Our recommendation for the best website broker is Business Exits because of its reliable preliminary sales screening, excellent track record, and prompt assistance. Schedule a call to get started.

When buying or selling a website, you can connect with interested parties directly but this is a hit-or-miss approach.

Approaching website owners to buy a website doesn’t mean they are willing to sell—and if they do, you’ll likely have to pay a premium. Similarly, selling a website without an intermediary might cause you to miss out on highly motivated buyers willing to pay a higher price.

This guide lists the best website brokers that help you strike legitimate deals and get the maximum value with their expert assistance.

The Top 7 Best Website Brokers

Your best options are going to be experienced brokers with a long track record of successful website sales and acquisitions. Business Exits is a dependable firm that will find the best buyer for your site in very little time. Get started for free today.

Are you wondering how these companies made the list? Read on.

Best Website Brokers company logos.

Match Your Scenario to the Right Website Brokering Solution

Not all website brokers are equal. Some cater to different audiences of buyers and sellers or offer specialized services compared to their peers. Here’s a breakdown of the three scenarios people looking for a broker most commonly find themselves in, along with my recommendations for the best brokers for each of them.

You want access to vetted buyers and sellers

Best Option: Business Exits

Business Exits does all the heavy lifting, getting your company in front of buyers in their database and across 13 marketing channels. They will also target and contact relevant buyers based on your business.

More than 70% of deals are closed through Business Exits database, and the process of finding a buyer takes about 1-3 months on average.

Another great option: Empire Flippers 

If you’re looking for a private marketplace with vetted buyers and sellers, Empire Flippers is your best bet.

It performs preliminary vetting of each deal to ensure all the provided information is accurate. Buyers also have a diligence period to check their assets for their peace of mind.

You want due diligence to make data-backed decisions 

Best option: Investors Club

If you sign up for Investors Club’s premium plan, you can enjoy its due diligence reports feature.

This includes a detailed SWOT analysis that gives you an objective overview of every listing and an SEO analysis that evaluates websites on every critical ranking factor. We also get expert recommendations from season investors that highlight the path to scaling, business growth, and earning potential.

Another great choice: FE International

FE International is another excellent option if you want a website broker offering deep due diligence. 

It helps you take a structured approach when buying or selling websites by helping you examine major investments from various perspectives, including traffic, financial, operational, owner, technical, and legal.

If you want due diligence, look for tools that:

  • Offer due diligence specifically on their websites.
  • Have advanced analytics that let you evaluate various listings.

You want access to diverse websites

Best option: Business Exits

Business Exits is a boutique brokerage company renowned for its diverse website offerings. 

Instead of restricting your choices to content websites, it goes far and beyond. Expect high-quality options in ecommerce, in-person IT services, and digital service businesses, among other niches. Moreover, Business Exits has a minimum $250,000 per year net profit requirement, so you don’t have to worry about profitability.

Another great option: Website Closers

Website Closers have the largest selection of businesses for sale in the tech, internet and digital space, so if you are looking for a range of websites, they will have them.

Website Closers list 1-2 business for sale every day, and are the go-to firm for finding the right digital business that fits your specific needs.

Another great option: Flippa

Flippa is a massive marketplace that is excellent for buying and selling small websites, regardless of the niche. From SaaS to ecommerce to content, the website broker doesn’t restrict you to traditional options, allowing you to explore various niches.

If you want access to diverse website listings, look for tools that:

  • Are public website marketplaces with no barrier to entry.
  • Work with a diverse range of brands.
  • Don’t specialize in a specific niche.

Website Brokers Company Reviews

Every website broker has its own processes, asset value minimums, list of requirements, and several other factors, as well as pros and cons. Below, we’ll go deeper into what makes each option stand out to help you determine the best option for your needs.

Business Exits — Best for Diverse Website Offerings

Business Exits company logo.

Business Exits is a boutique brokerage company specializing in maximizing the value of online businesses and selling it for the best possible price.

While you can rely on this website broker to know what it takes to get your business at the right price for the best possible deal, Business Exits‘ diversity stands out most for us.

Instead of restricting itself to content websites (which several competitors do), the platform has varied listings that include ecommerce, commercial cleaning businesses, in-person IT services, and digital service businesses, among others.

What Makes Business Exits Great

Screenshot from Business Exit's website with a form asking how quickly do you want to sell your business with four checkbox options.
You can rely on Business Exits to find the best deals, whether you’re buying or selling.

