The 9 Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand Right Now

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative industries in the modern world.

I’m not saying that just because I happen to be in that industry.

I’m saying that because it’s true.

With just a laptop and Internet connection, there is really no limit to what you can accomplish and how much money you can make through digital marketing.

Personally, I’ve worked on nearly every continent. (We’re not counting Antarctica, okay?) I’ve worked at cruising altitudes of 36,000 feet. I’ve worked on holidays. I’ve worked on the beach.

And the results? They speak for themselves.

You can reach millions of people around the world with your message or product in a matter of hours.

To get an idea of how quickly digital marketing is growing, check out the graphic below:


This puts digital marketing skills in high demand for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It’s not just entrepreneurs who need digital marketing chops. With the right digital marketing skill set, you can become one of the most valuable members of a company within a very short period of time.

Whether you work in an established business, a startup, or as a solopreneur, digital marketing skills are absolutely essential.

Sure, it’s tough to master every aspect of digital marketing—it’s a big pond.

Thankfully, there are dozens of sub-skills in the digital marketing world. You can choose where you want to go deep.

Whether you are more creative or analytical, a team player or a lone wolf, there are jobs within digital marketing for you.

But what are the most important skills you need to be cultivating if you want to make a living (or a fortune) in digital marketing?

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Here is a list of the nine most in demand digital marketing skills in 2016.

1. SEO specialist

It should come as little surprise that SEO is the skill at the top of this list.

You’re thinking, “C’mon, Neil. It’s 2016. SEO is kind of defunct, right?”

Some people like to believe that SEO is dead, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

SEO is just as important now as it’s ever been, if not more so.


But there is far more to SEO than just getting your website to show up for certain search queries.

Due to the changes in Google’s search algorithm, SEO practices are changing.

Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of white-hat marketing techniques, such as content marketing and guest blogging, which are becoming a critical part of SEO success.

Because of all of the changes within the world of SEO, hiring a dedicated team of SEO experts has become darn near a necessity.

Companies need a person or a group who can keep up with the rapidly evolving world of SEO.

They need people who understand the importance of providing value to the customer in addition to the technical side of things.

If you want to land a high-paying job within the digital marketing world, learn SEO and watch the offers roll in.

However, I should warn you.

SEO is not easy.

It’s something that evolves on a regular basis and requires a genuine interest to stay on top of the almost constant changes to the search algorithms and best practices.

2. PPC executive/specialist

Another skill that’s currently in high demand is PPC marketing.

There are a number of businesses generating high amounts of revenue who want to expand their reach through paid advertising.

The problem is, they don’t know how to properly allocate that money to ensure that it generates a high ROI.

That’s where PPC marketing comes in.

The ultimate goal of PPC is to help a company’s website reach rank #1 within Google by bringing in high quality, targeted traffic.


In theory, this sounds incredibly simple.

But in practice, this is one of the most difficult marketing jobs in the world.

You have to have a strong grasp of math, marketing strategy, and analytics.

You also need to know Google Analytics and AdWords like the back of your hand.

And then, you need to be able to develop campaigns that are providing measurable results to your clients, analyze those campaigns, and report on them.

PPC is incredibly complicated, important, and high investment/risk.

Which is why it’s also one of the best paying marketing jobs on the modern market.

If you can effectively show companies that you know how to bring in targeted traffic through PPC for the lowest cost possible, you’ll be able to generate massive amounts of revenue for years to come.

Organize your digital marketing ideas in one place across all the document apps you use.

3. Social media expert

Social media is one of the single most powerful tools in the modern marketing world.

Over the past decade, social media has been growing faster than the Internet!

And it isn’t slowing down.

Nearly one-third of the population is currently using some type of social media platform.

It shouldn’t surprise you that companies are looking to capitalize on this unique marketing opportunity.

However, most companies, even many tech companies, simply have no understanding of how to leverage the different social platforms to achieve their goals.

This makes social media marketing an invaluable skill set to learn and cultivate.


And the thing is, there is a lot more to social media marketing than just promoting content on Facebook.

If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, you need to master each platform.

This means understanding the best times of day to post, the types of posts that generate the most user engagement, and the ways to use each platform to achieve specific goals.

And once you understand the basics of social media marketing, you need to understand how to leverage paid social media marketing.

You need to develop an understanding of copywriting, color psychology, analytics, and visual marketing.

This is no easy task.

Because of how difficult it is to master social media marketing, it’s become on of the most sought after and highly paid digital marketing positions in the world.

