How to Influence Purchasing Decisions

So, people are coming to your website, and that’s great. But how many of them are actually buying something from you?

Chances are it’s less than 1% of your visitor base.

But don’t worry! You can actually influence your visitors to make a purchase.

How? you may ask. Well, I’ve created an infographic that will show you what influences purchasing decisions and how you can leverage that data:

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Influence Purchasing Decisions

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One of the easiest things you can influence is customer reviews. By encouraging your existing customers to leave them and by showcasing them on your website, you can increase your conversion rates.

And don’t forget customer service. If you can go above and beyond for people, you’ll notice that word-of-mouth recommendations, which greatly influence purchasing decisions, will go up.

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  1. Christopher Pontine :

    Hey Neil,

    Kind of nice to know that 20% are from browsing the internet. I’m sure many of us fall underneath this category, and yes we shouldn’t depend solely on this method, it’s still great to know this.

    Currently I am working on building my subscribers via email marketing so I hope in general this helps increase sales for myself.


    Christopher Pontine

    • Christopher, I am sure it will. I think this data really breaks down how to best build your subscriber list and ultimately increase sales. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

      • Agree with @Christopher, Nice post, between @Neil I wonder, where you get all these interesting ideas for title to write post on? Always unique and fresh.

  2. Another great one, Neil. It really is all about building relationships, talking to your customers/visitors as if you are speaking directly to them.

    These case studies are quite fascinating. It’s time to think long term these days!

    • Matt, glad you found them helpful. I think at the end of the day engagement is ultimately going to provide a lot of positive energy towards driving the sale. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  3. Thanks again Neil for the tip.

  4. thanks for this tip !!!!

  5. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for the information, relationships and long term goals seems to be key here. I’m hoping to learn what I can to drive traffic my way, but as you say, more importantly, increase purchases, which is the ultimate goal.

    Thanks again!

    • I am sure you can. Just make sure you are constantly engaging. Your engagement metrics should be as calculated as a customer service process. At the end of the day people want to trust you and your brand.

  6. You produce great info graphics. Even I tried a hands on approach with them through one of your articles but failed !
    I would like to know where do you makes these Info graphics ?

    And the second fact is You are awesome at converting visitor into customer. The pop ups, surveys, ads all are at the place they should be

    • Rachit, I actually have a great team of designers that I work with. They help me concept and make the stats and content I come up with really pop. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Patricia Browne :

    What surprised me (and probably shouldn’t) is how spread out the attention is. Even at 18% for online usage, that 18% is divided among many, many sources.

    Goes back to the argument that you really do have to be everywhere if you want all the eyeballs. But…and this is a big but…how can businesses without a dedicated marketing staff reasonably keep all these channels updated and high engagement rates and STILL actually take care of your business?

    Some automation apps can help, but I wonder if it makes sense to be a superstar in a few ways rather than a hamster on a wheel for all the potential outlets.

    What do you think, Neil?

    • Patricia, I definitely do think a dedicated marketing staff helps. However, I think there are workarounds. If you really automate certain processes and keep a strict schedule you can make it happen all on your own — or with limited resources. I have always been a proponent of going lean.

  8. Really an Impressive analysis Neil! I know that you are already using this strategy from long time, as I have seen lots of reviews about you on your blog. Which really increase the conversion and Brand value.

  9. Great post Neil,

    What an amazing audience to target – their potential spending power is highly seductive. So is their power to perform a phenomenal amount of free advertising…very quickly.

    It’s well worth remembering that reviews can be bad too, so I totally agree with you about the customer service.

    I’ve worked on the customer services desk of a major supermarket and know that with relatively little effort, you can turn someone’s shopping experience right around, from poor to amazing.

    Under promise and over deliver.

    Make sure they go away and tell everyone how great you were – and the poor aspect of the experience takes a back seat.

    Thanks for the embed too, much appreciated. Love your info graphics!

    • Mary, I think at the end of the day feedback is vital. People forget about doing the small things when it comes to online marketplaces. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  10. nice share sir

  11. Really informative – I wonder how they are distinguishing word of mouth from social interaction.

    By the way, good move on changing the pop-up timing. (Or maybe it is gone; I haven’t seen it yet but maybe when I finish this comment?) IMO it was being utilized much too soon previously.

    • You can always go into analytics and see where traffic flows from. I made some minor tweaks to the pop-ups — glad you find them helpful.

  12. Alex Chaidaroglou :

    This….. This infographic… you really nailed it Neil here!

    One question:

    when you say “-30% of millenials media time”, the “-” is not deductive, right?

    Great infographic, thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for the great ideas, Neil. I was just thinking about creating/finding “brand evangelists” for one of my programs, and now I know it’s well worth the effort.

    I love seeing your info-graphics each week. Very very helpful!

    • Sarah, glad I could help. Let me know what you come up with. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  14. Thanks for nice tip about How to Influence Purchasing Decisions

  15. Nice post Neil – those are similar to much of the other current data/statistics on the other age groups as well. Traditional media is becoming less and less relevant as a trusted means for purchasing decisions.

    • Robert, great point. It’s becoming ever more important for people to focus on other channels and mediums to push sales.

  16. Neil, Hats off Man!!!!

    Worked tremendous over info graphic. The way you have break down the the intensity of every point is just awesome.

