Business communication is all over the place these days because of how many channels are involved. You might have mass text marketing, online reviews, web chat functions, WhatsApp widgets, website forms, instant messaging apps, and more to manage and coordinate.

Businesses need a way to unify their messaging tools into a single application. Sociocs is an app that aims to do that—and it does it quite well, if you ask us.

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Who Sociocs Is For

These days, businesses with a social messaging component—which is most of them!—have to contend with the labor costs of managing multi-channel marketing campaigns. Customers want to be reached where it’s most convenient for them, and you can believe that they’ll move on if the options aren’t there.

Sociocs unifies communication channels and apps into a single application that streamlines workflows across the board. Internally, it helps employees share ideas more easily and coordinate team tasks. Externally, it helps build community, generate leads, and address customer queries.

Any brand with an online presence could potentially benefit from condensing its multi-channel workflow into a streamlined customer service system with Sociocs. The data-driven insights provided by the app can help businesses monitor the performance of their campaigns as well so they can stay ahead of market changes instead of sinking beneath them.

Sociocs Pricing

Sociocs has four plans:


The free tier costs $0 per month and gives businesses access to basic features such as two marketing management channels, 1,000 total messages, communication templates, downloadable transcripts, and more. This plan is always free, so businesses can use it as an indefinite free trial to test the system’s features and see how they integrate with their workflow.


The Standard plan starts at $20 per month billed annually and comes with two channels, two users, 2,000 messages, bulk text messaging, and other basic features. Additional messages can be purchased at the exquisitely cheap price of $1 per 1,000 messages, and voicemail can also be added for as little as $10 per month.

The Standard plan works on a sliding scale, where businesses can add more channels and users for more money per month, up to ten each. This is useful if you have more channels than intended users or vice versa because you can buy them separately. Five channels and two users, for example, raises the price to $35 per month.


The Premium plan costs $124.17 per month billed annually and comes with unlimited channels and up to ten users. Businesses can manage up to 50,000 messages—or more for $1 per 1,000 messages—and gain all the premium features Sociocs has to offer. These include:

  • Bulk text messaging
  • Follow-ups
  • Downloadable transcripts
  • Contact lists, even for bulk messaging
  • APIs
  • Appointment and review confirmation bots
  • Custom workflow automation
  • Voicemail features
  • Higher customer service priority

The Premium plan is best used by businesses that would prefer the broadest multi-channel approach possible and aren’t satisfied by the limited options of the Standard plan, even when maxed out to ten users and ten channels.


The Custom plan is exactly what it sounds like. You can get as many premium features as you need per month, for a custom price. You’ll have to contact Sociocs and outline your needs to learn your specific price for the custom plan, because it’s, well, custom.

Sociocs pricing plans including a free, standard, premium, and custom plan.

Pros and Cons of Sociocs

In our experience, Sociocs is a top-quality message integration tool for businesses that gives popular alternatives a run for their money in terms of features. Implementation may be difficult, however, and may require significant employee training to produce the best results.

Sociocs Pros

  • Streamlined workflow: By combining communication tools, businesses can use Sociocs to streamline their workflow. Employees can focus on a single communication application rather than dealing with separate channels.
  • Increased productivity: As a result of streamlining communication apps, employees can work on projects using any device connected to the platform, more easily communicating with team members, sharing necessary files, accessing the schedule, and more.
  • Enhanced customer service: Sociocs gives businesses a streamlined view of their marketing channels, allowing agents to respond to chat messages, emails, social media queries, and more in an efficient way.
  • Valuable insights: Sociocs provides valuable insights on the performance of a business’s marketing campaigns, allowing them to respond more quickly to gaps in their strategy on whatever channel they need to address.

Sociocs Cons

  • Internet dependency: Sociocs, like other cloud-based management platforms, relies on a stable internet connection to function. Due to this dependency, power outages and network issues can destabilize a business’s communication framework. To be honest though, this isn’t really a huge deal. These days, almost everything is internet-based.
  • Implementation costs: Sociocs may be costly to implement due to the time and energy required to centralize all of a business’s communication channels, control access to the program, and protect customer data.
  • Training requirements: Cloud-based management platforms often require significant employee training before they actually become useful. Since all internal business communication would ideally be managed through Sociocs, employees have to become veritable experts on the platform.

