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How to Define Your Company’s Identity

Entrepreneurs and business owners usually know what type of products or services they’re going to offer and who they’re going to target. But they often…

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How to Trademark a Business

A trademark protects your brand identity from copycats. If you have a unique and impactful name, slogan, or design, you need to make sure no…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Vision and Mission Statements

Running a successful business involves careful planning and focus. Part of the process includes setting goals and determining a clear-cut purpose. Two elements critical in…

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How and When to Trademark a Business Name

You likely spent a lot of time thinking up the perfect name for your business–it’s one of the first and most exciting things you do…

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How to Get a Free Operating Agreement Template

You’ve finally registered your LLC and are ready to do business.  But a few questions still linger.  How do you distinguish the business owners from…

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How to Change The Name of Your LLC

There are many reasons to change your company name. Your business may be going through an identity crisis, and you need a new name that…

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