Growing revenue is a focus for any business, large or small. But consistently boosting sales can be tricky. This is where Qwilr can help.

Qwilr works by removing some of the common obstacles that influence purchasing decisions. For those seeking dedicated sales assistance software, it’s worth considering.

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Who Qwilr Is For

Qwilr’s proposal software transforms the way you create and share proposals and pitches. It fits into any sales and marketing team looking to close more deals, especially thanks to dynamic proposals and quote showcases.

Freelancers, small business owners, and solo entrepreneurs can craft polished portfolios and proposals within minutes. At the same time, consulting and creative agencies can show off their expertise with professional case studies, concept demos, and brainstorming sessions.

Schools and nonprofits can attract donors through fundraising appeals, as can those who run outreach initiatives who want to connect with their communities. Corporate teams can improve communication between departments and clients through Qwilr’s onboarding programs, too.

Qwilr Pricing


Starting at $35 per user per month when billed annually or $39 month-by-month, this entry-level package includes unlimited page creation and an intuitive content editor. It comes with a 14-day free trial.

You’ll get dynamic quote blocks, auditing tools, ROI calculators, and digital accept blocks for e-signatures in Stripe, plus collaboration tools that allow for simultaneous editing or view-only sharing. You’ll also receive metrics on page and account engagement for 120 days at this level, as well as embeddable forms, email support, and an export-to-PDF function.

This plan includes standard integrations to HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Zapier, and Slack.

A minimum of one user is required at this level, but you can add members for the same $35 monthly fee. Doing so, you’ll open up additional tools for remarketing, accounting, and analytics integrations.


This plan is ideal for teams of five or more that need to create many digital documents and presentations. It costs $59 per user per month with annual billing and comes with a 14-day free trial as well.

The Enterprise package includes all the benefits from the Business plan, plus additional administrative controls, team permissions, template settings, a custom domain, and account administrators to gain deeper insights over long periods.

Enterprise integrates with Salesforce while also providing you with a custom API to connect with third-party applications. You’ll get more support with live chat and training, plus a dedicated advisor.

Professional Services Add-Ons:

Qwilr offers several onboarding packages, including:

  • The Starter package, for $199, which gives you basic admin and creator training on Qwilr’s core features.
  • The Booster package, for $499, which comes with additional lessons, tips on best practices, and admin consultations.
  • The Accelerator package, for $999, which includes a dedicated onboarding specialist.
  • The White Glove package, for $2,499, which sets you up entirely from top to bottom.

Qwilr also offers document conversion packs if you need to import files from other systems, or design help refreshing your page with a one-off consultation. The professional services team can create unique graphics for your pages, assist with workflow automation through Zapier, or configure the ROI calculator specifically for your key metrics and reporting needs.

Pros and Cons of Qwilr

In our experience, Qwilr had an intuitive interface that made it easy to adopt on any device. Multi-user syncing worked well, too. However, businesses that handle more complex workflows and advanced functions may find that some aspects of Qwilr need further development.

Qwilr Pros

  • User-friendly and easy to use, with no need to have special design skills to build a proposal within ten minutes.
  • The customer support team promptly resolved our questions and technical issues with a response time within one hour.
  • View videos, maps, forms, and other interactive content in proposals all in one interface.
  • Comes with a selection of 110+ proposal templates, quotes, and customer success resources. Plus, you can create your own via the drag-and-drop builder.
  • Qwilr’s support resources are extensive, including a YouTube channel with several focused explainer videos.
  • Proposal tracking allows you to see when clients view and interact with proposals, or you can add filters for more control.
  • Proposals have security and expiry settings to ensure only relevant people can access details in a time-sensitive manner.
  • Brand and color your proposals with an intuitive editor.
  • Perform higher-level tasks via third-party integration.

Qwilr Cons

  • Lacks collaboration and communication tools for colleagues and clients.
  • The text editing and styling options are bare-bones, and some users report issues with sizing images and mixing text fonts.
  • The interface doesn’t come with a sophisticated analytics toolset.
  • There’s a heavy reliance on Zapier and other third-party apps to complete tasks.
  • Proposal-sharing ultimately boils down to sharing a link, though several integrations can offer you more options if you choose to connect to them.

Qwilr Review: The Details

At Qwilr’s core, you get access to a set of tools to collaborate with your remote team via real-time editing, highlighting, and cursor syncing. Regardless of which sales methodology you go by, Qwilr can be a great tool to add to your sales tech stack.

Below, you’ll find a rundown of some of the most important of Qwilr’s features so you can decide if Qwilr will fit your team’s needs.


The Pages editor lets you assemble all relevant content for a pitch onto a single interactive web page rather than separate documents.

Test proposal in the Qwilr interface.

