4 Free Marketing Ideas that Most Marketers Miss


Digital marketing.

To some, it’s merely another fancy buzzword. To others, it’s the backbone of their entire business.

In my life, digital marketing is almost everything I do.

For most entrepreneurs, however, it is a highly underutilized and misunderstood tool.

Most people think digital marketing has to be an expensive endeavor that takes thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to see any success with.

This is simply not the case.

There are a number of free tools and opportunities within digital marketing that most entrepreneurs are missing.

Here are just a few of them to help get you started.

1. Use the power of blog commenting to build links

Blog commenting has become a practice synonymous with spammers and sleazy online marketers.


Because of this, most entrepreneurs do not take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Despite the negative connotation, blog comments are a fantastic way to promote your business and build a very natural link profile.

It’s only when blog commenting is used improperly (like in the image below) that it’s damaging to your Google ranking and personal reputation:


So, how can you use the power of blog commenting to market your content in an authentic, natural, and non-spammy way?

The first and most important step is finding the right blogs to comment on.

The best way to do this is simply to use blogs you regularly read or blogs that show up in your social media feed.

This practice ensures that you are posting on sites relevant to your niche.

It also increases the authenticity of your comments since you are an actual reader and probably have gained real value from the content you are commenting on.

However, if you already comment on your favorite blogs on a regular basis and are looking to expand your reach, there are other ways to find places to comment.

An easy way to do this is to utilize the Google Search Console and Advanced Search Operators.

Let’s say you are running an online fitness clothing store for women.

You could enter any of the following search operators into Google:

  • Women’s athletic wear “comments”
  • Women’s athletic style “leave a reply”
  • Women’s athletic clothing “leave a comment”

For example:


The search operators you are using clearly specify to Google that you only want search results that have the option to comment on the page.

After you’ve compiled a list of potential blogs to comment on, you can check their Ahrefs ranks to determine whether or not they are worth your time.

Now that you are done with the easy work of finding high quality blogs to comment on, it’s time for the hard stuff.

And that’s getting your comment approved.

This basically comes down to writing a non-spammy comment that still includes a link to your site.

Since most high-quality blogs have a pretty heavy moderation policy, this is not an easy task.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Always fill the name field with your name—not the name of your site. Comments that have URLs in the name field are deleted most of the time.
  • Leave the website field blank. Since you are going to include a link in the body of your comment, leaving the website field blank will help improve the odds of your comment passing the moderator.
  • The best way to comment is to pick a relevant point from the blog content and then expand on it in an authentic and genuine way.

Take a look at some of the examples below to see the right way to do this:



2. Don’t overlook press releases

I know, I know.

“What the heck, Neil? Press releases?! We are in the 21st century here!”

And I get it.

But press releases, when used properly, can actually be a pretty fantastic tool.

If you time the article right, a press release can generate a load of views and shares for your content.

When you have a large number of people, especially journalists, reviewing your content, it is more likely that your work will be picked up by major publications.

This can be a pivotal component of getting your content to go viral.

Press releases can also help your link-building campaigns in a big way, but you have to be intentional about the content.

Here are a few of the benefits, if you can ignore the not-quite-accurate benefits of “rankings” and “links.”


Links and rankings do happen, but only indirectly.

If a journalist or blogger sees your press release and decides to cover your content or include it as a part of a major story, the keywords you’d use would be key.

Make sure your content is filled with keywords you want to rank for.

This way, if a journalist takes a quote from your work, you’ll be able to build up links to help boost your rankings.

The most important thing to keep in mind when running a press release, however, is your message.

Unlike with a regular blog post or YouTube video, when you run a press release, you and your content are now in the spotlight.

If you have any incongruency in your messaging, any incorrect data, or serious errors within your release, the PR will do more harm than good.

With a press release, you are shouting your message from a mountaintop.

Make sure you are shouting the right message.

While press releases are typically very expensive endeavors, costing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, there are tools online that let you generate press coverage for free.

Here are a few of the best:

There are certainly drawbacks to press releases.

