We recommend Yodeck as the overall best digital signage software for its cloud-based setup that makes it easy to use and accessible from anywhere. Try any of its plans free for one screen.

Digital signage software gets information about your business out to visitors on the spot. With it, you can create messages remotely and distribute them faster.

Good digital signage software makes this process efficient, gets your business seen, and helps customers. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your software, so let’s start by narrowing it down to the top picks.

The Top 5 Best Digital Signage Software Solutions

All of these digital signage solutions offer something different to help you get your business on-screen. Our favorite option is Yodeck, which is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive setup and cloud-based functionality. Get it free for a limited time on a single screen.

  • Yodeck—Best for quick design and professional displays
  • NoviSign—Best for industry-based signage
  • OptiSigns—Best for retail and service industry signage
  • TelemetryTV—Best for creating engagement
  • ScreenCloud—Best for driving sales
Best Digital Signage Software Solutions company logos.

Match Your Scenario to the Right Digital Signage Solution

Not every digital signage solution works optimally in every situation. Some are built for different industries and purposes, so it’s good to know which ones work for you before you jump in. To make your search easier, We’ve put together some situations that may apply to your business:

Best option: Yodeck

Yodeck is a scalable option that can grow your business with advertising on digital signage. It’s easy to use and works for businesses of all sizes. You can control all your screens from one place with its cloud-based platform, so more people see your ads.

Yodeck’s scheduling feature lets you cycle through products, ads, promotions, and more. Plus, with its drag-and-drop setup and templates, you have space for media of all kinds in your campaign.

Yodeck promotes your sales and gets your offers out to your ideal audience.

Another great option: NoviSign

NoviSign is great for menu boards and allows you to add pricing, include descriptions, and schedule playlists. The company makes signage for many industries, including retail and food service. It has solutions made specifically for cafes, coffee shops, pizza parlors, and fast food.

Having signage that fits your industry makes it more customer-centric while keeping things user-friendly for those operating it. NoviSign even has resources to help you set up your digital menu boards when you’re getting started.

If you’re using your digital signage to advertise your business, consider these factors:

  • Ease of use: You don’t want a complicated system, especially when you’re trying to get your products out.
  • Setup features: You want a quick setup so that you can start advertising and go back to running your business sooner.
  • Display controls: Your digital signage software should send content to all monitors at once to keep everything efficient and in sync.

You want to communicate in an educational setting

Best option: NoviSign

NoviSign has solutions specifically intended for education. It works for all levels of education, so you can ensure students receive announcements, videos, welcome messages, and notifications. Students can engage with the platform by voting using its polling system.

NoviSign also easily communicates schedule changes and makes both campus and global news accessible. It shows school events, connects with social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and even lets you display a cafeteria menu.

On the left is a photo of five people sitting in a row smiling and looking at mobile devices. On the right is a header in orange lettering that reads “Digital Signage for Colleges” with an explanation of NoviSign’s use for college campuses below it.
NoviSign attracts new students and reaches current ones with visual messaging.

Another great option: ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud captures students’ and teachers’ attention with engaging signage. Its secure platform lets you control it campus-wide from one location. Since students aren’t in the same place all day, ScreenCloud’s ability to reach people who are hard to find ensures that important messages will get delivered.

You can broadcast your messages across campus in real time, too. The software’s GraphQL API tool makes it possible to create your own messages and layout, and ScreenCloud integrates with more than 70 apps.

If you’re using digital signage in an educational setting, think about:

  • Coordination and reach: You should have local and campus-wide messaging options to reach more students.
  • Engagement features: Better engagement features get more attention from students and others who need campus messages.
  • Customization: Customizability helps visitors recognize your campus brand, even after they leave.

You want to boost employee engagement at the office

Best option: Yodeck

Yodeck helps your team stay on task and receive important information about team updates, bookings, navigation, and more. It shows information and updates in real time. You can also add many media types, including video, to your playlist.

Yodeck also has layout templates to quickly create and display your content. It improves organization, cooperation, and engagement to save time and money. Everyone on your team has the information they need on multiple screens across your company with Yodeck.

On the left is a photo of a group of people sitting around a table in a meeting room. One person is standing and speaking to the rest. On the right is a header that reads “Added-value resources for meeting room digital signage” with steps listed below. Below are two more pictures of people meeting with similar setups as the picture described above.
Yodeck’s clear messaging gives your staff the information they need to stick to their schedule.

Another great option: TelemetryTV

TelemetryTV focuses on engagement and has over 70 turnkey apps to create and schedule engaging content. It’s made for modern communication and designed to capture audience attention, which can prove challenging in meetings.

You can manage your screens remotely and customize their look to your business and meetings. TelemetryTV has tools for customizing rules and protocols, as well as setting up playlists for rotating office content.

A screenshot of the Telemetry TV landing page.
Telemetry TV provides users with access to more than 70 turn-key apps and visuals to aid their businesses in signage endeavors.