Business Exits is a private boutique service that charges a reasonable 10% commission and only adds serious buyers and sellers to its network.

While single-broker firms often struggle to give equal attention to all their projects, Business Exits is more than capable of handling its large number of clients. You don’t have to worry about the company not giving their very best to meet your expectations and obtain the best possible price.

In a nutshell, Business Exits would make a great website broker if you’re selling a medium-to-large business website. The only caveat to worry about is fulfilling its minimum $250,000 per year net profit requirement.

Website Closers — Best for Tech and Internet Businesses

Website Closers Logo

Website Closers are highly experienced brokers with backgrounds in the digital space, so they understand what digital businesses owners are looking for when selling their business.

To start, Website Closers assign you an Enterprise Value Range for your digital assets, and then they begin to develop an exit strategy. Within two weeks, you’ll be talking to qualified buyers.

Even better, Website Closers walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

What Makes Website Closers Great

Website Closers homepage showing a case study of an ecommerce deal closed at $4 million
Website Closers will broker deals up to $500 million.

Website Closers stand behind their expertise by offering 100% success-based fees—meaning, if they don’t close they deal, you don’t pay.

With a 92% close rate, though, you can rest assured that you’ll get the sale that you want.

Website Closers are not only in the business of selling tech and internet companies but also providing a marketplace to buy digital businesses. You can search the Website Closers’ database of businesses for sale by Asking Price, Cash Flow, or Revenue to find exactly what you are looking for.

Website Closers are perfect for those interested in buying or selling tech or internet businesses because they have been in the space since 1998, have sold thousands of businesses, and represent over $2 billion in transactions.

Flippa — Best for Small Websites

Flippa company logo.

Flippa is your best website broker option to buy or sell small websites—and we don’t say this without reason.

The company is essentially a marketplace with a brokering service. You can filter websites to match your investment criteria, bookmark suitable URLs, and monitor listings regularly to have your eyes first on all deal flow.

You may not always see quality listings, but the fact that Flippa offers valuable assets and tons of real buyers works for small websites. You can use an auction system or list with an asking price to start negotiations.

What Makes Flippa Great

Screenshot from Flippa's website with what is Flippa question followed by descriptors and answers for customer review..
Flippa is the largest non-vetted marketplace to buy or sell small websites.

As the largest non-vetted marketplace, Flippa is your best bet if your website isn’t meeting the profit requirements other website brokers have in place.

Flippa’s diverse offering comprises content, SaaS, domains, ecommerce, and mobile apps, along with useful features like access to an escrow provider and an NDA function. Keep in mind that businesses sold through Flippa’s Partner Broker service have to pay a success fee of between 5% and10%.

While weeding out low-quality and sometimes misleading listings is on you, the fact that you can see past listings between buyers and sellers, along with reviews, reduces the possibility of complexities.

Overall, you can turn to Flippa to find large and diverse deals, but only if you know what you are looking for.

Empire Flippers — Best Vetted Private Website Marketplace

Empire Flippers company logo.

Launched in 2011 as “AdSense Flippers,” Empire Flippers has come a long way, having realized deals over $400+ million and having a claimed success rate of 69%.

Most of its deal flow is over $100,000, so the company will make a good fit if you’re in the medium-to-large website range. Expect content websites, SaaS businesses, and ecommerce brands on sale.

By far, Empire Flippers is the largest vetted private marketplace. It does preliminary vetting of each deal to ensure the P&L, traffic, and seller intent, among other factors, are accurate. But you still need to assess each deal to match your criteria.

What Makes Empire Flippers Great

An image of the Empire Flippers landing page.
Empire Flippers has finalized sales worth over $400+ million and has a claimed success rate of 69%.

Empire Flippers is certainly an excellent website broker with a long track record, a user-friendly system, and prompt assistance at every step of the process. In addition to publishing new businesses on its website, it sends out assets for sale via email every Monday at 10 AM USA Pacific Standard Time (PST).

All you have to do is sign up on its website, and you’ll get access.

If you’re looking for help with site migrations, Empire Flippers offers buyers and sellers a reliable migration service. But compared to the services offered by other website migration services, it feels slower and dragged out. Additionally, it has an inconsistent add-back policy and charges nearly 15% commission for sales up to $700,000 with a sliding scale down to 2.5%.

