In order to boost your revenue, you need quality leads that convert into paying customers. You also need tools to connect leads to your sales reps while interest is still high. This is where Chili Piper comes in.

Chili Piper automates the lead conversion process through its suite of products that qualify leads, route them to the right sales rep, and schedule meetings using real-time calendars. It’s a powerful software platform that makes the scheduling process feel effortless for potential buyers—turning prospective leads into satisfied customers.

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Who Chili Piper Is For

Chili Piper provides an end-to-end inbound lead conversion and routing platform tailored to the needs of B2B revenue teams like marketing, sales, and customer success. The software shines when organizations need to increase the number of quality leads coming into their funnel and prevent any leakage during qualification and handoffs.

For marketing and demand generation teams, Chili Piper removes friction from the lead booking process so more prospects engage and convert into sales conversations. Easy scheduling and reminders get more people testing products and talking to reps, which ultimately creates more buzz around your business.

Chili Piper can also help Sales teams gain more chances to convert leads into buyers through automated workflows that guarantee every lead is directed to the right rep based on criteria like customer segment and product interest. Reps also have tools to automatically schedule meetings when most convenient for the prospect for higher connection rates.

On the finance side, Chili Piper provides clear visibility into meeting data like show rates and conversions. This helps revenue leaders accurately model forecasts and see how process optimizations translate into expense and revenue gains. Overall, by filling the funnel and seamlessly moving prospects along, Chili Piper allows revenue teams to scale lead conversion performance in perfect alignment.

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Chili Piper Pricing

Chili Piper provides flexible and modular pricing, allowing you to either purchase individual products a la carte or bundle different offerings together at discounted rates. For example, you can bundle products like Form Concierge and Distro together to create complete lead-to-booking workflows, saving you $10 per user per month.

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For sales reps or customer success managers who simply want easy ways to add booking links and get meetings on the calendar faster, the Instant Booker product starts at $15 per user per month. Features like one-click scheduling over email, no-show and cancellation management, and integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and other platforms make it perfect for smaller sales funnels.

Chili Piper’s Handoff product enables teams to book and assign meetings using customizable, advanced routing rules. Handoff is priced at $25 per user per month. The product builds on Instant Booker’s meeting scheduling capabilities by letting you define automated routing logic to ensure each new lead or meeting is assigned to the right team member or rep every time. It also provides round-robin distribution based on criteria pulled from your CRM.

Chili Piper’s Form Concierge product helps marketing teams book more meetings directly from website forms using real-time lead qualification and routing. It’s priced at $30 per user per month plus volume-based fees tied to the number of leads submitted each month.

Here are the volume tiers:

  • Up to 100 leads per month—$150
  • Up to 1,000 leads per month—$400
  • Over 1,000 leads per month—$1,000

Form Concierge allows you to show rep availability on your site and instantly book meetings when prospects fill out forms. Lead data triggers real-time routing based on rules you define to ensure follow-up by the right rep. Additional capabilities include lead qualification, email and SMS reminders, account owner assignment, lead-to-account matching, and deep integrations with platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot.

And for $30 per user per month, you can add on Concierge Live, which instantly routes your leads to the right rep in real time.

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At $30 per user per month, Chili Piper’s Distro product delivers automated lead routing and assignment natively within your CRM platform. The product triggers real-time routing as soon as new records are created or specific fields are updated on existing records based on logic and criteria you define.

For example, leads can be automatically assigned to the account owner when populated or routed to reps based on geography, deal size, product interest, or any other attributes. Distro provides robust, rules-driven automation to route and assign leads instantly as they enter your CRM. This streamlines coordination between sales and marketing while optimizing rep productivity through intelligent workflows.

All of Chili Piper’s products can be purchased independently or bundled together. Each serves distinct use cases but integrate together seamlessly when combined. Choosing the optimal mix depends on your specific business needs and workflows.