If you’re using digital signage software to engage employees in meetings, consider these criteria:

  • Calendars and updates: Your solution should have apps or built-in features to display office schedules.
  • Security: You want to keep confidential information secure, so look for strong security features.
  • Templates: Templates make setup more efficient, so you can get messages out faster.

You want to set up interactive kiosks

Best option: TelemetryTV

TelemetryTV displays an engaging, interactive touch screen so that visitors can select the information they need. It’s compatible with many platforms and includes interactive kiosk features with all packages. You can also get an interactive menu with the Plus plan.

TelemetryTV makes digital signage more accessible for businesses on a tight budget. Many other companies don’t have interactive screens on their entry-level plans. With TelemetryTV, you get an easy setup to help guests navigate your facility.

A header that reads “Features for Power Users” with explanations beneath of TelemetryTV’s various features. These features include Proof of play, Webshots, playlist content scheduling, programmatic advertising, screen zones, and interactive kiosks.
TelemetryTV comes with interactive features with its entry-level plan.

Another great option: NoviSign

NoviSign uses strong visual communication and offers lobby touchscreen systems to make it even easier to set up and use. Its reports show you who’s using your interactive navigation system, so you can improve it later.

NoviSign makes adding descriptions and options simple. You can use it to display train schedules, airport gate information, and other navigation information visitors need beyond an interactive kiosk alone.

If you’re implementing digital signage for interactive kiosks, consider these features:

  • Touch screens: Does the company provide them, and are they easy to set up?
  • Reporting: Will the platform tell you which devices are used most so you can adapt accordingly?
  • Entry-level availability: If interactive kiosk capabilities aren’t available for all plans, consider how much you’re willing to spend to get this feature elsewhere.

You want to display manufacturing information

Best option: Yodeck

Yodeck gets manufacturing employees’ attention by showing productivity goals and safety information and displaying emergency messages. It comes with widgets to display company analytics, and you can communicate any information to employees with Yodeck’s alert system.

Yodeck’s visual layout motivates employees, and the platform even has templates designed for manufacturing departments. This creates more awareness at work, reduces turnover through engagement, and improves company safety and communication.

A header that reads “Free digital signage templates for Manufacturing” with explanation text beneath it. There are six manufacturing warning signs at the bottom of the image.
Yodeck provides manufacturing-specific templates for your screens.

Another great option: ScreenCloud

You can set up ScreenCloud on any hardware to display it anywhere in your facility. It retrieves data to display in real time. You can also broadcast statistics and announcements across your facility using the same technology as Twitch streaming.

ScreenCloud was made to boost sales, and its security features protect your confidential information. Its real-time displays increase productivity by showing current KPIs and production statistics.

If you’re displaying manufacturing information, think about these factors:

  • Security: You want a system that protects your confidential company statistics.
  • Alert system: Your system should broadcast the same emergency message reliably across the company.
  • Analytics: Your platform should show you engagement statistics that you can use to improve productivity and engagement.

Digital Signage Software Company Reviews

Each digital signage software system is built differently, so they won’t all work for your business. Here, I take a deeper look at what each one has to offer so that you can find the one you need, whether you want to engage customers or display your latest KPIs.

Yodeck—Best for Quick Design and Professional Displays

Yodeck company logo.

Yodeck’s cloud-based platform is easy to access and display content from anywhere. It’s scalable with your business, so even if you get it for a single location to start, it will still support your growth.

Yodeck was made for entertainment, making it easy to engage your audience. To set it up, just drag and drop different types of media, like videos, images, and social media, where you want them to go. Yodeck also has free layout templates and widgets to make creating your messages even easier.

The platform uses the Raspberry Pi 4 Player. Once you plug into it, you can immediately start creating and sharing content. Yodeck has remote management and controls, and you can schedule content based on the time of day and what you’re offering. It’s also secure with two-factor authentication and restricted access, so only those with permission can access it.

What Makes Yodeck Great

Yodeck is one of the most versatile digital signage solutions available. It works across industries and provides affordable signage as the cheapest option on this list. However, it doesn’t lack in features.

A screenshot of the Yodeck landing page displaying the core features.
Yodeck offers a quick way to get professional signage on a budget.

You can use it with any screen resolution, and its intuitive scheduling and automatic upgrades make it convenient for busy managers and staff. Its flexible tools make it attractive to viewers, and it gives your screen a professional look without an enterprise budget.

Yodeck’s pricing starts at $7.99 per screen per month, though it does have a free plan that you can use with one screen. The problem is that even with the free plan, you still need to buy the Raspberry Pi 4 Player to use the software.

NoviSign—Best for Industry-Based Signage

NoviSign company logo.

NoviSign’s capabilities adapt to any industry. Its options give you signage that not only works across these industries but also corresponds intentionally to their needs. For example, the software has retail and food service signage made for cafes, pizza parlors, and similar shops.

NoviSign makes creating signage efficient for industries like healthcare and education. It’s cloud-based, so you can control many screens at once and display real-time information across its screens. As a result, staff in high-stress, fast-paced jobs know they have the most current schedule and messaging.

