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Local SEO is crucial for businesses that serve customers within a specific area. When someone types “dry cleaner” or “nail salon” into a search, Google shows them the top results based on the user’s location. If your business isn’t ranking for local searches, you’ll have a tough time getting new customers. 

The best local SEO services know what it takes to rank high in location-based searches. They’ll help optimize your website and online presence to ensure you’re visible to the widest possible audience in your area. 

The Top 7 Best Local SEO Services

After extensive research, our team narrowed down seven local SEO services that shine above the hundreds of options in this industry. WebFX will be the best option for most of you since they have the most versatile service offerings and deliver proven results. Get your free proposal from WebFX today.

  • WebFX — Best overall
  • Reach Digital — Best for small businesses
  • Hibu — Best local SEO and digital marketing services
  • Searchbloom — Best for technical SEO
  • BrightLocal — Best for tracking and building local citations
  • 1SEO — Best for Google Local Ads
  • HigherVisibility — Best for franchises and multilocation businesses

Continue below to learn more about the features, benefits, and recommended use cases of each local SEO service on our list.

Company logos for our best local SEO services reviews

Match Your Scenario to the Right Local SEO Service Solution

Our research team identified some common needs among businesses seeking local SEO solutions. Then we matched those needs with local SEO services that fit the bill. If you see a scenario below that best describes what you’re looking for, you can use this section to quickly find a local SEO service that meets your needs. 

You want a free SEO audit with no commitment

Best Option: 1SEO

If you’re on the fence about using a particular service, it can’t hurt to start with a free audit. 1SEO looks beyond your local SEO performance and gives you a complete digital marketing audit when you sign up. There’s no obligation or payment, and it’s a great way to get the conversation started. Then you can see if 1SEO feels like a good fit for your needs.

Screenshot of 1SEO homepage
Get your free audit from 1SEO today.

Another Great Choice: BrightLocal

BrightLocal offers a 14-day free trial for its services. The trial gives you access to the citation builder, which shows you all of your existing citations and new opportunities. This is a quick and easy way to get started using the platform without having to spend any money.

An image of th landing page for small business services for Brightlocal.
Brightlocal offers a divers range of SEO services for small and large businesses.

If you want a free audit, look for:

  • Credit card requirements: It’s fishy if a service says you’re getting something for free but asks you to provide billing information. 
  • Depth of audit: Are you getting a detailed report? Or is the company just giving you the basics so they can upsell you more services?
  • Free tools: In addition to a consultation or report, check to see if you have access to any free SEO tools.
  • Turnaround time: Instant audits may not be accurate. But you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to hear back either.

You want a mix of SEO and paid advertising strategies

Best Option: Searchbloom

In addition to offering in-depth technical audits and local SEO services, Searchbloom also specializes in PPC management. This is perfect for businesses that want to tackle search listings with a one-two punch of organic and paid ads. They’ll handle your entire campaign structure, research, discovery, ad creation, and budget allocation.

Screenshot of Searchbloom PPC Management webpage
Outsource your paid search strategy to a trusted PPC management service.

Another Great Choice: 1SEO

If you want to focus your paid campaigns specifically on Google Local Ads, look no further than 1SEO. They’ll help you dominate search listings with multiple ads for your company appearing in a single search. Paired with SEO services, your brand can have three or four links in the SERPs.

If you’re mixing paid and organic strategies, make sure you consider:

  • Platform expertise: To ensure your ads are being displayed on networks where your customers are actually searching.
  • Reporting: So you can see if your advertising budget is actually turning into real leads.
  • Holistic approaches: So you have an equal mix of SEO and paid campaigns that work jointly for local searches.

Another Great Choice: Reach Digital

Being a team of SEO professionals, Reach Digital really shines in this area. They have the expertise to quickly understand your business’ needs and develop a custom local SEO strategy that boosts your rankings and drives conversions.

On top of that, Reach Digital focuses on Facebook Lead Gen and Google Ads based on in-depth keyword research, compelling copy, and data-driven ad management.

Best Option: HigherVisibility

HigherVisibility has exceptional link-building services. They help ensure you’re getting high-quality links from relevant websites with high domain authority. Unlike other link-building services on the market that just use link farms to drive up the number of links, HigherVisibility works hard to find quality links that are contextually relevant and help you rank higher for local searches. 

