The $100,000 Challenge: March Update

march update

We finally finished the last month of the $100,000 challenge. March was an awesome month for Nutrition Secrets. Not only did the traffic grow to 218,811 visitors, but revenue did too—it went up to $121,492.65.

It wasn’t hard to hit the revenue goals as we had enough fish oil in stock, plus we started to generate money from affiliate sales.

So let’s dive right in…


Compared to February, the traffic went up to 218,811 visitors and 269,814 pageviews. The increase was only 18,102, which isn’t much.

But considering that the popularity of nutrition and fitness sites is cyclical (January and February are most popular) and that Mike didn’t blog much on in March, it wasn’t too bad.

Overall, Mike has slowed down on the blogging front. Over the next few months, he wants to try a few fun content formats such as infographics and wants to see what happens if we were to dump a few hundred grand into the blog. It won’t be much of an experiment at that point, but we are just curious to see if we can get the blog to a million visitors a month.

traffic sources

Nonetheless, the traffic isn’t performing too badly. Even in April, the traffic has been on an upward trend while little to no effort has been put into the blog since the challenge has been over.


The revenue is a bit more complicated to breakdown as it is coming from two sources now: Amazon and affiliates.

In March, revenue from Amazon hit $112,573.30.

amazon revenue

There are a few key elements to growing Amazon sales:

  1. Reviews – the more people you can get to leave a review, the better off you are. Most people don’t even read the reviews, but if they are high in ratings and you have tons in quantity, you are in good shape. If you have a blog that’s driving sales, a great way to get more reviews is through marketing automation. You can promote the product to your email list, and then after a few weeks of promoting your product to those people, you would send an automated email asking them to leave a review. You won’t really know who bought the product, but you would still put the review email—applicable to a portion of your list—in your sequence.
  2. Keywords – with Amazon, you can add keywords. Most people add basic ones like “fish oil,” but as you know, it is all about the long tail. Amazon opened it up so you can stuff hundreds of keywords now, and with the use of Google Keyword Planner, you can come up with popular variations. You’ll then start ranking for tons of keywords on Amazon.
  3. Combating negative Amazon reviews – similarly to what happens when people employ negative SEO, competitors sabotage your Amazon listing by taking up your front page with terrible reviews. They do this to tank your sales so they can generate more income. You fight this by building up your email list on your blog and continually blasting out to your list when you have bad reviews, asking your readers to up-vote the positive ones.
  4. Ads – Amazon allows ads on its platform. Whether it is profitable or not, ads help you generate more sales. And if you can increase your sales velocity, you’ll find that your listing climbs up higher and starts to stick—it stays up there even after your ads stop showing. Sure, other people can do the same thing, but most don’t.

As for affiliate income, we started to push stuff by the Truth About Abs guys. We started doing email blasts to our list in order to generate the sales, and it has been working out well. The copy isn’t too bad, but there are two reasons it’s working out well.


  1. We collect a lot more emails – we are generating 300 to 400 email sign-ups a day. It’s much larger than our previous numbers for one reason: we turned off double opt-in. Aweber usually requires double opt-in when you use third-party software to collect emails, but Mike called Aweber and got them to disable double opt-ins.
  2. Good copy – our copy converts well. You can see an example email below. And we have many more emails like this in the sequence. So, we continually send you affiliate offers over time, which helps.

Here is the email copy we have been testing:

Email – This plant food HARMS your metabolism & heart

Hi {!firstname_fix}

Sometimes it’s not the enemy you know that’s the problem, but the friend you think you know.

In this case, I’m talking about nutrition in foods. It’s common knowledge that stuff like sugary drinks are just plain bad for you. The best you can say is that your body can absorb the bad effects if you only have them occasionally.

But what about foods you thought weren’t bad, and you heard were actually good for you?

I have some bad news, and some good news. The bad: some so-called “healthy” foods may be the cause of why you work so hard to eat healthy and haven’t seen the results you expected. The good news: There’s a solution I read about from best selling author Mike Geary.  Read on… (removed affiliate link)

Email – 2 Simple steps to REMOVE visceral belly fat (the DEADLIEST type)

Hi {!firstname_fix}

People often refer to past times as “the good old days” with a nostalgic tone. At least when it comes to many nutritional and health practices, I think of them more like the “bad old days.”

For example, people thought the wonders of science had delivered new, healthy products called “trans fats” that were featured in margarine, to replace that nasty butter. We now know that trans fats are about the worst thing you can coat your innards with.

People also thought they could do “spot reducing” of unattractive belly fat by using those jiggling-belt machines, or some other gimmick.

Well, belly fat certainly is still unattractive, and research says it’s also a danger sign. But research has also identified more-effective ways of getting rid of that spare tire. Here’s how. (removed affiliate link)

Email – 7 “fatty” foods for a flat stomach

Hi {!firstname_fix}

I spend full time on nutrition- and health-related activities. That’s the business I’m in.

I’m also an improvement junkie, always looking for the latest, best information. So you can imagine that I’ve pretty much seen it all: Every product, every supplement, every type of exercise.

Most of them are underwhelming. Yawn.

I’m writing you today because I recently came across something that made me sit up and pay attention. It’s a short-term blueprint for eating the right foods to burn substantial fat, and it’s all explained here… (removed affiliate link)

You can find high converting offers on sites such as Clickbank. They even sort the offers by popularity. I need to get a screenshot of our Clickbank revenue and our other affiliate income sources from Mike as he created the accounts and has the logins. Once I do, I will update the post with a screenshot (we use three networks).

The total affiliate revenue was $8,919.35.


As for monthly profit, it was high…but for a different reason than you might think. When you sell tangible products, you buy tons of inventory and then sell it over the following few months. We didn’t want to be out for our last month, so we spent a good chunk of money in the previous month, and, of course, we bought more in March.

Here is a breakdown of the expenses:

  • Fish oil – $68,492.52 (including Amazon fees, shipping to Amazon for Prime, coupon-related expenses, and producing more inventory)
  • Aweber – $149
  • Designer – $375 (continually tweaking the site)
  • Hosting – $249
  • Mike – free (Mike doesn’t get paid, but he owns a percentage of the blog)
  • Accounting – $290 (we are now paying a bookkeeper to help out with the books)

Total expenses came out to $69,555.52.

That brings the total profit to $51,937.13.

Of course, to maintain the growth, we would have to keep buying fish oil, but after awhile, we would cap out on sales, and our margins should be a healthy 30% plus. As for March, I didn’t spend much on buying tons more inventory as I wanted to show that selling supplements can be profitable.


Overall, the $100,000 challenge was fun, but I wouldn’t do it again. It’s just too much work with everything I have going on.

It was still a good learning experience. One thing I realized is how much harder it is to rank on Google today compared to 5 years ago. Almost all of my sites are old, so it is much easier for them to rank.

And although generated good traffic, if it were 5 years ago, the blog would have been at a million visitors a month with the same amount of effort.

So, what do you think of the $100,000 challenge?


  1. I took a look to the screenshot from GA and the avg. time on site seems to be quite low also pages/session (just 1 or 1.5 per session).

    Are you happy with such figures? Considering it is a blog I would not be really happy with that.


    • It’s okay, I think it can become a lot better though. We are working on implementing strategies to help grow the number of pages per session

      • Anil Agarwal :

        You are absolutely crushing it Neil.

        I’ve been following this case study for over a year now.

        And I must say you are doing pretty good from the search engine perspective.

        Great earning figures as well. And I think you can become more better though. Just give that site some time and you will be reaping even better rewards in the long run.

        Keep up the great work Neil.

        • I think from a search perspective it did exceptionally well, curious to see where it goes from here.

          • It looks like Amazon removed hundreds of reviews from Nutrition Secrets’ fish oil. It only has 182 now, compared to 1000+ it had before. Also, based on a sales estimator it only sells about 100 items per month and makes a tiny revenue of $1800.

            What happened Neil? Did Mike stop bothering?

