there’s a new eye catching widget added to your sidebar which looks very similar to the preview that Pinterest showed us and it also includes a Follow Me on Pinterest button to give people another opportunity to follow you.

Once you have your widgets all set up you want to start sharing content on Pinterest on a regular basis because the more active you are in Pinterest the more followers you’ll get. Let’s say that I wanted to share this blog post “Why All Marketers Should Be Thinking Mobile.” Now typically you’d probably share this on Facebook or Twitter but you’d also want to share on Pinterest. The easiest way to do that is just to copy the URL of the blog post, head over to Pinterest, click the little plus sign and click on “Add From a Website.” Then paste the URL and click on Find Images. Pinterest will find images on that blog post that represents what the content is about and in this case the infographic is obviously the best image to choose so what you want to do is click on Pin it.

Next you want to write a brief description that describes what your pin is all about and there are two things you want to keep in mind when writing your description. The first is that you want to use keywords in your description so you’d want to put something like “Cool mobile marketing infographic.” What that will do, it’ll help increase the search visibility of your pin within Pinterest, so when people search for things like mobile marketing or marketing infographic your pin will show up and that will get more traffic to your profile increasing your followers.

You also want to give a shoutout to the person that created the content and it works just like on Twitter so you’d want to put something like “Cool mobile marketing infographic by, at Quick Sprout.” Then Neal will be notified that someone shared his pin and if he looks at your profile and likes what you’re all about he’ll follow you. Once that’s all set up, click on Pin it and it will be pinned to whatever board that you want it to be pinned to. Just to check it out to make sure it looks OK you can click on See It Now and here is the pin.

Once you get into the habit of sharing on Pinterest on a regular basis your next step is to start commenting on other people’s pins and there are a few different ways to do that. Head over to your Pinterest home page and click on this button and then click on Popular. What that will do, it’ll show you pins on Pinterest that are getting a lot of repins, that are getting a lot of comments and that are basically getting a lot of attention. If you leave a thoughtful comment on one of these pins you can often get a lot of eyeballs on your Pinterest profile and some of those will obviously follow you.

The only issue with this is that it’s sometimes difficult to find pins that are related to your niche, so it’s just a good thing to do once a day and if you see something that’s relevant to your niche and you can contribute a thoughtful comment, do so. If not, if you don’t find anything or in addition to the strategy you want to search for pins related to your niche so click on the search area and put in a keyword related to your niche and it will show you pins that are about your niche or about the keyword that you typed in.

For example this SEO auto checker, this might be something that I want to comment on so to do that click on it. Check it out. Actually read it and look at it and then add a comment. You say, “Hey, this looks amazing, right? I also blah-blah-blah.” You can add some insightful comment to actually add something to it so then every time someone searches for SEO in Pinterest, this obviously comes up because it came up for me and then when they read the comments they’ll see that you wrote an insightful comment. That will make them curious. They’ll click and check out your profile and if they like the other pins that you have shared then they’ll follow you.

Finally, you want to start following other people on Pinterest because when you follow people on Pinterest some of them will follow you back and that will increase your follower count. To do that, head over to your Pinterest home page and enter a keyword related to your niche, so something like blogging and click on the magnifying glass button. By default it will show you pins related to that keyword so what you want to do is click on Pinners and this will show you Pinterest members who are in the industry of blogging.

What you want to do when you see someone that looks like a good fit, click on Follow and you follow that person. It’s as simple as that. Now you don’t want to go crazy and follow 100 people because that can get your account banned but everyday search for keywords related to your niche so if you were Neal from Quick Sprout, he’d want to search for things like blogging, entrepreneurship, small business, SEO and then follow a few people every day and see who follows you back. If people don’t follow you back, you can always unfollow them and then follow different people.

That’s really all there is to getting more followers on Pinterest. First you want to make your blog audience aware of your Pinterest profile by adding widgets to your blog and then participate on Pinterest by uploading content, commenting and following other people. Thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you in the next one.