How to Effectively Invest in Infographic Marketing

If you’ve looked into infographics or even have a few campaigns under your belt, you already know that infographics can get really pricey. That’s why I’ve included a number of tested tips and strategies in this video that will help you invest in infographic marketing the right way by choosing a hot infographic topic and getting people to share your visualization with their followers.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout. In this video, I’m going to go over infographics and why they’re so important for your content marketing campaign. First, what is an infographic? Well, basically it’s a visual representation of a complex topic. We usually support it by statistics. So, here’s an infographic as an example that Neil published at Quick Sprout called, This is Your Brain on Visualization.

It takes a lot of complex information and statistics and puts it in a format that is very visual which makes it more likely to be remembered. For example, this statistic here, 50 percent of your brain is involved in visual processing. If you’re to only read that as text, you would probably forget it, but this visualization that shows half of the brain makes it much more likely that you’re going to remember the information and it’s the same for the entire infographic.

So, when you remember content like this, you’re more likely to be convinced by it and you’re more likely to remember it which is obviously very important for whatever your content is about. Let me show you the difference between how text content and infographic content performs. Here is a post that I published called Google’s 200 Ranking Factors.

As you can see, it’s a text based list of all the 200 ranking factors. In general, it’s performed well on social with 350 tweets and 195 Google Plus shares, but when I publish this same exact content as an infographic at, it performs significantly better with over 1,000 tweets and 292 Google Plus shares. Now, obviously entrepreneur has a lot more reach than my site, but it was also shared at a number of sites like search engine journal.

Also there it got over 1,000 tweets and 600 Google Plus shares, so obviously the big difference between the performance and the content was the fact that this was very visual. When people looked at it, it has a lot more visualization than my text based piece of content which was more of a blog post. So, the visual content definitely resonates more with people which means that they’re more likely to consume and share that content.

Another reason to consider investing in infographics is because they’re increasing in popularity. If you head over to Google Trends and you put it in anything about infographics, you’ll notice that the trend line is going way up. It started in about 2009. People started talking about them and now you can see that the popularity is pretty much higher than ever this year. You can expect that to go up as more and more people consider infographics just a cornerstone of content marketing.

Also, infographics tend to get shared a lot more often on social media compared to text based content. That’s especially the case at Pinterest which is the world’s third largest social media site, but it’s the case on any social network. If you go to Twitter search and you put in infographic, pretty much no matter what niche you’re in there’s just going to be a ton of infographics being shared because it’s just a great way to share great content.

One of the most important benefits of infographic marketing is for SEO because when people share your infographic on their site, they’ll often link back to your site. You may remember this infographic from earlier in the video, This is Your Brain on Visualization. Using Google reverse image search, I was able to find 54 different sites that share this infographic and link back to Quick Sprout.

Now, if this content was in text format, of course this page would get some links, but it gets significantly more just by the nature of the fact that it’s an infograhic which is very easy for people to embed and share on their website. You can easily increase the odds that people share your infographic by using an embed code. So, if you scroll down to the bottom of this infographic at Quick Sprout or any infographic, you’ll notice this box which usually says embed this image on your site.

All this is, is an easy way for people to take the infographic and put it on their site. All they have to do is copy the text here, head over to the WordPress or blog editor, paste it there and the infographic is automatically displayed and automatically links back to Quick Sprout right here. If you want people to share your infographic with an embed code, it’s very, very easy. All you have to do is install a plugin in WordPress [SP] called Embed Code Generator. So, head over to your WordPress dashboard, hover over plugins and click on Add New. Type in embed code and click on Search Plugins.

You’ll see the first results called Embed Code Generator and you’ll want to install and activate that. Now, when you add a new post which will actually display your infographic and you scroll down to the bottom, you can see here it’ll have an embed code generator, so you put the picture. Where ever the image is located on your site where you want them to link, the title, the all text, everything you want right here and it’ll create an embed code for you that you can put into the post.

That’s all there is for infographic marketing. As you can see, it’s a very, very effective way of helping your content spread and increasing your rank in search engines. Thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one.