            • Yep, we stopped the whole campaign a while ago as Mike wasn’t passionate about it enough. Amazon also changed their policies on reviews and removed a lot from many accounts… I am not sure what it makes now, but no one focuses on it.

    • My sentiments exactly. I haven’t checked your website but is traction a part of website experience? If yes, then shouldn’t these be alarmingly low numbers?

      Also – read somewhere that google penalises on high bounce rates (esp. on organic search). Wouldn’ that mean a negative for you guys here (going forward?)

      Just curious!

  2. Gen Furukawa :

    This is great, thanks for sharing. It is unique and helpful to share the behind-the-scenes numbers to the Amazon, very interesting to see.

    We have been doing a case study of a product that we are selling via Amazon FBA, marshmallow sticks. They are selling $18k per month, heading towards peak season now with the summer around the corner.

    We shared how we came up with the idea, sourced, imported, and launched the product:

    Like your experience with the fish oil supplement, it is definitely a lot of work! But thanks for your efforts in doing it and sharing the learnings!

    • Tangible products are quite the challenge, but I’ve learned a lot from this experience.

      Thanks for sharing your story, I hope that works out well

      • Thanks Nial for sharing, what could be the revenue if you would sell someone’s product via same website, same approach but via Amazon Associates program? As you mentioned tangible products are hard to deal and I completely agree.


        • You mean as an affiliate? I don’t think you made make nearly as much

          • Amazon affiliates program I think pays between 4% – 8% referral rate. Mine is 4% now and increases to 6% when 7 items get shipped. Very low profit margins, so I choose not work at it.

  3. Jesse Sumrak :

    I appreciate you taking time away from your more profitable projects to do this experiment. I have learned so much from all the 100k challenge and I’m trying to replicate your success as well. Honestly, I’m hoping to be 10% as successful as you were with Nutrition Secrets…and I’d be happy with that start 🙂

    Thanks for everything, Neil. You’ve converted me to QuickSprout through this challenge! I launched my fitness blog at if you’re interested in checking it out!

    • Congrats on starting your own fitness blog! Let me know how it works out for you or if you have any questions along the way 🙂

  4. I liked the challenge and read all posts but I really think you could have gone more in-depth. You also said it yourself too but it feels like you did this on the side and I think it’s missed chance. I didn’t feel the love so to speak. 🙂

    Would love to see similar case studies in the future though!

    • I’ll do a bit more digging into everything to see what else I can put together.

      Perhaps I’ll share some case studies of my students…

      • Found it really useful but agree some more detail could have helped.

        I tried the shout for shout on Facebook with no joy but couldn’t find any detail on how you had success with this. Or budgets on Facebook for growing your likes.

        You grew your reviews by giving a lot away but many of us can’t afford to do this. Thoughts to get round this?

        Also, thoughts on pushing out similar levels of content when restricted by both time and budget for outsourcing??

        I get some alternative circumstances and tips could have been a good addition.

        Thanks for doing this though. Still very helpful.

        • Neil Patel :

          The best way to do it if you have a low budget is to utilize influencers. That way you can focus on creating effective content and leverage influencers to help you grow

  5. Wow millionaire.
    Nice man keep it up ?

  6. Ulyses Osuna :

    You guys did great Neil! Personally it was very cool to see this go on as it was a live monthly case study.

    I had a question about when you said “he wants to see what happens if we were to dump a few hundred grand into the blog. It won’t be much of an experiment at that point, but we are just curious to see if we can get the blog to a million visitors a month.”

    What would you do with that money to make the blog grow faster?

    • Hire a ton of writers and get to 100 posts a month and then pay popular influencers on the social web to promote the content.

      • Ulyses Osuna :

        Ooooh love it! Where do you hire your writers? I hear of many places where you can hire writers but do you hire an agency or individuals and where?

      • Vineet Jawa :

        Is paying for social influencers OK? I would have thought it might backfire. Do you have any article you have written on this?

  7. Rochelle Turner :

    If anyone can even understand how much time this takes they would be amazed.To get a website up and to be successful, you have to hustle, seriously! Thank you for all your hard work! Your awesome!

    • Thanks Rochelle, I appreciate that 🙂

      • Charles Johnson :

        I second that! Having just started creating content for an audience myself, I’m blown away by how much effort this takes. Can’t even fathom what went into NutritionSecrets. Thanks for sharing this Neil!

  8. Matt Ortolani :


    This was awesome and well done. I’m happy to see you made to goal and beyond. Excellent.

    I also loved your conclusion. Basically Google is different now, this was a lot of work and would have been much more impressive 5 years ago, and I assume there is time better spent somewhere else investing into internet based businesses, or ventures of similar potential.

    Could to tell us what/where you would have chosen differently to make income besides this?

    You’re the man in my opinion and I’m thoroughly impressed with your accomplishments. I’ve loved watching this challenge unfold and told mentors and mentees about it as well as friends and business associates.

    So I’m curious that if you didn’t build a blog in the nutrition space, what would you have chosen to do?

    Thanks for your undying authority and giving great insight all the time. Also you’re a damn good live speaker. 🙂


    • I would probably have focused a bit more on digital products first, then sold tangible products afterwards

      • Matt Ortolani :

        Wht types of digital products would you do? eBooks and such for a health site like that?
        I’m asking because I want to make a site around gut diseases to help people like myself with them. As an authority.

  9. Congrats on results. This business has a lot more potential tho so while I see your disappointment about traffic numbers, you have a much bigger asset than you probably think.. this could eventually be 8 figure biz.. and I mean few years only..and you could sell it easily for big lump of money if you want or keep it.

    It’s interesting to see why there are so little pageviews? Average of only around 1.23… that’s low for information site? I thought people would stick a lot more around this topic and binge read.

    • Yah, we need to figure out how to make the content much more stickier so that people say on the site and check out the other posts.

  10. Pharm Ibrahim :

    It was interesting following you all through

  11. Great work Neil, thanks for putting this together.

    How much time did you personally dedicate to this to make it not worth it to you? I know your time is super valuable, was just wondering how much you focused on it with your own time since it seems you played more of the strategist role and had Mike and others do a lot of the heavy lifting?

    • I am not 100% sure on the time… but the issue is I am not passionate about nutrition and my other businesses do fairly well. Even if this business grew to a much larger size I would lose money spending time on it versus spending that time in my software company.

  12. Bhupendra Sharma :

    I get to hear from many bloggers that high bounce rate isn’t good for any blog. However, made over $50K profit with 88% bounce rate. I am confused now. Please enlighten.

    • The bounce rate is pretty high, but we have a pretty high volume of traffic so it converted into some decent profit. However, it wasn’t easy.

  13. It was great to follow this “case study”, I believe everyone has learn a lot. Thanks for all your effort doing this for your followers!

  14. Neal, why are the numbers from amazon so strange. My point is:

    – If you generated 217 sales in the last 7 days, how did you sell 1022 in the week before it?
    – The same goes on when you compare the last 15 and 30 days.

    Can you explain me why this numbers are not proporcional?

    Thanks for the answer and for the course you gave us with this experiment along the year.

    • We always push hard towards the beginning of the month and then slow down. That’s why it isn’t stable throughout the whole period. Reason being is if you push hard at the beginning of the month and the numbers aren’t good then you have to find other solutions and push harder. But if the numbers go well, then in my case I can slow down and get back to my main business, which is Crazy Egg.

  15. Kimberly Coleman :

    Great job reaching your goal! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  16. The whole series is very inspiring, Neil. Thank you for the insight. I waited with bated breath each month to read each new update. But I think I have to go back and read the whole series again as I must have a missed some months. Last I had seen, earnings were maybe a few thousand dollars.

    I’ve been planning four projects using a lot of the insight on QuickSprout and NeilPatel (and Brian Dean’s Backlinko), and if I can ever find enough time away from client work, and can decide on how to monetize, I’m hoping I too can launch a few successful projects 🙂 Cheers

  17. I have to admit this was impressive. You set out with a goal to do a $100,000 month blog, and even if it ended at only $51k profit, that’s still pretty damn cool. It also made me realize just how much money you have to put into a website / start-up initially so that it can make you profits down the line. I’ll have to go back and read over the entire challenge month to month to see exactly how you started all this.