NoviSign comes with design templates for each industry it serves. You can search for them in the system to find everything from menus to calendar displays.

What Makes NoviSign Great

NoviSign offers more smart technology than other digital signage companies. Its Internet of Things capabilities target and understand customers, so it can respond to usage events, like touchless hand sanitizer devices. Each response triggers a different type of content based on what you set the software up to do.

A header against a black background that reads “How does it work?” Below, it outlines the steps in a list and shows a paused video with a thumbnail of a screen display in a meeting room.
Take advantage of fast setup and smart technology with NoviSign.

You can try NoviSign for free for 30 days. After that, its packages start with the Business plan at $18 per screen per month for one user.

OptiSigns—Best for Retail and Service Industry Signage

OptiSigns company logo.

OptiSigns was made for all applications in retail. It’s great for running promotions, sales, and other offerings, and it shows customers your products and services with menus for every industry. It also works for simpler purposes, like displaying your open and closed signs.

With QR codes, interactive displays, and social media on the screen, it encourages your customers to engage with you even after they leave your store. OptiSigns goes beyond retail and works for many different service industries, from restaurants to gyms.

With templates that cater to audiences in these spaces, OptiSigns shows people what actions they need to take to support your business. It works as a guide for customers as much as an advertising and informational tool.

What Makes OptiSigns Great

White text against a dark background on the left that reads “Amaze customers with digital signage for retail” with explanation text below. On the right is a person with their hair pulled back and wearing a white button-down shirt in front of a screen displaying women’s fashion trends.
OptiSigns creates a visually engaging look that draws your audience’s attention.

OptiSigns supports many media formats, including .JPG, .MP4, and .GIF, and allows you to use videos, images, and more. Its screen orientation support and screen zones make your content playable anywhere and in any format. The system has unique proof-of-play reporting to show how your content has played back on screens.

OptiSigns has a 14-day free trial. After that, its Standard package starts at $10 per screen per month. It also offers 25% off for nonprofits and has a volume discount if you have a lot of screens.

TelemetryTV—Best for Creating Engagement

TelemetryTV company logo.

TelemetryTV is ideal for education and marketing with its visual engagement features. You can manage screens remotely with the latest communication technology and send content to thousands of screens. This powerful platform is used by popular businesses, including Starbucks, Carvana, and major libraries and universities.

The drag-and-drop setup supports 4k videos, and you can set rules so that TelemetryTV will remove your expired content automatically. The system works locally and offline, so it always shows relevant content. Plus, it provides a touchscreen device that visitors can use, making it perfect for interactive kiosks and wayfinding.

What Makes TelemetryTV Great

A white header against a blue background that reads “The Most Powerful Cloud-Based Digital Signage Toolkit” with text below.
TelemetryTV has one of the most customizable platforms for effective communication with your customers.

With TelemetryTV, you can create custom workflows using Webshot if its templates don’t work for you. The system scales, too, so you can communicate and display signage at locations worldwide with over 70 integrated apps. Its customization and control features allow you to consistently put out fresh content to keep your viewers’ attention.

TelemetryTV has a 14-day free trial and then charges you $18 per device per month with no minimum device requirement. Its upgraded plans, Standard and Plus, require a minimum of five and 10 devices, respectively, which drives up the cost quickly.

ScreenCloud—Best for Driving Sales

ScreenCloud company logo.

With ScreenCloud, you can control thousands of screens at once, which makes it great for widespread retail businesses. It has enterprise-grade security with SSO and custom permissions, so it shows selected dashboards, statistics, and other information while ensuring confidentiality.

Its real-time content and data displays help customers make buying decisions. Its visual layout also boosts productivity among your staff. It’s one of the most convenient options on this list, since you can set it up on any hardware. Its central governance controls make it easier to show relevant content to your audience so your message lands effectively.

What Makes ScreenCloud Great

A header with black lettering against a white background that reads “Screens people love, that you love managing.” Below is smaller text and two buttons with options to watch a video or view ScreenCloud’s features.
ScreenCloud reaches your audience, no matter where they are.

ScreenCloud is designed to connect with people who are hard to reach. You can even integrate the tools you currently use for your business to increase ScreenCloud’s impact. By designing your display with Canvas and using GraphQL API, you can create custom features beyond what the system’s templates offer to boost brand recognition.

ScreenCloud lets you try it for 14 days, but after that, its plans start at $20 per screen per month with its entry-level Core package. Its $30 Pro plan has a five-screen minimum, but it doesn’t make as big a price jump as other software. You can also contact sales for custom Enterprise pricing.

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The Top Digital Signage Software in Summary

Your digital signage software should shout your message loud and proud from the screen. These five solutions give your business the boost it needs while catering to customer and visitor needs.

We recommend Yodeck as the all-around best digital signage software. It’s easy to use with its cloud-based platform and offers a professional look with quick design features.