Our recommendation for the best domain name generator is GoDaddy for its easy-to-use search function and convenient domain purchasing. Find your .site domain name for only $1.99.

Getting your business online starts with choosing a domain name for your website. If you’re struggling to come up with unique ideas, a domain name generator can create attention-grabbing domain name suggestions for your business.

We researched dozens of domain name generators to bring you the best recommendations to use before you commit to yours. In the end, we found five that stood out among the rest for creating high-quality domain names.

The Top 5 Best Domain Name Generators

Each of these domain name generators lets you search for available domain names in seconds, and some even go the extra mile by helping you come up with a business name. We found that GoDaddy has the largest domain registry, easiest search function, and fastest way to buy a new domain. Get your .site domain name for just $1.99.

  • GoDaddy — Best for quick searching and easy domain purchase
  • Bust a Name — Best for filtering by extension and taken domains
  • Namecheap — Best for generating domain names with logos
  • Shopify Domain Name Generator — Best for finding a domain name to launch an ecommerce site
  • Nameboy — Best for dot com names based on industry

All of these products provide excellent domain name solutions, but some work better than others for specific name-generating purposes. Knowing what you’re looking for when creating your domain name will help you find the perfect one more quickly.

Company logos for our best domain name generators reviews.

Match Your Scenario to the Right Domain Name Solution

We’ve put together several scenarios to show how to use domain name generators and when they work best. Use these criteria and sample situations to decide which has the capabilities you need.

You need a domain name for your first startup

Best option: Nameboy

When you’re starting a new business, Nameboy lets you search your potential business name with just a couple of keywords. It also focuses on .com domains, which is what most startups are looking for. Nameboy shows a table of available domains, and it shows dozens of suggestions at once.

Text against a white background with Nameboy and the company icon in the upper left corner. The text in the middle of the page reads “The Best Startup Name Generator” with a description and search bar below.
Nameboy’s startup name generator gives your new business what it needs to be seen.

Another great choice: Namecheap

Namecheap doesn’t just generate domain names—it also creates a new logo. For a startup, that takes one major item off your plate so that you can focus more on running your business. It also generates high-quality domain names using related keywords for creative suggestions.

If you’re setting up a startup, pay attention to…

  • Business name generation: Both recommendations offer names for businesses, apps, podcasts, and more.
  • Keyword interpretation: Our recommendations show how they arrived at their suggestions.
  • Name availability: Our suggestions clearly show which domain and business names are available.

You’re launching an online store

Best option: Shopify

Shopify generates responsive suggestions for keywords. Once you find a domain you like, you can buy it on the spot. Shopify even gives you a three-day free trial to create your domain and website to sell your goods and services. You don’t have to create an ecommerce site with Shopify to use its name generator.

Text against a white background that reads “Enter the word or phrase that you want your domain to include. Below the text is a search bar and steps with icons for setting up an online store.
Shopify walks you through generating your domain and creating your ecommerce site.

Another great choice: Bust a Name

Bust a Name has a simple interface but powerful capabilities when it comes to searching for available domains. It combines your keywords to create new domain names, and you can search based on several extensions. Bust a Name isn’t made specifically for ecommerce, but its advanced search features can make your name stand out in your industry.

If you’re launching an ecommerce shop, pay attention to…

  • Responsive and unique names: Both recommendations here offer responsive domain names that stand out among business competition.
  • International domains: Both our recommendations let you search beyond domestic domains.
  • Ecommerce shop creation: Can you build your online shop on the same site where you buy and create your domain?

You’re looking for the most convenient domain purchasing process

Best option: GoDaddy

As soon as you look up your domain, GoDaddy gives you the option to purchase it. While it’s not likely that someone else will snap up your chosen name right away, it helps to have the opportunity to secure it. GoDaddy has all its domain purchasing options and pricing displayed on its search page for more efficient decision-making.

A bullet list of reasons from GoDaddy’s website for why you should buy a domain with GoDaddy.
GoDaddy lays out your domain extension options and transparent pricing on its search page.

Another great choice: Namecheap

Namecheap searches only for the keywords you put into the search bar, but when it comes to buying your new domain, it has everything you need. On its homepage, it shows pricing and deals for domains, along with hosting, WordPress, and security solutions. Namecheap lets you bundle everything in a convenient package.

If you want to buy your domain from the same place as your generator, pay attention to…

  • Security: Both these generators keep your domain secure after you purchase it.
  • Cost: The domain name generator should clearly display its pricing to make buying your domain more efficient.
  • Options and Bundling: How many options does your domain name generator give for buying what you need for your site?