  18. Interesting info, Neil.

    So, it looks like blogging has become a lot more difficult then it used to be. So maybe it’s time to switch to some other form of making money online, e.g. video marketing 🙂

    Or maybe focus on paid advertising and selling products this way instead of blogging for years?

    By the way, do you teach how to achieve such results in your blogging course?

  19. Jacob Hurwith :

    Hi Neil,

    I am an avid reader of yours and noticed you have had an entire page interstitial ad come up when you visit the page. Given Google’s recommendations to avoid these, especially on mobile, are you going to get rid of it soon?

    Curious to hear your expert thoughts.

    Thank you.

  20. Neil,

    This was a great challenge! So much insightful information. The best thing was that the website URL had been revealed so we could follow along with the site building progress.

    Are you still going to be posting fairly regular updates on how the site is progressing? It would be good to know how the affiliate income does over time, I think this income stream is what the majority of people who followed along will be interested in.

    As for “Over the next few months, he wants to try a few fun content formats such as infographics and wants to see what happens if we were to dump a few hundred grand into the blog” – WOW, spoken like a true baller 🙂

    Kudos Neil, for such fascinating work!

  21. Hi Neil,

    I will try to multiple time for this site how can improve rank, page views and uses but you will not provide any solution. so please advise me and help me.


    • Start by taking a look at the guides on the right hand site Mithilesh. Check this out

  22. Kosamatu Lawal :

    I am joining at the tail end, (just having access to the last two updates). From what I’ve read so far, l knew I’ve missed a lot.I’ve combed through the blog to see if I could see the rest updates, but I could not. Please, if I can be directed to the rest, I will be grateful.

    • sure, take a look at this

  23. Thx for sharing the experience and the knowledge u gained, your articles are always worth reading.

    On another note, I also share the sentiments of @Mr Paul that some more in-depth information of how things worked would have done greater good to all the people who were following this project.

    The little things that make or break the project are illusive at times.

    Having said that, again I would say that overall I feel ur articles offer insights that many internet marketers won’t divulge until u pay them some good $$$’s.

    God Bless.& Keep Posting.

  24. Hands down Neil this was a great case study! Thank you for making it available to everyone. This is a great tool that can be used to show business owners what it takes now-a-days to rank organically. My advice to you is that you can put together into a PDF all your discoveries in this process and offer it as a lead magnet to attract people to your advanced SEO services.

  25. Congratulations Neil! I think you’ve managed to complete the challenge, not in terms of benefits but in terms of turnover.

    I’m surprised the low percentage of income coming from affiliates. I think you can enhance it a little bit more. Did you try Adsense? I think you could make an extra $300 / day with that traffic.

    As you said, I also think that today is much more complicated to rank on Google. You should learn new innovative SEO techniques.

    Finally, congratulations again. 🙂

    • Thanks Joseba, I think you’re right, we should be earning more. We’ll play around with the monetization over the next few months and see what we can do with it

  26. Abbas Sarfraz :

    Can you tell the specs of your hosting? And did you increased it by time or started off directly with a powerful hosting plan? And at do you recommend for new bloggers that might expect traffic.

    • I just use wpengine.

      • WPEngine is great if you only ever need WordPress and PHP — which most bloggers will be fine with. But if you plan to build a custom Web platform that needs other languages and databases, or a custom API, etc., avoid wpengine. My client’s project ground to a halt last year because of his not knowing you can only go so far with wpengine. No other programming languages, no other databases, and some other restrictions that could not be circumvented.

        • To clarify, I spoke to their tech support, and it was a frustrating experience, which the ultimately ended with “we don’t support anything else but WP and PHP.”

  27. uthman saheed :

    This is interesting. I have been opportune to read a lot of your hundred $ challenge report here and I must say, you must have done a very great work to have gone to this level.

    I just noticed that this report has never in anyway, capture the expenses you incurred to generate this income. Am sure this income would not have been earned without those expenses. Are you thinking of incorporating that to your report in the nearest future?

    So do you mean old blog have chance of been ranked higher than we with new blog?

    Sob for now….

  28. Anthony Chiaravallo :

    Thanks for all your efforts with this challenge, Neil! It has been incredible watching the growth of Nutrition Secrets and appreciate you sharing the behind the scenes look. I’m still curious to learn about how you actually determine the topics to drive such high levels of traffic. I imagine if I re-read through all the old posts I should be able to uncover some actionable advice on that aspect. But it would be great to see a recap article focused specifically on that portion. That has been the single biggest challenge with running my blog.

    • I’ll share some of the content marketing strategies we used soon.

    • As far as I analyzed Neil domain , It’s premium purchased domain which already got tons of links and authority, since domain has an archive from 1999, which means it was very easy to get to the top pages with few months since it has so much power.

      So achieving this rankings and traffic with a brand new domain with 4-5 months would be close to impossible, but yeah, as long as you got your ROI back, who cares.

  29. Hey Neil,

    Great challenge. One thing that surprises me is that you “only” had 218,811 visitors to your blog to generate $121,482.

    I always thought you needed at least 1M visitors to generate that kind of money, apparently not always.

    Is it ok if I shoot you an email, I got few specific questions about this journey.

    Thank you for this challenge.


  30. Neil,

    While I know it was a ton of work for an experiment it was immensely valuable to be able to observer and learn as we went along. This experiment and the transparency with which you conducted it should provide a solid education for a lot of people for a long time to come.

    Thank you for undertaking it. I can’t believe the year has gone by already.

    I saw in an earlier comment that one thing you would change is you would have focused on digital products first.

    If you did something like this again, would you tackle as competitive an industry (with the volume that implies) or would you focus on something more niche?

  31. Hi! Quick question on all this. When you say “opt-in”, what are you referring to? Specifically I’m resourcing these sentences, “It’s much larger than our previous numbers for one reason: we turned off double opt-in. Aweber usually requires double opt-in when you use third-party software to collect emails, but Mike called Aweber and got them to disable double opt-ins.”

    What does this mean? Is it for when you ask for new subscribers they only opt-in for one company to email them rather than two or more?

  32. Neil,

    Such a great example of how to grow a new niche site. I am totally appreciative of your hard work and desire to share your experiences. Thank you so very much.

    Question: Do you think making a secure site (https) and adding AMP would make any difference in the short term or just the long term?

    You are #TotallyAwesome


  33. Hey Neil, i have a question…

    If you remove the double optin like Mike did. Wouldn’t you risk your emails getting in your subscribers’s spam folder ??

    I hope you can inlighten me on this.

    Great work by the way,

  34. That’s great work. It really inspir me to work serusly on Internet marketing.

    Thanks for sharing this clear report.

  35. I would like to know what platform do you host the website on?
    And also a bit about security measures you consider.

  36. Vikash Sharma :

    Hi Neil,

    Congratulations for completing this challenge!

    it was a great experience for us though. During this journey, we have learned so many things and Thank you for providing the monthly detailed reports which were so informative and useful. As I am also in same niche so I learned a lot of things personally.
    Thank you very much

    Vikash Sharma

  37. Hey Neil,

    It was great following your journey and even though you faced many challenges, I am happy to see the success you have had with Nutrition Secrets.

    Creating multiple streams of income was the best lesson for me here, you didn’t just settle for Amazon but found high converting affiliate offers to supplement your income as well. Extremely inspiring.

    Thank you for your dedication and always being transparent

    Wes Smart

  38. This was great! Can we get all of these steps condensed down into some sort of guide? I think that would be very helpful!

  39. Thank you again for following through on this series. This has easily been the best digital marketing case study that I have followed because of the transparency that you’ve offered.

    It’s a bummer that this is over, but thank you.

