Marketing is essential for growing businesses, but it often strains tight budgets. If you’re looking for a platform to handle sales and marketing in one interface for a reasonable price, EngageBay might be for you.

EngageBay combines lead capture, sales pipeline management, and email marketing functions, so small and midsize businesses can boost their exposure while staying in the black.

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Who EngageBay Is For

Small to medium-sized businesses on a budget will appreciate EngageBay‘s all-in-one design and marketing and relationship management aids.

Marketing teams who are looking to speed up their workflow and automate repetitive tasks may find its email creation, campaign management, and social scheduling tools enticing.

Similarly, sales reps should explore EngageBay’s deal and calendar features to become more efficient on the clock. Customer support staff who want to scale up and restructure their inquiry management time will like the ticket and live chat capabilities.

EngageBay Pricing


This plan is perfect for startups and solo entrepreneurs with up to 15 team members and 250 contacts. Keep in mind, there’s little to no automation available at this tier.

You’ll get email marketing tools like autoresponders, broadcasts, and up to two email sequences plus lead grabbers to collect user information on your site. The landing page builder is great for introducing offers and driving conversions. Best of all, your pages are SSL-secured, so website visitors’ data and information remain private and secure.

The integrated CRM keeps all your contacts organized, so it’s easy to manage deals, tasks, and appointments. You also get a help desk for contact management and ticketing with two ticket views and a live chat feature.

For outreach, you receive 1,000 branded emails per month and basic lists, segmentation, and predictive lead scoring to target the right people. Embed up to five forms on your site and place five dynamic web pop-ups to engage audiences. Plus, email and social publishing ensure your messages reach customers wherever they are online.


For $14.99 per user per month on a monthly package, $13.79 per user per month for a yearly package, or $12.74 per user per month biennially, the Basic level suits small marketing teams and customer-facing roles.

Contact, list, file storage, and email sending limits are higher to accommodate greater volume, plus you get access to additional tools like SMS marketing and improved lead scoring. The expanded email builder and 10 landing pages give marketers more creative flexibility, too.

You’ll see more organizational detail on deal configuration, notes, and larger customer views. Supporting bigger teams with additional ticket views and groups is easier at this level, and the CRM comes with more customization features.

Reporting gets more advanced analytics on top campaigns and leads. Live chat, video assets, and integrated platforms help out your cross-channel abilities. Finally, social publishing helps you build your community and engage with your target audience.


The Growth plan is a good fit for teams organizing multi-channel efforts. At $64.99 per user per month on the monthly plan, $59.79 per user per month for the yearly plan, or $55.24 per user per month biennially, marketers can expand to larger volumes with higher contact and email-sending limits.

Code custom pages, do split testing, and automate your workflow for tailored campaigns. You also get timezone delivery and unrestricted sequencing to optimize your lead progressions.

Sales teams can now make customized proposals, utilize predictive scoring, and visualize call-tracking. Deeper CRM integration syncs organizational data, while your customer service grows through extra ticketing filters, macros, and notifications on any device.

You can also integrate with most common platforms at this level, and scaling capabilities get a significant boost.


Companies can scale without limits for $119.99 per user per month on a monthly plan, $110.39 per user per month on the annual plan, or $101.99 per user per month biennially on the Pro plan.

You’ll enjoy unlimited contacts, branded emails, custom objects, and stat-backed automation with endless workflows. All your campaigns can now undergo live split testing and repetitive messaging across time zones.

You have access to advanced reporting to visualize customer behavior, plus funnel tracking, custom views, and a role-based admin that ensures your management is run well.

Sales representatives will enjoy comprehensive profiles, configurable pipelines, and predictive scoring. They’ll also use the detailed call and proposal information to close on deals faster all while having account-based tools to target high-value accounts more effectively.

Meanwhile, the service runs seamlessly through ticket modifications, group permissions, notification flexibility, and SLA uptime commitments. You can personalize experiences for your customers through conversational interfaces as well. A developer-level API, unlimited scaling, and full-funnel automation makes the Pro plan EngageBay’s most powerful solution.

Pros and Cons of EngageBay

EngageBay is a versatile, all-in-one CRM solution that can be used across multiple teams, streamlining processes and making it easier to convert visitors into customers. Let’s look at what EngageBay does well and where it could improve.

EngageBay Pros

  • All-in-one marketing, sales, and service automation platform where you can group all your resources in one tool.
  • We were setting up meetings and creating tasks in under 30 minutes on the user-friendly interface.
  • Discover all the automation functions marketers and sales reps need, including lead/customer tracking, deals, pipelines, tasks, automation, and automated emails.
  • You can group relevant people and businesses together with lead segmentation.
  • Custom reporting is detailed yet easy to use.
  • You get complete visibility over the customer’s journey and the ability to cater to specific process phases.
  • Create landing pages and lead capture forms with ready-made templates.
  • Social integrations have been extended from X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram to include YouTube and LinkedIn. Running Facebook Ads from EngageBay will be available soon.
  • Pricing is suitable for smaller teams with a modest budget.

EngageBay Cons

  • Customer support options are limited. You do get a dedicated account manager on the Pro plan, and you can find various help guides under the Resources tab on the website.
  • The more advanced marketing features only come with the Growth and Pro plans, which are quite a bit more spendy than the Free and Basic plans, so budget subscribers face limited features and a lack of A/B testing.
  • Reporting capabilities are slim overall, and entirely missing on the Free plan. (Though it is Free, so we can’t be too picky there.)