For example, an IT solutions provider could present a complete portfolio of services all at once. A marketing agency can showcase past campaign successes through embedded videos and case studies.

You’re able to build pitch decks and digital brochures, implementation plans, proposals, or RFP responses, all while having reusable content blocks on hand in your library for standard messaging, logos, or testimonials. You don’t have to start from scratch when pitching new prospects.

Qwilr also lets you embed an ROI calculator directly on your page to demonstrate potential savings for potential buyers. Or, add interactive visual elements like pricing comparisons, booking calendars, one-click accept or decline buttons, and e-signatures. CRM integration allows you to personalize each page based on client preferences and history.


With Qwilr’s AI proposal generator, your sales reps can create custom pitch decks and quotes in minutes. It’s all thanks to their templates that you can pull product details, company names, and other critical data directly from CRM systems.

It’s easy to schedule follow-ups and trigger responses when a potential client views or accepts a proposal by integrating with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign. Or, set up a reminder to flag prospects who have yet to reply within a certain period.

For sales reps, the ability to generate proposals on the fly means less time spent reformatting documents and more time securing new opportunities. In the meantime, marketing teams can focus on strategy and free up resources for higher-level tasks.


Qwilr’s analytics tools monitor buyer interactions with sales materials, detailing what is read, clicked on, and the time spent on each section. This allows teams to identify engaging content and revise proposals accordingly.

Qwilr sales funnel report.

Pipeline health tracking offers an overview of the sales process, showing the status of each proposal and any bottlenecks. You can control page access, view limits, expiration dates, and approved users, as well.

The extended view gives you more details like the location, date, time, IP address, and browser of a given visitor. Block-level data shows you your most popular content areas thanks to click-through tracking page elements.

While the reporting functions are adequate for simpler business models, you’ll need to link with a third-party analytics app for a more thorough review of buyer interactions.


Qwilr’s Transactions feature allows you to integrate with Stripe, making it easier for customers to make online payments directly from your page. And with embedded electronic signatures, obtaining necessary approvals can be done seamlessly within the same document.

Group accept page for two individuals.

With this tool, sellers are able to boost their cash flow and reduce the number of follow-ups customers need to go through after reaching agreements. Real-time notifications keep all parties aware as the transaction progresses.

You’re also able to filter payment processing fees through Stripe, generate invoices automatically in any accounting platform you link, and set up flexible pricing plans.


Whether you need high-level divisions between departments or more specialized teams for individual product offerings, Qwilr allows you to structure multiple groups and set permissions easily. However, you’ll need to use an app like Slack if you want to take advantage of internal messaging.

Through Qwilr, you’re able to control privacy and restrict access to specific templates, documents, or pages across groups with a few clicks. Sensitive materials like pricing sheets or client-private case studies can easily be limited this way.

You can also set up team roles to manage your workflow and assign leaders to delegate tasks when needed. Other teams may only need viewing access without direct editing permissions.

Invite collaborators dropdown menu in the Qwilr interface.

Brand Setup

The Brand Editor provides a no-frills interface for defining corporate colors and custom fonts, letting you establish a unified visual identity through all sales materials.

Brand editor in the Qwilr interface.

The Permission settings allow you to control edits made by other users, so it’s simple to keep your brand’s assets approved and consistent across users and documents.

Within the page-building tools, you have the option to create interactive experiences or add custom domains for an extra layer of professionalism.

Help and Resources

At the core of Qwilr’s support system is the Resource Hub, a central place to find tutorials, best practices, and guides on various topics.

Getting started page with Qwilr.

It contains templates and practical walkthroughs to help you craft all your sales documents. It also comes with real client case studies that show how other successful businesses improved their marketing strategy and outreach.

The Qwilr blog is another helpful resource that covers marketing and sales strategies through interviews, explainers, and trend roundups, plus notes on product updates. An in-app Help function offers direct access to relevant documentation for any question you might have.

Add to that, customer support agents are available to assist with troubleshooting as needed. There’s also a community forum where you can chat with other users.


Adding integrations is relatively straightforward on Qwilr. This is important because you’ll need them for CRM and other involved tasks. We found that Qwilr is transparent about what integrations are native and which ones link via Zapier.

Qwilr settings page with the list of integrations.

The software will pull relevant client data from systems like Salesforce directly into the content editor, reducing the amount of time you spend on mundane admin tasks. Plus, it’s easy to link Qwilr to HubSpot or ActiveCampaign to trigger automation flows.

Even better, it’s possible to update workflows in both directions, so a user or client can record notes in the CRM after sending custom emails. Once a client accepts a proposal, it only takes one click to send the invoice.

Teams are able to connect to project management apps like Trello or Asana, making it very easy to coordinate your assignments and deadlines without duplicating unnecessary data.