  40. Solomon Bellamy :

    Hey Neil,

    Just wanted to say that I really appreciated this experiment. I had quit a previous blog as soon as you began writing this but I never stopped reading these updates to the 100k challenge.

    I just wanted to let you know that you’ve inspired me to start another online business with this series. You helped me to see that what you teach only works if I’m willing to work hard at it.

    What I’m trying to say is thanks! And if I can get this to workout I’ll have to track you down and take you out to dinner haha!

    Solomon Bellamy

  41. Jeremy Reeves :

    BADASS, my man. And there are so many more ways to monetize your list and customers as well. You haven’t even begin to touch on customer lifetime value, average order size, JV’s, segmenting, direct mail, consultative sales calls, … or any of the other 100 things to boost revenue more.

    Well done 😉

  42. well done in the 100k challenge. but i want to make sure about something

    1. how many contents nutritionsecrets already have?
    2. how many long tail keywords did Mike include into average 2000 word post? i know that natural content adds up way more keywords than you think, but i mean how many long tail ones he inserted into post deliberately?

    • 1. A bit over 270.
      2. We more so targeted 50 or so major head terms as in the nutrition space some of these head terms can drive a thousand plus visitors a day.

  43. Big fan of yours Neil and grateful that you put this level of effort into showing us how its done on this scale. I’m still learning the ropes and fighting it out in my little corner niche which is small but I’m enjoying it. I’m hoping to expand into others at some point and watching you go through it all is really inspiring.


  44. It was a great experience to see you on this journey, i wonder whats next ?

  45. Hey Neil,
    It’s been great reading these posts. In fact it’s one of a few blog posts I make sure I read each month.

    Can’t help but feel you should now release an eBook on this experiment, (+ potentially a course..) as the content you’ve put out is awesome, plus I’m sure many people on this email list would love a actionable month by month guide.

    If you looking for another JV partner, let me know….

  46. Great update and congratulations in hitting the target.

    But when a lead marketer like you say it was too much of work, that bit turn me off.

    Now, what is the real secret, share with us 😀

  47. Dave Sanders :


    Thanks for all the effort and putting yourself and expertise to a true test. Your blog is an invaluable asset. You mentioned the same effort 5 years ago would have netted close to 5x more sessions, do you think this is in part due to the nature of the vertical, and more precisely, the niche you selected to build?

    Thanks again for your hard work and transparency. Pass along my thanks to Mike as well, that was/is a titanic effort by someone that up to a year ago had never done anything like this.

    – Dave

  48. You sell fishoil? lol I need fish oil. Where the link so I can buy from you? You have this awesome blog and I would love to help you out. Seriously.

  49. Derric Haynie :

    Great great update.

    I’ve been copying your strategy as best I could with a couple of my own twists to it and have recently launched a site – – modeled after The main twist is our content tilt – which helps seperate us from the nutrition space. And our second twist is that we are going a bit stronger on branding and will make it a little bit more of a branded play. We are hoping this increases LTV and allows us to use paid traffic alongside organic.

    I’m expecting to be worse at this than you and will likely have much slower growth. But following a similar format overall. We’ve got the blog up with really great long form content and a solid content marketing strategy. We are looking to launch a product in 3 months and hit $100k total revenue by end of 2016. We will be posting case studies to that over on our blog: (shameless plug).

    This case study has seriously changed the way I do business. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you and Mike in a few days at Growth Marketing Conference.

  50. Can you share the email open rates and clickthrough rates you are getting?

  51. So the results are somewhat gamed? Based on your quote here:

    As for March, I didn’t spend much on buying tons more inventory as I wanted to show that selling supplements can be profitable.

    It seems that if you were to actually purchase inventory this month then you would not reach your goal.

    • Not really… purchasing more inventory would mean the profit would just go down. Revenue should stay the same…. I am just not looking to pursue the business.

  52. No matter how big a crowd, you always standout. Congrats!

  53. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the information and effort you’ve put it on the challenge, it’s been a great learning opportunity for your readers. Have you have got any tips for people who don’t have the reputation of success that you do to recruit someone like Mike to work for 12 months without getting paid upfront? What would you do differently in this situation, to create content if you have a little money but not much time?

    Thanks, David T.

  54. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the detailed update and congratulations on hitting your goal!

    The question I have for you this month concerns the counterfeiters. You have been battling those guys for months now. I remember that shortly after you started selling your product on Amazon you hired a lawyer to be sending them cease and desist letters (you reported paying $2,000 for it, if memory serves). And yet, you don’t seem to be able to get rid of the counterfeiters. At the time of writing, there is one remaining — Wholesale Forward — but there have been many of them.

    Is there really no way to get those guys to stop selling your product? Have you trademarked Nutrition Secrets? Have you done anything else to protect your brand? There must be a way to get the counterfeiters off your back.

    Best regards,

    • We can, but obviously all this requires a lot of time and work so it’s just the process we need to go through unfortunately

  55. Hey Neil,

    I’m curious to know about how your Aweber emails avoid being labelled spam when you include the affiliate links.

    It’ll be great if you can explain and show us how you did it.


  56. charles fitzgerald :

    Hey Neil

    Excellent to read! The numbers look a bit worrying though!. $749 in the last day and $3.5k in the last 7 days yet $112k in the last 30.

    Do you know what’s caused the significant drop off and how something like this is combatted?


    • Yes, I stopped pushing it as hard from emails, links from the site, monitoring reviews on Amazon, etc. Reason being is the business was taking a lot of time so doing the bare minimum to hit the goal is what Mike and I focused on.

  57. Robert Newman :

    I’ve read every post. I’m grateful you included some thoughts about how much harder this blog was to rank than previous efforts. If you ever had some case studies on “then” vs “now” I think you would have a huge audience for that information.

    Thank you so much, Niel. For the experiment, for the transparency.

    I would also be curious if you would ever do a “production” recap. Here’s the format I was thinking of:

    How many link building emails:
    How many links (as of) : (I do have ahrefs so this is probably arbitrary)
    How many ORINIGAL posts ( I can see the 300+ but didn’t bother to separate curated content) :
    How many social posts (original content)
    How many infographics:

    Etc Etc.

    I am thinking you or Mike probably has this data somewhere. I feel like that would also be an amazingly popular post should you put it together.

    Even if you don’t I really appreciate what you did here. Thank you again.

  58. This was awesome. I loved this challenge and I’m sad it’s over. Thank you so much for doing it. I hope what you learned benefits you as much as it has us 🙂
    As a person who has read tonnes of posts as a consumer, and many of them in the same arena as the nutrition blog (healthy living is one of my “hobbies”)…I can tell you I personally clicked through Mikes posts without ever finishing one of them. They were just a bit long and wordy for me. I personally love the depth of quick sprout, but I truly want short sweet and very direct as a consumer… Hopefully this helps a bit?

  59. Hi Neil,
    excellent results with the case study, i’ve been following since you started this Challenge few months ago .

    It is earning 50% profit right, then why would you not keep doing it or let your team do , earning the money .

    Thanks )

  60. Its a nice about the growth and traffic, i have one query about amazon product url find in google, i read a lot about this but did’nt find the satisfactory answer. There is nay update how google work amazon product url for SERP.

  61. Peter Stavrou :

    Fantastic Challenge!
    I enjoyed reading every single blog post and will go back and read over it again.
    Glad you ended up reaching your goal 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  62. Thomas McCallum :

    It’s been really exciting watching your progress . I always look forward to this post.

    I think seeing the successes and failures really helps you to relate. You’ve shown the real life, side of business, and content marketing. Great work!

  63. It was an amazing case study Neil. I learned a lot in this journey. Thanks for making this challenge possible.

  64. This 100k challenge updates has been inspiring and I specially liked the early updates where u shared the process to gain the traffic, Fb likes, link building efforts etc…

    My business model will be collecting emails and then send my list my kindle book that I am writing in my niche and then recommend affiliate tangible products that I know will be beneficial as the back end or up-sell so using your strategies should work for me.

    Thanks for sharing the journey Neil it has been amazing.

