How to Leverage Black Friday for Your Business

Black Friday is the biggest online shopping day in the U.S. each and every year. With over a billion dollars in online shopping sales that happen on Black Friday, you would be silly not to try to take a piece of that pie.

Not everyone is ready for Black Friday yet, which is why I am releasing this infographic to help you prepare.

The infographic covers why you should leverage Black Friday, how much money the major online retailers are making during this shopping day, how you can reach out to your customers, and the five things you need to do to be prepared for Black Friday.

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Now that you are ready for Black Friday, one thing you should consider doing is running an A/B test during this mega shopping day. The thing with conversion optimization is that you need high traffic volumes for tests to finish faster.

Luckily for you, your traffic should be up during this day. So, by running an A/B test, you’ll be able to get results quicker as your test should finish faster than normal.

If you are wondering what you should test, check out this infographic on landing pages as it will give you a few ideas on elements that you can play with to maximize your sales.

So, what do you think about Black Friday? Do you plan on having a sale?

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