How to Build Links with Authority Sites Using Submission Links

Not all links have to be contextual links embedded within unique content. While they shouldn’t form the cornerstone of your link building campaigns, targeted submission links can help add some juice to a flat SEO campaign. However, like anything in SEO, you have to do it the right way or else you could get burned. Here are some safe strategies, and exact link targets, you can use to build submission links from authority sites within a few minutes of finishing the video.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Brian Dean from Quicksprout. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to use submission link building to get quality, authoritative bank links back to your site. Now, everyone and their mom in SEO is talking about content marketing, but this strategy doesn’t actually require any content, which makes it great.

So, as an example of submission link building, I’m going to show you how to submit to audio sharing sites, like So,, as you can see here, this is just a simple profile. But here, under the web area, is a followed link back to this person’s YouTube channel, but you can obviously put your site here. And there’s some content underneath. So, in Google’s eyes, this a somewhat contextual link, because you have a lot of content here, which makes it more likely to be indexed and counted as a quality page in Google. And sure enough, this page has a page authority of 24 by Moz.

So, this is all from internal links, because if you’re going to look at the link profile of this particular page, it has zero back links from zero referring domains. So, all of this juice is from the site itself. So, when you choose authority sites to build these submission links on, you’re actually going to create a lot of internal links pointing to this page, which will pass on to your site.

Now, how do you submit to these audio sharing sites? Well, first of all you need a piece of audio. And the easiest way to do that, is to go to And allows you to actually record audio within your browser, so just head to Vocaroo, click the record button, and just sing. You can do spoken word, do a stand up set, whatever you want to do. Then save it to your computer as an MP3. And head back to Sutros, or any other audio sharing site that you want to build links from, and create an account. Now, under ‘user name’, you can put your target keyword here. And that obviously gives you a little SEO boost, but it also runs the risk of your profile being deleted by a moderator. So, that’s a choice for you to make. Now, once you create a profile, you can see here you should upload an image, add some information. And under the bio area you should put target keywords that you are going after, so you get a co-citation for this live link here.

In the case of QuickSprout, if I was Neil making this profile, I’d put words like, ‘internet marketing, SEO, social media traffic,’ things like that. And that’s just a way to tell Google that every time someone mentions QuickSprout, they also mention these keywords, which means this site must be an authority about these keywords.

Now, if you were just to create a profile, you probably wouldn’t be able to get this page authority 24, or any page authority for that matter. So, if you really want to get page authority, you should interact with the site as much as possible. And in the case of audio sharing sites, you can upload that piece of music or whatever piece of audio you’ve just recorded. Just click browse, find the MP3 on your desktop, and upload it. And what that will do is, it will build internal links to your profile, which will funnel some of the page rank on that site, onto your money site. Now, another example of a submission link is on portfolio sites, and there are tons of portfolio sites. This is, which is a massive authority site, with 41 million incoming links. And you can use these portfolio sites which are used by artists but also marketers and anyone. A lot of people have their portfolios for writing, anything. There’s tons of portfolio sites, so I just have a list underneath this video. But if you just look for portfolio sites with different keywords like artist portfolio, photographer portfolio, you can find these sites and they tend to be very authoritative, and it’s the same story.

You create a little profile, add some content here, and add a live file link back to your site. And if you want to interact with the site, you can follow people here and that will build links to this page. Now, if you’re ever short of these sites to submit to, you can use is a great site for finding submission link building opportunities. So, just head over to, and put in your brand name here. So, let’s put in QuickSprout, and click the check it button. And once you’ve done that, it will show you where people have registered the QuickSprout name. Obviously, Neil has registered this name in a lot of different social media sites. But you can just put in gibberish if you want. You could just put in whatever. The idea is just to find the active social media sites that no-one curates. So, this will show you the most popular ones, but you want to click this button here where it says, ‘Check over 500 more social networks.’ And this will show you categorically, all the social networks and their database. And what’s great about this is that they know these are active, because they won’t keep them in their index unless they’re actually active, and you can use them.

Now, some of these won’t allow links. Some of these will make the links do follow. You do unfortunately have to go one by one through them, to try to find do follow links. But in my experience, the design category tends to do best in terms of having follow links, and Behance, sure enough, is there. And information sites, because these information sites allow you a lot of times, to create content and add content. So, when you can add content to the site, a lot of times it allows you outbound links, which are often followed.

Also microblogging is another good category to keep an eye on, because obviously these sites are encouraging you to post content, which usually includes links. And a lot of times the links are do follow. So, I would like to give you a list of followed ones, but they change all the time. And if you stick to these categories, you’ll be able to find a lot of great link building opportunities using submission link building. So, that’s it. The main advantage of submission link building is just that it’s easy. You can acquire some pretty decent links in a very short period of time, without having to create or promote any content. So, see you in the next video.