  65. Organic searches are much higher. How did you get that? How much time it taken?

    Can you write an post about how to get organic ranking in less time for ecommerce website?

    What process we can use to rank higher in SERP?

    Please Neil

    • It was due to content marketing. Check out my guide on content marketing techniques

  66. I will remember these two days….
    You first posted the 100k challange
    Second when you acheived 100k challange…
    Time went so fast….
    See you soon!

  67. Fantastic series Neil. I came in half way through but I tracked back and read from the start. I’ve learned so much along the way. I appreciate how transparent you have been and that you have given up your time to report on this experiment. It’s been immensely valuable.

  68. Rocking Aryan :

    I just landed through Newsletter. and Push Notification is already subscribed.

    The $100,000 Challenge was pretty good but expenses are too much compared to the earning. While I know it was a ton of work for an experiment it was immensely valuable to be able to observe and learn as we went along. This experiment and the transparency with which you conducted it should provide a solid education for a lot of people for a long time to come.

    • Make me think a newbies like me wouldn’t have it easy to invest this much. It works pretty well when you are Neil, having the certitude and money to spare. But for an average person like me, it is almost impossible.

    • I hope so too. It was expensive and quite challenging, but I think the site is in a pretty good position to grow even faster at this point.

  69. Fantastic post Neil. Thanks for sharing this post.

  70. Hello Neil (& Mike),

    Thank you for your report and analysis – do hope you celebrated with something high fat, sugary and with a shot of alcohol.

    Quite a marathon but very interesting. I couldn’t follow your example but I’ve still learnt plenty and hope my small contribution was worthwhile.

    If it’s beneficial to have people linger longer on the site, perhaps you might consider one of those multiple choice, health/body-type/possible deficiency, questionnaires. We are all a bit self-centred and love doing and finding out more about ourselves.

    Please accept my congratulations and my thanks.


    • Thanks Zara! Yah we definitely learned quite a bit form this whole thing. Now that we have multiple revenue streams happening, I’m curious to see how this further develops

  71. guntaka subba Reddy :

    Million dollar Stuff and Congratulations

  72. Neil, I’ve been ardent follower of your blog and this case study, gobbling up every bit of information you put out here. This is truly amazing. It foes to show that it is really possible for anyone to go from zero to 100k in about a year if they are willing to put in the work. I just have one request: Is it possible for you to outline your content creation/writing strategy or steps? Maybe create a post about that? Some of us could really benefit from creating quality content on the level that you and Mike do.

  73. Thx for showing this huge experiment. When I read the first blog about this Challenge, I didn’t think it would work to reach the 100.000 dollar challenge. But, yes you can! Great experiment!

  74. This has been fun and I learned a lot during this case-study. Definitely, for someone starting off the ground, he/she will have nothing but hard work to invest into a new project of this nature to see it as close as successful as yours.
    For a moment, lets consider that I was the one behind such a project, it would put me out of my 9 to 5
    thanks for such a good job.

  75. Nilantha Jayawardhana :

    Awesome post neil. Thanks for sharing.

  76. Heh Neil,
    Two questions
    1. Would you not recommend starting a blog anymore then TL build an online business and presence and get daily leads?
    2. How did you get your traffic so quickly if you weren’t paying for it? Mostly from Facebook? Like just posting to your Facebook pages?

    • 1. No, I would always recommend starting a blog, fastest way to grow
      2. Content marketing… creating blogs and promoting

      • joseph passi :

        Like you paid for traffic to visit the blog? And then made it back?


        • Neil Patel :

          I’ll be testing out more paid traffic moving forward

          • Ok sorry to keep on bugging, I just wonder in terms of how you build your traffic for blogs. Like make a blog and then promote it free and through paid traffic on facebook?

  77. Can you make a summary post of the biggest lessons you learned from this?

  78. Hi Neil,
    Watched your challenge with interest hoping that we could learn a trick or two for our own internet project we’ve been working on for the past 5 years. Still can’t believe the amount of traffic/income you generated.

    If you ever want to do an experiment to take an existing business and turn it into a million dollar venture – let us know. 😉

    Big Smiles

    • Neil Patel :

      Glad you enjoyed it Susie 🙂

      • Mmm… I think it frustrated me more than anything, interesting to know who much traffic the site would have generated if it wasn’t connected to you. Do you have any pearls of wisdom for my site?

  79. Wow, cool…
    Please help me i also want to earn like you

  80. Hi Neil,

    Thanks and Kudos to you guys for such a phenomenal success. One thing I want to ask, you have invested over 60k USD to earn about 50k, that’s not bad but if you think from beginner point of view, they might not be able to invest this much.

    What advise do you have to offer them. Where should they start from.

  81. Hello Neil,
    It’s a phenomenal success!Would you please share the thought how should do the same for a newbie who has not enough fund?

  82. wow, Truly inspirational neil…

  83. :

    Your monthly update post is what keeps me to continue doing online business, I might not be successful yet but this shows me what is possible and that it is possible. thanks

    • Neil Patel :

      When you believe it’s possible, then thats when everything begins to change. Excited for you…

  84. Imran khan :

    Hi Neil,

    Congratulations on winning the $100k challenge, at around the 8th month mark I thought you could not make it to $100k. When you started the challenge, I said to myself I will follow your steps and try to build a $10k site but could never start. Thanks for demonstrating its possible but not easy at all.

    I have found an easier way to hit the 10k goal, I am from south India and in a position to supply HCA extracts from Garcenia , Green Coffee Extracts and Curcumin from Turmeric, All three are in good demand on So can I be part of your journey to the $200k challenge? 🙂

    Thanks again sharing this project online.

    Imran khan

    • Neil Patel :

      We were starting to think the same thing, but luckily everything worked out.

      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed and congrats on hitting your goal, 10k is awesome!

      • Imran khan :


        I can supply HCA extract of Garcinia – a hot product for weight loss. Would you be interested ? Eager to work with you on this.

        Thanks for considering

        Imran khan

  85. Shaun Wright :

    Crazy challenge update! Congratulations on the profit you’ve made and the work you’ve put into the whole project to share it with us. Thanks for the transparency!

  86. Neil, great stuff. Just found your overall analysis a little conflicting as did others, reference… too much hard work to rank on Google nowadays.

    So after a years test and $50,000 profit in a month are you saying its not worth it or you could of made more?

    Do you still say anyone can do it?

    What else could make it better?

    • It is definitely worth it. But I’m already too busy with my other companies and work stuff which is making me more than $50,000 already so i’d rather do that instead of continuing this blog.

      Although it was good experience.

  87. Darius Gaynor :

    Great stuff! I been following your challenge. Thanks for doing the challenge as it taught me more about growing an online blog and selling a product.

  88. I am really glad you have reached your income goal (and then some). These numbers right down to your Aweber stats are none other than impressive. Thanks for sharing your real life stats with us Neil.

  89. Hey Neil,
    First of all, a very hearty congratulation to you on hitting your target of 100k$.
    You are really an inspiration to youngsters like us.

  90. Josey Mras :

    hi Neil,
    a very warm congratulations from me representing the Kenyan audience.

    I have been following the challenge from the begging to the end and despite it being a tiresome project, you have educated and given many bloggers & internet marketers so much hope in this job.

    I have two quick requests:
    1. could you share the strategy that you have been using in this challenge? That is from content creation to content marketing (eBook download)
    2. Can we organize a blogging workshop in Kenya with you as the honourable guest?
    You so much inspire me, i would really want to see the same to many young Kenyan bloggers.

    looking forward to your response… Cheers.
    Thank you and God bless.

  91. Wow, I knew it will cross the figure limit and it did. As the the rise in traffic shows, this site is going to be BIG. Do you have any plans on launching a book about this challenge? Can the same approach be applied to any niche?

  92. Hey Neil,

    You said “the blog would have been at a million visitors a month with the same amount of effort”. What are the exact traffic tactics / effort you are using for this blog?
    How did you launch the blog at the very beginning?