You want a specific prefix or suffix for your domain

Best option: Bust a Name

Bust a Name brands itself based on how easily you can search for different prefixes and suffixes. Simply check off the boxes on the page to choose which ones it displays. Bust a Name’s advanced filters ensure that you only see results that are relevant to your domain name search.

Three columns highlighted in red with headers as follows from left to right: List of Words, Available Domains, Save Domains for Review. Below the columns are filtering options with checkboxes.
Bust a Name makes it easy to filter your domain options and sort the ones you like.

Another great choice: GoDaddy

As the largest domain name registry in the world, GoDaddy has an impressive selection based on the suffixes you need. It shows them all, as well as their various costs, on the same page as its domain search bar. It also tells you which domains are available by suffix, so you don’t have to keep looking.

If you need a specific website prefix or suffix, pay attention to…

  • Suffix offerings: These recommendations offer a wider range of search options compared to other generators.
  • Availability checks: These platforms make it clear which domains are available at a glance.
  • Pricing: Costs based on extensions vary widely, so make sure you know which one fits your budget before you buy.

You need to transfer your old domain name to a new one

Best option: Namecheap

Once you put your domain into Namecheap’s search bar, simply click transfer to start the process. You can also use the search function to make an offer on a domain you want to buy by searching it in the Transfer tab. If you have multiple domains you need to transfer, Namecheap offers bulk transferring.

Text against a white background that reads “4 reasons to use our domain transfer service” with descriptions of each reason below. Each reason has an icon beside it for savings, easy management, consolidation, and 24/7 support.
Namecheap consolidates your domain transfers with easy and affordable bulk packages.

Another great choice: GoDaddy

Along with generating domains and building websites, GoDaddy is one of the easiest places to transfer your domain. It costs $10.17 to do it, and you get a free year of registration. Once you enter the domain and authorize the transfer, GoDaddy transfers most domains within a week. The company gives you a 31% discount for bulk transfers (more than five .com domains).

If you need to transfer your domain, pay attention to…

  • Length of time: Both our recommendations complete domain transfers in seven days or less.
  • Security: You want to know that your website will stay safe while moving from one host to another.
  • Bulk transferring: Bulk transferring makes moving your domains more efficient, so you can spend time running your business.

Domain Name Generator Company Reviews

In researching domain name generators, we found several criteria that each one should meet. Our recommendations meet and often exceed those requirements to bring you the best domain name suggestions possible.

GoDaddy – Best for Quick Searching and Easy Domain Purchase

GoDaddy logo

GoDaddy has made a name for itself when it comes to making domain searching and buying easy. The company itself has been around since 1997, so it’s had plenty of practice with registering domains and giving customers what they need to set up their websites.

GoDaddy’s domain search tool is right at the top of the page. GoDaddy also allows you to register multiple domains at once and transfer your existing domains with minimal steps.

The company does a lot of the work for you, too. You tell them which domains you want to buy or transfer and then wait a short time for it to happen.

What Makes GoDaddy Great

Text against a gray background that reads “It all starts with a domain name” with a search bar below it. On the left is a phone screen with the GoDaddy logo with people waving drawn inside it.
GoDaddy makes searching and buying your domain simple and allows bulk domain registration.

GoDaddy’s standout feature is convenience and user-friendliness. You don’t need extensive technical knowledge to navigate the domain buying process. It also doesn’t scare you with tons of add-ons from page one.

When it comes to pricing, GoDaddy is one of the cheapest places to get your .site domain. It lists them on its website for $1.99, though other domain extensions are much more expensive, like .net starting at $16.99 and .inc starting at $999.99.

2023 current domain pricing screenshot for GoDaddy.
GoDaddy offers different pricing plans for domain names to suit all budgets.

GoDaddy offers a free domain for one year if you buy an annual Web Hosting plan or any annual Managed WordPress plan through them. However, beware of GoDaddy’s upsells. Find out more about what GoDaddy has to offer in our complete GoDaddy review.

Bust a Name – Best for Filtering by Extension and Taken Domains

Bust a name logo

Bust a Name has the most specific and advanced filtering system of any domain name generator on this list. You can filter by extension, as well as how you want to name your domain, such as combining multiple words, using hyphens and plural nouns, and dropping the last vowel in the keyword.

When you type your keywords into the search bar, it creates domain name ideas and shows you which ones are available. You can then sort your domains and filter by which host you want to use.

With its quick domain name search function, it will tell you if your chosen domain name is taken by a .com, .net, or .org website already. The better you filter your search, the more precise Bust a Name’s suggestions will be.

