With thousands of Shopify apps out there, it’s difficult to choose which ones to use. It’s even harder to pick the right apps that really work to make your store and product workflow better.

There are many products that promise to increase your sales and profit—not all of them deliver. But every once in a while you uncover a gem or two that change everything. If you are looking to drive high-value purchases and customize your delivery and shipping rates to bring in more profit, LogBase has more than one app that can sort you out.

The question is, how many will you choose?

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Who LogBase Is For

LogBase has honed their suite of apps to target a specific audience—small to medium Shopify merchants looking to enhance their ecommerce operations and boost revenue. The apps are especially valuable for store owners facing struggles with sales, shipping, and delivery.

First, there’s the Selleasy app, which helps to boost sales through tactics like post-purchase upsells and smart cross-sells. A great fit for Shopify owners who need help driving more revenue and conversions.

Shipeasy focuses on streamlining shipping and delivery costs. It gives you control over setting shipping rates customized by product, location, customer segments, and other parameters. It’s ideal for any merchants losing money due to suboptimal shipping costs.

For pickup and delivery challenges, Pickeasy is a great option. It allows customers to select convenient dates and times for in-store or local pickup, eliminating friction that may deter purchases—a huge value for stores lacking logistics capabilities.

The apps are Shopify-exclusive, so non-Shopify stores won’t gain anything from LogBase. But for SMB Shopify owners seeking to level up their sales and operations, LogBase presents very compelling solutions.

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LogBase Pricing

LogBase offers a range of pricing options for each app to suit Shopify merchants of all sizes. They all start with a 14 or 30-day free trial before paid monthly subscriptions from $7.99 to $24.99.

Their most popular app is Selleasy. It provides a free tier for up to 100 orders, then paid plans of $7.99 for up to 600 orders and $14.99 beyond that. Higher tiers enable larger catalogs and customization. As order volume grows, paid plans unlock more advanced revenue-driving features and support.

Selleasy plan from LogBase with three options and prices shown.

For shipping control, the Shipeasy app starts with free testing then paid monthly plans from the Starter plan at $9.99, the Smart plan at $14.99, and the Advance plan at $24.99. You’ll save 10% by paying for the whole year upfront. The Shipeasy lower tiers offer zip code and distance-based rates, while higher tiers unlock complex carrier, product, and dimension-derived rates for large catalogs.

Four plans with prices for Shipeasy with shipping control.

Pickeasy follows the same format, with a free tier for 20 orders. Beyond that, paid plans are available at $9.99, $16.99, and $24.99 price points. Pickeasy prioritizes multi-location support, custom rates, and calendar integration at higher price points suited for more orders.

Four plans with prices for Pickeasy option.

Two new apps—Dealeasy, which offers tiered volume discounts, and Bookeasy for appointment scheduling—are completely free. They both provide targeted capabilities for average order value and streamlined booking.

Dealeasy app install page.
Bookeasy app install screen.

Delivereasy and Zipeasy, LogBase’s apps for distance-based delivery and zip code rates, respectively, come in at the same price point—$9.99 for the Starter plan and $11.99 for Advanced. The advanced option will provide you with more control over setting rates by individual product types for both apps.

Delivereasy and Zipeasy plan options with prices.
Trackeasy plans with two options shown with prices.

Order management app Trackeasy costs $14.99 for the Starter plan with unlimited devices and orders, live order status, and new order alarms. At $19.99 for the Smart plan, you get added user permissions and label printing.

Keep in mind that some of the app features overlap, like Shipeasy, Delivereasy, and Zipeasy for shipping and delivery rates. We encourage you to test each one for free to determine the best fit before investing.

Pros and Cons of LogBase

With 5-star ratings across all of their apps except one, we were surprised with the user reception. It’s rare to see perfect ratings for a single app, let alone seven out of eight. Clearly LogBase is doing something right.

Above all, we appreciated how easy to use and creatively designed the apps were. Yes, there were some redundant features shared by several of the apps. Aside from that, the most popular apps are sure to cover your main needs.

List of Apps by LogBase.

LogBase Pros

  • Eight apps to choose from with a wide range of ecommerce capabilities, covering core needs like sales, shipping, delivery, and more.
  • Near-perfect 5-star reviews across the entire app suite, highlighting ease-of-use, effectiveness, and value.
  • Optimized for fast loading times that don’t slow down store site speed.
  • Simple, sleek app dashboards make managing settings, usage, and reporting convenient and intuitive.
  • Trusted by over 25,000 Shopify merchants globally with a large established user base that praises LogBase’s customer service and support team.
  • Custom setup available for each app to tailor integration to your store’s specific needs and workflows.
  • Free Zoom onboarding call offered for each app to ensure ideal installation and configuration.
  • Every LogBase app comes with either a free trial period or a permanently free plan that lowers the risk of adoption.
  • Tiered pricing models keep costs affordable for small merchants while adding advanced features and scaling for larger stores.