They do not directly improve SEO; they are difficult to track; and if you make a mistake, you can do more damage to your brand than good.

However, if you know your way around, you can actually market your content quite effectively using free press release sources.

Just make sure you consider the pros and cons before filing for a release.

3. Google Hangouts

And finally…

The big one.

Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is by far one of my favorite marketing tools.


If you have any degree of authority within your niche, running regular Google hangouts is one of the fastest ways to engage your audience and improve your sales.

When people get to interact with you in a raw and unedited form, they tend to connect with you on a deeper level.

This will build engagement with your audience, transforming them from casual readers to raving fans.

Using a Google Hangout to host a webinar is also a great way to boost sales, especially whenever you are releasing a new product.

However, be warned.

If you are using webinars solely to promote new products, users will leave, and you will damage your online reputation.

You need to offer massive value while hosting webinars before you even mention a new product.

4. Do link outreach (the right way)

When digital and content marketing first started to take off, the tactic of link outreach became very common.

Link outreach basically looked something like this:


And the thing is…

…this used to work.

However, in the modern business world, the above strategy will probably have a 1-3% success rate, likely with lower tier websites and blogs.


The core strategy of connecting with other influencers and having them promote your content (either by replacing a broken link or just sharing it outright) still works.

If you do it the right way.

What is the “right” way?

Focusing on relationships first and link building second.

Here is the deal.

A lot of Internet marketers are a pain in the butt.

They are constantly seeking to gain value from other people—those they have no relationship with—and rarely offer anything in return.

If you want to stand out from this crowd and actually succeed in your link-building efforts, you need to try a different approach.

The first step is to find companies you want a link from in the first place.

I once again recommend you select blogs and websites you are already familiar with and read on a regular basis.

But if you’ve already worn out all potential opportunities with your “regulars,” you can try another approach (shout-out to Ryan Stewart of Ahrefs.com for introducing me to this).

If you want to find great places to get potential links, then fire up Google, and input one or more of the following searches:

  • [Your keyword] + “Top posts of the week”
  • [Your keyword] + “Friday link roundup”
  • [Your keyword] + “Best posts of the week”


This will allow you to find blogs and websites already curating great content.

Trust me: it’s a lot easier to get a link from one of these resources than from a blogger who only promotes their own content.

Now that you’ve found the blog you want to get a link from, it’s time to connect.

This does not mean you immediately email them, asking for a link to your content.

The first step you need to take is to start following the blog/website/influencer on social media.

Once you are following them, drop them a line with something simple:

Hey, this is so-and-so. I read your piece on XYZ and really enjoyed it! Keep up the great work!

Once you have broken the ice and made the first contact on social media, start commenting on their posts and on their blog.

Do this for about a week, continuing the conversation you started above, if at all possible.

Once you’ve established good rapport and the influencer is aware of you, it’s time to ask for the link.

While this tactic works great for broken links, it works even better if the blogger regularly posts a “Best of the web” article or something similar.

You will end up getting more traffic from a weekly roundup than you would from a broken link.

And, if your content is good, you may end up getting a repeat “customer” who will continue linking to your company for months or years to come.

BONUS: 9 More Free Marketing Ideas

Here’s 9 tactics that you should be leveraging.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Get Customers Without Spending Any Money

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


Digital marketing can be a lot simpler (and less expensive) than people think.

But you have to be willing to take an “outside the box” approach to it.

Equipped with the above four tips and tricks, you’ll be able to market your company more quickly and effectively than ever before.

None of the advice I’ve given here is easy, but it’s simple and doable.

Take the time to educate yourself on these four opportunities, and learn how to capitalize on them to grow your business.

And invest your time in uncovering the wealth of other free digital marketing opportunities available in today’s marketplace.

You may be surprised at how effectively you can market your company and your content without a big budget.

What is your favorite free digital marketing opportunity?


  1. I’m very confused with blog comment link building but this article very helpful to me and clear most of the my mind confusions.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Google Hangouts is being phased out next month. 🙁 I wonder if YouTube Live will still be helpful for webinars?