Screenshot of HigherVisibility link building webpage
HigherVisibility helps you get high-quality backlinks.

Another Great Choice: WebFX

WebFX includes a detailed backlink report in your SEO audit. You’ll also see a comprehensive scorecard of how your business stacks up against three of your top competitors. In addition to providing you with on-page and technical SEO assistance, the backlink guidance can really help move the need for your business in local searches.

Screenshot of one of the landing pages for WebFX.
WebFX helps businesses drive revenue with customizable SEO services.

If you need more backlinks, focus on:

  • Quality over quantity: Getting backlinks from hundreds or thousands of sites is useless if those sites aren’t related to your brand.
  • Domain authority: Aside from relevance, your local SEO service provider should be targeting backlinks from sites with high domain authority. 

Your entire digital marketing strategy needs improvement

Best Option: Hibu

Hibu is a complete digital marketing agency that delivers multiple solutions expanding beyond local SEO. You can bundle your local SEO services with reputation management, social media marketing, search marketing, display ads, and more. They can even help you implement marketing automation solutions.

Screenshot of Hibu webpage for custom, synchronized marketing solutions
Hibu is a fully custom digital marketing agency.

Another Great Choice: WebFX

In addition to local SEO, WebFX has an extensive list of service offerings to help your business grow. They offer social media marketing, PPC management, lead generation services, and SEO copywriting. You can even rely on WebFX things like UX web design, landing page optimization, and development. 

For a complete digital marketing approach, pay attention to:

  • Services you actually need: Instead of being impressed with the dozens of additional digital marketing services offered by an agency, focus in on the areas where your business actually needs the most help.
  • Bundled pricing: Instead of paying for each additional service separately, you can usually save some money with a customized bundle by combining other solutions with your local SEO services.
  • Proven results: Some agencies just list a bunch of digital marketing services on their site to cast a wide net. But you should only consider the ones who have a history of proven results in a particular area. 

You want to offer local SEO services to your agency clients

Best Option: BrightLocal

If you have a digital marketing agency or consulting service but you’re not a local SEO expert, you can expand your offerings with BrightLocal’s platform. You can white-label the citation builder and auditing tools and resell the services to your clients. More than 4,000+ agencies have already taken advantage of this unique offering.

Screenshot of BrightLocal for Agencies webpage
Expand your agency offerings with BrightLocal’s white-label program.

Another Great Choice: HigherVisibility

HigherVisibility also has an excellent reseller program. Instead of just offering software, they’ll actually handle the service side of things as well. This includes running site audits for your clients, consulting with you over the phone, and providing you with detailed reports that you can pass along to your clients. Your customers will never know that you’ve outsourced these services outside of your agency.

If you’re looking for an agency solution, keep an eye on:

  • Pricing structure: Every white label program is a bit different. You need to make sure the pricing model will be profitable for your agency.
  • White label capabilities: Ensuring only your logo appears on tools and reports.
  • Reputation and reliability: Since your agency’s name is on the line with your clients, you need to make sure the results you’re getting are accurate and reliable. 

Local SEO Services Company Reviews

Below you’ll find in-depth reviews for each of our top picks. Every local SEO service on our list stands above the crowd for one particular offering or use case, which we’ve highlighted in the review. Continue reading to learn more about the features, benefits, pricing, and potential drawbacks of the best local SEO services.

WebFX – Best Overall

WebFX logo.

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that specializes in local SEO. This expertise has resulted in more than 255,000+ page one rankings on Google for local businesses. Success with WebFX has translated to more than $3 billion in client revenue over the past five years.

When you’re looking for a local SEO service, this is the kind of track record that speaks for itself. 

WebFX offers local SEO solutions that are completely tailored to your specific business needs. In addition to the local SEO services provided by the WebFX team, you’ll also have access to software that will help you self-manage your local business listings. 

What Makes WebFX Great

WebFX is unique in the sense that you’re getting multiple solutions within a single service. LocalFX, the brand’s local SEO software, empowers business owners to take control of their business listings and ensure information is accurate across hundreds of directories. 

Screenshot of WebFX webpage for data-driven revenue marketing
WebFX has a wide range of digital marketing solutions that go beyond local SEO.

