How to Build Quality Links From Resource Pages

Resource pages are the holy grail of link building. Where else can you find sites that literally have pages dedicated solely for linking out to great content? This video will show you how to find authoritative resource pages (including golden .edu and .gov websites) in your niche, and how you can convince webmasters to add your link to their resource page.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody its Brian Dean from Quicksprout and in this video I’m going to teach you how to take advantage of one of the most powerful link building on the planet. Resource page link building. So your first step with resource page link building is to find resource pages, obviously. And it’s actually very easy they tend to have a pretty identifiable footprint. And the search string that I like to use that in my experience gives you the most results without a lot of false positives is this one right here. ‘”keyword” + inURL:links’. And all that does is it finds pages related to cooking, okay? But it limits it to pages that have the word ‘links’ in the URL and unless the topic is about SEO most people who write cooking articles or cooking pages are not going to be talking about links, right? So when they have that in the URL it means generally that it’s a list of links which means it’s a resource page. So let’s take a look at one to show you what I mean.

This one right here is from and of course it has links in the URL. Now when you’re looking down the list of the resource pages that you find, you may want to be a bit picky about who you reach out to. So one way I like to separate the wheat from the chaff is to look at the page authority of each page. Now generally when I’m link prospecting I pay more attention to thinks like home page, page rank, and domain authority but because these are resource pages and we’re going to be getting our links on that particular page it’s more important to pay attention to page authority. So as you go down the list if you see a page authority, let’s say, ten or five or even seventeen it may not be worth reaching out to them but that depends on how much resources you have for this particular link building strategy. The first one to look at is actually the first result in the list which is from and as you can see it’s a link to cooking resources, right? It has some links to food pages and some food related sites.

Now generally in my experience it’s rare to see a resource page that links out to a lot of home pages or if they do link out to home pages they tend to be big brands. In my experience it’s better to try to pitch them a piece of content that’s on your site rather than your site in general. Although you can always try that and in this case, this person does link to a lot of home pages so it might be worth trying to pitch your homepage. And that’s part of the – one of the secrets in doing well with resource page link building is paying attention to how that webmaster tends to link out. Do they tend to link to commercial sites or less commercials sites or big pieces of content or helpful curated lists? It’s good to take a look before you reach out to them and in this case I would reach out to them with my home page.

Actually to show you how easy resource page link building is, and one of the reasons I love it, is that people generally ask you to suggest resources for them and in this case that’s exactly what happens. If you know of a site you would like to have included email me at So unlike most people who you have to lie, cheat, beg, and steal for a link this person is actually asking you to make a suggestion.

That’s the great thing about resource pages, they exist for the soul purpose of linking out to other sites so you don’t have to do a lot of convincing. Okay. Does that make sense? You don’t have to do a lot of convincing it’s just basically the more resources they have on the page the more valuable it is so it makes sense for you to reach out to them and offer a great piece of content. You don’t have to really twist their arm.

As in another example, here’s another one you might see, which is more of a specific, it’s barbecue and cooking links. So if you are going through your list and you notice there are a lot of barbecue related links you may want to create a barbecue related resource on your site if your site’s more about general cooking. So you create a tutorial about how to cook a steak or how to marinade ribs or something like that and then you reach out to this person and say, ‘Hey I have a great barbecue related link would you mind adding it?’ and a lot of times they will say ‘Yes’.

Here’s another search string that I like to use which is the ‘”keyword” again, + useful resources’ and the reason I like this is just because it brings up a totally different set of results. And in this case it’s a totally different set of results including some authoritative sites. This is Michael Pollan’s website it’s a domain authority 82. The is a domain authority. 68.

So these are a lot of powerful sites that would be great to get a link on and it’s the same process. You go one by one through them and see which piece of content you have on your site would be a good fit and if it’s not there and you see a lot of resource pages linking out to a certain type of content, recreate that content. Create something great and then you’re more likely to have your link added to the page. Now if you want to limit your results to really authoritative trusted sites I recommend trying this operator here which is “” and then you put in your keyword ‘links’ or keyword ‘resources’ or something like that. And that’ll also bring up a totally different set of results and a lot of results and that’s one of the great things about resource page link building is that you can literally spend all day doing this and you will get tons of links. I love resource page link building.

So for example, I didn’t show you this before, but this particular search string got 543,000 results. Now obviously a lot of those are going to be duplicate results, they’re going to junk results, they’re going to be unrelated but let’s just say half of them are relevant and you get a 2% conversion rate, that’s hundreds of targeted links on authority pages all over your site. You get some links to some pieces of content, some to your home page and it just looks very natural. So you can do the same thing for just limit your results to edu sites and sure enough here’s one that I found in the first set of results and it’s principles of healthy cooking web links. This looks like it accompanies some sort of course at this college and just like any resource page it’s a link out to other sites, okay? But there’s a little bit a wrinkle when you use this operator for edu sites or if you find big authority sites and that wrinkle is, not everyone’s like Terry where they say, ‘Hey I’m Terry email me a suggestion’, right? They’re run by several different people. Major authority sites have huge staffs so it’s hard to find the right person who’s responsible for this particular page because that’s who you want to reach out to. One trick I like to do is to look at the URL of the page and that usually gives me a clue of who I should get in contact with. In this case it’s at the Library, okay? And the librarian or the web master for the library section is the person you want to reach.

The last thing you want to do is reach out to and just sent it to the general email address and hope your link request gets forwarded. It’s not likely to happen. So what I like to do is look at the URL. A lot of times it’ll say ‘library’ or it’ll say ‘nutrition’ or ‘cooking’ and you can see the category on the site that it belongs to. And once you know what category its in it’s just a matter of going to the employee directory here or searching for the employee directory on Google or even using LinkedIn and finding the person that runs this page and reaching out to them with your link request. Another great way to find the responsible person of a resource page on an authority site is to scroll to the bottom. And a lot of times it’ll have a last updated list and the person who curates the resource page and that just makes things a lot easier. So for example, this says it’s from this person and it was revised a long time ago.

Now you do want resource pages that are a little more up to date because it’s not likely that the person who last updated it four years ago is going to go in and add your link but it is possible and for an authoritative resource page it’s worth it.

Also another value of these older resource pages is that you can take advantage of broken link building which is something I discuss in another video.

Now if you’re somehow short of results, if you’re maybe a strange niche that doesn’t have a lot of resource pages, here’s a trick to find many, many, many more resource pages that you wouldn’t be able to find. And you want to put this little tilde in front of the keyword and use the same search strings that you used before. Either ‘helpful resources’ or ‘in URL:links’ and this, what this does is it tells Google ‘Don’t just look for cooking related key words, look for cooking and related key words’. In this case it shows us Terry’s kitchen, which we already saw, but it also brings up things like culinary links page, recipes, recipe links, and these are links, these are resource pages that we wouldn’t have found using that search string.

So I like to do that and as you can see it brings up a lot more results because you’re using a lot of synonyms so it’s 4 million results. Obviously way, way too many to take action on so this is a good idea to have the Mozbar where you can look at the page authority of each page and be a little more picky about which pages you reach out to.

So in summary resource page link building should be a corner stone of your link building strategy. Go through the top 50 in your niche and see what they tend to link out to. If you don’t have content that you think would be a good fit for the resource page it’s often worth making one just for resource page link building.

So, thanks for watching, I’ll see you in the next video.