  93. B-Fast It LImited :

    hi Neil
    this is a nice article ,,,thanks for sharing ….

  94. Hi Neil, one thing I appreciate all along this experiment is your transparency and detailing. I have learnt so much that I feel I’m ready to try out another niche. It’s good to find out how much competitive other niches are. I just hope I survive this stiff competition out there today, all the best brother.

    • Wonderful to hear Akinade! If there’s anything I can help with, please don’t hesitate to ask

  95. Hi Neil! I loved following your challenge, seeing your blog go from 0 to over $50K in profit/month. Congratulations on hitting your goal!

    Two things stood out to me as the main drivers of your process, 1000+ word content with great keywords, and link building to that content.

    My question is, if a blog/site had only those two things, would that be enough for it to rank in Google and get a few thousand visitors a month?

    • You still need to market and promote your content if you want it to get seen and potentially attract links

  96. Hi Neil,

    As others have already stated, thanks so much for this incredible journey with you and Mike. I wish you and Mike the very best and that what you have given selflessly to us all will be returned to you two-fold.

  97. Neil,
    I haven’t been reading many blogs the past several months, but this series is something that I always try to catch. I give you a lot of credit for even attempting this and documenting it publicly.

    How do you feel the income/profit results would differ if you focused for the full year just on selling on Amazon and never did anything with a blog? I get that the blog helped, but I wonder in the short term if you would have made more money by devoting time to just to selling on Amazon and not building out the blog, which obviously takes a ton of time.

    • I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’d do it. The website is now in a position to create multiple income streams

  98. Amazing report, Neil!
    It’s nothing but the consequence of hard and smart work.

  99. Hey Neil,

    Congrats on hitting the goal! Kudos to you for keeping it up, I’ve been following the updates with interest.

    Quick Q (just curious): how are you gonna be moving forward with Nutrition Secrets. You mentioned that you wouldn’t do it again and that it’s more profitable for you to spend time working on your other ventures. So will Mike be taking it over completely, or will you still be in an advisory/managerial role?

    • I’m investing some money into producing more content, increasing the traffic, and probably selling digital products

  100. Your on target to achieve the target ;p

  101. Wow,

    I’ve been following this since the beginning, whilst I’ve been investing in a couple of starter real estate deals and building a small pre-list for my future blog launch (currently around 55), you’ve built a 100k a month revenue powerhouse!

    I just BEG you, to put all of these 100k a month challenge posts under a category so we can easily flick between months!

    Great shout on the double-opt-in, for anyone using MailChimp, you can avoid this conversion killer by using SumoMe opt-in and pushing leads from there to MailChimp (automated), SumoMe gives you the option to turn off double opt-in.

    What’s the long game, sell the site?

    Things I’ve learnt:

    – You don’t have to be perfect before you launch
    – You can learn as you go along
    – Build your subscribers
    – Work to build relationships on Social Media to promote
    – Continually test and amend
    – Just do it!

    Thanks Neil,


    • No I don’t think I’ll sell it, but have a few different ideas I want to implement on monetizing the properties

  102. Hi Neil,
    I found this challenge really useful, as I started my own blog around the same time as Nutrition Secrets, although I wasn’t in a position to fund it at the time. What is most useful is being steered to the actions that have the most result. There is SO much information on the Web in general, some is good, some is downright harmful, and as a newbie you just don’t know what to do first, and it becomes a bit overwhelming.
    I did dive in a ‘Just Do It’ but without knowing what works, you just see your competitor leap ahead in huge bounds, and you don’t know what to do about it as you watch your traffic tail off. So having your monthly updates really helped to keep me focussed and engaged, and I have learnt as I went along:
    a) I built subscribers,
    b) I’ve promoted on Social Media and now brands are liking or retweeting (a huge ‘win’ for a small blog)
    c) I’ve recently bought a domain name and logo, and so traffic is on the up and people can fined me a lot easier
    d) I learnt that Google doesn’t list new sites for 6-7 months, so I wasn’t completely disheartened when my traffic was under 100 visitors a day! It’s improved since!

    The challenge was a great idea and perfectly timed for me – thank you Neil.


    • I think sometimes the “Just do it” approach works the best and is the fastest way for you to learn. Fail forward fast.

      Great job on all those lessons you’ve learned, that should help you move quickly now

  103. Hi Neil

    Its achievement, most of the people here are trying to achieve just half of that but they are not able to do it. $51,000/month profit is a good amount for someone to live a lavish life which you did it just for experiment _/\_


    Suraj Soni

  104. Jhon Smith :

    Hey Neil

    Awesome post. Really great tips for a perfect blogging. I am now focus on creating high quality content for my blog and this article really helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  105. Thank you for sharing. Not easy to replicate such a project, but always useful to learn something new.

    And congratulations! It was a difficult goal, but you make it look so easy 🙂

  106. Hi Neil! Thanks for updating you on your progress. We learned a ton of stuff and I wish you keep growing beyond your wildest dreams!

    I just talked to my mother-in-law who is a nutritionist and she told me there are lots of fake fish oils out there. One way to find out is to put it in the freezer. If it freezes, it is fake. I found your product on amazon and perhaps you could add such information to the description so that people know it is the real deal. It would definitely make me feel more inclined to buy.

    Have you done this test with yours? 🙂

    I think Mike deserves a bigger stake!!!


  107. Hi
    Thanks for the great information. Quick question. I am creating a website for training dogs. Would it be better to narrow down into a specific breed, e.g. Beagles or rather keep it general and ‘niche’ into training specific behaviors for all breeds (as opposed to specific breeds).

    • Neil Patel :

      Niching it to a certain breed will give you more concentrated traffic. What are you planning to sell? Do you want to work with multiple breeds?

  108. Zhivko Stanev :

    I still think you did an amazing job with that website for just one year, given the highly competitive niche you targeted, which you knew nothing about, and the rough start you had with the penalized domain you picked at first.

    I just got a client with a brand new website selling culinary argan oil ( and I think I will try to replicate your campaign step by step. It seems doable. Let’s see if I manage to get the same results as you did.

    It got me thinking, though. The whole thing sounds great – a guy starts a blog and in one year he is making 100 000 / month with a really small investment. However, if Mike had to hire you to guide him through the process, would it still be worth it for him?

    I am not trying to ask how much you charge per hour. : ) I am just wondering if it economically efficient for a small business owner or a startup to hire an SEO expert like you. What do you think?

    • Neil Patel :

      I usually wouldn’t take an opportunity like that as my time would be better spent on other ventures.

  109. I still do not understand one basic point. This website is supposed to bring in the sales but it does not sell the fish oil. The product is sold on Amazon and there seems to be no promotion of the product being sold at Amazon from the emails to the subscribers. Don’t take me wrong as I saw the website going good and that in natural with your following but the basic concept of this challenge is still flying above my head.

    • Neil Patel :

      It’s hard to say how much traffic was going to amazon because they don’t provide sufficient enough analytics. However, I do think the site is in a position to make a lot more from digital products

  110. Peter Mitchell :

    Just jumped back on to see this post and impressed with how far the challenge has come. I think I last checked in on it just after you started the fish oil product approach.

    Definitely need to go back through and get caught up with the entire process as I’ve missed a fair bit.

    Very cool, that you managed to generate so much from the project and gives me a bit of renewed faith that it can be achieved and not to give up so soon.

    Thanks for the motivation and insights into the workings of it all. Off to make my millions now.


    • You’re welcome Peter, hopefully you picked up some of the lessons I learned. Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with

  111. Well, I admire your push… but I feel you cut corners in the end just to meet the gross of $100K. Obviously, you drove Mike like a demon to write like an animal for a year. But, truthfully, the opt-ins are not targeted (just like the traffic) and you don’t know which keywords are making sales for you.

    Like spraying a gun everywhere because you knew you’d hit “something” as long as he pumped out that massive volume of cheesy content (some content was good. A lot of it was cheesy)

    I think you panicked last month after seeing the net profit… and just wanted to be done with it. The monthly posting details became less and less engaging and it seems you sorely wanted to be done with.