When you combine this self-service tool with the expertise of WebFX’s in-house agents, your chances of success dramatically increase. That’s why WebFX has such a long history of delivering a high ROI for its clients. 

You’ll be assigned a dedicated local SEO expert when you sign up. Services include on-page SEO, citation management, review management, custom reporting, and so much more. 

Services start at $425 per month for a single location. WebFX also offers citation-only rates starting at $50 per location with a five-location minimum.

Reach Digital – Best For Small Businesses

Reach Digital Logo

Reach Digital boasts dozens of stellar reviews on their website from clients that were more than satisfied with Reach Digital’s services. Being a team of SEO professionals, they have the skills and expertise to craft the perfect local SEO strategy for your unique goals.

Because the Reach Digital team takes understanding your business so seriously, they are able to optimize a local SEO strategy that targets your specific audience—and get real results for your business.

What Makes Reach Digital Great

Reach Digital stands out amongst the crowd thanks to their commitment to building meaningful, long-term relationships with their clients. They prioritize transparency, trust, and excellent customer service, all of which are becoming more and more important in a saturated market.

But what really makes Reach Digital great is that they get results.

Page Prosper results from their SEO campaigns

With Reach Digital’s extensive services, you’ll get onsite SEO, copywriting, links, citations, and monthly reporting, just to name a few of the benefits.

Thanks to Reach Digital’s industry-leading reporting, you get real-time updates on keyword rankings, backlinks, and website analytics. This easily accessible information makes it easy to make adjustments when needed.

Best of all, the Reach Digital team takes care of all the heavy SEO lifting, so you can rest assured that your website will continue to rank in local searches.

Schedule your free consultation with the Reach Digital team today.

Hibu – Best Local SEO and Digital Marketing Services

Hibu logo.

Hibu is a fully customized digital marketing agency that offers an array of local SEO services. If you’re looking to bundle your local SEO needs with other marketing solutions, look no further than Hibu.

The cool part about Hibu is its holistic approach to local SEO. They provide a comprehensive online presence solution that covers listing management, online reviews, and reputation management. Then you can add on local ranking services to boost your local SEO visibility.

According to Hibu’s website, this all-in-one approach helps increase unique site visits by 689%. They believe that results are exponential when you tackle the problem from multiple angles. 

What Makes Hibu Great

In terms of Hibu’s local SEO services, they provide everything you need to succeed in this space. You’ll get a detailed website audit and content review to see where you stand. Then Hibu will add keyword-rich content to help you rank for local searches.

Screenshot of Hibu webpage for local ranking
Hibu’s local SEO services help you outrank the competition.

They’ll even optimize your brand to rank high for local voice searches.

Hibu handles social media posts, news articles, videos, high-quality backlinks, and more. All of these services are ongoing, as opposed to a one-and-done approach—ensuring you not only climb the search rankings but hold your position on top. 

They also provide services for display advertising, marketing automation, and other solutions to help your business take control of your digital marketing efforts. 

Pricing is 100% customized based on your needs. Just fill out a contact form to get started

Searchbloom – Best For Technical SEO

Searchbloom logo.

Searchbloom is an award-winning agency that’s best known for its SEO and PPC marketing expertise. They have tons of glowing reviews from satisfied clients across a wide array of trusted review platforms. 

If you want to go beyond basic keyword research and on-page optimization, Searchbloom’s local SEO technical auditing process is second to none. 

It’s the most comprehensive technical SEO audit that we’ve seen when researching local SEO services. Getting the technical aspects of your site in order will set you up for success as you implement other local SEO strategies. 

What Makes Searchbloom Great

Once your technical audit is complete, Searchbloom takes steps to optimize your site speed and add structured data to your pages that will help boost your rankings for local searches. 

Screenshot of Searchbloom award-winning local SEO webpage
Searchbloom is an industry leader in the local SEO space.

They’ll also take steps to optimize your URLs, optimize your site structure, clean up code, fix broken links, compress your images, and update your robots.txt files. 

Searchbloom has a proven schematic markup approach that helps small business rank for local searches. This schematic makes it easier for Google and other search engines to find your business when they’re indexing your pages. 

You’ll also benefit from a Google My Business listing optimization, local business citations, on-page SEO, and so much more. 

Reach out to Searchbloom now to get your free search marketing plan. 

BrightLocal – Best For Tracking and Building Local Citations

BrightLocal logo.

