WebiMax stands out as the premier Google Ads agency due to its extensive experience, holistic service offerings, and high industry standing. Get a free proposal from WebiMax today to revolutionize your PPC strategy.

With a seemingly endless number of Google Ads agencies, finding the best one for your business is hard work. We know you’re busy, so we did the research to get you started. Our rankings are curated based on a meticulous methodology, focusing predominantly on genuine client feedback and case studies. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, you’ll find the best Google Ads agencies in this article.

The Best Google Ads Agencies

Webimax logo.

Best Google Ads Agency Overall

WebiMax has consistently proven itself as a leader in the digital marketing field and is a stand-out option for a Google Ads agency. Its immediacy in delivering results is evident, as one client recalls, “I said go, and the next day, I was on the phone with leads.” With more than a decade of experience and expansive services ranging from SEO to local marketing, WebiMax is our top choice for a comprehensive Google Ads solution.

WebiMax Pros and Cons

WebiMax Pros:

  • Quick turnaround – WebiMax moves quickly but doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • Consistent communication Clients appreciate WebiMax’s regular meetings to review the progress of their Google Ads campaigns.
  • Holistic digital solutions – The agency offers expert Google Ads guidance but also excels in other digital arenas, such as social media marketing, SEO, and local marketing, making it a one-stop shop for diverse digital needs.
  • Flexible commitment – Many customers appreciate WebiMax’s adaptable month-to-month contract, which allows them to evaluate their return on ad spend (ROAS) each month and determine if they want to continue with the agency.
  • Esteemed certifications – As a recognized Premier Google Partner and a Facebook Business Partner, WebiMax holds prestigious titles that underscore its expertise and performance.
  • Dedicated expertise – Customers benefit from a dedicated marketing specialist overseeing their campaigns from inception to fruition, ensuring clear communication and fostering a collaborative relationship.
  • Round-the-clock insight – WebiMax’s client portal grants unfettered access to real-time analytics, allowing you to stay updated on all the details of your campaign.
  • Impressive client loyalty – The agency has a notable client retention rate of 97%, which testifies to the consistent satisfaction and trust it instills in its customers.

WebiMax Cons:

  • Ambiguous pricing model – WebiMax doesn’t publicly share its rates or pricing structure, preferring to provide each client with a custom quote.
  • Higher price point – Some reviews indicate that WebiMax’s services come at a steeper cost than competitors.
  • Selective free evaluation – WebiMax provides complimentary advertising analysis, but only if your ad budget exceeds $10,000 monthly.

WebiMax Pricing and Next Steps

  • Tailored pricing – WebiMax crafts customized packages based on your company’s needs. To start, reach out for a custom quote.
  • Consultative approach – You’ll receive an initial consultation focused on collecting information about your company, current ads strategy, and overall goals for your Google Ads campaign.
  • Regular reviews – Your WebiMax account manager will connect with you regularly to review analytics, answer questions, and update your ads as needed.

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Nuanced Media logo.

Best for Amazon Stores

Nuanced Media has consistently displayed deep expertise in Amazon sales, making it a prime choice to elevate your performance on this platform. Clients like Wald Imports and True Citrus have observed significant sales growth after partnering with the agency. As the Director of Digital Marketing from True Citrus affirms, “We closed out 2022 with Amazon sales up 28% YOY, beating our sales goals.”

Nuanced Media Pros and Cons

Nuanced Media Pros:

  • Google Ads knowledge for Amazon – While many agencies offer broad Google Ads services, Nuanced Media distinguishes itself with its deep understanding of how Google Ads can be leveraged specifically for Amazon sellers.
  • Transparency – One of Nuanced Media’s core tenets is transparency. Its team consistently provides clients with clear insights into their Google Ads strategies, valuing openness in every phase of their process.
  • CEO involvement – CEO Ryan Flannagan personally guides clients through their Google Ads journey, ensuring high-caliber results from start to finish.
  • Data-driven strategies – The agency relies on analytics and insights from both Google Ads and Amazon, ensuring its strategies are evidence-based and primed for success.
  • Quality results – Nuanced Media’s vision is to help clients dominate both on Amazon and in Google Ads results. Clients such as Dollar Shave Club and True Citrus have risen to prominence, reflecting the efficacy of the agency’s dual focus.
  • Effective communication – Using Basecamp, Zoom, and emails, the team will keep you updated on every aspect of your ads.

