How to Structure a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Can you guess why LinkedIn is my favorite social network? Compared to any other social network, LinkedIn drives me more revenue each year because it is made for business.

It’s so effective that it drives at least $250,000 in yearly revenue for me. But if your profile isn’t optimized, you’ll find yourself gaining little to no traction from it.

So, how do you optimize your profile to maximize your income? Just follow the steps in the infographic below.


How to Structure a Perfect LinkedIn Profile


It’s not hard to generate revenue from LinkedIn. With 40% of its user base logging in daily, you can reach at least 60% of your audience if you post 20 posts or more a month.

And don’t forget to participate in groups on LinkedIn. With thousands of group members, it is a great channel to leverage if you are looking to bring more traffic back to your website.

What else can you do to optimize your LinkedIn profile?

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