    That’s what its felt like over the last several months from my end.

    Now, is it possible to do it your way for a “normal” person? No. Because NOT having a plan for income at the beginning and forcing yourself to write and write and write with no idea of how you’re going to profit – isn’t possible?

    With no real foresight for income nobody could do that. The human condition wouldn’t allow it. Those are the facts and things you failed to mention to your readership.

    Just like the lack of targeting. Things that REALLY matter. They get lost in the “oh, but traffic will come” if you just keep writing…

    Call a spade a spade and let’s keep it real for people who look deeper than stroking your ego.

    Sound good?

    • That’s what its felt like over the last several months from my end.

      Or, that’s what YOU felt like on your end?

      Somewhat in fairness to Neil, he did conclude:

      Overall, the $100,000 challenge was fun, but I wouldn’t do it again. It’s just too much work with everything I have going on.

      And he provided as much details as possible. Details that might (not) help others looking for some direction in their online endeavors.

      But, he also did ask what everyone—including you—think of the challenge so…fair enough. 🙂

  112. No traffic from email list and you’re saying that it was so important? There is some grey stuff here, you’re faking numbers or something, probably on sales.

    If the sales are right, they are not coming from the blog for sure, they are organic from Amazon so.

    • Neil Patel :

      We aren’t using UTM codes for emails… at least Mike didn’t which is why email doesn’t show up as a line item. Or else the email numbers would be much larger.

  113. Wow Neil, just amazing. Great job as always. Just a question, since I am new to the game; what’s the title of the first article discussing thing project? Would love to read the whole process from A to Z. Cheers again!

    • You can check here

  114. 100k in one month! You make it look so easy! Awesome btw

  115. Congratulations, Neil. It was a great series.

  116. Make money in internet is easy?
    How make money without spend a penny ??
    I try for 2 years and lose time.

  117. Manya Dutta :

    Turning impossible into possible 🙂 Awesome article. Thanks for sharing

  118. milon khan :

    really help rank better on yelp listing page. I tried it for few local businesses and it
    really helpass
    thanks you

  119. Congratulations Neil and i really appreciate the hard work you must have done to be at this level , 🙂

    Also i am starting my blog hope i do apply all things perfectly.

  120. Amazing, but how much did the experiment make in profit total? It looks around $60k?

  121. Jeremy Gray :

    I’ve followed this since the beginning when we had to vote to decide which way you were going to go with this. I have to say this has been one of the coolest and most inspiring article series I’ve ever seen. I felt special because I was reached out to by someone asking me to link to your site in one of my articles. I felt pretty special.

    Great job and thank you for putting so much time and effort into creating this and all of your content.

  122. George Schmilinsky :

    Neil, you’re amazing. I love reading your blogs and I appreciate that (1) you’re not trying to hide your trade secrets, and (2) you make a stand, such as this blog series, to prove your abilities.

    First let me state you’re a genius! Really really appreciate all your posts. I decided (like many others) to replicate your experiment, Which I’ve summarized here:

    We’ll see if I have the same success. I am well versed in starting up companies but not using the blog techniques you’ve done so it will be interesting to see if I can adopt some of your techniques with any success.

    I’ve read in many people above post that they wish they had all your posts in one spot. Well I did that a long time ago so I’ve provided it here:

    • haha thanks for putting that together, I appreciate it 🙂

      I hope your challenge goes well, keep me posted

  123. Hai Neil ,
    Great case study.

    Do you think your site would have ranked sooner in google if you have used a old domain name with good backlinks in the same nutrition niche ? or if the premium domain you bought had good backlinks instead of spammy backlinks ?

    And it is a good idea to buy a old relevant domain with good history and do a 301 redirect to a new domain ? Will this help with quicker rankings. Kindly let me know your experience with this.

    Gowtham V

    • While it was an old domain, but didn’t have an existing link profile.

      Yes you can do that and it would help, it just depends on the links that domain already has

      • Thanks for your reply Neil. I tried out a 301 redirect with an old domain name (which had some good backlinks) to a brand new domain and two month old new site entered the first 5 pages rankings for most of its keyword after 2 weeks of 301 redirect. So it does have an effect as you said 🙂


  124. Tory McBroom :

    I’m curious about Clickbank and your Aweber follow up series. I signed up for the Nutrition Secrets newsletter and didn’t receive any emails pointing to Clickbank offers. Are you guys still doing that? I’d really like to learn more about creating a profitable Email series using clickbank (or any) products as I have a blog in a similar niche as Nutrition Secrets. Thanks Neil! I enjoyed following along with this challenge.

    • We’re still testing out a few different offers Tory, so you probably didn’t see anything yet.

      Glad you enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you have any questions

  125. Hi Neil,

    Brilliant case study, the $100,000 challenge. I followed along with interest. I have just started a blog to drive traffic to my website and Quicksprout has been an incredible resource.

    One thing I am unsure about, is how you decide on keywords to use for a specific blog post? Do you have a list of keywords relevant to your whole website, from which you select a few for each post, and if so how do you discover them?

    Or do you have a few keywords specific to each blog post, and if so how do you discover them? Presumably each blog post is a different topic and will require unique keywords.

    Any help with this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.


  126. This is awesome! As I am following you since few months I learn only now about your challenge Neil. My compliments!

    Is there some index where I can see all the updates about the challenge from the beginning?

    Thank you!
    Hope to get a feedback from you

    PS. Apologize me for my bad English, I am just learning it

  127. Hi Neil,

    how are you?

    My question: Could you please ask Mike where he gets his new ideas for his amazing blog posts? how does he conduct information research?

    10 Incredible Food Combinations That Boost Metabolism Quickly
    Sushi: How Healthy Can it Really Be?

    These are recent posts and the headlines are awesome!

    If he could answer, I would be so grateful because I’ve been dreaming about launching my own diet blog for years 🙂 I don’t want to be your competitor, I think the niche is huge.

    Anyway, thanks for your attention.

  128. Look at the level of email collections, how can I improve from here to your level please? Thank you.

    • Keep practicing and applying what you learn. Learning is experience, everything else is just information

  129. Thanks for all the effort and putting yourself and expertise to a true test. Your blog is an invaluable asset. You mentioned the same effort 5 years ago would have netted close to 5x more sessions, do you think this is in part due to the nature of the vertical, and more precisely, the niche you selected to build?

  130. Hi Nail sir! I want to ask a question, I worked on timeroid strategy and I succeed in this strategy as well and my niche is video PC gaming, In this month, three new installments have been launched and as I told you that I worked on timeroid so, those games were giving good result and was getting around 3k traffic per day, but after 2 weeks, my keyword’s positions decreased, but it was not a bit loss because the keywords come to 4 or 5th positions from 1 and 2nd position, but the main problem is that I am getting so low traffic on those games, I am getting around 800 PV on every game. so please tell me whats the reason behind this ? 🙁 🙁 🙁 I am very confused 🙁 🙁

  131. Wondering, how is the connection of fish oil selling on fba without developing the blog in the first?
    How is the blog connected to the fba selling?


  132. Hi Neil.

    Thank you for a great blog that I read everyday. I had a question about the 100,000 challenge. I started an amazon business. Currently, I only have 40 reviews on my product. However, my sales per day are very low. Around 1-3 sales on average. My question is, how many reviews are needed to get to the 100,000 rev per month mark? How many reviews needed to get to 50,000 rev per month mark?

  133. I liked the $100,000. It was fun to follow along and see the growth you garnered alongside the flexibility you had to employ to keep moving in the right direction. A bit sad that you’re not into doing it again but we can all refer to the past posts for inspiration. I’m curious though… have you ever thought about doing anything smaller scale. I know it’s go big or go home, but as someone who is just starting in the online world and really just looking to replace my small yearly salary of under 60k for a whole year (a month would be great though too) I found it hard to kind of figure out where I would fit this into a personal model for me. Any thoughts or resources for the little guys (gals in this case 🙂

    • I would do the same thing but since you don’t have the budget, you need to learn how to hustle on the side. Use services like upwork and recruit and build teams

  134. Hi Neil, would you share what other affiliate products have you promoted expect Organifi, and how? What was the total profit of affiliates except Amazon sales?