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Pros and Cons of Chili Piper

Chili Piper removes much of the manual work and follow-up that is usually required in lead generation. It allows prospects to book immediately and even directs them to a rep within seconds. This allows your sales team to increase conversions quickly and efficiently.

The biggest downside of Chili Piper is its product-pricing model. With separate product pricing per user per month, prices can get out-of-hand in a hurry. However, because it’s such a feature-rich software, it just might be worth the high price tag.

Chili Piper Pros

  • Form Concierge: One of Chili Piper’s strongest products, Form Concierge enables website visitors to book meetings with sales reps right from your forms for faster lead engagement.
  • Concierge Live: A solid add-on to Form Concierge, Concierge Live connects promising leads in real-time with the optimal rep for immediate qualification calls and scheduling.
  • Powerful automations: Automations such as routing, reminders, and handoffs improve speed-to-lead by accelerating sales cycle velocity and efficiency.
  • All-in-one solution: Chili Piper consolidates fragmented booking, scheduling, and assignment tools into one complete solution.
  • One-click intelligent routing: The platform ensures that every lead is matched to the right rep instantly without manual assignments.
  • Reduced Costs: More qualified meetings and faster conversions ultimately reduce customer acquisition costs significantly.
  • Increased efficiency: Instant handoffs and rep assignments speed up new customer time-to-value by getting them engaged with the right team members faster.
  • Chrome extension: Chili Piper’s easy-to-use Chrome extension provides instant access to core features.
  • Integrations: Powerful CRM integrations enable unified workflows and synchronization.

Chili Piper Cons

  • Can be spendy: The pricing model charges separately for individual products, which can get expensive quickly.
  • Possible glitches: Some users have complained about functionality issues like scheduling delays, buffering, and problems syncing with CRMs.
  • Extended setup time: Proper setup and configuration requires some time investment to customize workflows.
  • May be more than some businesses need: The extensive feature set caters to complex use cases but can seem overwhelming for businesses with simpler needs.

Chili Piper Review: The Details

For offering only five individual products, Chili Piper has a whole lot of features nestled within. From simple one-click booking links to fully automated scheduling directly integrated with your CRM, it has everything you need to prevent valuable leads from slipping through the cracks.

Form Concierge stops leakage

Chili Piper’s Form Concierge product enables website visitors to book meetings with sales reps right from any online form, preventing pipeline leakage. This allows you to capture leads at the optimal time and accelerate conversions.

Leads can schedule meetings directly from any online form on your site, including contact forms, demos requests, and pricing inquiries. This removes friction and ensures that conversations happen while interest is still high.

One noteworthy feature of the Form Concierge product is the real-time calendar view that leads are directed to when scheduling meetings. They get to see all of the available time slots and choose the best date and time for them, which reduces back-and-forth between your team and the prospective customer.

Beyond convenience, Form Concierge is smart. It matches each lead with the most appropriate sales rep based on factors such as territory, segment, and use case. This ensures your leads will be connected with the right person every time.

Overall, condensing the lead-to-meeting process from days to just minutes results in more scheduled demos, greater show rates, and less slippage.

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Concierge Live links hot leads to the right rep, instantly

Concierge Live is hugely valuable for connecting high-priority leads to the right reps in seconds.

The product embeds JavaScript on your website forms to qualify leads in real-time as they fill out information. It can instantly identify hot leads and route them to speak with a sales rep right away via phone or chat.

This prevents losing any top-of-funnel prospects that are sales ready. The logic matches each lead to the optimal rep based on criteria like territory, use case, and segment. So your best reps get paired with your most promising leads.

By eliminating any wait time and instantly routing qualified prospects to available sales reps, conversions increase dramatically. The lead doesn’t have time to lose interest or get distracted—the prospect engages in a live sales conversation immediately when interest is at its highest.

Prioritization is automated based on sales potential, which means your sales reps also benefit by spending time speaking with qualified, sales-ready leads rather than chasing down dead-ends.

