Want to jump straight to the answer? The best free SEO tool for most people is WooRank or CanIRank.

An SEO strategy is an integral part of running an online business. If you want to improve your rank in search, find the best keywords for content, or receive detailed reports to measure up against competitors, an SEO tool can help you do these tasks easily. 

When investing in a decent SEO tool, you don’t have to face the tedious world of manual keyword search or data analysis. Transform the way users find you in search and automate your systems with this list of free SEO tools. 

The Top 5 Best Free SEO Tools

After reviewing dozens of free SEO tools on the market today, we narrowed it down to the top five best tools for improved SEO and data analysis. Continue reading to learn more about which option is right for you. 

WooRank — Best For SEO Reporting and Analytics

WooRank logo.

If you need help determining why your website isn’t performing the way it should be, WooRank is here to help you measure your content quickly, efficiently, and for free. 

WooRank home page

WooRank offers a free browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, to help you check the SEO health and score of any website on the internet, including your own. You can quickly check your score with the click of a button without ever leaving the website.

Many free SEO tools can offer lackluster data or reports, but luckily, Woorank’s browser extension stands out from the pack. When you run a website through its system, you will receive a reliable and detailed report on the data it finds. To make it even better, WooRank analyzes and compiles the data into an easy-to-read format and dashboard to help streamline your work. 

Some of the elements WooRank looks at might include meta descriptions, title tags, backlinks counters, keywords, and technologies—and helps you decipher what content isn’t performing well while giving you an SEO-based solution to fix it. 

With WooRank, you will learn how to fix any issue the system may find on your website in real-time, as the results are instant. Each report is downloadable, so you can share your results with clients and colleagues for potential pitches or work on improving your content together. 

You can also use the tool to check your competitors and compare websites to find more relevant content to produce or avoid content that isn’t doing well for them. 

Unlike a few other SEO tools, WooRank doesn’t overwhelm the user with a bunch of extra information. You install the browser extension, and WooRank will do the rest for you and supply you with a simple health report. 

While the browser extension is free, WooRank offers a 14-day free trial to test the rest of its premium features. 

CanIRank — Best For Keyword Rank Positioning

Can I Rank logo?

CanIRank offers very generous features for a free SEO tool, especially to help your keywords rank higher in search engines. 

CanIRank home page

With CanIRank’s free solution, you can only analyze one website. However, this seems to be enough for the majority of individual users, and CanIRank can help uncover untapped niches, find profitable content topics, and then organize these topics into a well-performing strategy, even for just one website.

You get a total of five keyword reports with CanIRank, and each fairly detailed report will help you find valuable keywords with minimal competition. Not only that, but CanIRank will offer you expert advice on how to outrank the competition in the same keyword category, so you can rank higher and faster.

CanIRank is one of the only SEO tools on the market that helps you find the right keywords to help you grow your paying customers, not just your traffic. CanIRank scores each keyword against your website, products and services, and competitor offerings.

With thematic-based keyword signals, CanIRank is a more pre-configured system that automates your keyword research process, so you can complete common tasks with a single click and save time and money. 

While rank tracking is a limited feature on the free version of CanIRank, you can still rank a few keywords for your website. Rank tracking will change depending on your website and competitors, but CanIRank can give you an insight into how much traffic you would gain if you moved up to the number one position on a search engine. 

You also get 20 link opportunities that help you identify relevant places to promote your content. CanIRank includes authority, relevancy, and the ease of obtaining a link to your overall score for the most inclusive report. 

Speaking of inclusive reports, CanIRank offers a nice balance of analytics, especially when one of the only features it doesn’t limit is a marketing audit, which identifies your website’s biggest strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. You can take this marketing audit and transform your website into a search engine-optimized machine. 

Google Keyword Planner — Best For Paid Search

Google logo.

Google Keyword Planner is by far the most popular free SEO tool on the market today, and for good reason. As a tool optimized for paid search, you can use it to find relevant keywords and create an advertising plan that works well for you. 

Google Keyword Planner landing page

With Google Keyword Planner, you can discover new keywords by searching for words or phrases that relate to your products or services. Google’s advanced AI will point you in the right direction and help you find the keywords most relevant to your business. 

Not only can you discover new keywords, but you can research different keywords and receive an in-depth analysis of how often certain words or phrases perform and how these searches have changed over time. 

Google Keyword Planner will give you a simple graph with easy-to-read metrics on how many times people have searched for a word and if the searches have increased or decreased, which can help you narrow down your keyword list to the ones you want. 

If you need help determining your advertising budget for keyword bidding, Google Keyword Planner will give you bid estimates for each keyword, so you don’t overspend. And once you’ve found the keywords you want and have bid on them, Google Keyword Planner can help you create the perfect advertising plan that you can either share with your business team or save for future reference. 