Sociocs Review: The Details

Sociocs is a cloud-based communication management platform… but so are countless other software solutions. What exactly makes Sociocs so special? It’s not so much the features listed below, as it is the way that Sociocs implements them much better than its competitors.

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Multichannel integration

Whether your business is managing auto messaging, business or bulk text messages, or any of the numerous communication apps out there, Sociocs consolidates them into one profile that you and your team can manage more efficiently.

The channels you need to streamline will depend on your industry and your marketing campaign, but here are a few of the tools that Sociocs can work with:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Google Play
  • SMS
  • Telegram
  • Web Chat
  • WhatsApp

Real-time chat translation

Businesses with multi-lingual customers or in-person or online components in other countries know the challenges of tackling diverse language backgrounds when trying to market products and services.

Sociocs features real-time chat translation that can help businesses tackle these challenges using state-of-the-art natural language processing. It supports over 100 languages, automatically detecting them in the chat features of the platform.

Your employees’ ability to seamlessly translate customer questions will allow you to save time and money while fostering better interactions with potential leads. Many businesses fail to account for the challenges of a multichannel and multilingual approach—no longer with Sociocs.

Multilingual bulk messaging

If your business plans to send bulk text/SMS messages to customers as a marketing or promotional tactic, you could run into the same language barriers as with online chat functions. Sociocs has an auto-translation feature that can be enabled in your system to automatically convert promotions into the user’s preferred language.

Since bulk communication is such a powerful marketing tool, you need to be able to reach every potential customer. Sociocs can take the pressure off your employees, who can chat more efficiently with leads no matter their language preference.

Bulk SMS/Texting feature informational page from Sociocs with a button to "Know more."

Social media integration

Social media is one of the most significant channels of communication in a modern multichannel marketing approach. Sociocs supports features for content creation, scheduling, and performance measurements across multiple social media accounts.

Centralizing your business’s customer engagement comes with a few key benefits, including increased productivity for your marketers, more preferred customer interactions, and a more efficient workflow.


Click-to-chat functions are a modern business’s replacement for the more costly live chat features that have been the typical offering in website-to-customer marketing for years. Live chats can be effective, but they require a live agent on standby at all times as well as a customer queue, depending on how many agents you have to spare.

Chatbots have risen as a trending technology that can take the pressure off human agents, but they usually produce inferior conversations that generate fewer leads. Sociocs splits the difference with its chat-to-text plugin, which converts the conversation to a text message that will notify your customer service agents.

This means that your business can open a direct line of communication between itself and your customers for both website and mobile visitors. Agents don’t have to be monitoring the site 24/7, and customers now have a guaranteed way of reaching your business for further questions. This is a two-way street as well, since your business can now reach out to them on a much more preferred channel of communication.

Google Maps and Reviews management

Google Maps and Google Reviews are extremely important performance metrics for modern businesses. Think about how often you check the reviews for a restaurant before you decide to meet your friends there. Reviews and Maps both help establish and build trust with potential customers while improving local SEO, which means that positive local interactions lead to better local reputations.

For many businesses, the question remains of how to manage reviews more effectively. Sociocs can help you identify and focus your campaigns on the marketing channels that are producing the most positive customer feedback. The platform also makes it easier to view and respond to reviews from multiple channels, helping you increase positive interactions.

Advanced analytics

To help businesses make the most of their tools, Sociocs provides analytics that can be used to monitor the performance of marketing campaigns. Without the tools to accurately assess performance in real-time, you may begin making course-corrections on your marketing campaigns after it’s already too late.

And even simple analytics can strain performance without a way to streamline them onto one dashboard.

With Sociocs, you’re able to do both, and not get overwhelmed doing it.


Sociocs is easily one of the premier multichannel customer communication tools of the modern age. With four different pricing plans tailored to different business sizes, and a focus on doing what its competitors do, only better, Sociocs comes pretty close to being a one-size-fits-all communication solution.