Nuanced Media Cons:

  • Focused expertise – Nuanced Media’s excellence in Google Ads for Amazon is undeniable, but those seeking broader platform services might need to look elsewhere.
  • Pace of progress – Some reviewers felt that their projects could progress faster.
  • High demand – The agency is in high demand due to the impressive results it gets for clients, which could affect the amount of attention your Google Ads project receives.

Nuanced Media Pricing and Next Steps

  • Investment range – The agency doesn’t list its rates, but using project investment numbers provided by reviewers on Clutch, we estimate that the average investment for Nuanced Media clients is about $60,000. This cost estimate represents investments in campaigns that have extended over several months.
  • Get a quote – Reach out to Nuanced Media via its online form for a pricing proposal tailored to your business needs.
  • Comprehensive consultation – Your initial contact with the agency will focus on understanding your business, the results you want to achieve, and your budget.

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Location3 logo.

Best for Multi-Location Businesses

Managing Google Ads campaigns for franchises and multi-location brands requires a unique blend of insight and precision. Our top recommendation in this realm is Location3, which has built its reputation around dedicated multi-location marketing strategies. Another distinctive asset is its bespoke platform, LOCALACT, which grants clients unparalleled visibility into the intricate workings of their Google Ads campaigns.

Location3 Pros and Cons

Location3 Pros:

  • Versatility across industries – Location3’s proficiency isn’t limited to a single sector. It has effectively served businesses ranging from healthcare to hospitality, making it adaptable to varied markets.
  • Powerful advertising platform – Location3 has developed LOCALACT, a digital marketing tool tailored to facilitate and oversee Google Ads campaigns for franchises and multi-location businesses.
  • Franchise expertise – The agency caters to franchises and multi-location brands, and it applies this niche expertise to your Google Ads project.
  • Attentive Team – Client testimonials frequently highlight the agency’s readiness to address questions or pivot campaign strategies swiftly.
  • Educational offerings – In addition to providing top-tier Google Ads management, Location3 furnishes clients with a wealth of educational resources, including blogs, whitepapers, podcasts, and video content.
  • Holistic digital solutions – From SEO to Google Ads, social media management, and listings oversight, Location3 is a comprehensive digital marketing hub for multi-location businesses.
  • Trustworthiness – Many clients have maintained long-term relationships with Location3, hinting at a foundation of trust and reliability in addition to excellent ROAS.

Location3 Cons:

  • Initial onboarding – Some clients felt their initial launches could have been smoother, even if the challenges were attributed to the unavoidable learning curve of working with a new client.
  • Niche specialization – Simultaneously a pro and a con, Location3’s focus on franchises gives it deep expertise, but it also means it won’t be a good fit if your business doesn’t fall into that category.
  • Missed minutiae – While most feedback indicates efficient campaign management, there’s a consensus that the agency could benefit from a more meticulous approach to campaign details.

Location3 Pricing and Next Steps

  • Customized costs – Location3 offers bespoke pricing structures based on your project’s specific requirements and scale.
  • Initiate the partnership – To embark on your journey with Location3, reach out to the agency via the contact form on its site.
  • Crafting the strategy – After your in-depth consultation, the agency’s team will devise a strategic roadmap and kickstart your Google Ads campaign.

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Directive logo.

Best for SaaS Companies

Directive stands out as the premier choice for SaaS brands looking to harness the power of Google Ads. Exclusively dedicated to B2B technology marketing, Directive recognizes the weight of your investment and aims to offer tangible value from the get-go. Before even discussing a contract, the agency will present you with a detailed proposal, rich with return on investment (ROI) projections and strategies uniquely crafted for your needs.

Directive Pros and Cons

Directive Pros:

  • SaaS marketing mavens – With a deep specialization in lead generation for B2B tech enterprises, Directive guarantees unmatched expertise tailored for the SaaS realm.
  • Adaptive strategies – Directive stays agile, continually assessing performance and refining strategies based on both metrics and client feedback.
  • Company values – Diversity, proactive communication, transparency, and taking full ownership define the agency’s approach.
  • User-friendly reports – The agency demystifies complex data, offering comprehensible reports for all stakeholders.
  • Optimized landing pages – Directive understands that landing page optimization is essential to maximize the success of your Google Ads strategy.
  • High-quality leads – Beyond just boosting lead numbers, Directive emphasizes capturing high-intent prospects.
  • Strategic campaign segmentation – By segmenting Google Ads campaigns, the agency enhances precision in targeting and reporting, leading to better conversion rates.
  • Online-to-offline conversions – The team adeptly tracks offline conversions, ensuring digital campaigns lead to tangible real-world sales results.