LogBase Cons

  • Some app capabilities overlap, like delivery rates, making it confusing to choose the right one initially.
  • Not all eight apps are clearly listed or explained on the website, and there’s limited public information available on LogBase as a company.
  • Customizing buttons and UI requires digging into CSS rather than a beginner-friendly settings menu.
  • Third-party API costs are not included for certain apps.
Screenshot of one plan from LogBase with a red underline for a statement about extra cost for google maps API.

LogBase Review: The Details

After our testing, we’ve concluded that most Shopify stores could benefit from the Selleasy, Pickeasy, and Shipeasy apps. Those three—out of a total of eight—have all the features you need to increase your sales, empower your customers to arrange pickup and delivery times, and get granular with your shipping cost conditions for better rates.

We also envision the Bookeasy app being great for consultants and event planners. Needless to say, the eight apps pack a lot of value—it’s just about finding what works for you.

Selleasy: LogBase’s most popular app, it specializes in post and pre-purchase upsells and cross-sells to boost order values.

Selleasy lets merchants showcase the bundles of products frequently bought together to encourage more add-on purchasing. It also enables cross-selling similar or complementary items using Shopify’s built-in recommendations algorithm, helping to increase conversions.

For post-purchase opportunities, Selleasy offers upsell capabilities at checkout, a thank you page, or within the Shopify checkout flow itself. You also get pop-up upsell widget and recommendations that integrate seamlessly into your existing store theme and languages based on what your customers already have in their carts.

Selleasy landing page with six features shown.

Pickeasy: This app provides self-service scheduling for deliveries and in-store pickups, reducing manual effort while giving customers convenience and visibility into getting their orders. Rules and limits provide the backend controls needed for seamless fulfillment.

Pickeasy lets you designate available pickup days while excluding holidays or closed dates. You can also set deadlines requiring orders to be scheduled by a certain day and time before fulfillment, or preparation time if needed.

Product-level controls enable marking items as pickup-only, delivery-only, or both, and you can dictate options based on order value thresholds.

For high traffic stores like restaurants, bakeries, and florists, prevent overcrowding by ordering limits per time slot so you ensure a smooth pickup experience. Pickeasy also enables managing multiple locations with location-specific capacities and delivery days.

Pickeasy app install page.

Shipping-rate and tracking apps: Shipeasy is the most powerful rates tool on LogBase, leveraging over 30 customizable parameters to calculate precise real-time rates. You can set rules based on products, dimensions, customer types, cart value, shipping origin, weight brackets, quantities, and more. Plus, it integrates with major carriers so it’s ideal for complex product catalogs and advanced rate requirements.

Delivereasy is another rate-setting app, albeit less customizable than Shipeasy. It provides distance-based rate calculations using Google Maps API that factors in cart value and weight. It also calculates rates based on customer proximity rather than granular product factors.

Zipeasy exclusively calculates rates by ZIP/postal code, cart value, and weight. However, it lacks product-level control and requires Shopify Shipping API. Some of the functionality overlaps with Shipeasy’s location-based rates.

Trackeasy is for managing shipping after the purchase with custom workflows, status alerts, and tracking across devices and locations. Sync pickups, packing, transit, and delivery with detailed reports to optimize planning.

Screenshot of page with information on shipping.

Free new app releases: LogBase released two new free Shopify apps in 2023 that are worth trying out.

Dealeasy enables tiered volume discounts. Shop owners can create up to five levels of increasing discounts (10%, 15%, 20%, and beyond) based on purchase quantity. Even better, it stacks with existing promotions providing seamless integration using native discounting. It is great for incentivizing larger purchases.

Bookeasy provides appointment and event booking. Customers can conveniently schedule appointments, consultations, rentals, and more through an intuitive calendar. Owners set availability, blackout dates, and booking deadlines. It is easy to manage bookings through its dashboard, and is especially useful for service businesses.

Both new apps already have positive reviews and fill important niche needs. Offering Dealeasy and Bookeasy for free makes them accessible additions for any Shopify merchant looking to increase sales or facilitate bookings.

Screenshot of Bookeasy app information with reviews.

Superb customer support: In testing LogBase’s suite of apps, we found the live chat support to be responsive, knowledgeable, and thorough. User reviews consistently highlight the outstanding customer support at LogBase and it’s clear it prioritizes service relationships in their business.

LogBase also offers free one-on-one Zoom, email, or chat sessions to walk new users through installing and configuring each app. This white-glove onboarding ensures you get set up for success.

Between the expertise shared in guides and docs and the human assistance available, LogBase enables users to get the most from their apps. The customer-centric service was impressivea good example of how SaaS providers should support their customers.