    Yups …. I too agree that user reviews are of paramount need in increasing sales.



    • Alish, glad you liked it and that I could help. I think reviews really reflect that passion and engagement inherent in any company. Thanks for the feedback.

  17. Hi Neil,

    I am beyond huge on getting reviews for my eBooks and services. I give some eBooks away for reviews. I want people talking about me. Word of mouth marketing is trusted. All other forms of marketing pale compared to trusting what other people say about you.

    Example; we’re world travelers. Each place we’re rented has been thoroughly researched and we look at reviews first before anything else. We want the experience before we buy into experiences. Or, we buy into what others say versus anything else.

    Reviews and testimonials rock. They also rock because you see some contrast. We dig positive reviews but like counter views too, as it adds some legitimacy to feedback in some cases.


    • Ryan, you are in the perfect industry for reviews. At the end of the day all the matters is how well your brand engages with others. I think you can find out how you are actually doing by the reviews you receive — it’s a metric people often overlook.

  18. I can not find the answer to this question online…but you can provide one. I just recently reléased an ebook…people that buy it and read…love it. However, I offer a “free simple” on the sales page…and I find that most people that visit the page will download the free simple but then they will not buy later (even though I know is a good book because of readers)

    Question: do you recommend to offer a free sample on a sales page or you think it hurts me in the long term??? statistics????

  19. Thanks Neil !

  20. Great tips once again Neil! Though it’s good to have a lot of traffic, it won’t matter if conversion rate is poor. Your tips could be of great help to marketers who are currently facing this kind of problem.

    • Bill, glad you found them helpful. Conversions are ultimately what matters most. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  21. Hey Neil,

    I wrote a comment before, but looks like it got deleted so must of been flagged as spam :/

    Long time follower of your blog (especially love the guides).

    Very interesting infographic, two quick questions:

    Which social media arena do you see best for guys between 30-50 interested in IT?

    We’re writing an article on CRM and would love a quick quote from you answering – “How CRM can help influence purchasing decisions?”

    Keep the posts flowing 🙂


    • Sam, Sorry about that. The spam filters are odd and often times delete things that aren’t necessarily spam.

      Here are some answers:

      1. I would say that LinkedIn and Twitter are pretty popular

      2. email me I can provide a blurb or quick intereview.

  22. Davide Di Prossimo :

    Hi Neil,

    Great post. You know, while reading I was trying to think what actually works best on me — as a millenial-generation person that is.

    I believe it is seeing influencers using a product. If, for instance, influencer John Doe uses the product I am browsing online, I am definitely more attracted by it, and I may sign up more easily. That’s indeed what works on me among the tips to leverage you mentioned.

    Thanks Neil

    PS: I am going to share this great infographic with our 57K+ newsletter subscribers. I am sure they’ll appreciate the insights.

    • David, thanks for sharing your personal experience for for sharing with your subscribers – – that means a lot. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I think millenials are a mixed batch, one thing is for sure though: they definitely like visual content.

  23. neil–

    awesome infographic. it would be even more awesome if you did one for older age groups as well (35-49, 50-64, 65+).

  24. “One of the easiest things you can influence is customer reviews. By encouraging your existing customers to leave them and by showcasing them on your website, you can increase your conversion rates.”

    Reviews and testimonials are incredibly powerful – one interesting observation with many of my clients is they receive amazing testimonials and never take the time to use them on their site and social media. Huge missed opportunity and something to be aware of – especially if you have a service business.

  25. Thank you for the lovely infographic, Neil. It just shows the power of content over anything else. Combine it with the right social media presence and it becomes a marketing juggernaut. Now, the only question is which experts to get for your campaign…

  26. The Ford Fiesta campaign was a monster – Excellent case study. Great post Neil! Thanks!

  27. Steve Estimable :

    One key metric I would like to master and leverage is to create evangelism from people who love your brand. I think it could bring awesome impacts when it is well done with the right people.

    Thank you for the blog post.

  28. great content is the best way to influence any person’s decision

  29. i always like the infographics from your blog, very clear

  30. The info graphic is not showing Neil

  31. Ranjita Mandaviya :

    Nice Infographic Neil.

    Thanks for the Article. You always done it better and have great understanding power.

    like you blog always.

  32. Thanks for your great tip and I really love your infographic.

  33. I really like your infographic it’s easy to understand. and it is work for Amazon products?

  34. I really like your infographic it’s easy to understand. and it is work for Amazon product reviews? and how to increase conversion rate?

    • Rohan, it definitely can if you cater your strategy the right way. Let me know if you need any specific help.

  35. Nice even it is a long process to convert our visitors to make a purchase. 🙂
    Thanks for your nice & easy to understand of your infographic.

  36. Thanks for the great ideas, Neil. I was just thinking about creating/finding “brand evangelists” for one of my programs, and now I know it’s well worth the effort.

    I love seeing your info-graphics each week. Very very helpful!

    • They can help you spread your message quickly and effectively. Glad this is helpful, let me know if you have any questions.

  37. Million thanks for this tip!!!

  38. Really an impressive analysis,awesome infographic.

  39. Words of mouth is very very traditional yet effective way to promote the product. Especially some products can be bought by women 🙂

    • Love this Jeff Bezos quote: “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

  40. Great article, love it!