What Makes Bust a Name Great

Four boxes containing filtering and search criteria in the top two and domain search results and saved domains in the bottom two.
Bust a Name’s Domain Maker gives you creative domain name solutions with advanced filtering.

If you find that searching Bust a Name with keywords isn’t enough, try its Domain Maker. This tool lets you adjust settings to show domains that start with specific words, look natural, and set length limits. You can view your suggestions and save the ones you like.

Unfortunately, Bust a Name doesn’t let you buy domains through its platform. However, it does list many places where you can purchase your chosen domain with and without hosting, and it includes pricing for each one.

Namecheap – Best for Generating Domain Names with Logos

Namecheap logo

Namecheap goes beyond creating your domain name alone. With its Generator feature, you can also create a logo for your business instantly.

The generator shows domains that you can make an offer on, and you can adjust your price range to find ones that suit your budget. With the logo feature, you can select logo icons and colors that relate to your business for a quick and easy image.

Namecheap offers numerous year round deals for the savvy domain name shopper.

The company also sells other website tools, and you can see its current deals on the homepage. It lets you bundle different tools, too, so you can combine shared hosting, domain transfers, and WordPress tools at once.

What Makes Namecheap Great

Namecheap’s Beast Mode page with options for price range, filters, and industry options listed. There is a green Generate button at the bottom and tabs for other Namecheap tools at the top.
Namecheap lets you search for a domain name by keywords, industry, and logo design.

Namecheap’s Beast Mode function can save you time, whether you use it to get your logo or not. The site lets you buy in bulk and generate domain names that way, too. You can enter up to 5,000 keywords or domains, set your price range, and narrow your industry to generate a domain and logo that works for your business.

As the company name suggests, it sells its domains at reasonable prices. The gap is smaller than other companies, like GoDaddy. Its .com domains are priced at $5.98, and its .net domains cost between $6 and $15.

Shopify’s Domain Name Generator – Best for Finding a Domain Name to Launch an Ecommerce Site

Shopify logo

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there, so it only makes sense that its domain name generator works well for online stores. Even if you don’t plan to use Shopify to build your store, its generator creates catchy and easy-to-search names for free that you can use elsewhere.

Shopify’s domain name generator doesn’t readily list as many options as others. However, you can enter one keyword or several, and it will give you a short list that you can expand to see more domain names and extensions, as well as which ones are available or not.

If you need further help with your shop, the company has suggestions for where to get products, buy an existing store, and logo creation, among many other resources.

What Makes Shopify’s Domain Name Generator Great

Text against a dark green background that reads “Free Domain Name Generator & Ideas (2022) with a button to search for a domain. Beside the text is an image of a laptop with data on it and a truck, shop, and bicycle behind it.
Shopify’s domain name generator is built for ecommerce websites to find the perfect domain name to get found.

Shopify’s domain name generator is simple, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes it easy to search and find what you’re looking for. It also knows ecommerce, so its suggestions are designed to create a domain name that’s easy for shoppers to find.

The platform also lets you create your domain right there, so you don’t have to shop around for another website builder. The generator is free, and Shopify lists its pricing per domain beside the name in its list. These prices start at $11 for your domain and go up based on its extension.

Nameboy – Best for Dot Com Names Based on Industry

Nameboy logo

Nameboy gives an explanation on its homepage for why it mainly offers .com domain extensions and their benefit to your business. The platform has a dropdown that shows 19 industries to choose from.

Nameboy will then generate domain and business names based on those industries for better optimization. It has name generators for everything from bakeries to lifestyle blogs to fitness gyms, so you can find something that suits your brand.

It also gives you the option to search your domain name with Bluehost and purchase your new domain there. Unfortunately, you can’t see rates from other hosts.

What Makes Nameboy Great

Text against a white background that reads “The Best Domain Name Generator” with a description and search bar beneath it. At the bottom are three colorful prompts to create a website, get a free domain name, and start a blog.
Nameboy provides resources to help you get the right name for your industry.

Most domain name generators offer random suggestions, but Nameboy’s dropdown creates a more tailored experience with domains intended for a specified purpose. Its industry search function can help your business rank higher in search engines with better SEO.

Nameboy also has plenty of resources to help you boost your business. It shows you how to create your website, how to start a blog, and where to get a free .com or .net domain name. Once you find your domain name, Nameboy lets you buy it right away to avoid it getting picked up by someone else.

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The Top Domain Name Generators in Summary

After researching and testing several domain name generators, we narrowed it down to these five to make it easier for you to find one that gives you the best options for your business. We recommend GoDaddy as a domain name generator for its convenience and quality comprehensive domain registration services. When searching for your new domain, the best domain name generator will give you options that suit your business and give you a foundation to build on.