EngageBay Review: The Details

EngageBay provides a reasonably-priced option for its target audience. The platform organizes its suites of smaller capabilities under four main categories, but the core all-in-one setup is available across all plans to some degree. Signing up for the free trial allows you to explore what’s provided at each price point to determine the right fit for you.

Marketing Automation

EngageBay workflow builder to track deal changes.

EngageBay’s visual workflow builder allows even non-technical users to set up automation easily. Form submissions and checkouts can trigger sequences at certain moments to engage prospects throughout their journey. Contacts are automatically sorted into segments suitable for your targeted campaigns.

Marketers can also design long-term email nurture campaigns with targeted triggers based on user actions. Personalized templates, landing pages, and forms make it easy to generate high-quality leads at scale. Segmentation tools let you analyze and group people based on a variety of behaviors.

Transactional emails go through one portal, and it’s simple to create messages using templates, inline editing, and rich formatting tools. Subscribers see communications tailored to attributes and behavior.

You’re also able to incorporate SMS and mobile messaging into workflows. Autoresponder rules and scheduled campaigns can be set up for outreach on several channels, and analytics bring more visibility to campaign performance across email and SMS.

Engagement Tools

EngageBay landing page builder.

The landing page builder uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a library of pre-made templates with a wide range of customization options, from colors and fonts to placement of calls-to-action. A/B testing helps you measure and improve performance.

Building forms is just as simple, with opt-ins created inline or as overlays. Fields and styling can be tailored, and security features give peace of mind along with automated confirmation messages. EngageBay also grows your instant messaging interactions with a tool that qualifies visitor responses to trigger automated replies.

Push notification software helps reach customers across devices by monitoring page views and purchases and sending you metrics like engagement rates and subscriber retention.

Customer Segmentation & CRM

During testing, we were impressed with the grouped contact profiles feature that pulls together all relevant customer information—from basic details and purchase history to communication logs and points of contact. This 360-degree profile makes it easy for teams to work from the same knowledge base.

List of contacts in the EngageBay interface.

Automate the way you categorize customers based on traits you pick out yourself. From there, you can tell which groups respond best to different approaches.

Collaboration is also smooth. With integrated functions for sales, marketing, and support, teams have full visibility into their workstreams. At the same time, automated notifications keep conversations moving.

Moving communications into the CRM was convenient. Seeing correspondence history alongside profiles made it easy to reference past customers and campaigns.

Sales & Lead Management

The online scheduling functionality of EngageBay allows customers to self-book appointments directly from your website or emails. This provides an easy way for prospects to explore meeting options while syncing booked times into calendars and CRMs.

EngageBay dashboard with an overview of where a deal is in the pipeline.

Appointment links can be updated as availability changes, or you can send notifications to keep communication streams open. Access scheduled meetings and swap availability even on mobile—a great feature for entrepreneurs and remote teams on the go.

EngageBay’s predictive lead scoring uses data points like location, website usage, and past engagement to generate contact risk scores for your sales reps. Dynamic scoring adjusts as deals progress, but this feature is limited and may not suit niche industries.

It’s easy to optimize your workload with automatic lead distribution based on assigned territories, interests, or other criteria. Combined with other tools for arranging group meetings, you could increase your sales capacity and coverage without growing the headcount.

Deal management tools help structure all your negotiations with visual stage progress trackers. Plus, AI-powered success probability predictions are great for addressing risks or missed opportunities. Define your stages and workflow views based on your unique process.

Customer Communication

Livechat interface in EngageBay with a button to start a chat.

EngageBay’s live chat software stood out for its personalized support. Automatic customer profiling helps agents respond better, especially with the help of chat transcripts and call logging.

Call reminders and in-call notes help ensure follow-ups aren’t dropped, along with several third-party integrations and detailed performance reports. The mobile functionality means you can connect anywhere.

Template customization is easy to master within the email builder. Plus, traffic and conversion metrics let you see what resonates with customers and reuse or refine templates as needed.

Project & Employee Management

Screenshot of EngageBay calendar view.

Tasks can be quickly created, assigned, and filtered according to status or priority on EngageBay. Reports then provide visibility into workflow and performance over time.

You’ll get plenty of tools to boost employee morale and engagement, too, with customizable leaderboards and gamification features like achievements and awards that motivate your sales teams.

Plus, all your project and customer data is linked across marketing, sales, and support channels for a unified view of accounts, avoiding silos between departments.

Service & Support Management

EngageBay customer support setup form.

EngageBay‘s Customer Support Macros are a stand-out feature, with customizable ‘if-then’ conditions that can cut out your repetitive tasks and chop response times.

Service level agreements help set clear resolution timeframes based on specific ticket types. Then, you can leverage key metrics to monitor performance.

Put all your queries into the Service Bay dashboard, or use Automated Ticket Tools to assign, notify, and close requests automatically. Combined with Support Groups filtered by criteria, tickets always flow to the right person.

Canned Responses save you from rewriting basic replies without sounding like a robot. Automation goes even further with CRM that routes inquiries appropriately and automatic alerts that update stakeholders right away. Custom views let you oversee high-volume ticketing, while fluid integrations unite everything in one place to suit your taste.