  3. You always inspire & motivate me , even i am in a disappointed mode, i learned AdWords more, after reading all your posts. Now I get low ppc.thank you

  4. Hi Neil,

    Blog commenting is indeed a great tool for building natural quality links. I myself leave comments on authority blogs – like yours 🙂 to build some quality links.

    Although I always try to add something into the conversation so that it should be a win-win for both blog owner and myself.

    One thing what I have noticed recently that many blogs either closing comments on their blog or moving to other commenting platforms and leaving WordPress default commenting system.

    According to me, this is not an ideal strategy to fight spam. What are your views on this?

    • Himmat Chahal :

      Re: quality links,

      Be careful — most blog links add a “nofollow” tag (right click->Inspect Element a link to check).

      I think leaving links in comments is still useful for generating awareness/leads, but if you’re doing it for SEO, you should be aware of the nofollow addition to most blog comment links.

      Related (unproven) anecdote: I’ve read that the lower on a page a link is, the less SEO value it has as well. It makes sense to me: Google realizes that blog comment links are a “free” way to get SEO if the owner doesn’t add code to insert “nofollow” into links, and needs some way to mitigate this.


    • Comments are no follow, so you’re not getting any SEO value from it.

      It depends on your blog and the level of activity. I prefer wordpress comments, but then many people also like systems like disqus.

      • I guess commenting is still one of the best ways to improve your SEO.

        Yes, I agree that almost every comment link is of nofollow but make no mistake while building links to improve your site results in Google.

        You need to build both nofollow and dofollow links to make your link building strategy appear natural. Otherwise, Google is gonna penalize your sites (if you are only running after building HUGE dofollow links quickly).

        This is where leaving comments on other wordpress sites helps.

        Thanks for the post Neil.

  5. As always, great post Neil.
    I particularly liked the part about the press releases. As a freelancer (and former journalist) I always had a healthy dose of skepticism when it came to those (of course, this was in the “old school” times when the internet was the Wild West). I’m definitely going to take advantage of those.

    Question: what do you think of sites like Help a Reporter Out (https://www.helpareporter.com/) Obviously, you couldn’t use it as a marketing platform, but if you worked for CEO X who was a leading expert in Y, you may be able to get your name out there. Could it reinforce your brand, even if indirectly?

    As a former reporter, I can tell you there are tons of times that I just needed some basic information from a reliable source, especially if it’s a medical topic like diseases you get from ticks or heat exhaustion. Of course, I can research those topics, but it’s better to have a regional resource who can TELL me that. They’re “no-brainer” topics–nothing complicated– but just the obligatory seasonal stories you do every year.

    I’ve not tried Help a Reporter Out— any thoughts?
    As usual, love the post. You’re always spot on.

    I’ll buy you a beer if you’re ever in North Carolina.

    • HARO is awesome. It may not work as a direct marketing tool per say, but there are a ton of benefits you can take advantage. The relationships and awareness you create can take you a long way

  6. Really great article. I will certainly use press releases and building a Google+ page. Haven’t used that for a while? Is it worth paying for press releases as well?

  7. Also forgot to ask this question:

    When submitting to the press release sources, do you just feel like a voice crying in the wilderness? I’ve noticed many free press release sites have TONs of them on there.

    Is this a “shotgun” approach where you scatter and see what hits?

  8. Google Hangouts is on the way out though Neil?

  9. Luke Glowacki :

    I think my favorite one is YouTube. Maybe email marketing too, but you need to have a list first.

    By the way, as far as I know there will be no more Google Hangouts since September. This service will be no longer available. That’s what I read.

  10. Himmat Chahal :

    Good stuff, tip #4 seems extremely valuable 🙂

  11. Thanks for the post, Neil. I have personally used three of the strategies above, although I have not ventured into the news releases yet, since when we need to post one, usually we hire a professional firm. Does the power of Google+ merely comes from the association from Google? Or do you generate respectable traffic figures from that source?