Prove to clients you can generate measurable results that will grow their businesses through social media, and you will be richly rewarded.

4. Email marketing

There are few things that are more important to online success than email marketing.

If you have a large email list and you know how to leverage it, you can make large amounts of income every month with almost no work.

If you want to be someone who has employers knocking down your door, instead of spending hours and hours every day searching for new clients, learn email marketing.

And I don’t just mean writing emails that convert.

I mean the whole process.


You see, most businesses have no problem hiring someone who can write high quality emails that will generate a few conversions.

But there is more to email marketing than simply writing some fancy emails.

Companies need people who can help them build huge lists from scratch and then use those lists to achieve a variety of goals.

Building an email list of tens of thousands without an existing client base is an extremely challenging task.

And if you know how to do it, you possess an extremely valuable skill.

Beyond that, companies also need people who can use those lists to grow their social media following, promote new products, and drive new sales.

If you can learn how to master the email marketing process from start to finish, you will have clients begging to work with you.

5. Mobile marketing

One of the most sought after, and yet most overlooked, skills is the art of mobile marketing.

While there are plenty of similarities between desktop and mobile marketing, there are also enough differences to make this an essential standalone skill.

To add real value to the company, you need to understand these differences and why they are important to the rest of the business.

You also need to be able to talk intelligently about the more complicated aspects of mobile marketing such as SMS and responsive design.

One of the great things about mobile marketing jobs is that they are significantly less competitive than SEO or social media marketing jobs but are still a huge need for most businesses.


It seems like everyone and their brother is a self-proclaimed “Facebook Guru” or SEO consultant.

But how often do you hear about mobile marketing managers?

Mobile marketing is a challenging field to master.

But if you can do it, you’ll set yourself apart from the herd of other digital marketers.

This will all but guarantee high paying jobs for years to come.

6. Analytics

One of the single most important parts of digital marketing is analytics.

You can learn all the previously mentioned skills, but without the power of analytics, you’ll always be fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

In any marketing campaign, it is essential to run tests, track data, and then analyze that data to determine how you can improve and overcome marketing plateaus.


To become the best digital marketer you can be, you need to be able to analyze your other marketing efforts and make improvements based on what you learn.

This is the only way to truly put your marketing skills in the fast lane and achieve real success.

7. Content management/marketing

Content marketing is king.

We live in the age of information.

If you don’t have some sort of content that’s bringing viewers and keeping them hooked, you’ll fall behind.

This makes content management and marketing a highly valuable skill, especially for startups.


If you can learn how to curate and create incredible content for companies and then market that content to the point of it going viral, you’ll become one of the most valuable assets for those companies.

The cool thing about content marketing is that it goes hand in hand with many other skills listed in this article.

If you can learn how to improve your social media skills, you’ll improve your content marketing skills.

If you improve your abilities as an SEO, you’ll improve your ability to create viral content.

Basically, any digital marketing skill you develop will improve your skills with content marketing.

Because of the crossover between skills, mastering content marketing will give you invaluable leverage whether you are looking for clients or growing your own business.

If you can get a couple of viral articles or videos under your belt, the sky’s the limit, and you will be able to take yourself as high as you want.

8. Marketing automation

Companies need marketing automation solutions now more than ever.

Marketing is not an inexpensive endeavor.

Figuring out how to set up technology and software that streamlines the process as much as possible is an invaluable skill set.

However, mastering the art of marketing automation requires a wide knowledge base and an understanding of several different software platforms.


You need to learn the most efficient ways to automate email, social media, and content marketing, all without breaking your client’s budget.

If you can do this, you’ll be able to ask for just about any figure you want.

Most companies have no problem paying a top dollar to individuals who can save them money, make them money, and cut back on their workload at the same time.

9. UX design

One of the determining factors in online marketing success is the experience a user has once they’ve found your company.

Potential customers want to be able to navigate through your content as easily as possible, enjoying an aesthetically pleasing and streamlined experience.

In fact, customers will often base the credibility of an entire business on the design of its website alone:


UX designers are responsible for ensuring that products, websites, and other online platforms are easy to use and provide the customer with a pleasant experience.

Unlike most of the skills listed in this article, design is not directly responsible for bringing in new customers or generating leads.

However, it is responsible for ensuring that all of the effort companies put into other online marketing avenues is maximized.

It doesn’t matter if you are incredible at SEO, a social media marketing ninja, and an email marketing master.

If customers can’t easily access, navigate, and use your website and products, all of that effort will be in vain.

