Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and gaining and retaining loyal customers is the key to long-term success. That’s why ecommerce stores increasingly use software to streamline communications and build connections. As online businesses grow, efficiently handling a high volume of customers becomes increasingly important.

Richpanel is a platform that automates repetitive tasks and consolidates customer interactions. By bringing all messaging and support agents together, its helpdesk solution aims to keep merchants and representatives updated on customer needs across channels.

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Who Richpanel Is For

Richpanel is an all-in-one customer service platform designed with ecommerce businesses in mind. It’s positioned towards companies handling a large amount of customer support tickets per month with the aim of automating time-consuming tasks and potentially reducing the number of active agents your business needs.

If you’re an ecommerce store experiencing rapid growth and the volumes are intensifying, Richpanel can help your team centralize all inquiries into one easy-to-manage system. Aspiring startups and large-scale organizations can benefit from Richpanel for coordinating customer service inquiries and delivering well-timed, personalized experiences.

The platform allows you to track, administrate, and reply to client questions or issues all in one place. This could aid you whether you sell tangible goods, digital downloads, or services online.

Above all, direct-to-customer (D2C) brands may gain from Richpanel’s features for overseeing customer communications and queries from start to finish.

You’ll also want to consider Richpanel if you’re looking to incorporate AI into your processes for automating routine client support. The AI assistant learns from past conversations and generates responses, improving the dependability and precision of answers over time. It’s not meant to replace human agents but rather to complement them. The AI tool can generate replies and help agents form smart responses and recommendations.

Overall, Richpanel is a solid platform for ecommerce businesses looking to up their customer support game.

Richpanel Pricing

Richpanel offers four pricing plans for its customer service and support platform—Starter, Regular, Pro, and Enterprise. You can save on all plans if you opt to pay for an annual plan. We’ll cover the monthly pricing below.

The Starter plan starts at just $29 per user per month. It includes essential features like email, live chat, and basic integration with popular platforms like Shopify, Facebook, and Instagram. Basic reporting is also included with this tier. This tier is suitable for early-stage businesses just getting started with customer support and wanting to test the waters.

For $49 per user per month, the Regular plan expands your capabilities with additional channels like SMS, phone support, and more advanced features like round-robin ticket assignment. Integrations with ecommerce platforms like Magento and Woocommerce are added as well. You’ll benefit from improved reporting, including CSAT scores, to measure customer satisfaction. This tier is well-suited for growing small businesses.

At $99 per user monthly, the Pro plan builds upon the previous tiers. You can support multiple languages to serve an international customer base. Agent workloads will also be better balanced through features like balanced ticket assignment. Additional perks like onboarding assistance and a dedicated success manager provide more advanced support from Richpanel’s experts. Larger companies will appreciate this tier’s robust functionality.

Finally, the Enterprise plan offers wholly customized solutions designed in partnership with your business. Advanced scripting, campaign management, and analytics are some capabilities exclusively available at this high-touch level. Feature sets and pricing are tailored for complex enterprise organizations.

Richpanel also offers flat-rate Self-Service Portal plans starting at $100 per month for up to 1,000 orders, with additional tiers available for higher volume businesses. You can calculate your cumulative monthly costs with the pricing slider on Richpanel’s pricing page.

Overall, Richpanel’s tiered pricing structure offers a flexible and scalable solution aligned with businesses at every stage of growth and scale. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial to get some first-hand experience before you decide.

Pros and Cons of Richpanel

Richpanel is a well-rounded tool for both seasoned ecommerce business owners and new entrepreneurs. Here’s what it does well and what could be improved.