    Since you have proposed inserting the promotional link inside the body of the comment, here is my shameless attempt to promote the link (http://vidgotv.com). I hope the moderator approves 🙂

    Thanks for posting such great, inspiring content and for helping the small marketers get off the ground.


    • Glad these tips were helpful Miguel. Yes, I think so. Without leveraging Google, google+ wouldn’t have had the exposure it did. Now they’re on their way out and headed towards enterprise

  12. Hi Neil,
    While blog comment putting keyword in the name field good or bad?

    Al Amin from IT SEBA

  13. You always read my mind Neil.

    Okay, first things first:
    Press release is my best marketing tool.

    i don’t know how it happens but my readers tend to love press release so much. They take it as the most important news.
    Like the latest one: http://sophlix.com/2016/08/11/mainones-data-center-attains-west-africas-1st-sap-hana-certification/

    I’ve tried commenting too and the results were recommendable.

    thanks as always for sharing incredible info.

  14. Deon Christie :

    Great post Neil, thanks for sharing. As a fellow S.E.O junkie, I find the entire concept fascinating. Time consuming, but fascinating all the same. I’ll be checking in again, you obviously know what you’re talking about…

  15. Cavakia Therlonge :

    You are a true boss! Like the way you broke the rules and start off this post with a two words sentence (digital marketing).

  16. You write well about digital marketing. Fun to learn with you. query to find live and current link is great. But the one link given in Press release section, IdeaMarketers.com redirects to http://marniemarcus.com/unplugged/facebook-ad-management/ .
    Just got confused.

  17. Heard you on Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation Podcast the other week (Great Interview and already implemented some of the tips you both discussed).

    I remember he questioned/challenged you on #4: link outreach or for Social Shares. Particularly the part of asking if they’d like to see the post verse just including it in that original outreach email. Does it convert better for not doing that in the first email?

  18. Theron Claude :

    Nice post once again. What’s goin on, you must be very busy; used to interact more with readers. I don’t see that too much anymore. Anyway, I guess “too Busy is a good thing, gonna keep reading your stuff, perhaps I’ll get there one day.

  19. Just wanted to say thanks Neil! Tip #1 is so powerful and exactly what I am working on today! Your timing and content is as always, impeccable. Thank you!

  20. Thanks for this great info. I can’t read the text in the “outdated” way of link building screen shot, and I would like to, to make sure that’s not what I’m doing. Would you mind sharing what it says? Thanks!

  21. Hello Neil, I found your post interesting. I was wondering what you wold do for a business that sells a product how would you come up with blog post ideas for instance my site http://www.awningsnewyork.org thanks neil

    • What are topics that people interested awnings look for? Think about what an awning is, and what kind of experience people have with awnings and where they are used. You can even look into other blogs of the same niche and get ideas from them. Use the skyscraper technique. Let me know if that helps

  22. Hi Neil,

    I was wondering if I should take time out of my day to ask a question knowing you abandoned replying to comments in this post.

    Give me a few minutes.

    I am still deciding my options.

  23. Hey Neil,

    Although I was using the first 3 strategy but not in proper way, so was not getting quality output. This guide will help me utilize them to an extent. The forth point is new to me and I will definitely try it. Moreover, G+ and Hangout is also an plus point for me here.

    You have helped me strengthen my Digital Marketing skills, Thanks for adding value to my professional life.

  24. I think blog commenting is the ancient backlinks technique existing till now. Apart from backlinks, I used comments section to build relationship with bloggers out there.

    Thanks for the post.

  25. Yugandhara P. :

    Thanks for sharing this useful ways of link building. Regarding blog commenting, most of the time it’s observed that comments are not approved even when external links are not mentioned in comments. So is it really effective??? Also, I suppose it’ll take long time if we try to follow the blogger on Social platforms and then ask the blogger to include the links. Please share your views on the same.

  26. Great work Neil. Your posts are like unwinding digital marketing the world. Good work.

    secretly, some day you may feature our links in your blog 🙂

  27. Jerome Perrin :

    Dear Neil,

    Many thanks for your great new article.