Directive Cons:

  • Sector-specific expertise – While its exclusive focus on tech brands gives Directive a distinct edge in this field, it might not align with non-tech companies’ needs.
  • Technical terminology – Some might find the agency’s website heavy on industry jargon, posing a challenge for those not well-versed in digital marketing.
  • Responsiveness concerns – A few clients mentioned a drop in Directive’s responsiveness after the initial engagement phase.

Directive Pricing and Next Steps

  • Customized quotes – Directive keeps its pricing under wraps, instead offering bespoke quotes tailored to individual client requirements.
  • Discovery session – Schedule a discovery call to explore the spectrum of services Directive offers.
  • Consistent feedback – After launching your campaign, the agency will maintain open communication lines with weekly touchpoints with your dedicated manager and monthly insights into your campaign’s metrics.

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Mad Fish Digital logo.

Best for Socially Conscious Brands

Mad Fish Digital is an excellent Google Ads agency for socially conscious brands. It’s a certified B Corp and prefers working with brands driven by strong values, such as Solmate Socks, an eco-friendly sock company. The agency is experienced in effectively running paid campaigns and leveraging the ethos of such brands, ensuring high ROI.

Mad Fish Digital Pros and Cons

Mad Fish Digital Pros:

  • Efficient spending – Mad Fish Digital is conscious about keeping ad spend relatively low to ensure a high return on investment.
  • Impressive ROI – In a review, Solmate Socks’ marketing manager stated, “In general, our ROI has been over 150% — often coming in a lot higher at 300% or even 700% depending on the campaign.”
  • Industry awareness – The agency stays updated with industry trends and proactively informs clients about potential impacts.
  • Autonomous optimization – Once the team learns your goals and preferences, you can be confident that they’ll make the best choices for your campaigns. As put by a client, “They understand what we are or aren’t fine with. I don’t have to sit there and hold their hand along the way.”
  • Creative strategies – The agency isn’t afraid to get creative when it comes to Google Ads, such as using temperature to trigger ads for ski resorts.
  • Years of experienceMad Fish Digital has been in business for nearly two decades, giving it ample time to learn all the tricks of the trade that will get you the results you want.
  • Strong values – The agency is a certified B Corp that puts people and the planet before profit.
  • Multichannel approach – The agency often combines Google Ads campaigns with paid media on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon to maximize lead opportunities.

Mad Fish Digital Cons:

  • Resource clarity – There have been instances of misunderstandings regarding the capacity of Mad Fish Digital’s resources and the services they offer.
  • Communication gaps – One reviewer reported discrepancies between what the account manager communicated and the services delivered.
  • Employee turnover – One reviewer mentioned that they’ve transitioned through several account managers during their engagement with Mad Fish Digital, which can be challenging for continuity.

Mad Fish Digital Pricing and Next Steps

  • Investment range – Although Mad Fish Digital doesn’t list its rates, the average investment from reviewers on Clutch is $10,000 to $49,000.
  • Schedule a consultation – Use the agency’s online form to request a consultation, where you’ll discuss your business, budget, and goals.
  • Engagement flexibility – Mad Fish Digital has demonstrated adaptability with past clients, starting with three-month plans and extending to long-term engagements based on success.

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Our Google Ads Agency Methodology

To ensure that the brands included in our list are the best of the best, we embarked on a comprehensive research journey. Our methodology involved analyzing company portfolios and past clients, scanning public reviews from Clutch and G2, examining case studies, and studying company websites to thoroughly assess their expertise and performance.

Specializations, Experience, and Results

We delved into the company’s portfolios, examining their past work and the diversity of clients they’ve served. This exploration provided insight into their experience across various industries. Additionally, through case studies, we honed in on results specific to Google Ads, evaluating success rates, ROI, and other key outcomes to gauge their expertise in this domain.

Approach to Ads Management

We sought to understand each company’s comprehensive strategy for Google Ads, emphasizing their work stages, philosophies, and core processes. Additionally, the client-agency relationship was paramount in our research, and we looked for evidence of seamless collaboration and successful outcomes.

Communication Style

We scoured trusted review platforms, such as Clutch and G2, to glean insights on client communication experiences with each company. Our focus included preferred communication channels, the regularity of interactions, concerns about staff retention, and the company’s adaptability to client needs. We also evaluated the frequency of reports and the transparency of analytics offered to clients.

