How to Find and Hire Guest Post Writers

Guest posting is very time-consuming. But if you can find writers that can write the type of content that guest post targets love to publish, you can easily halve the time it takes to get a guest post published. In this video you’ll learn where to find reliable, quality guest post writers at an affordable price using Internet marketing forums, Fiverr and freelance job boards like Elance.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody?  It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout.  In this video I’m going to show you how to find and hire guest post writers.

The first places to look for affordable guest posting services are internet marketing forums.  This example I’m going to show you, Traffic Planet, is a forum that tends to have a lot of guest posting services.

Scroll down on the home page and look for the buy, sell, and trade area.  Most, if not all, internet marketing forums have this section.  You are going to see threads about all sorts of stuff about blog comments and blog networks, things like that.

What you want to do is hit Control-F and just search for guest posting.  Here we see one that’s called ‘Affordable Guest Posting Service on Relevant and Guest Blogs.’  Looks good–let’s see what it’s all about.

In general, you want to pretty much skip their sales thread because it is a lot of hype and a lot of things about why guest posting is important and what-not.  You know that, so you really want to look at reviews.  Scroll past all that and see if any reviews come in.  If they come in and they are generally positive, you want to consider using that provider.

If there are no reviews or they are mixed, definitely move on because I’ve seen a lot of people post guest posting services on internet marketing forums.  Then they get over-whelmed with orders and they can’t scale it.  They basically flake out on people, and I don’t wan that to happen to you.

Another place to look is the Warrior Forum which is a very popular internet marketing forum.  On the home page they have an area called Warriors for Hire.  Click on that. Just like at Traffic Planner or any internet marketing forum, you want to do Control-F and just look for guest posting.  As we can see here, here’s a guest posting service.  Let’s take a look to see what it’s all about.

Like most threads, there is a lot of hype, a lot of pictures.  What you want to do is just scroll down and see if there are consistent positive reviews.  In this case, here’s a positive review.  If you scroll down, there’s another positive review.  This is from someone with over 2700 posts.  This is an experienced member of the forum.  They obviously know what they are talking about.

One review typically isn’t enough to convince me because a lot of people are friends, and they’ll have their friends post a positive review.  If you see consistent positive reviews, it’s a provider that you want to consider.

Another forum to check out is ‘’  This isn’t as well known as some of the other internet marketing forums like Digital Point and Warrior Forum, but I’ve found the services you get here are a notch above some of the other forums.  Scroll down to the buy, sell, and trade area.  If you are looking for just a writer, and you are going to handle the guest posting, click on ‘content.’  I’ve found that the content you find at Wicked Fire is a notch above some of the others.  If you are looking for more higher-end content that you are going to use for guest posts, this is a good place to look.

But, if you are looking for guest posts services, click on the links and SEOs section, and just look at the other forums.  You want to hit Control-F.  Click ‘guest.’  As you can see, here is real guest blogging, fast, painless, and cost-effective.  Let’s check it out.

In this case, this person is new and they actually don’t have any reviews, but they are giving away review copy.  What you want to do is keep an eye on this thread and see what reviews come in.  You don’t want to be the first person to order, especially for someone with only 27 posts.  They don’t have a reputation on the forum.  You don’t want to just send them a couple hundred dollars and hope they deliver for you.  Wait for those reviews to come in.

Another option is to hire a professional agency like ‘Audience Bloom.’  They do professional guest posting.  If you want something that is a probably a little more high-end, and they can usually publish on more authoritative sites, this is something to consider if you have the budget.

Another place to look for where guest posting opportunities are a little bit different is ‘Fiver.’  Fiver is a place where, basically, you can get someone to do almost anything for $5.  You can usually find webmasters that are willing to publish your guest post for $5 and usually skip a cue–they are more liberal with the guest post guidelines–or actually write and publish a guest post themselves.  Head over to  In the search field put your keyword, and then the word ‘guest post,’ and click on the little magnifying glass icon.

Recommended gigs are those that are consistently high-rated.  You want to look at those first. Let’s look at this one right here.

This person will give you a link on their travel/tourism niche PR2 website as a guest post.  If you have content ready, you can order this and send it to them.  The advantage of using Fiver verses using Write for Us is they usually publish it faster, and you don’t have to follow all the guest post guidelines the other sites have.

In fact, under his gig extras, he will actually write the article of 500 words and use that as a guest post.  You can click on that and then order.  So for $15 you get a niche relevant guest post on a PR2 site which is pretty good.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people on Fiver have this as an extra where they will actually write the post.  This is a great way to find very affordable and decent quality guest posting opportunities.

Another place that is sort of similar to Fiver is called People per Hour.  What they have there that is very cool is something called ‘Hourlies.’  Log in, create an account, and under ‘buy services’ click on ‘Hourlies.’  This is basically the same as Fiver, but the difference is they go about $5 so you can usually get higher quality stuff.  What you want to do is type in your keyword like ‘guest post.’  Then you can find people that will publish guest posts for you.  They will write the guest post and then publish it to a site that has some minimum like a PR2/DA30 blog.

You definitely want to look to see what people are capable of.  In this case, this person will produce a high-quality guest post and then publish it on a PR2 website for $23.  That’s a pretty good deal.  You also want to pay attention to the seller’s rating.  In this case, he has a 100% rating which is good.  This is actually pretty cheap for guest posting on a page rank 2 site.  It can save you a lot of time.  This is someone that you might want to consider hiring.

Finally, we have Elance.  Elance is obviously just a great place to find people to just about anything.  If you want someone just to write guest posts, and you’re going to handle the publishing on your end, click on the ‘view job templates.’  Then scroll down to the ‘most popular job templates.’  Click ‘browse all.’ Under ‘categories,’ choose ‘writing and translation.’  Then click on the one that fits best.  ‘Article writer’ or ‘blogger’ would obviously work best.  You want to name it ‘content wanted,’ or whatever, because you are not actually going to say that you are using this for a guest post. You just want the content.

If you want specifically someone to actually find sites, write the content, publish it, and do the whole process, that’s where you want to write something like ‘guest poster wanted.’  You want to put ‘guest blogging experience.’  You want to put these key words like ‘guest blogging’ and ‘guest posting’ into the title because that is what providers actually search for.  Under ‘description’ you want something that is very, very specific.  A lot of providers if you just say ‘I want guest posts published somewhere,’ they’ll publish on a blog network or low-quality site.

In this case you put something like, ‘I’m looking for two guest posts on two health-related blogs.  DA must be over 30-plus and links must be in the article.  Do follow-up.’  That is a very specific guideline that you are giving.

Then you put what you don’t want.  You don’t want spammy sites.  You don’t want link sellers.  You don’t want networks.  Then if someone delivers that you can say, ‘Hey, I put right in the guidelines not to do that.’

Then you want to fill out the rest of it choosing the category which would be ‘writing’ or ‘sales and marketing.’  Depending on how you do guest posting, it could go in either category.  You want to set your work arrangement as a fixed-price.  Then choose your budget.

If you do hourly, it doesn’t really make sense for guest posting because you want specific deliverables.  In this case, two guest posts delivered on two health-related blogs.

That’s all there is to out-sourcing guest posting.  If you want to go on the cheaper end, you can use services like Fiver and People per Hour and internet marketing forums.  If you want maybe more high-end, if you want to publish on authority sites, you’d use a professional firm like Audience Bloom or put those on guidelines into Elance.  In this case you put ‘domain authority at 55’ or something like that and see what you get.

Thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you in the next one.