How to Create Your Own Infographic

If you’re strapped for cash, but still want to create and promote an infographic, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of free tools that you can use to create attractive infographics. The best part? You don’t need any special design skills. You just need to use the easy to use infographic tools that I show you in the video.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody. It’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout and in this video, I’m going to show you some very cool tools that you can use to create your own infographic. So, the first place to go is and at the top toolbar, click the create button and this is what you’ll see. And basically, what this tool is, it’s a set of very specific visualization templates. So, if you want a very original infographic, this is definitely not the place to go, but if you have something in mind like a Venn diagram, this is a good place to check out and let me just show you the Venn diagram tool as an example. So, when you click on that, you’ll see something like this. And then when you click on create, you can create your own Venn diagram. It’s actually pretty cool looking when you do download it. So, once it’s done, you click on the download button and you have a very cool Venn diagram and you can obviously add values here for whatever you want.

The next one I’ll show you is known as, so it’s Easel-dot-L-Y, just like And when you create an account, this is what you’ll see. So click on get started and it’ll open up the editor. Now, the first thing you want to do is choose a vheme, okay? So, a vheme is basically a pre-set infographic template. Now, as you can see, as opposed to, they have quite a few and they really vary a lot, depending on what kind of infographic that you want to create.

So, for example, if you had a very data-driven infographic, you might want to choose this one, okay, so it looks good and yeah, looks like a good one, and then you drag it into the editor and then you can make changes, okay? And you can, you know, change the values, obviously and chance this and that, alright? So, it is a little time consuming to edit these to make them look good, but that’s basically why, you know, it’s a tool that you do have to use as opposed to just hiring someone to make the infographic. Or let’s say, you know, you had something that you wanted to make about statistics in the United States. You could use this infographic template, or vheme, as they call it, you know, looks good. And you could just drag that into here instead and then make your edits depending on, you know what kind of data that you have, okay? So, that’s how works.

The next one I’ll show you is Piktochart. So, just create an account at Piktochart and when you log in, it’s very similar. They have a pre-set number of themes for free that you can use or you can upgrade and just get, you know, way more themes, okay. Now, if you just want a quick, easy infographic, you can probably make something decent out of these themes. So when you see one that looks pretty good, click on pick theme and that’ll take you to the Piktochart editor, which is very similar in the sense that you can change the header text to whatever you want, some statistics about whatever and then you can add images and icons if you have some icons that are, you know, let’s say people if you’re doing something about people or, you know, say parenting.

You can put the image here and then put a statistic next to it or you can put it as the header or whatever you want. So, as you can see, this one is very intuitive. This Piktochart might be the most popular of the ones that I’ll show you. So, it depends on your budget and how much you want, you know, to invest in infographics, but if you want more, you can obviously get more templates and it has a few more robust editing features.

Okay, the second to last one I’ll show you is known as, so it’s Info-G-R-dot-A-M. So, once you create an account here, log in and click on the create button. And once you’ve done that, you’ll see that just like the others, they have a set of templates, but these obviously are more or less the same, okay? And you can edit them a lot. So, that’s the advantage of, is that you can edit them quite a bit. So when you see one that looks good, click on use design and then you can add your text, so you know, infographic example, alright? But what I like about is that you can edit the data quite a bit. So this particular visualization, you can do a lot with this, okay, which is definitely not the case with the other tools.

So, if you want to edit this chart, double-click on it and it basically gives you a little spreadsheet and you can include all different values here, okay? So, you can really get down and dirty and very specific with your data, okay? So this is pretty cool. And if you want to add a different type of chart, so click on add a chart, and you can add an area, a line graph, pictorial, a hierarchy, table, progress, just, I mean there’s just an intense amount of different charts that you can include. So, for, you know, pure data-driven infographics, is probably your best choice.

Okay, finally, I’ll talk about Many Eyes and Many Eyes is a program by IBM that’s basically a huge, huge database of data and a tool to visualize it. So, basically, what you want to do is create an account, log in and then under participate, click on create a visualization. So, once you’ve done that, you can start with the data set. You can either upload one of their existing data sets, which is what I recommend ’cause they just have so much, or you can upload your own data set. So, click on existing data sets.

Okay, so if you wanted to create an infographic or just get some cool data about mobile phones, you could type in ‘mobile phones’ here, click enter and you can see different information about mobile users or let’s use this one, comparison of worldwide communication sales. So, once you think that looks like something that’s appropriate for your infographic, click on visualize and then choose what type of visualization you want.

So, if it’s very text-based, you’d want to choose one of the text ones and if it’s more numbers, you’d want to use a visual chart. Okay, so let’s just use bar chart and it’ll run and do a thing and ask you if you want to accept the risk, you click yes and click run and here you go. So now, we can see that these are the different cell phone providers in terms of popularity and you can look at the actual data in more detail if you want before you publish it.

So, that’s it for making your own infographics. If you really want an infographic to go, you know, massively viral, really popular, I do recommend hiring a professional designer, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of infographics and you’re okay with just decent quality, these tools can actually bang out some pretty cool infographics. So, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.