Richpanel Pros

  • By offering both a help desk option and a self-service option, you can choose the option that works best for your business. A lot of companies may only offer one or the other. We love that Richpanel offers both.
  • Under its self-service offerings, you can create a branded help center to help customers with common questions. You can set FAQs, embed explainer videos, and provide product recommendations. This will save you countless tickets. Plus, some customers genuinely don’t like reaching out to support to ask questions, so this gives them an option to find answers themselves.
  • The analytics in Help Desk are thorough, with options to view stats for conversations, team activity, agents’ revenue, and more. You can also generate a satisfaction and revenue report.
  • You can communicate with your customers and team in one place, which saves hopping between apps. This means you can discuss specific tickets with agents if you encounter escalations that require your intervention.
  • The multichannel inbox also allows you to check tickets from various channels in one central place. Manage email, live chat, phone tickets, and more from one inbox.
  • Richpanel effectively acts as a central location for all customer information and interactions, making it streamlined and relatively straightforward to move between orders and tickets.
  • Sidekick AI provides you and your team with prompts and suggestions to provide detailed and accurate responses to customers’ questions. It truly is a trusty sidekick your agents can rely on to answer customer questions and provide high-quality service.
  • The layout feels like customer service agents designed it for customer service agents. This makes everything more streamlined, with smart automation options and granular functionality to look at specific information.
  • Integrations with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce mean you can connect Richpanel with your preferred platform for a more seamless overall experience.

Richpanel Cons

  • Help Desk and Self-Service are separate pricing plans, meaning you’re effectively paying two different subscriptions if you want both. That could potentially get spendy.
  • We did experience a bit of a learning curve testing out the platform ourselves. During testing, we often ended up in circles trying to locate specific parts of the platform. However, it’s reasonable that software of this nature requires some learning on your part, and once you get going, it shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Navigating between the sections can be clunky, and we had to refresh the screen a couple times to get it to load.
  • The platform could use more social media integrations, as you don’t have many options beyond Facebook and Instagram.

Richpanel Review: The Details

Richpanel offers two primary tools: Help Desk and Self-Service.

Help Desk acts as the central hub from which customer service teams can manage support tickets, monitor all communications across different channels, and configure workflow automation. Alternatively, Self-Service provides customers access to account tools through a customizable portal experience.

Multichannel, Agent Console, and Customer Timeline

Receiving a ton of customer queries across multiple channels can overwhelm even the most experienced support teams.

That’s why Richpanel created an all-in-one solution to simplify complex customer service operations. The suite centralizes communication touchpoints and provides agents with tailored tools to resolve issues efficiently.

Screenshot of Richpanel inbox with a conversation displayed.

At the core is Richpanel’s multichannel feature. This consolidates siloed messaging avenues like email, chat, social media, texts, and calls into one unified console. Agents can toggle between channels without switching interfaces. The multitasking interface empowers agents to monitor customer conversations from multiple channels. It also allows them to engage customers proactively on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to increase brand reach.

Richpanel supports integrations with other applications, too. Email, live chat, WhatsApp, and more all sync within the same intuitive inbox. Plus, mobile chats seamlessly convert to texts to maintain contact after customers exit the site. With this extensive connectivity, your team can provide responsive service across devices.

Additional tools like spam filtering bots minimize messaging clutter. This prevents agents from wasting efforts on irrelevant communications and helps them to focus purely on customer concerns.

Collaboration is also effortless on Richpanel. You can even reach out to members from other teams, like those in shipping or development, to ask questions and collaborate on an issue without them needing to login.

Finally, Richpanel offers a powerful customer timeline feature. It provides a detailed overview of past communications and transactions. From here, agents can complete tasks within profiles like cancellations, refunds, and recharges. The feature also enriches profiles with notes, tags, and custom fields for continuous relationship-building.

By tracking important dates, goals and preferences over time, your agents deliver increasingly personalized care. This builds trust and loyalty amongst your customer base. The detailed timeline additionally allows agents to pick up where colleagues left off for uninterrupted support consistency.

Assignments and Automation

Whether starting small or operating at scale, efficient customer service is key to success for any business. Richpanel’s assignments and automation features can streamline workflows so you can deliver top-notch service.

Richpanel settings menu with the page for automation rules shown.

The assignments feature intelligently routes inquiries based on agent skills, languages, and availability. It allows you to configure automated rules matching customers to the optimal representative. When timing is critical, you can prioritize live chat while balancing workloads across agents fairly.

Automation eliminates repetitive tasks so agents can focus on complex, engaging cases. AI filters out spam and irrelevant posts from social media and support forums. Tickets automatically self-classify by applying categories and priorities for smarter assignments.