    On some blogs, the links placed in the comments are in dofollow. Even if the volume in terms of referral source is not that important, I always wonder if they really can bring something in terms of SEO (even if we do not post comments for this purpose, of course!).

    I whish you gave me you opinion on this topic 🙂

    Cheers from Paris


    • It won’t make that much of a difference. You’re better off investing your time in other efforts like content marketing

  28. Hi Neil, love your work and thanks for this post.
    I think that google authorship was phased out about 2 years ago (for those looking at spending time on this).

  29. Hello Neil,

    Big fan of your articles. I have followed many of your advise and they really work for me.

    I have been using blog commenting for both link building and relationship making. It’s old but gold one.

    Also the benefit of Google+ is increasing day by day. People are also active on it.

    Didn’t tried press release yet. But heard for many times that it really helps for reaching more people.

    Thanks for inspiring always 😀

  30. Hello, Neil, thanks for great article. I have some questions:

    1) How could press releases be useful to me, If I don’t have news-like content on my website.

    2) I don’t see any real benefits from G+, because there are more efficient social networks (at least in my niche), like Facebook, Pinterest and so on. I get more amount of feedback and traffic there. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or it’s just about my niche?

    I think that future is after the #4, like to have right people in your circle, but it’s a terribly hard work.

    • 1. It can get other bloggers and reporters to pick up on your story
      2. G+ is evolving into many things, I suggest being aware of it at the least

      Real connections will have a lot to do with it.

  31. Michael Taylor :

    Google authorship died in 2014. Why is that being recommended?

    Here’s an article that discusses this in detail:


  32. Hey Neil,

    I agree with you. Mostly people ignore these things in their search marketing campaigns. I am a big fan of commenting and making connections through blog commenting.

    Google+ is a real platform overshadowed by other social networks. You get real audience on Google+ and way faster than any other platform. I have been running few circles and groups over Google+ to promote my content in the field.

    Furthermore, Press releases are tricky one. I am using them to make my content go viral all over the world. Since the MI addition in Google algorithms, I personally believe Google has become a child that requires information and it will respect the master of a topic.

  33. Srish Agrawal :

    Hello Neil,
    How do we come out with a Press Release often? To be true something newsworthy does not happen regularly in a Small or Medium sized company.
    Just storytelling without much depth does not sound too authentic to us. So what is the way out?
    Pls advice.

    • What does your company do? What kind of products or services do you provide? Why do you do what you do? Answering this will help you develop your story

  34. Nettside pris :

    Thanks for this usefull sentece:

    Bog comments are a fantastic way to promote your business and build a very natural link profile.

    Some times people should use this gray hat 🙂

    So here you are! this is a blog commenting!

  35. Hello Neil,
    I loved this line – Digital marketing can be a lot simpler (and less expensive) than people think.
    And yes it requires patience, hard work( blended with smart work).

  36. Does my blog benefit if someone else adds a comment on my blog? Does it help in SEO?

  37. uthman Saheed :

    I thought popular blogs do disallowed blog comments embedded with links? I felt they may actually see it as spam commenting and get it disallowed immediately. Thanks for exposing me to another way of getting my article promoted.

    G+ is not as popular as other social media in this part of the world, and I think investing more time on it at present may not yield result as it would in advanced countries where its engagements are high.

    My only confusion about link building till this moment is “how many links do I really need to rank well and from how many different domain?


  38. Paul Anderson :

    Hey Neil,

    I am working on outreach strategy from last four months and got some nice links from highly profiled and relevant blogs, but still, my website is not getting the boom in rankings. I got a penalty in 2014 but after that, all I have done is getting links from outreaches and making more and more content. Pls suggest

  39. Hello ! Mr. Patel
    Thanks for this superb article. Undoubtedly Blog commenting is very effective to build natural backlinks even I did for one of my client who run cleaning business in Australia and Yes, It worked well to improve ranking.

