Billdu is an invoicing app that makes it incredibly easy to manage the invoicing process. You can generate invoices, send them to customers, and have customers pay directly from the invoice itself. And with its handy dashboard, Billdu simplifies the process of tracking invoices and expenses so you always know where your accounts stand.

Additionally, Billdu enables you to set up a simple ecommerce store and take online bookings, either through your own website or through one created specifically for your business through its platform. For small businesses, Billdu is the perfect tool for managing everything related to invoicing and payments.

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Who Billdu Is For

Billdu is designed to meet the invoicing and financial management needs of small businesses. The app makes it simple to create professional looking invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and delivery notes. This allows busy small business owners to generate essential financial documentation and manage transactions with customers and vendors more efficiently. With Billdu, you can instantly customize invoice templates that reflect your brand.

If you’re a freelancer, Billdu also has the tools to help you take your business operations to the next level. Billdu gives freelancers the ability to generate branded invoices in minutes. The app also makes it easy for freelancers to track finances and expenses. Features like automated payment reminders ensure you actually get paid for your work.

And finally, if you run an agency, Billdu empowers you to generate polished invoices that reinforce your business’s brand image. With robust tracking features, Billdu also gives agencies increased visibility into their financial transactions and cash flow. The app is built to handle the large volume and high frequency of invoicing typical at agencies.

Billdu Pricing

The Free plan allows you to get started with essential invoicing capabilities like expense tracking and an instant website to share with clients. The ability to add an accountant provides oversight and guidance as your business grows. This plan is ideal for new freelancers and solopreneurs who need basic financial features.

Stepping up to the Lite plan for only $3.99 per month unlocks unlimited invoicing for up to 10 clients and handy tools like invoice status tracking, image attachments, and client signatures. The affordable price point makes this a great option for freelancers and very small businesses to level up their financial management.

Starting at $8.99 per month, the Standard plan is ideal for agencies and growing small businesses. With multi-user access, payment reminders, quote requests, support for up to 50 clients, and more, this plan empowers you to scale your business smoothly. The website widget also lets you embed invoicing into your site for added convenience.

For larger agencies and enterprises, the Premium plan delivers ultimate invoice automation at $16.99 per month. With unlimited seats and clients, plus powerful additions like online booking, recurring billing, API access, and priority support, this plan is built to fulfill the needs of large, busy organizations.

Four plans and pricing for each.

Pros and Cons of Billdu

Designed for small businesses, Billdu is easy to use and offers great customer support. It can take some time to set up and lacks the advanced features larger organizations might need, but for freelancers and smaller organizations, Billdu has everything you need to manage your invoices.

Billdu Pros

  • Easy to Use: Billdu’s intuitive interface enables anyone to quickly generate polished invoices, estimates, and documents that match their brand.
  • Responsive Support: Billdu provides exceptionally timely and helpful customer assistance whenever you need it.
  • Customizable Templates: Billdu empowers you to create professional, cohesive invoices and estimates with custom templates that reflect your unique branding.
  • Organizational Features: Handy tools for tracking inventory, services, and finances make it easy to stay organized. We found these invaluable for monitoring operations.
  • Mobile App: Manage your financials on the go with Billdu’s mobile app. The flexibility lets you access essential data anywhere, anytime.
  • Integration Options: Billdu integrates with popular accounting and payment platforms, allowing you to connect it with your existing systems and tools.

Billdu Cons

  • Initial Setup Time: The initial process of customizing templates and configuring tracking features can be time-consuming. We spent a few hours getting set up.
  • Limited Design Options: While Billdu has customizable invoices, you may want more control over elements like logo sizing and placement.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: Some businesses may desire additional capabilities like complex inventory management or project management that Billdu lacks.
  • Limited User Permissions: Billdu has restrictions around user permissions and access that may be too limiting for some organizations.

Billdu Review: The Details

Billdu not only covers the basics of invoicing but has a rich feature set designed to support your business. You can generate quotes and estimates, then turn them into invoices when it’s time to get paid. You can also use Billdu to sell products and book services, either through your website or an instant website from Billdu. It’s a simple tool, but it’s pretty incredible how powerful it is underneath.