And with the growing expectations of the modern consumer, this skillset is more crucial now than it’s ever been.


Digital marketing is one of the best industries for the modern freelancer or entrepreneur to be involved in.

There are no commission caps, no ceilings, and no limits.

If you can learn to cultivate marketable skills (no pun intended), there is no limit to how much you can earn and grow.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running your own business, freelancing for a variety of clients, or just looking for a stable job with one company.

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative and important skills you can acquire.

So, go out there and learn as much as you can.

It’s paid off for me. I know it will for you too.

Develop one (or all) of these skills, and your business and life will never be the same.

Which digital marketing skills do you use the most? Which ones do you think are most essential today?


  1. I use only seo. Its great. I got my achievement.

  2. I believe these fields are so broad and dynamic and require so much continuous re-certification that it is impossible to have operating level knowledge of all of them. Perhaps you could have currency in 2-3 of them, and 5000 foot level knowledge of others. That is if you also plan on having some semblance of life outside of your profession.

  3. To me, SEO is the hottest thing.

    I have used SEO to increase my revenue by 168% in the past two months.

  4. Seo is working for me slowly n steadily. Great info though. Thanks Neil

  5. Excellent roundup! What course would you recommend for analytics?

  6. Excellent post Neil, and on that marketers should pay a lot of attention to. It’s interesting that, despite all the fancy and flashy new marketing tech and channels coming out, classic ROI factories like SEO/SEM/email still top the list!

  7. “Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of white-hat marketing techniques, such as content marketing and guest blogging, which are becoming a critical part of SEO success.”

    guest blogging really? Matt Cutts does not agree.

    • Here’s a fascinating article on the topic on gauging trustworthiness from Google statements:

      TLDR: Some individuals have made strong arguments that–
      (a) Not ~everything~ Google says, agrees with observable data and results.
      (b) Google may ~sometimes~ follow an “ends justify the means” policy of exaggerating the truth, to encourage desired “user” behavior. (Users in this case are website owners)

      That said, I find it sensible to trust Google more than an SEO firm (in general), but I find it most sensible to check the data on a case-by-case basis (in general).

    • It depends on the sites you’re posting on Adam, but guest blogging works well

  8. Great insight Neil ?

    I believe email, SEO and social with a special mention to the rising star, mobile marketing are the key aspects of Digital Marketing. In that light, these are the areas of expertise I consistently upskill. I assume content marketing expertise is a core requirement every digital marketer has, without it there is a limit to how successful the ‘expert’ will be. A degree of knowledge in content marketing is the foundation of any expertise in digital marketing.

    I’m wondering Neil, would you kindly recommend PPC online courses? Strong in both AdWords and Google Analytics as I’m seeking to refresh my knowledge ? consistent upskilling is imperative.

    Also, how do we measure the level of expertise required for the ‘expert’ knighthood? My thoughts are this is role specific and any digital marketer seeking employment needs the above 10 and more, skills to be knighted. Expertise for employment then lies in being skilled in 1, preferably 2 or more aspects to achieve high employability.

    There’s a ? content idea for you?Would love a digital marketing expert’s opinion on how to measure expertise in an ever changing digital world. Continuous upskilling is vital, but what are the 10 requirements for knighthood?

    Happy upskilling digital marketers as yesterday’s expert is unemployed ?

    • Have you seen the webinar on

      It’s all about the hustle Sarah. Once you can get tapped into that you can take your business and career to the next level

  9. Thank you for the post. Can you provide citations for the data you present? I am first and foremost a professional researcher and need to be able to substantiate or cite sources if I am to share this information with my clients and/or prospects.

    Thanks again.

    (p.s.: if you would get rid of some of these popups, I would appreciate it)

  10. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for another great post 🙂

    I admire all of your advice and knowledge you share on your blogs and podcasts.

    I am in a delima and I need your help, I’m obsessed about Marketing. I learn and work in everything you’ve mentioned in this post but many people says that I should concentrate on one domain and get best in that rather than working in everything.

    But, whenever I give this is a thought, it feels weird because I want to learn and work in everything in Marketing!

    What should I do?

  11. Great post as always Neil. I think the best news that I found in your post is that SEO is not dead and that it will become even more important as time passes.

    I just spoke with a friend and said that you can start a business in today’s age with less than $15, there is no barriers anymore to what can be done and having an internet connection is all you need to see the opportunities out there.

    You are a marketing genius and always look forward to the next post coming from Quicksprout.