    Thanks and Stay Awesome

  40. Comments are always useful when it goes in the term to build a relationship. It is the easy way to get in touch with experts and mentor to get the opinion from them. There is a high chance if you share some good links in the comment and you can get relevant traffic toward the website.

  41. A very useful post, I learned many new things. Nice to read such articles, you show how many good tools we can create with a blog. I am new in this and and I want to thank you for guidance.

  42. hi Neil,
    thank you for this useful post. I am a newbie i was bit confused about link building through comments. This post cleared all my doubts about link building and blog commenting.

  43. Hello sir !
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    Hi Neil. What do you thing by offering free courses or paid on Udemy ? Do you use it or have any idea about it ?

  46. Is the blog commenting really worth it Neil? I feel like the link juice from that is close to zero

  47. Hi Neil, Again you come up with amazing techniques. Although i am already using blog commenting and guest posting techniques to build backlinks. But i never though about using google+ . Great Neil i’m going to apply it soon.

  48. Sathishkumar Varatharajan :

    One of the best article I have read here. Since Google’s Panda update, I feel reluctant to enter into the World of blog commenting as I feel that it would hurt my website rankings but now you have cleared it up for me. Thanks Neil!

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    This is definitely going down in link building history. This is the kind of thing that’s going to go viral FAST. Kudos.

  50. Charles Atkin :

    This is awesome Neil Patel! these kind of information really helpful to get good ranking on major search engines.

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  52. Charlie Marsh :

    Interesting: I’m investigating PPC google adwords at the moment to drive traffic to my website as I mainly blog about my clothing and fashion ware products.

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    sir can you pls tell me how to add float ads in my website or its violet adsense policy???

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  56. Mark "Elmo" Ellis :

    This post is so accurate. I think blog commenting is more important than posting on forums. For one thing, people seem more engaged and focused on blog comment sections. They also seem to be much nicer and supportive.

    People on forums seem to be ruder and more snarky, in my humble opinion. I once wrote a good comment in one of the major blogs. I took the time to write a comment that everyone could learn from. I even mentioned that I had a detailed post on my blog in case other people could gain from it with a link to it.

    Because my post was highly relevant and written well, the gatekeepers thanked me and left the link to my post stand. I was rewarded with much traffic over the course of a week. Try doing that on a forum and you’ll get your testicles handed to you.

    Not only will they give you a rude reply and accuse you of merely trying to get links and traffic, but you’ll get a bad boy note from the administrator.

    Blog commenting is worth it if you are honest, contribute and do it right.

    Once again, great post!


    • Haha yeah it’s a little different on forums, people tend to be a little more “anonymous” about their comments. Blog commenting can definitely be worth it if you put in the effort to contribute. Thanks Elmo

  57. Neil, Thanks for everything. I have a question, do the actual name backlinks have any value? Does the comment link I’ll get from leaving this comment do me any good? Or do I have to drop a link into the comment? Which I’m not going to do because I think it’s too spammy. When people put links in comments on my sites I always 100% delete them. I also normally put Alyson then the name of my site, just so people know it’s me. Are you saying comments with a name like that will be deleted?Is that an akismet thing? I’ll just use my first name here in case.

    • Always best to use your real name and just let the link guide people back to your site. If you write a good comment, people will naturally feel compelled to click your link

  58. Just thinking about targeted FB posts, couldn’t this also be a good way of determining which segment of your fans is most engaged in your posts? Just post the same thing 3 times for 3 different groups (eg age groups) and see which group has the most interaction.

  59. One of the most lovable things about inbound marketing is how easy it is for marketers to target communications. Traditional marketing tactics can sometimes target a particular age group or income level, but it’s nearly impossible to reach out to customers on an individual level.

    • The better you can talk one on one the more you can get your message across. Thanks for the comment Shalini 🙂

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  63. MadHat San Diego :

    True, visual marketing strategies are in nowadays. Audience are engaged to a post when it’s a video or and image or infographic. And yes blog commenting is still as effective as always but not to the point that it’s spammy. Making it look natural is the key!

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