Entrepreneurs and project managers need to have tools at their fingertips that manage overlapping responsibilities and initiatives.

Nifty presents itself as an all-in-one solution that could solve this challenge by uniting tasks like project planning, time tracking, collaboration, and more into a single integrated system. Even more, Nifty says it helps reduce human errors that occur when

critical information is broken across multiple disconnected tools while also saving you precious time and money.

Let’s check out our hands-on test to confirm whether these potential advantages are true.

Nifty logo for Quick Sprout Nifty review.

Who Nifty Is For

Whether you manage a small startup or a large enterprise, Nifty has a solution. Project managers, in particular, will find Nifty’s task delegation, milestone tracking, and monitoring useful for ensuring your projects stay on schedule.

Remote workers stay coordinated with Nifty’s chat, video calls, and centralized task board. Creative studios and software outfits benefit from time tracking, dependencies, and timeline overviews even if they use several different applications at the same time.

Freelancers can use Nifty to supervise workloads, prioritize jobs, and meet each client deadline on time. Law firms will use it to streamline litigation with document storage and date reminders for legal cases, client portfolios, and other compliance requirements.

Nifty provides backlogs, sprints, and story point monitoring to cover the needs of agile teams on the go. You can also adjust settings in the board view to fit your product line needs. Larger organizations gain value from higher access tiers with features like custom roles, SSO, APIs, and priority help.

Nifty Pricing

Nifty has two separate pricing systems: a small team rate for five or fewer users, and a flat rate for those above that level.

Payment is either monthly or annually, with yearly payments giving you a 45% discount for the small team rate and 20% for the flat rate. There’s a 14-day free trial with no setup fees or obligations across every plan.

Free: This plan gives you 100 MB of cloud storage for sharing files with unlimited team members on two concurrent projects. Two-factor security is covered.

The Free tier’s storage and user limits allow lightweight coordination and file sharing among a few colleagues. Authentication helps maintain privacy.

Starter: For just $9 per month or $5 per month with an annual plan, the Starter plan gives you 100 MB of storage.

Add team members and clients without a license. Core tasks, files, messages, and calendars are included so you can easily manage workflows, track progress, and hit deadlines.

At this level, you also get time-tracking to bill clients accurately, custom fields to track project metadata, and budget tracking to keep expenses organized.

The flat rate for Starter plan users is $49 per month for teams of six and up, plus add-ons like file proofing, cross-project reporting, and team workload views for only $20 more per month.

Pro: For just $16 per month or $10 per month with the annual plan, you get access to all of Nifty’s core task management and collaboration tools for a single user. This includes unlimited active projects, guests, and clients on one integrated workspace.

For $99 per month, Nifty’s flat-rate supports up to 20 users while providing 500 GB of storage space—perfect for a team growing from a solo founder to a handful of key contributors.

Advanced features like time-tracking, custom fields, cross-project reporting, workflow automation, and file proofing are included. Plus, you can enable additional workloads or two-factor authentication to keep your team and data secure.

Business: At this level, the small team rate is $25 per month or $16 monthly with the annual plan, allowing you and a handful of collaborators to work seamlessly together.

For larger teams, the flat rate is $149 monthly for up to 50 users. You get 1 TB of storage, so your projects, files, and data are fully secured.

Here, you’ll enjoy unlimited active projects and external guests and clients, plus all the core project management, collaboration, and file-sharing capabilities you need. Self-serve apps and integrations give your workflow added flexibility, too.

Priority technical support means you always have someone to call. Plus, two-factor authentication and SSO access via Google and Microsoft provide your organization peace of mind, plus an open API.

Enterprise: For $499 per month, you get access to best-in-class project management software. Teams of five or fewer should contact the sales team to discuss a custom plan.

This plan allows you to store all your files, plans, documents, and designs without worry with an unlimited online storage across all team members and projects.

Collaborate across locations, vendors, and timezones through a centralized workspace equipped with in-app messaging, file sharing, native forms, calendars, and more. Coordinate with Gantt charts, kanban boards, and time tracking.

Your account also comes with bank-grade encryption, single sign-on, activity logs, and granular permissions. Plus, a dedicated Success Manager is always available to keep your team synced.

Pros and Cons of Nifty

Testing Nifty, we found some features that could help your work and some things to be aware of.

Here, we’ll outline the benefits we noticed that could add value and any limitations that became apparent over time.

Nifty Pros

  • Message people in real-time without leaving the dashboard, saving you from hopping between multiple open windows and apps.
  • Toggle permissions to allow team members to take on more admin and management task allocation.
  • Track time spent on tasks for performance, future planning, and cost metrics.
  • Initiate onboarding easily with a walkthrough when you open an account.
  • The Help Center answers every question, with frequent updates and tutorials on the dashboard to ensure the information is current.
  • Track project milestones with automation and specific tools that allow granular micro-tasks within larger tasks at a project level.
  • Set recurring action points and adjust aspects while maintaining the original parameters.
  • Switch between cross-functioning features without friction on the dashboard.
  • Workloads help manage your tasks and teams to ensure you meet deadlines and allocate work fairly or reassign tasks in case of unforeseen leave.