    Keep it up as you have a huge following that looks forward to your educational posts.

  12. Great post bro as always 🙂
    It’s took some time and practices to get expertise in these field.

  13. Thanks for sharing the current stats of the digital marketing industry. Yes, I also agree with the SEO stats and I personally experienced. Currently, I’m working for a client who wanted to generate b2b leads related to the development services they are providing. I have tried all paid media channels to generate leads, however, in the end, the good leads came from the organic searches.

    • Digital marketing is growing rapidly.

      I guess it’s now almost 50 billion dollar industry considering the fact that Google is going aggressively towards it. And more and more people are now jumping into digital marketing to help others increase their sales and brand awareness online.

      I think both SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. If you are master at both of them (hard though), your chances of making income online will be really huge.

      Thanks so much for the facts and case study Neil. It helps me a lot for choosing the better goal for my future.

    • That can happen, and it should tell you something that quality leads are coming in organically

  14. Thanks for sharing the information, Neil. Among all the digital marketing skills the best is the SEO when it comes to b2b lead generation. However, the strange thing is that the SEO is at the top of the list.

    • SEO has been crucial for quite some time and many people are surprised to see it up there on the list. It’s still as important as ever and rapidly changing

  15. That’s a great post neil. SEO is the greatest tool of all. I am implementing all of them, except paid traffic for now but do have plans for targeted paid traffic, to increase blog readership and followers.

  16. The world is a global village where everything is going digital. Thanks for the post. What aspect of analytics should a newbie in email marketing focus on? Seem analytics is broad.

  17. Hello, Neil

    Thanks for this informative blog…the people struggling in this industry really needed that.
    No, SEO is not dead and never will be dead.

    In Short, SEO Strategies 2016:

    1. Create an influencer who is a subject-matter expert.
    2. Develop a content marketing strategy.
    3. Generate powerful backlinks to your site and pages.
    4. Get your website mobile-ready.
    5. Move your website to HTTPS, a secure site.
    6. Add markup to your website.

    I think SEO is one of the best and demanding way to build a personal brand. I have also summarized the topic and curated a blog discussing Make a small move that starts the cascade of great benefits. Your personal brand is how you appear to the world.

  18. Great list of skills! I am knowlegeable in a couple, just need to learn the rest to become a full stack marketer. It’s not easy but well worth the effort.

  19. Neil I totally agree with you on two particular skills.

    1. Email marketing – simply because everyone seems to have forgotten how to do it the right way. Users have also become immune to all those emails we send them about the latest offer.

    2. PPC – With google changing their keyword planner, again, things will not be so easy for us in the future. Having to figure out which keywords to spend ad money on shall become more and more difficult.

    As for SEO, it may end up being all about reputation management and correcting the mistakes previous SEO’s did on a website.

  20. sap abap tutorial :

    Great article…
    How can I master those skills? can you pls share some great resources ir reference where I can do practical training etc.

  21. Hi Neil Sir, your given tips are very helpful for me. But, could you please tell me ? which one is more effective and important skill for us?? Paid or SEO?

  22. Social media is really working for me when it comes to bringing products to the table of my customers. Though orgainic search has the greatest conversion in my marketing strategies. I have never for once tried email marketing. I just need to learn that through the links you provided above. Thansk

  23. Great post Neil ! I’m working as a SEO specialist and i know its value in market, but i’m shock to see SEO skill top at the list.

  24. nha cai ca cuoc :

    With havin so much content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement?

    My blog has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either created myself or
    outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any methods to
    help prevent content from being ripped off? I’d certainly appreciate it.

    • No because I always write the content through my personal experience.

      You’ll just need to email the site owner and request for them to take it down

  25. Scott Gabdullin :

    Totally true! Working in the SEO industry myself, I know first hand how hard it is to find quality people for the job. But the lack of experts, of course, is also an opportunity for those who are willing to work hard! Thanks Neil for the great stats!

  26. SEO alone is a vast subject to cover and use it effectively in Digital marketing strategy. If all these listed skills can be applied together, then it can surely give good results. this post gave me some new Ideas.Thanks for this Neil.

    • I talk about SEO a lot because there is so much to cover. If you apply all the 9 skills, you will surely get amazing results

  27. As long as you have social media and unique content marketing downpat, you pretty much have silently secured online job security. It’s all about quality content , consistency, and positive relationships.

  28. I think it’s hilarious how many “SEO is dead” articles I read each and every year. SEO is going stronger than ever.

  29. Great Article Awesome! reading. I’ve applied most of them through the years however, still have learning to do Neil thanks I’m a startup but has been in the field of study for quite some time for other companies.

