Giving your sales team the tools they need to connect effectively with prospects is a cornerstone of any successful sales program. Doing this outreach at the right time and on the right channel can mean the difference between losing a lead and closing a deal.

Kixie takes the struggle out of prospect outreach with its automated calling and texting for sales teams. Integration with the most popular CRM tools means your sales team will seamlessly connect and close deals faster than ever before.

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Kixie Pros and Cons


  • Call up to ten numbers simultaneously
  • Automatic voicemail and SMS templates with dynamic fields
  • Automated CRM logging for all calls, recordings, and texts


  • No video call functionality
  • No document sharing features
  • Does not offer physical phones

About Kixie

Kixie is an automated calling and texting tool that enables sales teams to maximize outreach to prospects and leads. The Kixie platform offers PowerCall to automate outbound sales dialing, a contact center that manages call center tasks, and a business SMS function.

Kixie is worth considering if sales automation is your goal. Its PowerCall feature gives you three ways to reach leads, and PowerDialer lets you dial up to ten leads simultaneously. With the Kixie Sales Dialer, you can leave a voicemail and send a text in less than three seconds. Its Local Presence Dialer increases pickup rates by up to 500%.

Kixie Health and Stability

Kixie was founded in Santa Monica, California, in 2013 by Jeff Kuei and Keith Meunze. Kixie’s most recent funding was a seed round in 2014 for an undisclosed amount, and the company has not sought additional investor funding since. Kixie reported more than $1.7 million in revenue for 2022 with a customer base of 5,000 companies.

As a ten-year-old tech startup with under 50 employees, Kixie runs the usual risks that most startups in the tech sector face. Aside from direct competition from similar companies, the current economic climate is also a factor for long-term success.

Kixie has a lot of satisfied customers across all the most popular software review sites. Customers rave about the ease of use, solid integrations, and time-saving functionalities. Kixie’s ability to deliver a product that rarely garners anything less than a superior experience for its customers and its solid revenue numbers, combined with its niche approach to doing one thing and doing it really well, inspired us to rate Kixie high for health and stability.

Kixie Pricing

Kixie offers a simplified pricing approach. No contract is required, and monthly fees are billed quarterly per user. The prices listed on the Kixie website include all taxes, fees, and surcharges, so the price you see is the final price you pay. 

Kixie also does not levy setup fees for new services, and you can try any of their services for seven days for free. All plans include a set number of calling minutes, but you can add unlimited minutes to any plan for an additional fee.

Kixie Pricing Structure

Kixie offers three pricing tiers: Integrated, Professional, and Outbound PowerDialer. There is also an enterprise plan available by request.

The Kixie Integrated plan starts at $35 per month per user and includes business phone service, bi-directional CRM integration, text messaging, click-to-call, click-to-text, an IVR automated attendant, and other essential features. 

The Professional plan begins at $65 per month per user and includes all Integrated features, plus an automated lead caller, inbound call queue, and more. 

The Outbound PowerDialer plan starts at $95 per month per user and includes all Professional plan features, plus single- and multi-line power dialer, automatic answer detection, and campaign and session management. All plans are billed quarterly.

Kixie Trials and Guarantees

Kixie allows you to try any of its plans for free for seven days. You just fill out a short form with your name and contact information, and you can start dialing in under two minutes.

Kixie Business Phone System Review

Kixie is a business phone system that focuses primarily on streamlining the sales process by automating outreach efforts. Its PowerDialer lets a salesperson call up to ten leads at a time and make up to 1,000 calls every day. They can also choose a customized, single-call approach with CRM information displayed in real-time.

Kixie is a great option if sales enablement is your primary goal. Its robust sales enablement-focused features integrate with all major CRMs, too.

What Makes Kixie Business Phone System Great

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Kixie is a great option for teams that want to maximize sales outreach efforts.

PowerDialer: This feature gives your sales teams the ability to call up to ten numbers simultaneously with parallel calling and answer detection. This multi-line progressive dialer lets sales reps talk to more people faster, with less effort.

Automate Text and Voicemails: Free up sales reps from manually leaving voicemails and sending follow-up texts. Automatic voicemail and SMS templates with dynamic fields keep calls flowing with no pauses between.

Automatic CRM logging: Keep your sales team accountable with automated logging for all calls, recordings, and texts. This ensures every outreach effort is executed correctly and leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Easy to set up and use: Kixie consistently receives rave reviews for its ease of use right out of the (virtual) box. No complicated set-up procedures or challenging CRM integration steps. Just connect and go. This saves your team time and keeps the team members on task from the first moment.

Where Kixie Business Phone System Falls Short

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Kixie is a great option for sales enablement.

No video calling functionality: Kixie does not offer video calling on their business phone system. You’ll want to look elsewhere if you want a phone system that also provides video calling features. 

Unlimited calling costs extra: While Kixie does have more unlimited options, it is an extra fee on top of the service. If you are looking for a solution that puts no restraints on how many outbound calls your team makes, Kixie will likely cost more than some other solutions. 

No document sharing: If exchanging documents among team members or with customers is required, you’ll have to go outside the Kixie platform. If you need to keep everything within your business phone system, Kixie won’t be the best option for you.

No hardware available: Kixie is a fully virtual phone solution with no option for handsets. If you are searching for a business phone system that also offers physical phones for your in-person location, you’ll need to find another solution.

Final Verdict

Business phone systems do a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes. They keep you connected with team members, let you do outreach with prospects and leads, and give customers a way to reach you.

Kixie is a solid contender when your business phone needs primarily focus on amping up sales success. Its robust outbound calling and text functionality gives your sales professionals the tools they need to make outreach easy and effective.