Nifty Cons

  • It lacks a built-in budget tracking system. You can enable it in the Help Center, but the learning curve is steep.
  • Resource management tracking requires manual enabling.
  • Time-tracking has yet to be built into the software. Harvest is integrated, but it might increase your costs and add another tool to the stack.
  • Mobile app functionality is limited, with no option to view the Calendar and Workloads feature.
  • An over-reliance on Zapier.
  • There is a steep learning curve, especially for anyone new to project management tools.

Nifty Review: The Details

This section will examine Nifty in detail using real-world examples from our testing.

We aim to explore the tool’s full range of capabilities to offer a well-rounded perspective. Let’s dive in to Nifty’s functionality.

Tasks and Calendar

Managing tasks with a calendar function is crucial for any team working on complex projects with tight deadlines.

Nifty Demo project calendar view.

Arrange, prioritize, and oversee every detail. You can break tasks into granular subtasks to keep large jobs manageable.

Kanban allows dynamic workflows, while list view structures your intricate projects hierarchically. Swimlanes integrate tasks and milestones to see how multiple streams intersect and Timelines plan lengthy undertakings or time-boxed sprints.

Coordinators can align their availability when assigning work and make adjustments if unforeseen issues arise. Solopreneurs and freelancers can stick to deadlines with an intuitive monthly planner.

Filter relevant subsets by date, owners, or related objectives. This gives leaders clarity on future potential hurdles. Or set reminders automatically to ensure deadlines don’t cause problems.


Roadmaps connects Tasks and Calendar to manage all kinds of projects.

Nifty demo project roadmap view.

The Gantt chart shows off your objectives and deadlines, giving everyone the same understanding of priorities and dependencies. This is ideal for construction projects where visibility is paramount.

The Swimlane function is also useful, overlapping complex initiatives so you can coordinate across teams and workstreams. View commitments for upcoming timeboxes in one place.

As task relationships change, you can set dependencies between milestones. Maintain quality and prevent downstream work from progressing prematurely, for instance. Recurring sprints guarantee important cadences don’t lapse.

Rich description fields provide flexibility to track granular details. These custom attributes allow you to embed pertinent references or observations directly in milestones.

Project Home and Portfolios

Whether you’re a small business juggling client work or an enterprise with worldwide operations, these features streamline collaboration.

Screenshot of Nifty Project Control Center.

Project Home consolidates vital project details in one location. Customize it for any workflow, prioritize files, monitor coding status, and curate the dashboard, or switch between modules.

Larger corporations can group related projects into portfolios by division, client, or operation to streamline collaboration. Participation controls and ownership transfers maintain privacy and leadership changes. Whether you’re passing the responsibility between colleagues or you’re keeping sensitive projects confidential, stay safe.

Time Tracking

Logging hours is key when working remotely, executing complex initiatives, or simply looking to optimize workflows. The export of time-tracking activities are presentation-ready for virtually any discussion.

Logging billable time removes the guesswork from invoices, ensuring organizations recoup the cost of services. Performance reviews are easier to read and it’s not difficult to view data across departments thanks to time tracking.

With workload management, leaders can redistribute assignments in real-time to maintain productivity should anyone feel overwhelmed or staff levels change.


As a project lead, having visibility across initiatives can prove challenging. Overviews offers a high-level view of all operations.

Nifty Overviews page with two projects displayed.

Here, you can view all ongoing and completed tasks, activities, and time logs, preventing team issues. With a quick review, you can see the status of all work in one place.

Today, overviews log work time, boosting productivity. Managers can verify whether the initial job allocation time estimates meet the final delivery.

Quick Sprout test project displayed in Nifty tasks page.

Workspace administrators automate updates and reminders. Ownership, schedules, progress ratings, and end dates appear instantly. You can export reports neatly to spreadsheets or PDFs for easy record-keeping or approvals.

From daily to annual plans, searching projects, organization, and condensing data onto one screen, you can expand projects, review subtasks, and assign users with ease.


With Forms, responses automatically populate while you review information in real-time. Team members can then access this data and use it in basic text, paragraphs, dropdowns, checkboxes, numbers, dates and file uploads.

Admins control the layout and flow to suit each project. Upon completion, submitters may receive a relevant message triggered from entries. Links or redirects can then pass users to the next applicable step.

Regardless of affiliation with the platform, anyone with a form’s shareable URL can participate. This outside contribution allows you to crowdsource opinions and leads without platform adoption barriers. While capped at 1,000 per month, multiple forms pose no limits, keeping data collection options flexible.

Documents and Files

Documents & Files stores design files, editorial drafts, and market research in projects. You won’t have to leave the platform to create documents or files. Still, you won’t be able to create any documents within the mobile app.

Screenshot of Nifty Test Doc.

Teams can create and save shared documents collaboratively in their project without switching apps. Training documentation or company wikis are housed centrally, meaning uploads occur instantly from any device.

Deal with urgent tasks promptly via discussions and documents thanks to transparent results in a single hub. Still, specific document sections allow focused comments that permit immediate feedback exchanges and notes on files for later systematic reflection.

Discussions and Goals

Nifty My Team page with the discussion feature shown.

The Discussions feature gives us real-time exchanges and meeting recaps, all while easily converting reviewable tasks and documents. Customers can issue threads for service context or send direct messages.

With a click, dialogs become a part of your workflow. Dropbox sustains creativity while you track discussions and work progression, eliminating gaps between planning and delivery.

Sales, events, and product launches grow thanks to dynamically adjustable targets and objectives. Monitor your releases while team leaders empower others through custom tags.