6 Effective Ways to Become a Better Sales Person

sales pitch

    1. Walk into a sales meeting with your dick hanging out if you really know what you are talking about, then you should act like you are “the shit” and be confident. If you act nervous, it makes the buyer nervous about you and the product or service you are selling. If you act like you are the shit, then the buyer may feel that your product or service is the shit.

  1. Understand your buyer – before you pitch a potential customer, make sure you know the basics about them. Relating your sales pitch to them or even their business will help them better understand why they need to buy whatever you are selling. A great way to do this is to give examples of how your product or service can affect them. Or better yet, find stats how the product or service helped their competition.
  2. Don’t over sell – hopefully whatever you are selling is isn’t crap because you want it to sell itself. Overselling shows you are desperate and can cause the buyer to start negotiating. The last thing you want is for the potential customer to seem that he or she holds the power.
  3. Be honest – no one likes a sales person that lies or cherry coats things. Try to tell the truth even if the potential buyer doesn’t want to hear it. This will help build trust between both parties.
  4. Make your product or service seem limited – even if you are selling toilet paper, you can still make it seem limited. By reducing the price for a short period of time or saying that there is only a limited quantity available (even if there isn’t) you will create the perception that you are selling something that needs to be bought now.
  5. Hook a buyer up – buyers like to feel that they are getting a good deal. A good way to create this perception is through pricing. For example, when I was selling $1800 dollar vacuums, no one bought one because they felt they were too expensive. So I started selling them at $1799, which lead potential customers to feel that they were getting a better deal.