  135. So, it looks like Neil you haven’t hit the target you set for yourself?

    Any learning on why you didn’t hit it?

  136. Great information. Carry on bro. I am working as a content writer , so your articles will help me to write my next project. I am printing this page.thank you.
    Zuly Zonova
    Owner of

  137. Good job. Very informative post. The analysis is very effectively presented.

  138. Great information. Carry on bro. I am working as a content writer , so your articles will help me to write my next project. I am printing this page.thank you.

    Zuly Zonova
    Owner of

  139. Hi Neil,

    good job with nutrition secrets, thinking about replicating your techniques and doing the same stuff.

    Just wanted to ask if these numbers of revenue & profit are calculated after tax?

    Thanks for your reply.

  140. I caught all this on the tail end. I can’t see how spending $69,000 on fish oil as an expense would make this challenge fair to the average person. It just isn’t. I would like to have seen a more realistic challenge such as ‘only using affiliate’ marketing.

    Why not simply send readers to a fish oil supplement on Amazon and claim 4% commission? Because it wouldn’t be enough revenue for the challenge?

    I would have liked to have seen more ‘Affiliate links’ on blogs along with product reviews. There was a list of Nutrients analyzed such as CLA, tumeric, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, etc – why not simply promote all of them with the many blogs produced, do reviews and simply use an affiliate link for them. This is what most affiliate marketers do.

    Overall, it was a big disappointment learning the challenge took a big short cut buying tens of THOUSANDS of dollars worth of inventory. Thus, THE CHALLENGE IS NOT REPRODUCIBLE for the average person. Neil, this example was only effective because of your experience but MOSTLY the big money you invested in it. Very disappointing.

    • Sorry it wasn’t helpful George. My hope was that you would take some tips here and there and be able to incorporate it into your own business.

  141. Ruben Baestaens :

    Wow awesome Neil,
    Followed the journey from day 1.

    Thanks you for the (free) information

  142. You totally crushed it!!

    Implementing these is a pain.

    Looking forward 🙂

  143. aaslin sathrak :

    Thank you for taking up this challenge, this challenge though can’t be taken up by newbies as it requires a huge upfront investment, but it would be very good idea for anyone to start small in this business and grow from there.

  144. I’ve loved this challenge Neil, it’s been awesome to watch (and learn from) your strategies at work. It would be great if you ever did something like this again, except perhaps in an industry that you prefer, selling virtual products and services, if that suits you best.

    If not though, following this whole challenge has been MORE than educational. Thanks again.

  145. That was awesome Neil. Interested in seeing what happens when you guys slow down on the blogging and start adding more linkable assets. I remember you mentioned slowing down on quicksprout before and it had a drastically negative effect on your traffic. This time I’m curious what you will do to leverage your time but still maintain/grow traffic.

    There are a few ways to get more reviewers: either through an automated autoresponder within Amazon – such as or through the ‘Review Finder’ app in Amasuite ( The review finder app provides a bunch of emails from top video reviewers in the US and UK markets. It’s pretty neat.

    Other than that, there’s good ol influencer outreach too. Which is less reviews, but might be more profitable to the bottom line. Since you’ll be reaching one-to-many.

    Looks like the this $100,000 challenge is getting closer and closer. Excited to see what’s next and what other hurdles you can teach people to overcome.


    • Glad you enjoyed it Nathan and thanks for those suggestions.

      Influencer out reach can work really well, especially if the audience is passionate about the topic

  146. Do you have problems sending affiliate links through aweber with spam-assassin score? When I put affiliate links in my email the score shoots sky high…

  147. Eric Langstaf :

    Nice one dude! how much did livestrong and livescience paid you? I ended getting one of my worker to do the audit and it appears your built Nutrition site for LiveStrong mainly so why don’t you tell us how much did you guys really make on this?

  148. I agree with Eric, looking at ranking increase for,,, and not to mention……-> and just a tease;

    Basically dude you have figured out the ultimate combo. Thanks for Sharing

  149. Richard Cates :

    Thanks Neil for sharing update, what could be the revenue if you would sell someone’s product via same website, same approach but via Amazon Associates program? As you mentioned tangible products are hard to deal and I completely agree.

  150. Eric langstaff :

    It’s on a perfectly setup nose dive 😉 but as you know if you stop linking out to sites which are in your…… it will stop but I guess you have intended reason behind it. please share:)

  151. It was an amazing case study Neil. I learned a lot in this journey. Thanks for making this challenge possible. You are awesome.

  152. Team Building Nha Trang :

    Hi Neil,

    good job with nutrition secrets, thinking about replicating your techniques and doing the same stuff.

  153. Hi Neil,

    Did you shut down Nutrition Secrets? I was going through my emails and realized I never received the personalized PDF I paid for, and I tried emailing back but my email bounced.


  154. Hi Neil,

    I have read your post and some other good one on your personal blog. I have tried to implement some of your strategies but can’t really see a bounce in organic traffic.

    I tried to put my effort and for example I see your strategies about long tail keyword 4 or more, but i don’t get why you choose some long tail with only 400 search per month for example.

    Can you explain a bit ?

    Thanks a lot

  155. Brian Kindsvater :

    Got the message Nutrition Secrets has bit the dust. Mike’s day job isn’t leaving him time to work on the site. That’s frustrating to see a website build up to $100k in gross monthly sales with guidance from a known marketer and then to see it all fall apart.

    Or, something is fishy about a site supposedly making $50,000 in monthly net profit apparently having so many Amazon reviews deleted and then being quickly abandoned for lack of interest and passion.

    There’s a lot of lessons here. How to throw away a million dollar business … Amazing.

    Thanks for the posts about the challenge. Maybe there’s something else going on behind the scenes. Just hard to believe the rapid build up to a $50k net profit per month business is a walked away from for lack of interest so Mike could work his day job. Must be a heck of a job.

  156. yeah, i was thinking the same thing, i hope neil gives us his loyal supporters a better answer. im sure he got a great price for it.
    how about some details?

  157. Hi Neil, great journey, I really enjoyed reading thru it!

    If I understood right the large majority of revenues were brought in by Amazon sales. If you did a Amazon based business from day 1 building a full line of products without having a blog on the side, do you think the revenues would have been greater, the same or lower?

    Blogging sounded like soon much hustling for not much impact (revenue wise) while Amazon seemed like walk in the park handing out coupons… Anyhow really interesting to see a full journey!

    Thanks a lot for all the value you give out!

    Ben from Montréal

  158. Great work Neil!

  159. Hi Neil,

    Any updates on nutrition secrets? How are things going a year later?

  160. Hi Neil,

    I have been following you for a long time which inspired me to start a site on product discovery and reviews. Even though I have been writing for over 2 months now, the traffic is increasing only slowly.

    After re-reading your $100K challenge posts, I know several mistakes I have made.

    1. Since the site is about product discovery, I am focussing on multiple niches at the same time. (This might be a mistake as Google might not understand the niche I’m in)

    2. I haven’t produced longer 2000-word articles. (Actually I did in the beginning, but they didn’t give me much result either! )

    3. I haven’t started link building yet, but I wanted to have enough content + design on the site to make it look professional. Classic mistake, I believe!

    4. I am not spending anything on ads/ content because I don’t have much! Just started out…

    Neil, how do product discovery sites acquire links?

    • It is about building relationships and understanding the influencers you need links from. Also even 1$ a day of a video Facebook ad campaign would be good 😉

  161. You are my inspiration Neil. I am starting a new blog and try to improve its ranking in search engines. Do you have any advice for me as a starter?

  162. Have you failed?

    It seems to be the last post/update about this $100k challenge…

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