Other Services Offered

We explored each company’s full range of services beyond Google Ads, focusing on areas such as PPC, SEO, design, and social media marketing. Our objective was to present a comprehensive view of the company’s multifaceted marketing capabilities so you can find all the services you need.

Google Ads Agency Pricing and Costs

Google Ads can be a powerful tool to increase your brand’s online visibility and drive traffic to your website. Whether you’re considering hiring a Google Ads agency or thinking of managing your campaigns in-house, it’s essential to understand the different pricing models and associated costs.

Agency Pricing Models

  • Flat fee – Some Google Ads agencies charge a flat monthly or yearly fee for their services. This model is straightforward, allowing you to predict costs without any surprises.
  • Percentage of ad spend – This is one of the most common pricing models, where agencies charge clients a percentage of their monthly ad spend. For example, if a client spends $10,000 on Google Ads and the agency charges 15%, the client would pay $1,500 to the agency.
  • Performance-based – In this model, agencies charge clients based on the results they deliver. For instance, an agency might charge a fee for every lead or sale it generates through Google Ads.
  • Hybrid model – Some agencies use a combination of the above models, offering a base fee plus a percentage of ad spend or charging based on performance metrics.

Associated Costs of Hiring a Google Ads Agency

  • Setup fees – Some agencies charge an initial setup fee to get your campaigns up and running. This might cover keyword research, ad creation, and other preliminary tasks.
  • Consultation fees – Some agencies charge an hourly rate for consultations if you’re looking for expert advice without entirely handing over your campaigns.
  • Third-party software – Agencies might use specialized software for better campaign management, reporting, or automation, and the costs for these tools may be passed on to the client.
  • Management fees – These cover the continuous oversight and optimization of your Google Ads campaigns. Often charged monthly, they can be a fixed rate or a percentage of the ad spend.

In-House Google Ads Management

Managing Google Ads in-house is no walk in the park. It requires dedication, expertise, and an eye for detail. While some businesses may consider handling their Google Ads to save costs, the immense time investment and intricacies of campaign management can quickly outweigh potential savings. Below are just a few of the angles to consider before taking a DIY approach to Google Ads.

  • Time investment – Handling Google Ads yourself demands considerable time. Beyond just campaign setup, it involves regular monitoring, adjustments, and staying updated with platform changes.
  • Ad quality and performance – Regular A/B testing is vital to improving ad quality scores and pinpointing top-performing ads.
  • Comprehensive paid search – Beyond just Google Ads, a robust paid search strategy encompasses multiple platforms and intricate planning.
  • SEO and PPC – While SEO focuses on organic ranking and PPC on paid placements, both converge to shape a cohesive digital strategy.

The decision to hire a Google Ads agency or manage your campaigns in-house depends on various factors, including budget, expertise, and available time. By understanding the different pricing models and potential costs, you can make a decision that best aligns with your business goals.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Google Ads Agency

Before entrusting your advertising budget to a Google Ads agency, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive vetting process. To help you do this, we’ve compiled a list of essential questions you should ask prospective agencies.

  • What is your pricing model for Google Ads campaigns?
  • What’s your approach to keyword research and ad creation?
  • How do you handle campaign optimization and monitoring?
  • What reporting and analytics tools do you use?
  • How will you integrate Google Ads into my broader marketing strategy?
  • How do you manage ad budgets to ensure cost-effective results?
  • How does your team communicate and collaborate with clients?

By asking these questions, you can ensure that you choose a Google Ads agency that meets your budgetary constraints, aligns with your business objectives, and brings value to your marketing efforts.

Other Types of Agencies

In the expansive world of digital marketing, there’s a dedicated agency for every unique need. Below, we detail the differences to guide you in selecting the ideal fit for your objectives:

  • Digital marketing agencies deliver all-encompassing online solutions, from PPC and SEO to web design and content marketing. Opt for this when you’re seeking a broad spectrum of digital expertise.
  • Branding agencies concentrate on shaping, sustaining, or rejuvenating your brand’s persona. Choose this when you’re considering a brand makeover or introducing a novel product.
  • Web design agencies are experts in crafting or refining the aesthetics and user-friendliness of websites. Turn to them when a website revamp or enhanced user experience is on the agenda.
  • Influencer marketing agencies capitalize on influencer networks to promote products, making them an excellent fit for B2C brands, especially in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle sectors.
  • SEO agencies are committed to enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines. This is your go-to when organic growth and traffic are top priorities.
  • Local SEO agencies specialize in boosting your standing in local searches – an essential strategy for businesses with physical locations.

Google Ads Agency FAQs