Invoice Maker

Billdu makes it incredibly easy to create polished, professional invoices that represent your brand. Simply pick a template, tweak the colors, add your logo, and insert your signature. Using Billdu’s invoice maker, we were able to produce an invoice we were proud to send out.

When you’re ready to start billing customers, you can instantly generate branded invoices to send to clients with just one click.

Customers can conveniently make invoice payments directly on Billdu through integrated payment services like Stripe and PayPal. This significantly improves your chances of being paid on time. You can also use its additional features like payment reminders and open notifications to reduce manual follow-up.

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With Billdu’s estimates tool, you can quickly generate polished price quotes and estimates to send to prospective clients. This allows you to provide accurate quotes upfront, potentially helping you to win more business.

Like your invoices, you can fully brand your estimates with your logo, colors, and design elements. This maintains a consistent, professional image throughout your sales process.

Once a client approves an estimate, you can convert it into a professional invoice with just one click. There’s no need to re-enter any data.

Expense Tracking

Billdu makes it simple to stay on top of your spending with robust expense tracking capabilities.

You can easily track all your expenses to gain visibility into where your money is going and categorize expenses to see spending patterns.

Handy charts and graphs allow you to analyze expenses by time period, which provide valuable insights for your business.

Better yet, Billdu saves you from fumbling with paper receipts. It has a built-in receipt scanner so you can quickly scan and attach receipts to track expenses.

At a glance, you can also see which expenses have been paid and any outstanding amounts due. This helps you effectively manage payments.

With Billdu’s intuitive expense tracking features, you gain the visibility needed to understand your spending and cash flow. The ability to quickly scan receipts and visualize expenses makes financial management feel effortless.

Online Booking

Billdu’s online booking feature allows you to easily accept bookings and payments from customers.

Your customers can securely book and pay for your services with Billdu. It also allows you to add gaps in your availability or daily booking limits to prevent overbooking. Additionally, you can integrate payment processing via credit card, PayPal, and other payment processors so customers can pay directly at booking.

To update your personal schedule and prevent double-booking errors, Billdu gives you options for syncing bookings with your calendar in Google, Apple, or other services.

Finally, we love that Billdu allows you to customize the booking experience for customers by creating an instant website, adding a booking widget to your existing site, or generating a unique link.

With Billdu’s booking capabilities, you can provide professional self-service booking that integrates payments, scheduling, and availability management. Customers get an easy way to book your services anytime, and you reduce manual admin effort.

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Online Store

With Billdu, you can quickly create a basic ecommerce store to sell your products and accept payments. Just upload your items, configure payments through integrated processors like Stripe, and launch your ready-made store.

You can then display your store via an instant website, embed it on your existing website with a widget, or share a direct link—you choose the best sales channel.

With minimal setup, Billdu’s online store feature allows you to sell your products or services online easily, plus you can accept payments immediately. This makes purchasing a quick and convenient process for customers, which in turn drives sales for your business.

By handling orders, payments, and inventory management all in one place on Billdu, you streamline selling both online and offline. Displaying your store directly on your website also helps reinforce your brand consistently across channels.

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Instant Website

Billdu makes it incredibly easy to create a professional website for your business. With just a few clicks, you can launch a custom website that reflects your brand. Simply add your logo, colors, and other branding elements to Billdu’s pre-built site templates.

The website seamlessly syncs with your Billdu account, so anything you configure, like online booking or quote requests, instantly appears live on your site.

There’s no need to juggle separate website and account dashboards. As your business offerings evolve, your site reflects everything in real-time without any manual website updates.

With Billdu’s instant website feature, you can establish an online presence and showcase your services in minutes. The automatic syncing ensures your site always represents the latest capabilities and offerings from your Billdu account.

Website Widget

With Billdu’s website widget, you can embed your online store, booking, quotes, and other Billdu capabilities directly onto your current website. Just copy a single line of code provided by Billdu and paste it wherever you want the widget to appear.

Rather than managing separate websites, Billdu’s widget allows you to unify your site and accounts into one seamless experience for customers. No need to send them elsewhere to book or shop.

Embedding Billdu’s features directly into your site provides convenience, reinforces your brand consistency, and streamlines your online presence—just another way Billdu adapts to your business’s needs with its configurable tools.