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Automations streamline workflow

In our experience with Chili Piper, the platform provides numerous automations that optimize and streamline the lead generation workflow for greater efficiency.

Intelligent routing rules can be configured to assign high priority leads directly to the appropriate account manager or sales rep straight from web forms. This prevents any delays in getting your VIP prospects handled by the right person quickly.

The system also sends out smart automated reminder emails before scheduled meeting times. Reminders significantly reduce no-shows since prospects can easily reschedule if needed. It saves teams substantial manual follow-up work chasing down confirmations.

For scheduling, the Instant Booker capability lets you embed one-click booking links into emails that prospects can use to self-schedule meetings or demos. Clean, customizable buttons make it frictionless for leads to get meetings on the calendar themselves.

Lead-to-account matching further optimizes booking by automatically connecting existing contacts to their designated account owner or rep, thus ensuring proper routing and assignment based on relationships every time.

Real-time notifications keep reps instantly updated on new bookings and assignments without having to check or follow up manually.

With these end-to-end automations in place, sales and marketing teams can focus their time on the highest value activities needed to increase pipeline and revenue. Manual tasks and bottlenecks are minimized for greater efficiency.

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Scheduling made easy

Chili Piper removes the typical friction associated with scheduling for both leads and sales teams through several key capabilities.

Leads can book quickly using customizable scheduling templates that provide a personalized experience without tedious back-and-forth negotiating availability. The system shows real-time open slots on rep calendars that prospects can select from.

On the rep side, Chili Piper syncs with existing sales rep calendars automatically. This ensures availability shown to booking leads is always up-to-date and accurate, preventing any double-booking conflicts. Reps also can easily toggle their status to “away” using the browser extension when stepping away briefly.

For teams, lead distribution is handled automatically using configurable round-robin routing rules. Factors like vacation time are tracked to distribute bookings fairly across reps and avoid overloading any single individual. Time zones are also handled smoothly so global teams and prospects can book across geographies with no hassle.

With this end-to-end approach, scheduling becomes simple, accurate, and flexible for leads and sales reps alike. The automation eliminates the typical pain points and manual effort associated with coordinating calendars and availability.

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Streamlined handoffs

Chili Piper provides valuable capabilities to streamline handoffs between teams for both new lead distribution as well as onboarding new clients.

For lead routing, intelligent distribution rules ensure incoming leads are automatically assigned to the right rep or department based on criteria you specify.

Once a deal closes, the sales rep can instantly introduce the new client to their Customer Success Manager and schedule the initial onboarding call right within Chili Piper. This kicks off the onboarding process immediately.

The faster you can get new customers actively using your product and comfortable with core features, the quicker time-to-value is achieved. Chili Piper accelerates this critical onboarding step for driving adoption and retention.

By automating the handoff between sales and success managers and enabling instant booking of onboarding meetings, you can increase customer satisfaction, usage, and loyalty.

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Integrates with your tech stack

Chili Piper provides powerful CRM integrations that create a seamless, unified workflow. The platform syncs directly with your existing CRM to bring new bookings and lead data into one centralized place. Meeting details like date and time as well as prospect contact information are automatically recorded in the CRM after booking via Chili Piper.

This saves reps from manual data entry and ensures accuracy of new lead records. All relevant teams have full visibility into upcoming meetings, statuses, and new contacts right within your CRM.

Beyond bookings, the integrations enable triggering workflows, creating tasks, and pushing data to the CRM automatically based on meeting outcomes.

From an analytics perspective, the unified data provides valuable booking insights like volume, show rates, and sales cycle length. Business teams can leverage this data to create projections, identify bottlenecks, and understand ROI.

With this level of CRM integration, Chili Piper becomes seamlessly embedded into your tech stack. The entire revenue cycle from inbound interest to post-meeting followup operates through a single system. All of Chili Piper’s integrations help you streamline your processes while enhancing visibility.

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