How to Find an Affordable Infographic Designer

There’s no way around it, unless you’re a graphic design professional, you’ll need to hire a designer to make an infographic that really stands out. In this video I’ll show you how you can use sites like Dribbble and Elance to find a quality top designer without having to spend an arm or a leg for a single infographic.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to find a talented and affordable infographic designer. So the first place to check out is called And that’s dribbble with three b’s. So once you’ve headed over here and created an account, hover over the designers tab and click on find designers.

Basically, as you can see, Dribbble is a database of graphic designers where they can go to show off their work. But for our purposes, we’re going to actually look for a specific subset of people within Dribbble who are for hire and specialized in making infographics. And to do that, head over to this sort and search area here. But to use this, you do need a pro account, which is $20 per year.

So if you just want to go one by one through the list and see if people might actually create infographics, you can do that for free. But to do any sort of sorting, which is important for what we’re going to do, you do have to pay $20 per year. But considering the caliber of talent at Dribbble, I find that to be a very cheap investment.

So once you’ve done that, under only, click on available for hire. And that will limit designers who are available for hire right now. And then under location, you can obviously put a specific location if that’s important for your project. And then under skills, we obviously want to put infographic or infographics. And then, click on search. That will limit designers who are available for hire and specialized in making infographics.

But before you go hiring people, you definitely want to take a look at their portfolios. So let’s look at this person right here, who’s Sean from Berlin, and see what his up to. Now under shots, these are just random pictures of this guy it happened to select, so it’s not what you want to look at when you evaluate the designer. You want to click on the projects button. And then, scroll down and look to see if he’s made any infographics in the past.

So even when some of them are talented graphic designer, it doesn’t mean they are good at making infographics, which is a very, very different ballgame. In this case, this person has made some infographics, so we can take a look at him. Now in this case, they’re in German, but they’re actually pretty good. You can see just from this infographic that this guy is pretty talented at making them. So what you want to do is go back to his profile. And if you think that his style is good and his talent is good, click on hire me. And then, you want to write a message to Sean and say, “Hey Sean, my name is Brian. I’m looking to make an infographic about SEO. Can you please let me know your rate, your turnaround time,” whatever. And then you can communicate within Dribbble or via email.

Now if you don’t want to go one by one through the list of designer at Dribble, you can also post a job. Instead of designing, you click on jobs, and then you post a job. Now the disadvantage of that is that it’s $275 for 30 days to be able to post jobs and contact people, as opposed to $20 a year. So it’s a little bit more expensive, but the advantage is, that usually get a lot more people interested in your job than if you just click one by one through the list.

So if you’re going to be posting a lot of jobs within a short period of time, this might be a good investment for you. But if you’re only looking for one off, like one job infographic, you definitely want to just use this option here, which is $20 a year. And then go through the list that you find people that’s specialized in infographic design.

Another option is to use which you may know as a huge freelance site. So head over to Elance and once you’re in here, under hire, click on search freelancers. And that will bring up this area here which is basically can search through 800,000 freelancers in their database, which is just amazing.

So on the sidebar, under all categories, you want to click on design and multimedia. So that will limit people who are registered under design and multimedia category. And then, you want to put in the keyword infographics to find people who have specialty in infographics or at least to say have a specialty in infographics. And we’re going to take a look at their work in a second.

So what’s nice about Elance versus some other sites is that it has a great feedback system so you can see right off the bat what people’s feedback are. So if you see people with two stars or one star, even three stars, that’s probably not even someone that you even want to look at. So this one looks okay. It has a four and a half stars, and their name is Infographic Solutions. So let’s just take a look.

So just like with Dribbble, you want to look at their portfolio first. Because even though their feedback might be great, their style or their talent may not what you’re looking for. So click on the portfolio button. And then when you’re here, look for infographics that they have because, remember, you want someone that specializes in infographics. And as you can see here, this infographic, to me, isn’t anything special. So this is probably isn’t someone that I would hire. So you go back to the list and try to find some people that have similar feedback, but have a style and talent that I’m looking for.

So obviously, it’s up to you, depending on your budget, and what you need for this project. But in my opinion, that’s not a great one. So that’s why you want to look at the portfolio first. Now if you don’t want to go one by one, you can actually post a job at Elance for free. So under name your job, the only piece of advice that I’ll give you, because it’s very straightforward, is make sure you to put your keyword in the title. So you want to put infographic designer.

That’s a mistake I see a lot of contractors make on Elance. They don’t put the keyword in their title, so when providers on Elance search using the keywords, it doesn’t show up. So if you just put like graphic designer or just designer, it may not show up when the people who are infographic specialist are searching for work. So you definitely want to put your keyword here. And then you want to describe your project, what it’s all about, whatever.

So finally, I’ll show you a cool site that I don’t see people talk about very much. Probably, because it’s based on UK. It’s called peopleperhour. And this is a great place to find infographics. And it’s basically Fiverr, but instead of everything being $5, they have prices that are all across the board. So a lot of times, you can find some really good quality of stuff here.

So what you do is you create an account, logged in to it, and here you are. And click on buy services, but don’t just choose anything. You can obviously post a job just like on Elance. But I like something called hourlies. And hourlies are basically preset jobs just like on Fiverr that people have, so you can see they have a punch in marketing email, they’ll add Facebook likes or whatever. But in this case, we want to search for infographics. And it will show you in the results, people who are ready to design infographics right now at a set price. If you’re really strapped for time, if you don’t want to look for people on Dribbble, looking people on Elance, posting a job, you can literally just hire someone like right now who can design an infographic for let’s say $50 or $119.

Now just like with the other freelance site, you do want to look at their profile, their feedback and see how they’re doing before you hire them. But a lot of times, this is a good resource to go if you want someone who’s specializes in infographic design. So that’s all there is to it. Depending on your budget, you may want to use different sites depending on your needs for the project. But in general, Dribbble is where you want to go if you want top of the line Fortune 500 style. And work on Elance is more of a mixed bag. And peopleperhour is more for people on a really tight budget. So thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you on the next one.