BrightLocal is branded as an all-in-one local SEO service. But it really stands out above the crowd with its local citation solutions.

With BrightLocal’s citation builder, you can control how your business is listed on hundreds of different sites. This helps you clean up inaccurate citations and remove duplicate listings that can hurt your local SEO performance. 

If you’re a consultant or running an agency, you can also take advantage of BrightLocal’s platform to assist your clients. 

What Makes BrightLocal Great

It’s easy to start using BrightLocal’s citation builder by creating a free account. Then you just need to enter all of your business information, and the tool will automatically scan the web.

Screenshot of BrightLocal citation building webpage
Create a free account to get started with BrightLocal’s citation builder.

You’ll get a report that highlights all of your existing citations that need to be fixed or improved. BightLocal will also identify any new opportunities for additional citations. 

Whether you’re a small business that needs to build citations for a single location or you’re running an agency with dozens of clients, BrightLocal’s citation builder makes it easy to manage everything from a user-friendly platform. 

The citation builder is a pay-as-you-go service and starts at just $2 per site. You can try it for free with a 14-day trial. BrightLocal has additional SEO services that start at $35 per month.

1SEO – Best For Google Local Ads

1SEO logo.

Founded in 2009, 1SEO is another complete digital marketing agency. They provide services to small businesses in a wide range of industries, including plumbing, HVAC, garage doors, gyms, landscaping, nonprofits, dental, legal, and more.

In addition to helping your business rank organically in local searches, 1SEO specializes in Google Local Ads management.

You’ll have to pay for the ad space in addition to the service, which makes this route a little more pricey for businesses that are budget-sensitive. But this strategy can help your business appear multiple times in a single search—both organically and as an ad.

What Makes 1SEO Great

The great part about using 1SEO for Google Local Ads is that you’re paying per lead, not per click. So Google is incentivized to only match your business with potential leads based on a particular search.

Screenshot of 1SEO webpage for Google Local Service Ads
Get more local leads with 1SEO’s Google Local Service Ads services.

This means that you’ll directly benefit from a higher ROI. Not only will you be getting more leads, but you’ll be reducing your overall cost per lead. 

Rather than navigating these waters on your own, you can let 1SEO manage your entire Google Local services on your behalf. This takes the weight off of your shoulders and puts it into the hands of an agency that has a proven track record. 

1SEO also has a wide range of services for SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, reputation management, web design, and more. So you can lean on them for more than just local SEO.

Contact 1SEO now to get a free audit and learn more about pricing for their services. 

HigherVisibility – Best For Franchises and Multilocation Businesses

HigherVisibility logo.

HigherVisibility has been providing local SEO services for more than a decade. They work with law firms, auto shops, gyms, hotels, HVACs, doctors, contractors, realtors, plumbers, contractors, and dozens of other local businesses.

But what makes HigherVisibility unique is its specialization in franchise SEO services. For local SEO purposes, this helps ensure that the right franchise locations are ranking for searches based on the user’s location. 

Some of the local SEO solutions include on-page optimization, link building, local listing citations, and more. HigherVisibility also provides in-depth reporting and analytics so you can understand exactly how their strategies are boosting your local rankings. 

What Makes HigherVisibility Great

HigherVisibility supports the needs of everyone within a franchise. This includes services specific to franchisors and other services specific to franchisees.

Screenshot of HigherVisibility webpage for franchise SEO services
HigherVisibility specializes in franchise SEO solutions.

The franchisor SEO services include detailed information about each location in the franchise and how it’s performing in searches. They also assist with franchise development and on-page optimization to help you sell your franchise concept. So you’re not only ranking for customers but also ranking for potential business buyers and prospective franchisees.

Each franchisee gets a custom strategy developed around their specific location. It includes local content optimization, Google maps, schematic markup, local citations, and other targeted outreach services that directly target that location’s audience. 

Schedule your free consultation to learn more about these unique SEO services and pricing.

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The Top Local SEO Services in Summary

WebFX offers the best local services for most businesses. This agency has an extensive list of local SEO solutions and a proven track record to stand behind.

But any of the top picks reviewed in this guide will help you rank higher for location-based searches. Just pay close attention to our recommended use cases and scenario-matching criteria. This will help you find the best local SEO service to fit your specific needs.