Chaos rarely leads to cash in the business world. Managing projects effectively takes coordination between all involved. But juggling tasks, teams, and timelines across different systems can get messy fast. A central hub could bring some order to the chaos.

Enter actiTIME—a web-based platform that promises just that. In one dashboard, it gives you visibility into clients, tasks, resources, and more. It sounds great in theory, but does it help simplify the daily grind?

Get pros, cons, and potential use cases in our in-depth review below.

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Who actiTIME Is For

actiTIME is a versatile project management and time tracking software suited to a wide range of professionals and organizations.

It’s especially suited for small to mid-sized companies, helping them to organize projects through centralized task assignments. Its ability to track employee hours across departments helps businesses meet deadlines, manage invoices, and optimize overall project workflow.

Project managers will appreciate actiTIME’s task-based views that enable at-a-glance status updates and milestone setting to keep initiatives on track. Customizable permission levels allow businesses to control the level of detail shared with clients.

Freelancers and independent contractors can leverage actiTIME’s timesheet functionality to log hours dedicated to specific projects for accurate billing and reporting.

If you’re a larger enterprise, you can also benefit from actiTIME’s tools and features. Its configurable workflows adapt to your business’s changing needs. Plus, you can connect actiTIME with built-in integrations to sync data with apps you already use (like Google Drive).

actiTIME isn’t designed for one specific industry—its features and tools are useful across sectors. Small businesses, consulting firms, design agencies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, IT departments, and small businesses can all benefit from the platform’s streamlined time and project management software.

actiTIME Pricing

actiTIME Online

Whether you’re a small startup or a mid-sized company, managing time tracking and projects effectively is crucial. Thankfully, actiTIME Online offers flexible pricing options.

First, a free 30-day trial is available without entering payment information. This allows up to three users to test the platform’s core features. After the trial period, basic access remains free, while premium features require an upgrade.

Monthly subscriptions start at $6 per user for up to 40 users (billed annually). Discounts of up to $1 per additional user are applied for larger teams up to 200 members. Premium access unlocks full mobile and browser syncing and integration with solutions like QuickBooks. Backups and maintenance are also included.

Annual subscriptions are eligible for a small discount off the regular monthly rate. Non-profit organizations may qualify for additional discounts as well. Larger teams with over 200 users can request a custom enterprise plan.

actiTIME Self-Hosted

For those preferring self-hosted software, actiTIME offers one-time user licenses of $120 per user. All core time-tracking, invoicing, and reporting features are enabled on the organization’s own servers. However, not all features are available on the self-hosted plan, so be sure to compare features to determine the right plan for your business.

If you’re unsure which plan is right for you, you can contact actiTIME for a personalized evaluation to determine the best fit for your project management needs and team size.

Pros and Cons of actiTIME

Where actiTIME excels is in centralization. Its intuitive dashboard gives clear visibility into tasks, teams and timelines. You can adapt workflows for various project needs, too. However, there are a few small drawbacks worth noting.

actiTIME Pros

  • actiTIME provides a seamless signup and onboarding experience. The initial setup is very intuitive, so users can begin leveraging features quickly.
  • Users have sample data available from the start, allowing you to explore the full capabilities of the CRM system without needing to input your own data first. This frontloads value by enabling you to test functionality and verify if the platform meets your needs.
  • The dashboard has an easy-to-use interface while still providing robust functionality. Features can be toggled on or off, depending on your preferences. Settings are also designed to be easy to change if your needs evolve over time.
  • The general settings tab allows previewing changes in real-time before implementing them. This gives you more control and eliminates uncertainty when making changes.
  • actiTIME offers some really great reporting features. Its segmented insights help translate several sets of data into clear and coherent information that you can share with clients and your team.
  • If you’re a solo entrepreneur or small business, you can use actiTIME’s templates and billing customization tools to streamline invoicing.
  • The mobile app allows time to be tracked on the go for added convenience.

actiTIME Cons

  • The mobile app is noticeably more basic than the desktop version. For more complex work, you want to use the desktop version.
  • If you want to integrate actiTIME with tools like Salesforce or Trello, you’ll need to link the apps through Zapier. This may not be a con for you—we’re just giving you a heads up that for many of the integrations, you’ll have to use Zapier as the in-between.
  • The website’s chatbot was offline several times when we checked. However, its contact page offers a contact form, email, company address, and phone number, which is more than a lot of companies provide.

actiTIME Review: The Details

So how can actiTIME benefit your business, and what features does it offer? Get a glimpse into its main use cases below.

Time Tracking

actiTIME offers various time tracking options to suit different work styles. Its multifaceted system allows hours to be accurately tracked in multiple environments.

Time tracking log with a list of tasks in progress, new, or done.

You can use web timesheets to log hours and time spent on specific tasks. Online calendars also structure time logging through start/end times.

Additionally, you can use the mobile app to ensure you’re not losing hours while on-the-go. It automatically syncs any offline entries once reconnected, which is super helpful for anyone who frequently works out of the office.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, straightforward time tracking software, actiTIME provides a solid solution.

Report screen with a red circle around the total time, synced, and unsynced times.

Time Management

This goes hand-in-hand with the section above, but we want to point out that the platform isn’t just about tracking time—it allows you to better manage time, too.