The website broker also publishes quarterly reports summarizing its business and the industry, in general, to keep you on top of the website market.

Investors Club — Best for Membership-Based Deal Flow

Investors Club company logo.

Investors Club’s free membership includes basic listing details, full access to cost-saving offerings, and no-fee escrow. But if you want to cherry-pick deals from some of the most exclusive listings, you’ll certainly benefit from its premium membership.

Alongside all the features in the Free plan, you get instant access to every listing, and more importantly, first access to all new products and services. Deeper due diligence is another great perk, where you’ll get a detailed SWOT analysis for every listing as well as recommendations from seasoned investors to help you make the right choice.

Expect access to quality deal flow, along with full website migration. A Deal Concierge service is also available that facilitates deal negotiation and finding and sourcing private deals based on your unique criteria.

What Makes Investors Club Great

Screenshot of Investors Club home page.
Signing up for Investors Club’s premium plan gives you access to due diligence.

Investors Club charges the sellers just 7% broker fees, which is significantly lower compared to other website brokers. Being a dedicated marketplace, it also allows you to connect to the buyer and seller directly to handle things your way.

If you’re a newcomer, you can use their in-house white-glove services for expert guidance. The company also assists with transfers, legal docs and SOPs, and post-sale and inspection, among other perks, to save you from unnecessary headaches and save time.

Besides having to pay a hefty membership fee, Investors Club only works with content sites. So if you’re looking for other websites (for example, SaaS or ecommerce), you’ll have to look elsewhere.

To get Investors Club’s premium membership, you can choose between Yearly (costing $247 per year) and Lifetime (one-time $747 fee).

FE International — Best for Large Websites

FE International company logo.

With a success rate of 94.1%, FE International has a strong track record of securing high prices for sellers. Besides website valuation, it also helps with a range of processes like exit planning, due diligence, negotiations, legal frameworks, accounting, and post-sales.

Its merger and acquisition team specializes in selling content, SaaS, and ecommerce websites, with most selling for a minimum of $1 million. The website broker also provides professional and thorough service for mid-price deals for companies operating in diverse markets, subject to a standard 15% commission rate for all websites sold.

FE International is known for catering to users with big budgets and has a system in place to qualify both sellers and buyers before providing access to its global network. As such, FE International rejects sites it thinks won’t appeal to its buyers.

What Makes FE International Great

A screenshot of FE Internationals featured completions.
FE International has an exceptional 94.1% success rate.

FE International arms with all the necessary information to help you zero in on the right business for your needs.

It offers a valuation tool and comprehensive documentation outlining market trends, opportunities, and financial performance to help you estimate your website’s value and get a grip on the current market situation, respectively. Investors can opt for FE International’s advisory services and enjoy access to other pre-qualified and established investors.

FE International also has a private company listing facility that restricts your company’s data to only qualified and serious purchasers to protect your interests.

Motion Invest — Best for Content Websites Under $30,000

Motion Invest company logo.

Launched recently in 2019, Motion Invest aims to help people buy and sell profitable content websites. It strives to fill a gap in the market by offering quality but affordable content sites that earn around $200-$2,000 a month.

It’s a marketplace that allows website listings to meet at the equilibrium price over time. In Motion Invest‘s own words, “This listing is doing a Dutch auction which means the price on the side is low at $275 every two days until it gets a bid or it hits the reserve price. The first bid made is the winning bid and will get the site.”

The only caveat of this approach is buyers may feel like “waiting it out” to see if the price drops before placing a bid.

What Makes Motion Invest Great

Screenshot of Motion Invest's home page.
Motion Invest is a Dutch-auction marketplace that lets website listings meet at the equilibrium price.

Motion Invest provides good data standardization on their listing pages, allowing you to assess listings based on data points like profit per month, visitors per month, Domain Authority, articles posted, and income multiple.

Moreover, you also get due diligence reports from renowned platforms like Google Analytics and Semrush, along with screenshots and a monthly breakdown of the users and earnings, to facilitate data-based decision-making.

The other problem is that all members have access to website URLs, so you may have to face copycats when selling.

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The Top Website Brokers in Summary

Selling or buying a website from a broker or marketplace can be a good experience if you make the right choice. You can use our list to kickstart your research and find the right fit for your needs.

In our opinion, Business Exits is the best website broker because of its massive vetted deal flow and diligence period for post-sales asset checking to create a safe and smooth experience for both the buyer and seller.