How to Get More From Your Social Media Campaigns by Using Video

Whether you sell apps or appliances, video is the format of choice on social media right now. However, just slapping together a few videos of you using your products isn’t going to earn you any new followers. In this video you’ll learn how you can easily leverage the power of video, including hot new video-based social media sites like Vine, in your social media campaigns to get more followers, leads and customers.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can get more from your social media campaigns by tapping into the power of video.

Your first step is to download Vine, which you can download for your mobile device. If you use an iPhone you’d download the app at the App Store. If you have a different phone that runs Android you’d want to get it on Google Play.

What this does is it allows you to take short, six-second looping videos. This is a great promotional strategy to use on social media. Let’s say you have a new feature in your store. You could take a short video and then post it to social media sites that you’re active on, and people could see the new feature of your store without going there. That will entice them to visit.

Another way to do something very similar is to use Instagram. Download Instagram for your mobile device. Instead of taking pictures you can take a short looping video similar to Vine using Instagram. Actually, the videos that you can take on Instagram are a bit longer. So, if you want to show a little bit more than something that takes six seconds, say it takes 12, Instagram can support that.

Once you have that all set up your next step is to start posting Google Hangouts on Google+. Create a Google+ account. Then, you want to make what’s called a Hangout on Air. Just Google Hangouts on Air and click on the first result. The reason you want to do a Hangout on Air is that a Hangout on Air is like a public Hangout. It’s really like posting a TV show which is very different than most Hangouts which are more person to person or with small groups.

Click on start Hangout on Air. Give your Hangout a name. So, if you were creating a Hangout about social media you’d want to put social media insider tips. Then, click on start Hangout on Air. This actually gets broadcast live on Google+ and on your YouTube channel. You definitely want people to participate and join, so copy the URL and then head to your social media networks like Google+, click share, and share the link to the Hangout so people can join.

You’ll want to go on Twitter and do the same thing. You want to let as many people know about your Hangout as possible so they can hang out with you in the Hangout. Because it’s in video format it’s a great way to show more personality and get people to really engage with you on an emotional level.

Next, head over to YouTube. What you want to do is start embedding YouTube videos in your social media posts to make them more engaging. Login to your YouTube account, click the little arrow here, and click on video manager. This will give you a list of some of the videos in your account that you might want to share. If there’s one that maybe people haven’t seen before or that complements a post, then you want to click on that and view the video. The next time you post on social media, you want to share this video to complement it.

Most social media sites don’t support this automatically, so you want to use  Telly. Head over to and link it to a social media site that you use often. Click on the login signup button, and you can either sign in with Facebook or with Twitter. Then, click “Authorize an app,” and this is what you’ll see.

What you want to do is click on the “Add video” button at the top. Go back to YouTube and copy the URL of the video that you want to share. Then, paste the link there. Then you can add a comment so that’ll accompany your social media message. You could put something like, “New video.” Then, if you want to share it on Facebook or Twitter, you can change the settings here and then click, “Add to Telly,” and it’ll say it’s collected. Now when you go to that social media network and refresh the page, you can see that the tweet was added and the video is here. Then people can click on it and watch that video.

Another way to incorporate video into your social media strategy is to add videos to your LinkedIn profile. Login to LinkedIn, hover over profile at the top, and click on “Edit profile.” Then, scroll down and you’ll see here where it says get discovered for your work, add your videos, images, and documents. This is like a little portfolio. You could have a video that explains who you are and what you do.

So, you’d head over to YouTube and just copy the URL of the video, paste it in here, and it automatically adds it. Then, click “Save.” Now, when people view your LinkedIn profile, they’ll see this video here and they can watch it from within LinkedIn and see what you’re all about.

Another awesome way to take advantage of the power of video and social media is to do interviews, either by getting interviewed or by interviewing influencers in your niche. To find video interview opportunities, just search for your keyword in quotes plus interview with and see which of the results are videos.

For example, in this top ten, we have the first result is a video. You could reach out to Danny at Neomom and say, “Hey would you like to do an interview with me?” Just go through the list.

If you want to make sure you’re only looking at video opportunities, you could click on the YouTube button at the top, and this’ll take you to YouTube using the same search string. Then, you could go down the list and see if there are people that are influential in your niche that you could interview or people that would want to interview you. Then, when you’re done with the interview you can upload it to YouTube which, as you probably know, is an extremely popular social media site in and of itself. Then you could share your YouTube video on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Another social media site that you can share videos on is SlideShare, which is a massively popular social media site that focuses on presentations. But, you actually can’t embed YouTube videos in SlideShare. So, if you posted your videos to YouTube you need to download them to your machine. To do that, head to your video manager and choose the video. Click on the little arrow button next to it, and click on “Download mp4.” Then, click on “Save file” and give it whatever file name you want. Click “Save.” That’ll download and do its thing.

Head back to SlideShare, login, and click on “Upload.” Then, just upload that video like you normally would and it’ll create a video just like it would with a PowerPoint presentation.

That’s all there is to tapping into the power of video for social media. As you can see, there are a lot of cool ways to integrate video into social media to make your social media presence more interesting and dynamic.

Thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you in the next one.