  30. This is one of bookmarked blog in my chrome browser. There are so much to learn from your blog and when it comes to digital marketing you are the Guru :). Thanks for this awesome post.

  31. What type of skills required to get organic traffic from google to a non e commerce website?

  32. I learnt SEO when I left college but never knew it will be a top performer for me aside my accounting degree. My next line is UX Design which no doubt is the ultimate skill for maximum conversion.

  33. Another Helpful Article, Basically I have some knowledge about Digital Marketing, but in this article I have got more ideas Thanks A Lot for shared.

  34. Hey Neil,

    I have a question about learning social media. Is it possible to learn social media without a blog?

    For example; launch a page, work my ass off to get as much engagement as possible and show my results to clients?

    And once you see the results coming in, you launch a website/blog teaching this.



    • A lot of youtubers and instagram accounts start off without a blog and can sometimes have their followers skyrocket, then move over to a blog. Those results aren’t common and I wouldn’t recommend starting that way.

  35. Harmeet Singh :

    Hey Neil,

    I am big fan of your’s. Once again tremendous blog.

    Thank!!!! you for your guidance 🙂

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    Any good courses you would recommend for SEO training?

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    I have been a fan for a long time now and have been religiously following your blog and also read Brain Dean to try different experiments when it comes to SEO. I have been facing challenges with content distribution specifically, can you suggest good platforms where content can be distributed organically?

    I will really appreciate your help 🙂

  40. Cho thue Xe Nha Trang :

    Great post as always Neil. I think the best news that I found in your post is that SEO is not dead and that it will become even more important as time passes.

  41. Anshuman Sharma :

    Hey thankz for the info bro …very motivating !!

    .I just want to have a job with a good package as a fresher & beside this I want to make my dynamic fitness website & want to market it through various social media platforms for making a personal brand and connecting with a target audience of my field. !!!!!!

    As I know by this info that every module is important for a digital marketer but then also for a beginner like me who has good communication skills ,strong social media presence & weak technical and maths skills ….which course will suit me the best as a beginner as I can’t afford all modules r8 now ….but ya ofcourse for future I will surely take it one by one ….:-)

    Please share me your view & suggestion? .
    Which module will Best suit me as of now ?

  42. Nowadays Digital marketing is high on demand. But SEO is the main part of it. Thanks Neil for the information you provided.

  43. Dear Neil,

    As a aspiring digital marketer, should I learn big data analytics as well to Excell in digital marketing field? Please advise.


  44. Hey, very well explained. Are there any online courses that can help me understand SEO basics? TIA 🙂

    • I think there are plenty of good websites out there on this like moz, backlinko which would be a better starting point.

  45. i have an issue that i am struggling with a lot. At the moment I am the only person in the Marketing department for my company and I am responsible for everything. The company won’t out source some of the skills mentioned here so I am responsible for making sure I am perfect at all of the above. the thing i am mostly struggling with is that all of what i do is a job and specialty on its own. For example, advertising agencies have dedicated people to manage all of the things I need to do (all of whats in this article and more), as it’s a job on its own and requires a dedicated person. In other words I need to do the job of an entire advertising agency and I am only 1 person. I am expected to be perfect at 1) marketing business strategy 2) lead generation 3) email marketing 4) graphic design/UX design 5) Google Analytics 6) Automation workflow and automation strategy. The automation system we use, no one here knows how to use it and they wont send me on training but I am expected to know EVERYTHING about it. 7) content marketing and copy writing. 8) re-seller / affiliate marketing strategy 9) Website development and designer. 10) Brand management – ATL & BTL 11) Adwords 12) social media advertising and management 13) random systems they use in house that i have never used before 14) database management and segmentation. And a few other specialist areas. The thing is, i am spread too far and too deep to actually be an expert at any single one of these areas as I cannot focus and dedicate my time or focus on each of these areas. Hence why these skills are given to a dedicated team and/or individuals and not one person only. I know that because i have experience in all of these areas, this is valuable to me and makes me marketable in terms of experience, but i cannot become a specialist at any of these areas. Because i am not as well experienced in every single one of these areas it is starting to effect me personally as i feel i am stupid and not good enough at my job. I really want to do ALL of these things really really well but they are a job on its own, a study on its own, and I am wondering if maybe I am either stretched too far and maybe its impossible for me to be a specialist at all of these things, or is it that i am supposed to know how to do all of these things brilliantly (like the people who are only dedicated to social, SEO, Adwords etc etc and are specialists) ? I feel very overwhelmed and i am drowning myself in trying to teach myself as much as i can about EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE AREAS, but its become incredibly overwhelming because there is so much to learn about each that i’m actually starting to become highly unmotivated and minute I am studying Adwords, then SEO, then content marketing, then strategy then then then then…. Am i insane to say that i cant do each and everyone brilliantly or am I just being dumb and I am supposed to do each and everyone brilliantly? What advice would anyone here be willing to give me please? thanks so much (someone please reply 🙂