With balanced metrics, Google Keyword Planner won’t overwhelm you with choices. It simply shows you a keyword forecast that includes conversions, clicks, or impressions that you’re likely to get based on how much money you spend.

Animalz Revive — Best For Refreshing Your Content

Animalz Revive logo.

Many companies struggle with determining what content they need to refresh to excel in SEO. But with Animalz Revive, that will be an issue of the past. 

Animalz Revive home page

Animalz Revive is a completely free SEO tool that analyzes your site to look for content decay. Instead of creating new content entirely, you can refresh old content and continue to reap the benefits of increased traffic and possibly a growing customer base, depending on your services.

You will need an authentic Google Analytics account to connect to Animalz Revive because the system uses a specific algorithm to look for data and trends. Instead of manually sifting through every URL on your website, Animalz Revive will automatically scan each piece of content and detect the content you should change. 

Once the system has found the decaying content, Animalz Revive will send you an email with your detailed report. In the report, you will find some content refreshing best practices, and if you need additional details, you can schedule a meeting with the team. 

You will also be able to share the report with your team because Animalz Revive gives you a shareable link in the email report. 

AnswerThePublic — Best For Turning Questions into Keywords

AnswerThePublic logo.

If you want to learn more about what most people are searching for on Google that is relevant to your business, AnswerThePublic is an excellent free SEO tool to help you do just that. 

AnswerThePublic home page

Utilized by more than 20,000 companies monthly, AnswerThePublic offers a search listening tool that listens to autocomplete data and turns the most asked questions into valuable keywords to implement into your SEO strategy. You get instant, raw search insights into consumer behavior, which you can then use to create fresh content. 

By utilizing AnswerThePublic’s search listening tool, you can craft extremely relevant content that directly relates to your customer’s queries. You also have the chance to discover unexpected insights and hidden niches that will help you boost organic search and push your campaigns into the limelight. 

You can completely streamline your content production with AnswerThePublic because there’s no need to manually sift through hundreds of keywords to spark a content idea anymore. AnswerThePublic does all the work for you, saving you days or even weeks of your time. 

It’s never been easier to drive more traffic to your website when using AnswerThePublic. The tool helps you build a SERP-dominating content strategy that will get you more leads and organic search results. 

While AnswerThePublic may be one of the more limited free tools on this list, it still offers a short report and data analysis for your chosen question or keyword. For example, if you typed “chocolate” into the search bar, AnswerThePublic will come back with data on relevant questions, prepositions, comparisons, and alphabeticals that all relate to chocolate. 

You can choose between a visualization board and a data board for each search term. AnswerThePublic also lets you download the results in a CSV file, so you can continue to brainstorm and create content without needing the tool open in your browser. 

How to Find The Best Free SEO Tool For You

There are a few factors that go into finding the best free SEO tool. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right tool because free versions can be limiting, so we put together this methodology of the three most essential elements to consider before choosing a free SEO tool for data analysis and keyword search. 

Detailed Reports

A good way to know if a free SEO tool will work for you is if it offers detailed reports on key metrics like keyword search, competitor comparison, and general performance overviews or data. You need reports to tell you what content is and isn’t performing well and what content is improving with the SEO tactics you’ve chosen. 

You should avoid SEO tools that don’t offer a reporting system or if the reports are lackluster and difficult to decipher. A valuable report will have simple graphs, charts, and color-coded segments, making it easy to read and learn from. 

Balanced Metrics 

More often than not, free SEO tools will either offer too many metric options or not enough, making it difficult to find the right tool to help your business succeed in the online space. An excellent SEO tool will always offer a good balance of analytics, meaning you won’t feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed with the options presented to you. 

Too many metrics and reports can make your system complex, and the truth is, you don’t need data on every single aspect of your content. Make sure to stick to an SEO tool that offers the key metrics instead of everything all at once.

Keyword Solution 

While it’s not a complete dealbreaker, a keyword planner or solution is the easiest way to improve your SEO strategy. Depending on your overall needs, if you find an SEO tool that doesn’t offer a keyword solution, it might not be the right one for you. Keyword search improves your content by finding relevant keywords that can help you rank higher on search engines. 

The only exception to this rule is Animalz Revive because it works as a content refreshment tool and tells you how to improve your content regardless of keyword search. 

The Top Free SEO Tools in Summary

Overall, WooRank and CanIRank are our top two recommendations for the best free SEO tools on the market today for most people.

WooRank is excellent for offering SEO reporting and analytics to help you understand what you need to improve on. CanIRank is a generous free tool with keyword analysis reports that help you rank higher in search engines.

On the other hand, Google Keyword Planner is an excellent option for paid keyword searches and for building the perfect advertising plan to make sure you don’t overspend. 

And Animalz Revive and AnswerThePublic are still excellent alternatives if you want to refresh content and discover the most important questions on Google.