The Complete Guide To Repurposing Blog Content

In this complete guide to repurposing blog content, we’re going to cover a number of strategies that allow you to take your text-based blog post and turn it into something different.

Some people prefer to read blog posts. In fact, a lot of people do, but everybody has their own preference and if you want to reach your target reader that prefers other forms of content you have to give them what they want. Ready to get started?

Let’s get into it.

Hire A Designer To Create A Whitepaper Or Guide

Some people like to download whitepapers for reference. They may like reading blog posts, but to them a whitepaper has a more formal feel. Whitepapers are usually designed well and easy to read.

But white papers are really nothing more than repurposed blog posts especially if you have some really good how-to blog content.

Simply copy and paste the content from your post to create the content for you guide. Hire a designer to create a .pdf document that looks nice and is downloadable from your website.

Create A Slide Deck & Upload To SlideShare

Slideshows are another form of content some people really love. Speakers will often put their slide decks on SlideShare and the content will do really well for those that couldn’t be at the speaking event.

Don’t waste slides. You’re not giving a speech like others that create slide decks. You’re using your slideshow as an online marketing tool.

Each slide should have one key point from your post. These points should be the headers used in your post to define the different sections.

For example, a top 10 list of will have 12 slides — 10 with the items from the list and an introduction slide and an ending slide with your contact information.

Once you complete the slide deck upload it to SlideShare.

SlideShare has a strong community so you should get some search traffic from within the community and from search engines.

Use a similar title to the one from your blog post and add the appropriate tags on SlideShare.

You can also submit your slide to other sites, such as

Turn Your Slideshow Into An Infographic

Infographics have now been popular for a few years. I’ve had great success with them on Quick Sprout:

KISSmetrics has also had success producing infographics as a way to market the blog and the brand.

Infographics take the usual blog post and turn it into something visual for readers. In successful cases, infographics will do a better job of communicating something interesting and useful to the target audience.

Here is how you can repurpose your blog posts into infographics.

Before you hire a designer it’s a good idea to sketch or create a basic layout. You can even do it in a word document if you would like, but giving the designer some direction will make the design process easier for you and for the designer.

You can hire a designer and have them create a great looking infographic for a couple hundred dollars. Promote your infographic job on a site like You’ll get lots of replies. Ask the designer if they’ve done infographics before and ask for examples. The style of the graphic needs to fit the style of your brand and your blog so look at the designer’s style first.

Turn Your Infographic Into A Videographic

Videographics are animations that take the content from your blog post (or infographic) and turn it into an animated video that takes your content to another level.

Online video continues to grow in popularity with web users. Video is becoming a preferred channel for users and if you want to capture this audience you need to create video or in this case, videographics.

Videographics are very similar to infographics. The same type of content will do well. Stats complete with lists of how-to information will give viewers something they can do to improve their lives.

Videographers are becoming more common in the online industry, but they can still be expensive. It takes a lot of effort to create a top-notch animation and it takes lots of editing for a videographer to create the final version of the graphic.

YouTube is the biggest video community. Upload your videographic to YouTube and share it in your social communities. Add the appropriate title and tags to the video to make it easy for YouTube searchers to find it.


Turn Your Post Into A Video

As we just mentioned, videos are popular online. But you don’t have to create videographics to find success with video. You can start simple by taking your recent blog post and turning it into a video.

Lighting is incredibly important with video. Harsh florescent lighting is everywhere indoors. Avoid it if you can. Natural light is better, but more difficult to get if you’re indoors. You don’t want light shining right in your face. You want it to be shining at you, but spread out.

Create a small script and practice a few times before recording. Then record the tip. Get it done in less than a minute and publish the video to YouTube. Promote it on your blog and on social media.

Hire A Professional Voice On Fiverr To Read & Record Your Post Aloud To Create A Podcast

Podcasts are recorded shows. People like to listen to them at work on their computers. Others will listen to them while they’re working out at the gym. Some even put them on while they’re driving to work.

Podcasts are great to listen to in the background while you’re doing something else and what’s great for content producers is that podcasts contain much of the same content as blog posts.

Go to Fiverr and search for a professional voice. Pay someone to read your blog post aloud while recording themselves doing so.

Take the recording and submit it to the following podcast databases:

Turn Your Blog Post Into A Webinar

Webinars can a successful selling tool for businesses, especially B2B companies.

There are people out there that enjoy webinars over blog posts and other content. Many webinars occur during lunch breaks giving people a break from their normal workday. They can listen in to the live even. They can share comments and get information on a topic they want to learn about.

Here is a strategy for creating successful webinars from your blog content.

Webinars are kind of like live slideshow presentations. Some have video. Others use audio. Turn your blog post into a slideshow like we discussed above. Also use the information to create a script that you can follow.

Host the interview with another person that has a large audience in your industry. You can offer to put the slides together and organize the event, but have them join you for the event.

This will bring their audience to the webinar and that will give you and your blog more exposure. End the webinar by letting attendees know that they can get even more information on the topic at your blog.


Some people prefer other types of content instead of the traditional text-based blog post.

To expand your reach, repurpose your blog posts into the type of content more people prefer.

In this guide we gave you sites where you can submit your content to such as SlideShare, YouTube, iTunes and others.

It’s important to remember that these sites allow you to list titles, descriptions, tags and other information for your content.

Enter that information so users can find the content on the corresponding site, but also include a link to your original blog post whenever possible.

YouTube is one example of a site that allows you to include a link in the description. This lets potential viewers find their way back to your blog post where you get more traffic and where you also have the opportunity to convert the visitor into an email subscriber or social media follower.

For even more tips on growing your blog audience be sure to read these other top guides.