Whether managing local employees, remote teams, or outsourced freelancers, keeping track of workflows, assignments, and deadlines can seem daunting without the right system. actiTIME streamlines this by allowing you to track and manage time—and ultimately increasing productivity.

Customers & Projects screen with a list of all customers displayed.

Through actiTIME, you get an analytical approach to time tracking. In our testing, we could actively oversee current work by receiving updates on task progress. This allows you to proactively distribute new assignments, specifying detailed instructions and due dates to ensure your team, wherever located, stays on schedule.

actiTIME allows managing time worked more meaningfully. Manage workloads seamlessly across time zones through task assignments for each project phase or employee group.

Report & Data Analysis

actiTIME provides helpful reporting and analysis tools to understand your business better. The main dashboard looks at key metrics across time tracking, finances, projects, and teams.

actiTIME reports dashboard with quick shortcuts to reports & charts.

You can see daily snapshots of time spent, expenses, overtime, and other key data in great detail. You can also compare planned versus actual time by customer, task, or project, which is super useful for project planning and prioritization. actiTIME also keeps you updated on work hours and time off balances, helping work flow smoothly.

Profits and expenses are just as clear, as you can dig into costs, profits, and billable hours. Plus, you can quickly turn these numbers into colorful charts for clear financial understanding. This allows you to figure out what’s boosting earnings and what may need improvement.

We love that actiTIME allows you to create custom reports tailored to your needs. We especially appreciated the ability to visualize data through graphs, making it easier to track and compare KPIs.

Project Workflow

actiTIME allows you to streamline your unique workflow. Whether your company operates project-by-project or has freelance staff across borders, its suite of features ensure operations match your requirements and strategy.

actiTIME users tab with a list of users displayed.

Project managers can build marketing campaigns as top-level folders and nest tasks like SEO, content creation, and more within. Each project and task is configured precisely to your needs.

Consulting firms can stay on top of billables thanks to how actiTIME tracks individual hourly rates. This allows for accurate client invoicing while compensating employees fairly. .

Flexible work arrangements are also configured through actiTIME’s adaptable settings. This keeps remote workers on different schedules and time zones synchronized.

Onboarding new hires is streamlined as well. actiTIME simplifies the adding process, saving HR departments time and resources—especially important for startups.

Through customizable workflows, actiTIME allows you to manage one or more projects smoothly from beginning to end.

Project Tracking

Effective project tracking starts with consolidating all your essential management data and processes into a centralized system. actiTIME’s comprehensive project tracking feature does exactly that.

Time Track option in actiTIME with a dropdown menu displayed for users without department.

Whether you run a small consultancy, a department within a company, or a medium-sized enterprise, actiTIME’s tracking functionality allows you to observe even the smallest of metrics.

You can keep financials and deadlines firmly in view to avoid overages. The advanced progress visualization tools also paint a clear picture of workflow status via Kanban-style boards. Simply drag tasks between columns as statuses change to know exactly where each project stands.

Project managers additionally benefit from scoping, planning, and assignment options. Define detailed project scopes upfront, then assign responsibilities to team members. This allows managers to keep track of what’s going on and keep their team accountable.

And if things aren’t going well, you can easily adapt within the platform. For instance, let’s say you lose a key team member only weeks before an important deadline. You’ll easily be able to see what hasn’t been done, what still needs to be completed, and how you can reshuffle assignments in order to meet deadlines.

actiTIME equips you and your team with the centralized control and insight required for consistent, on-time, on-budget deliveries.

Billing & Invoicing

actiTIME’s billing and invoicing capabilities streamline financial operations for growing businesses, like consultancies managing multiple clients or agencies tracking billable hours.

Create billing summary report page.

Businesses can adjust and tailor billing to align with specific packages and services. Rates can be set by task or project, which simplifies invoice calculations.

The software lets you enter and record precise time entries. This captures the specifics of work completed, so you know you’re billing accurately.

actiTIME easily produces professional invoices with custom templates that allow you to add your company logo, and you can format the invoice to fit your specific needs. Invoices are generated, exported to PDF, and sent to clients. This streamlines large-volume invoice management workloads.

Plus, you have the option to integrate with platforms like QuickBooks or Xero, further streamlining your billing and reporting processes.

By automating billing tasks and providing financial intelligence, actiTIME reduces manual workloads. Businesses can leverage these features to reduce errors and streamline processes, from tracking to delivery.


actiTIME offers seamless integration with over 5,000 popular apps through Zapier, allowing data to be shared between platforms without coding requirements. Monitoring time spent across different programs is made simple.

List of users displayed with a popup shown for a browser extension.

For freelancers, one-click timing within Chrome streamlines tracking hours spent on various online projects. Productivity can be overseen from any browser with just a single click.

QuickBooks users benefit from converting invoices and reports from timesheets without any additional effort. Developers spending long days coding can correlate entries to GitHub tasks.

With Salesforce connectivity, hours spent on customer support and sales can be monitored. Using Jira or Trello, project managers can track development task time for better oversight.

Communication hours are trackable by linking to Outlook. This allows researchers and students to easily oversee note-taking and study hours.

Overall, actiTIME offers strong integrations addressing the requirements of various roles and industries, like project management, finance, customer service, and more.