How to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Looking to get more from your social media accounts? Then take a break from posting and watch this video where I’ll show you some simple tricks you can do to get more brand exposure and traffic from social media. You’ll learn the right (and wrong way) to set up your social media profiles, how to add social sharing buttons to your blog, how to optimize your social media profiles for search engines, and engage with your followers to turn them into paying customers.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout. In this video, I’m going to show you how to get more traction from your social media profile.

Your first step is to make sure that your social media profile looks nice. While this may sound straightforward, there are a lot of profiles on the web that have pictures that are out of focus, or blurry, or just don’t look good. You want to use this Facebook profile at Quick Sprout as a guide, because it’s very nice in terms of its color scheme and has a clear picture of Neil. It’s the same situation at Neil’s Twitter profile. It has a really nice, attractive color scheme that matches his site and also a clear picture of him.

Because if people see that your social profile is poorly done or slapped together, it reflects poorly on you. They may think, “Well, how does this reflect on the rest of their work?” You want to make sure that it looks nice, so you want to hire a professional designer to create these elements, like your cover for your Facebook, and Twitter, and other social media profiles.

Once you have your social media profiles all set up, your next step is to add social sharing buttons to your site for several different social media networks. The best way to do that is to head over to, create an account. Then, when you’re logged in, hover over get the code and click on sharing buttons.

What’s nice about AddThis is that it gives you a code that you can easily copy and paste on your site to show social sharing buttons for different social media networks. It doesn’t matter if your site runs on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or is a custom job. You can use the same code, and it makes a nice, attractive set of social sharing buttons.

By default, AddThis shows Facebook likes, tweets, and pins. If you want to add more social networks, if you have your user base that uses LinkedIn a lot, what you’d want to do is click on disable and select your own buttons. You can remove a social media network, so if your target audience isn’t interested in Pinterest you could just drag it over here. If they use LinkedIn you could just drag it over here.

They have hundreds of services that you can include, so if there is a particular social media network that your target demographic uses often, you can just simply drag it over there. Once it’s ready, you can copy this code and paste it into your site.

Now, that’s how to use this if you want to adjust the code of your website. But, if you’re using WordPress, there is, of course, a plugin you can use to use this within your WordPress dashboard. To do that, head over to your WordPress dashboard. Hover over plugins, and click on “Add New.” Then you want to search for AddThis share, and click on search plugins. You want to install the first result called share buttons by AddThis. Once this is installed, hover over settings and click on AddThis share, and you can make the same modifications that I just showed you.

So, if you wanted certain social media sharing buttons on your site you’d click on disable and select your own. You can select and deselect by dragging them to the left or to the right. This is the top sharing tool, so this will show social sharing buttons at the top of your posts. If you don’t want this you can just click here and it’ll just show them on the bottom. When everything’s all set, scroll to the bottom, click on “Save Changes,” and now when you go to check out one of your posts, you’ll notice that there are now social sharing buttons at the bottom. So, people are going to be much more likely to share your content on the social media networks that you’re active in if you include those buttons here.

Once you’ve added social media sharing buttons to your site for the social networks that your target audience uses most, your next step is to optimize your social media profiles for search. What you want to do is strategically add keywords to your social media profile because this will help enhance your search visibility both in Google and within the social media network.

For example, at Backlinko’s Twitter profile I’ve included keywords that people would use when they’re searching for blogs and people related to what I tend to write about. To do the same thing for your Twitter profile, click on the little gear button and click on “Edit Profile.” Then, scroll down to the bio section and sprinkle in some keywords into your bio.

It doesn’t have to be only keywords like this. If you want to have more of a narrative bio, you can just sprinkle keywords into your bio. If you were targeting keywords like fitness, weight loss, and strength training, you could have something like, “Joe is the fitness expert behind, where he talks about strength training and weight loss.”

You could do the same thing at Pinterest. Login to your Pinterest account, click on the little pencil icon, and include some keywords in your about you section. When that looks good, click on “Save Profile,” and you now have a search-optimized Pinterest profile. You can use this same process at other social media sites that your target audience is active on like LinkedIn and Google+.

Another strategy to enhance your presence on social media is to look for people that share your content and then thank them by name. If you use a service like it’ll tell you when they find people that share your content. What you want to do is reply and thank them by name. That little thing actually makes a huge difference for that person that’s sharing your content. That means they’re more likely to share your content in the future and maybe even link to your site.

If you don’t use, you could do the same thing at most social media sites just by searching for your brand name and then looking at the results. Then, when you see that someone shared something, just click “Reply,” and you could put something like, “Thanks, Garrett.” It shows that person’s name. It’s a little thing, but it does make a big difference to the person that shared your content, because it shows that you’re not someone who generically said thanks. You actually are thanking them personally.

You can do the same thing at Google+. Login to your Google+ account and then search for your brand name, click on “Google+ posts,” and look for people that have shared your content. When you find someone that’s shared it you want to reply by clicking add a comment and then including their name by saying plus choose them from the list. They’ll be notified that they’ve been mentioned on Google+ and they’ll see that you commented using their name.

Finally, you want to check to make sure your site is social media optimized. To do that, just Google KnowEm SMO. What this does is it’ll bring up a tool called the KnowEm social media optimization tool. Click on the first result. Then, you want to put in the URL of, let’s say, a blog post, or your home page, or a page on your site, and then click on “Check It.” This’ll show you which social media optimization tags you have on your site, like the Open Graph protocol, Twitter Card info, or Google+ Authorship. If you’re trying to optimize your site for a particular social network, like LinkedIn, you can click on the tab and see how well you’re doing with that social network.

That’s all there is to enhancing your social media presence online. As long as you have social media profiles that are visually attractive and optimized for search, and you participate on social media sites by referring to people by name, and include social sharing buttons that people in your target audience tend to use you’ll be going a long way to getting more traffic and brand awareness from social media.