    • You need to find what is valuable and concentrate on that area the best you can. Also, find out what is the main thing your company wants and considers a result, as that may well give you the room to hire help or software.

  46. diponkar sinha :

    I want to work under you. I want to learn.

  47. Hi! Nice article ^^
    I graduated from business school and I have a master degree in marketing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a job and I’ve been jobless for 8 months now 🙁
    After questioning myself what could be wrong with me, I understood that I lack self confidence and proper skills. I can’t call myself a marketing expert because marketing is a wide subject and what I was taught at my business school is not enough.
    I’ve decided that I should learn and focus mainly on a specific marketing branch, and that is Digital Marketing!
    I have basic knowledge but I need to learn everything from scratch. The problem is that I’m overwhelmed by the amount of information on the web! I would like it if you could recommend to me some free certified courses (I don’t have money to enroll in a paid course) and the steps I should follow to become a good digital specialist.
    Lastly, I would like to know if it’s alright that I’ve wasted 8 months doing nothing and if it’s too late to start from scratch? I also feel that I’m not fully ready to start working (I’m 24) as I don’t feel I’m skilled enough. Most of my classmates have found good jobs in big companies while I’m staying home scrolling on job offers in vain …
    Now, I don’t think I’ll be able to find a job after being jobless all this time. Do you think I can find a job as a freelancer without much experience?

    Sorry for the long comment, I needed to share my worries with someone.

    • It shouldn’t be too late and it’s important you nail the reason you’re doing the work. Start doing it now and get out there because courses won’t give you the fix you need but the experience will.

  48. Emmanuel Pa :

    Hi Neil, I have been following your write up on my email for quite a long time now. Surprising, I am almost perfect in email marketing now because I can generate as much emails and send to any part of the world I feel now.I agree with you that digital marketing is broad but I am determined to be the best digital marketer in Africa. Thanks for your article

  49. Adrian Garcia :

    Hey Neil, I am just starting out in the digital marketing scene and wanting to work on my own projects aside from the marketing job I go to every day. At my company we focus on outbound methods and other traditional approaches that seem to work for the type of industry we are in. In my pursuit of gaining digital marketing knowledge, what avenues do you think it would be best to start out in your opinion? I have considered blogging, because that would give a nice way to practice many of the skills you mentioned above.

    PS I regularly listen to Marketing School and love the content that you and Eric put out there.

    • Blogging is definitely important. I am a huge advocate of creating and implementing a strong content marketing strategy as a way to dominate inbound marketing 🙂

  50. Thanks Neil for giving valuable information about digital marketing skills.

  51. Abhishek Pandey :

    Nice Neil. I like this post. I want to start with Social Media Marketing especially with FB marketing. Please share your roadmap on this. I want to become expert in 1month. Please help.

    • You can find lots of information on this website for social media marketing in general and Facebook marketing in particular. Thanks for reading!

  52. Bobby Leon Hall Jr :

    Hi Neil,

    I was wondering your take on UX design and Marketing. In the future do you think these two jobs will work together to accomplish one goal?

    Maybe like a “UX Marketer”, lol

    • That’s actually not a bad job title! I think that they have to work hand-in-hand. Otherwise they’re working toward disparate goals.

  53. Nilesh B. Pawar :

    Thanks for sharing this valuable & unique Information. But I have one question in mind that according digital marketing scenario which is the top priority digital marketing concept which can i followed

    • Your priority should depend on your business model and what your target audience needs. If you can master several digital marketing skills, you’ll find yourself in higher demand.

  54. Good Categorization Sir…!!! Which is the highest paid job in the future in digital marketing and the most comfortable job?

  55. Hi Neil, I want to implement my SEO skills, but can’t find the right direction to do so. May I have some guidance in this regards, please?

    • You can find lots of free advice here on QuickSprout. Focus on finding the right keywords and sharing high-quality content.

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