Standard responses will auto-populate for common queries with a single click. This saves your agents time, who can still customize responses when a touch of personalization is needed.

While preparing automation protocols involves work upfront, the rewards justify the effort. Employees can devote more time to more complex tasks rather than routine busy work, and customers receive prompt, knowledgeable care across all channels. It’s a win-win on both sides

Reporting and Analytics

Richpanel offers several useful tools to help businesses improve customer service operations and gain valuable insights. For instance, you can track agent performance across different communication channels like email, chat, and phone. This can help identify where more training may be needed or where wait times tend to be longer.

Conversations overview with a graph to show conversations volumes.

The software also provides conversation analytics. By reviewing chat transcripts, businesses can understand how effectively its customer agents are discussing additional products or services with customers. This data could reveal opportunities to improve upselling and cross-selling techniques.

Richpanel collects customer satisfaction ratings after interactions as well. Examining these ratings makes it possible for companies to pinpoint any issues reported most frequently by customers. For example, if shipping-related queries receive lower scores, a business may focus on enhancing its shipping processes first.

The software has the ability to correlate customer support conversations with revenue. This allows companies to recognize which agents are most successful in turning inquiries into completed sales. Metrics like revenue linked to customer experience, time until purchase, and conversion rates provide clearer visibility into how service impacts the bottom line.

The tools also help identify topics discussed regularly by clients. Businesses can then automatically address common questions through self-help content like updated FAQs or knowledge-base articles.

Order Management, Returns, and Exchanges

Richpanel offers powerful yet easy-to-use order management and returns solutions. Its order management tool gives customers the independence to modify orders directly. For example, customers can change shipping addresses or apply coupon codes themselves. This self-service helps provide an Amazon-like experience while reducing support requests.

Greetings & styling selection options.

Setup is easy, with default settings for most stores. Plus, many common questions like Where’s my order are automated through shipping status updates. Businesses can set custom rules, too, like limits on order edits or cancellations. Best of all, it seamlessly integrates with Shopify APIs to process edits, refunds, and deletions without additional work.

Personalizing the returns and exchanges process is also a cinch. Integrations with apps allow customers to handle returns in one convenient portal. Customers see return eligibility directly based on factors such as days since purchase. You can even apply more lenient policies for top customers as a nice perk.

Finally, the login process is quick and simple, too. Customers just need an order number, not a password.

Help Center and Subscriptions Management

Richpanel offers businesses two powerful self-service features to improve customer experiences: a help center and an upcoming subscription management tool. The branded help center creates a visual hub for common inquiries.

Screenshot of a mobile app for customer service using Richpanel.

You can include FAQs, return policies, how-to videos, and more. This guides customers to answers instead of agents, which saves time on both ends.

Subscription Management, scheduled for future release, gives subscribers control over their subscriptions. Customers will manage subscriptions, payment methods, and shipping addresses, plus add extras like additional products or coupon codes directly. Businesses set parameters around sensitive actions like cancellations. For instance, if you want cancellations to go through an agent, you can set rules to ensure the proper process is followed.

Agent Handoff and Custom Workflows

Richpanel’s agent handoff and custom workflows features can help streamline your customer service process. With the agent handoff option, businesses can create custom forms to collect relevant customer information before issues are passed to an agent. This data collection helps reduce redundant back-and-forth communication later on.

Richpanel Collect Customer Data page with various options to select.

For example, an online clothing store could include fields for customers to select sizes and color preferences. This information is then pre-filled for the agent, so customers don’t need to restate details when submitting questions.

Customers benefit from a more efficient experience, as the forms can guide them straight to the appropriate department or solution. For companies, collecting this level of detail upfront allows agents to have immediate context into the customer’s issue when a ticket is assigned.

Richpanel also offers rule-based assignment, which uses the form inputs to intelligently route tickets to the agent or team best able to assist based on each unique question or need.

The agent handoff and custom workflows streamline processes for both customers and agents. Businesses have an easy way to automate complex workflows and create self-service options through Richpanel’s no-code builder. This helps optimize operations while enhancing the customer experience.